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Note: This story takes place right before episode 7 of the TV series ("Eye
of the Needle", the one where they find the wormhole to the Alpha quadrant)
and immediately after the first Voyager episode for the Internet by Pussy
Willow (check your local newsgroups or S.T. archives). There are also
references to the third season ST:TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" and
the Sela episodes. Also, read episode 1: "S-Space" first if at all

Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 2 - Lost And Found Part 1 (f/f,m/ff,ws,dom)
by MG

Kes didn't think she could take another inch of the dildo up her ass, but the
strength of Janeway's order to do just that somehow made her asshole open
just enough as she shoved the last bit of the enourmous phallus into her
rectum. Janeway shuddered with delight, caused by both Kes' anal peril and
Kes' lips and tongue eagerly devouring her pussyjuices.

"Mmmmghh," Kes managed to moan from between Janeway's taut legs and the dildo
settled into place deep in her ass.

"Mmm, you like a big cock up your ass, don't you, you little slut?" gasped
Janeway, close to orgasm,"I can smell your pussy getting excited."

Kes couldn't deny it, Janeway was right. She didn't know what excited her
the most, the dildo up her butt, the taste of Janeway's cunt, being ordered
around by Janeway, or Janeway treating her like a little whore. Whatever the
case, it was an intoxicating mixture. She knew she wouldn't be able to take
it much longer, but she didn't want another public punishment like last

"God, you were made for eating pussy, Kes.." Janeway moaned as she shivered
with a mini-orgasm, Kes' rough little Ocampa tongue was getting her closer by
the second. "Fuck yourself!" she ordered,"fuck your little slut ass with
that cock!" Janeway grabbed Kes' head with both hands and began to stiffen

Kes complied, now she knew she would have to was just a matter of
time now. She slid the cock out of her ass a little, then back in, slowly at
first. But with each successive quiver of Janeway's pussy, she fucked
herself a little faster, with each sensual moan from her Captain, she fucked
herself deeper.

"That's it, fuck yourself hard, you little bitch!" Kes did. "Get it in there
good, I'm going to make you suck it clean if you come!" That did it, Kes
came HARD. It started deep in her bowels as she plunged the dildo deep into
her ass as hard as she could, it almost went all the way in. Meanwhile,
Janeway was coming too, put over the edge by Kes' orgasm. She rode Kes' face
like an Altairian Bull-mule, sliding her cuntlips up and down the smaller
woman's lips and flailing tongue, grinding her hips into her reddening face,
dousing it with her juices. Kes shook and trembled gasping for air, then
grunting louder and louder until she let out a shrill series of shreiks and
finally tensed up her entire body, grunted once loudly, then collapsed to
the ground, exhausted.

Janeway, her legs weak and quivering, knelt down beside her and held Kes'
face in her hands. She kissed her deeply, tasting her own fluids. Slowly,
she slipped the well-worn dildo out of Kes' tiny asshole. It came out easily,
leaving her anus dialated for several seconds before it finally closed up.
Janeway brought the soiled black phallus up to Kes lips. Kes opened her
eyes, and looked at Janeway. Without having to be ordered to, she opened her
mouth to let it in. It had a rancid, somewhat foul taste, but the idea of
being forced to do such a nasty thing turned her on so much, she thought she
could come again right there. She deliberately and sensually cleaned the
entire penis, sometimes deep throating it as Janeway face-fuced her and
fingered herself. The entire time, the two women kept their eyes locked
ineach other's gazes.

"You are a very naughty girl, Kes.." Janeway said and she slipped the
thoroughly clean dildo out of Kes' mouth,"I think I've got a good punishment
for you, something we haven't tried yet..." she smiled mischeivously as she
got up, grabbed a robe for herself, and pulled Kes to her feet by her hair
roughly. All of Janeway's previous tenderness was gone now. "Come with me,
bitch!" She ordered and led Kes by her sensitive right nipple out of her
quarters and into the hallway. Kes had no idea where they were going and she
was extremely aroused by the idea of a new kink. Ocampa only lived nine
years, so they naturally had incredible curiosity in order to get much out of
their short lives. Meeting Janeway had certainly been a learning experience!

"Bridge to Janeway," The captain's commbadge bleeped.

Janeway reached into her robe pocket and pulled it out. "Janeway here,
what's the problem, Tuvok?"

"Captain, Kim has detected a shuttlecraft heading our way, it is under attack
by what Neelix has described as 'Gordek-pirate-sons-of-a-bitches'." Tuvok
responded, almost without inflection.

"I'll be right there," said Janeway as she closed the channel. "Take this,"
she handed the dildo to Kes, "and keep it up your ass until I'm done. Wear
that short skirt I like so much and no underwear so everyone can see it. I'll
be looking for you soon." She handed Kes the dildo and strode off in the
direction of the bridge, leaving Kes naked and brandishing a huge ebony
dildo. Kes promplty slid it up her ass and had two more mini-orgasms as she
walked to her cabin and put on the tiny skirt Janeway liked so much...

On the bridge, things were getting out of hand. The shuttlecraft was still
under attack and wasn't going to last long. The one lifeform on board had
been knocked unconcious and was in danger of being killed any minute.
Janeway had ordered the Voyager to intercept the pirate ships, but the
shuttle was already too damaged to survive.

"Captain, I have a match on the make of the shuttlecraft," Tuvok paused as
Janeway and the rest of the crew waited in suspense. Tuvok didn't do it
for the joy of being dramatic, it is illogical to be so ineffecient, but he
noticed that humans listened to him more when he did so, Fascinating," THAT
always got their attention.

"What is it, Tuvok?" Janeway asked.

"Captain, it is a Romulan shuttlecraft."

The entire bridge crew was distracted from the battle. "What?" Janeway was
shocked,"are you sure?"

Tuvok raised an eyebrow a little indignantly, "Absolutely, Captain."

Janeway's mind was racing, if a Romulan shuttlecraft were out here, and the
Romulans are from the Alpha Quadrant, then that meant there must be a way
back, and the pilot of that shuttlecraft knew about it! Now if only she
could keep him alive long enough to find out.

"Lock established, Captain!" Kim finally said with urgency.

Immediately, Janeway stood up and dramatically put on a pose both empathetic
and commanding, Transporter Room, lock on to the shuttle occupant and beam
him directly to Sickbay!"

The transporter cheif acknowledged and Janeway and Tuvok ran down to Sickbay.
As the doors opened, Janeway strode in quickly. Kes was there, of course,
and she noticed with evil satisfaction the short skirt and the slight bulge
at the rear of it caused by the dildo she knew must be there judging from
the juices running down Kes' legs. Kes noticed her attention and looked
down, embarassed. Janeway almost fucked her right there, but a moan came
from the medtable and took her attention away from the now deeply blushing
Kes. Janeway walked over to the table as the stimulant the holodocter had
administered began to work. The first thing Janeway noticed was that it
wasn't a "he" at all- but rather a woman, and an incredibly sexy one she
could tell through the woman's tattered Romulan civilian clothes. She opened
her blue eyes and looked around a little confused. She had short,
slicked-back blonde hair. Finally her eyes drifted to Janeway.

"Wh...where am I?" She asked weakly.

"You're in the sickbay, on the USS Voyager," Janeway responded.

"A...Federation ship?"she whispered distractedly.

"Yes, I'm Captain Katheryn Janeway, who are you?" Janeway needed to know.
If this woman came from the Alpha Quadrant, she may be able to lead them to
the way back!

"I...I'm Lieutennant Tasha Yar, of the starship Enterprise", the blonde woman


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