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Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 1 - S-Space - Part 4 (f,m/F,F/f,orgy,fdom)
by Pussy Willow

Janeway was exhausted. In the past few hours she had had more sex than the
entire time since their mission began. The rest of crew, she knew, was acting
similarly. The halls deserting look attested to this. She had reports from
all over the ship about sexual hijinks.

Everywhere she had gone, men and women looked at her with sexual excitement
evident in their eyes. Almost no one was in uniform anymore and even she wore
a small miniskirt that barely covered her pussy. Which was not covered by
anything like underwear. Everywhere people looked openly lustful as they
stared at her legs and form fitting top.

And now Tu-vok had looked odd to her. He looked guilty when she had gone back
to the bridge after taking care of Kes. She went back mostly to rest rather
than any real sense of duty. Tu'vok had been avoiding her eyes. She knew a
Vulcan had a tough time with anything even near to lying. She was going to
retire to the ready room but it had been 'occupied' Tu'vok had said by 'a
visiting delegate' he had mumbled almost incoherently, obviously lying. She
thought it best to let the situation work itself out and so headed for the
holo-deck to find out what in hell was going on.

The computer took longer to work out the program she selected. She imagined
there were many people aboard trying to use the holodeck for whatever
twisted, sick fantasy they could conjure up. She shuddered in desire as a
jolt shot through her pussy as she thought of those fantasies, and her own.
Some came up that she had when she was a kid and forgotten about. Twisted
stuff about her mother and father and siblings.

"Computer," she said weakly, then cleared her throat. "Computer. initiate
program ID-01."

The computer beeped and the door slid open to... an early twentieth century
office. She took in the scene as she walked in, still flush from the
thoughts running through her head. The room was luxuriously furnished. A
long, comfortable looking couch was pushed against the far wall. Directly
perpendicular to that was a big wooden desk. All along the walls were
paintings of people and landscapes and everything else imaginable.

The smell of a pipe drifted up to her. Someone was smoking somewhere in the
room. As she looked around she noticed someone was sitting at the desk. An
older gentleman with greying hair and beatty eyes expanded by a small pair of
bifocals. He so much seemed to fit in there that she hadn't noticed him until
that very moment. He was watching her intently, almost sizing her up.

"You must be Doctor Freud," Janeway said.

"I am," the doctor replied. "And you must be our erstwhile captain."

"How did you know?" Janeway asked. Freud glanced from her to the couch but
did not say a word. Janeway drifted over to it and sat down. The couch seemed
to mold to her, seemed to hold her in one big hand. She pulled her legs up
and sat with her back to the Doctor. She brought her head down and rested it
on the couch's armrest. Her eyes seemed to want to close and she let them.

"What brings you here, Captain Janeway?" Freud asked.

"hmmm...." Janeway said. She was thinking of Kes again and what she would be
doing if she had her with her on this couch. "I want to know what's going on
here doctor," she said, almost a whisper.

"It does not seem to me that you should be complaining," Freud whispered, too
low for Janeway to hear. "From consulting with the computer," he said louder.
"I have found that this S-space has had a tremendous impact on the crew's

Janeway's rubbed at her leg just below the knee. Her pussy was calling for
some more attention but she put it off. She wanted to tease herself a little.
Another hand went to lightly trace the outline of her breast. "What does that
mean, Doctor?" she asked, a little throaty, almost a growl.

"It means that everything that had once been repressed has now been brought
to the surface, as it were. You are experiencing heightened sexual

"yes," Janeway said.

".... a strong desire for more and more sex...."


".... feelings of lust for both the men and women of the crew....";


"... a need for either domination or submissiveness in sexuality..."


"... a tendency to want more and more pleasure...."

"YES!!!" Janeway had her three fingers buried in her pussy. She knew Freud
could see and it turned her on even more. She had the three fingers pumping,
grinding away and she was about to go off.

"... even if it is self-induced."

"YES! OH GOD YES!" Janeway screamed as the orgasm ripped though her. She
humped her own hand and fell up and down against the soft couch. Low,
guttural growls escaped her throat.

Freud cleared his throat and tapped the pipe against his lips. "Hmm.." he
said, thinking. "The unleashed libido is a very powerful thing." Janeway
couldn't respond. "You may find yourself at the mercy of once suppressed
sexual excitations. These fantasies, uncensored and unbidden - you are now
at their mercy."

"I never thought psychology could be so exciting," she said. Janeway took a
deep breath and threw her legs over the side of the couch. With one hand she
straightened her skirt. The other she ran through her hair and looked at
Freud. "Are you... uh.... fully functional."

Freud raised and eyebrow but said nothing.

"Doctor, so what you're saying is this will all end once we're though
S-space? The crew will get back to normal? I can rest?"

Freud put the pipe back in his mouth and took a long drag. "S-Space is only
a few... umm... miles?... long. We passed out of it hours ago. What the crew
is experiencing is the residual effects."

Janeway dropped her head low and contemplated another slide onto the couch,
now damp with her juices. She now knew why Tu'vok had been avoiding her gaze,
acting guilty. He must have known all along they weren't in there anymore.
"How long will this last?"

Freud shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe an hour maybe forever. We can never tell
with these things -"

"Shit! You're a quack! I could have found this out from the computer and
saved myself a trip down here. Instead you fill me with this
pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo and expect me to submit to it all."

"Please, Captain, I am not affected as the rest of the crew is. I can assure
you I will not be grovelling at your knees begging for your forgiveness.
Unless you program me to, that is. Regardless, I suggest you save your
energies for the bridge crew. There seems to be a morale problem."

Janeway stood up and looked puzzled. For a moment she was deep in thought.
Then she set her mind, worked it out and headed to the door.

"Captain, has no one aboard read any of my books?" Freud asked.

"They were banned years ago. Thank you Doctor. I'll go and see if I can't
address these problems."

"It was my pleasure," Freud responded. "In a manner of speaking. Feel free to
come back if any of these ex-repressed urges become a problem. My secretary
can give you my office hours."

Janeway nodded her head and smiled at him. "I will. Computer - end program."

The desk, the chair, the entire office vanished. Freud seemed to be smiling
as he disappeared. The room reverted back to its normal harsh white interior.

* * *

The bridge was a crazy house. Paris was chasing some cute little blond girl
around the consoles. They were both half naked. The blond had her hair done
up in a pony tail and wore a small white teddy. It was see-through in some
spots and her nipples poked out of the sheer top. They were rock hard and
strained against the material.

Chakatoy was sitting in his normal seat, but he was completely naked and his
dick was sticking straight in the air, all nine inches, It was getting sucked
by this beautiful black haired Betazoid. She had her lips pursed around the
head and stopped. As Chakatoy bucked his hips, she smiled up at him and in
one quick motion, engulfed his entire shaft in her hot mouth. Chakatoy let
out a moan and grabbed on to her head. As he did this, she reached down and
played with her soaking, hot pussy.

Tu'vok seemed to be the only one in control. He was standing behind the upper
console. He was also the only still wearing a uniform on the bridge. He
watched the frolicking around him and longed to join in, but was afraid to.

Torres and Kim had come out of the ready room. Without a word, they had gone
straight to the turbolift and disappeared. Marlin must have still been
inside. She had not come out the entire time, and Tu'vok was watching. He
watched everything. He noticed with detached interest that Chakatoy was about
to have an orgasm and that the ensign Paris was chasing appeared to be
slowing down, which meant she was going to let herself get caught. Soon the
bridge would turn into one big orgy room. Tu'vok had never witnessed an orgy
before. It should prove.... interesting.

Just as the lift doors opened and Janeway entered, Chakatoy led out a groan
and emptied his seed into the little Betazoid's mouth. He bucked and she held
on, riding him. When she pulled her head up, some cum dripped from the
corners of her mouth. She extended her tongue and licked it back in, smiling.

Janeway was dressed back in her uniform. She stood there, watching, with her
hands on her hips, clearly pissed. Paris finally caught her eye and stopped
running. The blond girl sighed deeply and looked mad.

"What is going on here?" Janeway asked.

"It appears, Captain," Tu'vok said. "That the crew is attempting to - take a
roll in the hay. To have a go. To hide the salami. To -"

Janeway looked over at him. "Tu'vok, shut up. Thank God you haven't succumbed
to all this too." She walked over to him then stopped and stared at his legs.

"I have to report that my pants, Captain," Tu'vok began shakily. "They were
stolen by a pack... of... one armed Ferengi. They said -"

"That's enough Tu'vok. Go and put your pants on."

"Yes Captain," Tu'vok said and headed quickly for the lift.

"Where are they Tu'vok?"

"What Captain?"

"Your pants. Where are they?"

"I don't know, Captain. A woman came in, who, oddly enough, looked very much
like my mother on Vulcan, except without the pointed ears... So I gave her my

"Whatever," Janeway said, looking weary. "Go and replicate new ones."

"Yes Captain," Tu'vok said and quickly slipped into the lift.

"Paris," Janeway said. "This is shameful behavior for my bridge. I expect
better judgement from my crew. Suppose some aliens came right now and tried
to attack us. You would never know. Would you? You would just--"

The sound of someone clearing their throat sounded loudly on the bridge.
Janeway looked around but saw no one. Finally she looked at the view screen
and saw there was someone on there. He was humanoid, but had a strangely
clefted chin.

"Hello there. We have been watching you. Its been very interesting up until
you came in."

"Who is this?" Janeway asked Paris. Paris shrugged. Chakatoy shrugged too,
but yawned. The Betazoid said, "I can feel a lot of lust. I can feel the
threads of desire that reach out from a hidden core to entangle the person
who is feeling it. I can feel all the lust-filled desires, brimming with
perversion and... and..." She shuddered with an orgasm and dropped her head.
Her black hair flowed over her face, hiding it.

"Captain," Paris whispered, "she did this before. I think she means herself,

Janeway waved him silent and turned to the man on the screen. "Stick around.
Its about to get more interesting, whoever you are."

Almost on cue, the lift doors slid open and Kes entered. She was completely
naked and her blond hair was a sheen of sweat. The ensign looked at her
angrily and folded her hands across her chest. Kes ignored her and stood next
to Janeway. Janeway idly cupped a breast with her hand, pinching the nipple.
Kes closed her eyes and moaned.

"On the ground," she told Kes and Kes jumped to do so. She was on all fours
just as the alien on the screen leaned forward with interest. A few others
joined him behind the chair. Men and women watched.

"Paris," Janeway said. "Get over here." Paris stood beside her and glanced
down at Kes. She was moving back and forth in a state of need and desire. A
few times she almost cried out. Her pussy was soaking and she was sure that
Paris could see from where he stood. So could the aliens.

"Strip," Janeway commanded and Paris faltered for a moment. He looked in her
eyes but she did not turn away. She had won and Paris stripped off his
shorts. He paused a moment then slid them down slowly, teasing. Kes whimpered
when his thick cock sprang out. It was already semi-hard and Kes wanted it
in her mouth - her pussy - anywhere.

An alien woman from the view screen whistled appreciatively.

Janeway smiled when he was done. All eyes were on her now as she took a step
closer. One hand lashed out and cupped Paris' balls in her hand. She began
caressing them and Paris responded. He moaned softly and squirmed in her
hand. Her smile grew and she suddenly gripped tighter. Paris closed his eyes
and his erection shrank.

"This is how I have you," Janeway whispered to him. "Understand?" Paris could
only nod. Pain was evident on his face. "You're mine. If I tell you to do
something, you do it. Understand? Good. If I tell you to jerk off, you'll do
it willingly and enjoy it." Paris' dick got harder, it grew a little. "If I
tell you to spank yourself you'll do that too. If I tell you to fuck yourself
in the ass, you'll do that." With that she slipped her other hand around and
teased Paris' asshole. He moaned and his penis jerked in her hand, fully
erect by this time.

Chakatoy watched with interest at what was happening. The Betazoid woman
watched too, one hand gently stroking her pussy the other pinched her nipple.
She felt the sexual excitement and shame that Paris felt, at least a sliver
of it and she shivered.

Janeway shoved a finger in all the way to the second knuckle and Paris
jerked, his breath coming in spurts. "You like that, don't you?" Paris turned
red but said nothing. Kes whimpered on the ground. She was tempted to touch
herself but knew Janeway would be mad.

"If I ever catch this kind of behavior on the bridge, while you're on duty,"
Janeway said, stopping her stroking of Paris' cock. "I'll strap something on
and take this little cherry myself."

With that, Paris erupted all over the ground. It kept coming out in spurts.
He moaned and moved against Janeway's finger, fucking it. Finally, his orgasm
subsided and he could breathe again.

Chakatoy was hard again and he reached down and grabbed the Betazoid woman.
She was on the verge of an orgasm anyway, from all the emotions she was
experiencing. When Chakatoy put her on his prick, she jumped up and down on
it with glee. His prick was slick with her juices. She screamed a little
every time she took it all the way out and then slammed back on it again.

"Paris," Janeway said. "Clean that up." Paris fell to his knees, face to
face with Kes, and began to lick up his cum. Kes watched and dripped with
excitement at seeing a man do this. By the time Paris was done, he was rock
hard again.

"Alright, people," Janeway said. "One last fling and then its back to work."
She grabbed the blond ensign Paris had been chasing and pulled her to face.
Janeway kissed her deeply, felt the woman's body respond against her. Janeway
pulled the slip all the way down her shoulders as they were still kissing and
let it fall to the ground. The ensign's blond pussy came into view, matte
with her juices.

Kes could not stand it any more and pushed Paris to the ground. He fell on
his back, exhausted. Kes crawled over to him and took his cock in her mouth.
Paris bucked against her, whimpering. She pulled all the way out, licked it
with her tongue and quickly engulfed it again. With one hand she jerked the
shaft with her other she played with his balls. Paris began moving his legs,
squirming again.

The Betazoid screamed and came on Chakatoy's prick. She gushed all down his
leg and made a puddle on the floor. Chakatoy grunted loudly and the Betazoid
jumped off. She knelt down and took his dick in her mouth just as he
exploded. She tasted his semen and her own pussy as the cock spurted in her
mouth. She tried to swallow it all but some escaped her lips.

Janeway frantically pulled off her uniform as she fingered the blond ensign.
They were still passionately kissing. The ensign broke away and savagely
pulled off the rest of Janeway's clothes. Soon she was naked and the ensign
quickly sucked on Janeway's breast. Janeway moaned as the blond sucked and
pushed two fingers in the girl's pussy. The ensign gurgled behind Janeway's
breast and humped her hand excitedly.

Janeway had enough and pushed her to the ground, on her back. Janeway sat on
her face, pushing her pussy into it. She felt the ensign's hot tongue almost
immediately so she ground her pussy into her mouth. The ensign spread
Janeway's cheeks with her hands and tongued her hot ass hole. Janeway gasped
and jumped at the feeling. "Kes," Janeway said, between gasps. "Get on Paris'

Kes did so and Paris immediately began licking for all he was worth. Kes came
right there, in front of them all, just from the first lash. She brought her
knees together and curled her toes. Paris did not stop, though. She squirmed
on his tongue but stayed on his face. Soon she was close to coming again.

Janeway said, "Paris, jerk off while you do it. I want to see you make
yourself cum. I want EVERYONE to see it."

Paris immediately complied. He started slowly from the top of the head and
wrapped his hand around it. Then in long, hot, strokes he jerked his prick up
and down.

The ensign now had two fingers in Janeway ass while she tongued her pussy.
Janeway was ready to cum but she wanted to see Paris cum first. She wanted to
watch that.

Soon Paris was humping his own hand. "Paris," Janeway yelled. "Put a finger
in your ass."

Paris slid his hand under his ass cheek and paused at the hole. With two
fingers he spread the cheek apart. As Janeway watched she could feel herself
going over the edge. Would he really do it? His other hand jerked faster on
his cock, almost a blur. He quickly put the finger all the way in, to the
knuckle and began bucking up and down. It was too much for him and he began
to shoot globs of cum in the air while he screamed into Kes' cunt. Kes came
again and so did Janeway while they both watched. Janeway knew she would have
fun with Paris in the future.

A loud moan came over the viewer. They looked up and saw that two of the
aliens were fucking on the screen. The both had an orgasm at the exact same
time while watching the finish of the orgy.

Janeway crawled of the ensign, who was still in a wild state of sexual
excitation. Janeway matted her hair and put her hands on her hips.

"I want everyone dressed and back to work. We have a job to do," she said.
"Kes I want to see you and this ensign in my ready room." She walked across
the bridge and slipped into her ready room without looking back. Kes and the
ensign rushed to follow...

* * *

"Captain's Log, supplemental. With the realization that we have left S-Space
for good, I can no longer indulge in every whim that comes along. We still
have to find a way home. I promised this crew that much.

Things have drifted back to normal. As normal as can be now, anyway. Morale
is back to normal and the crew is responding well to the work they have to
do. Every once in a while, though, things get out of hand....."

The End


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