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Note: This story takes place right before episode 7 of the TV series ("Eye
of the Needle", the one where they find the wormhole to the Alpha quadrant)
and immediately after the first Voyager episode for the Internet by Pussy
Willow (check your local newsgroups or S.T. archives). There are also
references to the third season ST:TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" and
the Sela episodes. Also, read episode 1: "S-Space" first if at all

Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 2 - Lost And Found Part 5 (f/f,m/ff,ws,dom)
by MG

Ensign Kim was exhausted. After searching for the wormhole incessantly, he
had finally located it and now they were communicating with a Romulan (great)
and negotiating with him to forward personal messages to their families
letting them know they are alive and trying to get home. Captain Janeway was
pleased with him, and Kim was pleased with himself. He always felt like he
never really did anything on the ship since Janeway and Torres usually end up
doing all the scientific mental acrobatics (why WAS that? Shouldn't a
Science Officer like Kim know more about that stuff than the Captain and the
Engineer?) Janeway had ordered him to take the rest of the night off, and
get some much-needed sleep. Kim was happy to comply and wearily made his way
to the turbolift. Just before the doors were about to close, Torres squeezed
her way in. Kim hoped she didn't have any sexual intentions this time, he
was way too tired. Besides, Torres was a little too kinky for him. He'd
decided after that whole S-Space business that the only reason he'd went
along with it in the first place was because of that weird nebula's
influence on him. He wasn't planning on fooling around with Torres anymore.
At least Marlin had warmed up to him, though. But he hadn't seen much of her
since then... just too busy, he figured.

"Good work, Kim," Torres said after a breif period of quiet.

"Thanks," Kim said sleepily as he yawned.

"You know what message you're going to send your parents?" Torres asked.

"Yeah, my parents miss me a lot, and I said I'd write them every day, which I
have, so I'm going to send them all my letters I've written so far," Kim

"Oh really?" Torres said with a grin," did you mention ME?"

"Uh.. yeah..." Kim said a little uncomfortably.

"Really... did you tell them all about how you and Marlin and I have become
such good friends?" Torres said wickedly.

"I... uh," Kim blushed," not really..."

"Did you tell them how much you love to take it up the ass?" Torres asked

"Hey! Look, that's enough, okay! That was because of that Nebula thing,
okay?" Kim was upset now," stop it, okay?"

"Sure... ," Torres said slyly," but you know Tuvok says we left that nebula
way before that..."

"Well, it must have had a lingering aftereffect or something..." Kim tried to

"Well, it doesn't matter, you don't have to tell your parents about it,"
Torres said casually," you know what they say, 'a picture is worth a thousand

Kim thought for a second then turned to her with a suspicious look...

"What are you trying to say..."

Without a word, Torres produced a small holocamera and projected the saved
movie. It was Kim being fucked up the ass by a dildo Marlin was holding,
and Torres was feeding Kim his own cum. (See Part 3 of episode 1 "S-Space" by
Pussy Willow)

"Oh my- oh, no, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO-" Kim was in a panic.

"Just think, Kim, they'll be able to show it to all they're houseguests to
show them how well they're son is doing in Star Fleet!" Torres giggled evily.

Kim would have kicked her ass right then except for the fact that he
couldn't. "Please, Torres, tell me you're kidding!"

"Sorry, Harry... but MAYBE..."

Kim started to understand now... "Maybe WHAT?"

"I MAY reconsider sending this little performance to your parents under one
condition..." Torres let Harry sweat it out a little "Meet Marlin and me in
my quarters tomorrow at 1200 hours. PROMPTLY."

Kim groaned, he knew this was coming. At least she was giving him until
tomorrow to rest up. "Fine, okay, but this time, no holocamera!"

"Sure," Torres said. Just then, the turbolift doors opened and Kim stepped
out after a little hesitation. Torres slapped him on the ass on his way
out, "Don't be late, Tiger!" Torres teased and gave him a sexy growl.

The turbolift doors shushed closed as Torres laughed wickedly. Kim walked to
his quarters and got in his pajamas and put on his silk mask. How bad could
it be, he figured... certainly no worse than LAST time! As he lay there in
bed, he couldn't get the image of that holomovie out of his head. Half
asleep, he jerked off and fell promptly into a deep slumber.

* * *

Torres entered Seska's quarters without knocking (Seska never closed her
quarters to Torres). She overheard Seska talking to someone and decided to
be a little nosy. Just as she rounded the corner, the monitor switched off
and Seska spun around-

"OH! Uh, hi, B'Elanna! What's up?" Seska asked a little nervously.

"Seska, was that a Kazon on the monitor?" Torres asked.

"What- hunh- oh, yeah, I was just reading up on them, you know... in case we
ever run into them again..." Seska rambled.

"But, you were talking to him..." Torres was a little confused.

"No, no, I talk to myself, it's one of my dirty little secrets, you know,
like sucking your thumb?" Seska explained.

Torres had thought she knew ALL of Seska's "dirty little secrets", many much
dirtier than talking to yourself. "Oh, okay," she said, then she saw Seska
was about to eat- her table was set," Mmm, what's for- hey, isn't that a
taspa egg?"

Seska looked nervously over at the table-Hunh?"

Torres took a closer look and say a still-moving taspa in the cracked egg.
"Isn't that a Cardassian food?"

Seska's Bajoran nose crinkles became even more crinkled, "Uh, well, you
know... when I was in that Cardassian prison camp, I kind of had to get used
to Cardassian food... I guess I developed a taste for it..."

"OH," Torres said. She thought she knew Seska pretty well, but she was
learning new things about her every day. She liked Seska, even though she
hated her at first. Her and Chakotay knew each other VERY well, something
Torres was jealous of. But Torres and Chakotay had gotten to know each other
recently, and Seska and Torres had always been... close.

"So what brings you here," Seska asked a little nevously.

"Oh, right," Torres remembered her original reason for coming here, "I need
you to do me a favor..." she grinned maliciously.

* * *

The next morning, Kim had woken up a little early and decided to recycle his
clothes. He took the sheets off his bed, but he couldn't find his cumspot
from last night. Well, he was so tired, he might have dreamt it, or fallen
asleep before he had finished. He felt much better now, he had certainly
needed the rest. After lunch, he checked the time and saw he had 15 minutes
to spare. When he got to Torres' deck, he checked the time again. This time
he was 5 minutes late! That was impossible! He couldn't have taken that
long to get there! He swore and bolted down the hall. Huffing heavily, he
arrived at Torres's quarters and the door opened briskly. He stepped into
the darkness and looked around as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He
heard noises from the bedroom and walked over to the archway. There he saw
Torres standing up and Marlin was on her knees in front of her eating her
out, or so it seemed.

"You're late, Harry, that's not good!" Torres scolded him.

"I'm sorry, but I could have swore I had time when I left-" Harry stopped in
mid-sentence and mid-step. He couldn't believe his eyes. Marlin had turned
around to face him and Harry got a good look at Torres' pelvis as his eyes
finally adjusted to the dark. There, between Torres' legs, was a huge,
heavily ridged Klingon cock, wet with his girlfriend's saliva!

Marlin stood up and walked over to him. She embraced him and whispered in
his ear "Ready, honey?"

"What.. how, is that-" Kim was stammering.

"Real," Torres said,"100%!"

"Oh my God..." Kim was paralyzed with shock. He felt something hard rubbing
up against his leg and looked down. There, between his GIRLFRIEND's legs,
was a raging hard-on! Kim nearly fainted, but he was too blown away to do
anything. Torres came up behind Marlin and wrapped her arms around her,
brushing her lips along her earlobe and massaging her breasts. Marlin moaned
softly as Torres teased her dark brown nipples until they were erect. Both
women eyed the astonished ensign wickedly. Marlin grabbed Kim's hand and
led it to her penis, sliding it sensuously up and down it's length. She
moaned softly as Kim's hand massaged her male member. Torres kissed Marlin's
ear fully and grabbed her hips. She made a shoving motion and Marlin winced
and gasped loudly. Torres had shoved her Kock up Marlin's ass and was
fucking her standing up, slowly and deeply. Marlin moaned loudly and grabbed
Kim by the sides of his head and yanked down roughly. Kim lost his balance
and fell to kis knees, putting his mouth right in front of Marlin's penis.

"They can't be real," he thought to himself.

But when Marlin opened his mouth and shoved her cock roughly down his throat,
all his doubt went down the disintigrator. That was certainly no dildo!
That was a seven-inch hot, smooth raging pillar of flesh his GIRLfriend was
raping his mouth with! He couldn't ignore the tremendous bulge in his pants,
but he couldn't allow himself to enjoy it, he WASN'T gay! He could see every
now and then Torres's tremendous penis (about twice the size of Marlin's)
sliding in and out of his girlfriend's willing asshole faster and faster,
with building forcefullness. With each hard thrust, Marlin's cock was shoved
to the hilt down his throat. He learned quickly to relax and not choke;
Marlin's forceful thrusts along with her pulling on the back of his head was
forcing Kim to deep throat her on almost every thrust. Then the worst of his
fears came. Marlin began moaning in long, loud bursts, she stiffened up and
fucked Kim's mouth with incredible speed and force- bruising the soft
cartilidge of his nose. Then it came. It shot out of her cock like a
firehose and sprayed all over the back of his throat- it was hot and viscous,
and there was a LOT of it! Much more than HE ever produced- he had to
swallow most of it, but much of it ran out of the sides of his mouth and down
his chin, it stained his uniform.

Finally, she pulled out and jerked herself off slowly over his face,
squeezing the remaining cum out over his lips and cheeks and chin. She
kneeled down and licked it off his face then kissed him deeply more
passionately than she had EVER kissed him.

"God, I love you!" She breathed heavily between kisses.

Before Kim could recover, he smelled a strange, somewhat repulsive smell. He
looked up and saw Torres' cock looming over him, it was covered with Marlin's
ass-juices and smelled pretty raunchy. Torres was standing behind him and
grabbed his head and pulled it back until she could slip her huge cock into
his mouth, which she did- HARD.

"MY turn!" She growled as she savagely pumped away at Kim's upside-down head.
Marlin swore she could see the impression of Torres' cock pressing out Kim's
throat- she could definitely see it bulge out noticably with every thrust.
She reached down into Kim's pant's and grabbed his cock- which was hard as
tritanium by now- she squeezed hard and slowly jerked him off as Torres
continued to pump away at his mouth. Kim gagged at first, both from the size
and from the natural response one has to the overwhelming smell (and taste)
of shit - which coated Torres' cock.

Now a wet brown ring had formed around his lips and he had given up all
struggle. As Torres pummeled away at his throat, Marlin continued to jerk
him off. Torres began a long, low growl and thrust her cock hard and deep
into Kim's mouth such that her balls covered his nose. She stayed that way
for a few seconds growling louder and louder until she grunted
animalistically and thrust hard as the first wave of pink Klingon cum shot
down Kim's gullet - two more and Kim swallowed them both without trying.
Torres then squeezed her own cock hard and pulled out- she turned Kim around
so that he was facing her and next to Marlin. She positioned her cock over
his open mouth and jerked herself off in his mouth, spilling the rest of her
load directly into it. She gave Marlin a spurt or two every now and then,
but gave most of it to Kim. He hadn't been swallowing and it had filled up
his mouth - some of it spilled out, but Marlin scooped it up and pushed it
back in. When Torres had finally finished, she had released about a pint of
cum into Kim and Marlin's mouths- an impossible feat for a human, but average
for a Klingon (MALE, that is!)

Marlin closed Kim's mouth and Torres knelt down in front of him and glared
intently into his glazed eyes. "Now swallow like a good little bitch,"
Torres moaned coarsely. Kim kept his eyes locked in Torres' strong gaze and
did as he was told. Three long gulps and it was gone. Marlin opened his
mouth for inspection and it was empty but for a few errant cumstrings between
his lips and tongue. Marlin positioned her puckered mouth directly above
Kim's and let a long, slow stream of pink cum spill out into Kim's mouth,
filling it halfway. She spit the last few bits in and ordered him to swallow
with his mouth open as the two women watched. He did obediantly and Marlin
and Torres grinned sadistically at his compliance. They picked him up and
stripped off his clothes, then layed him on the bed on his back.

"Okay," Torres said, "Let's get started!"

Kim groaned in misery/pleasure and had forgotten completely about how
impossible this situation was. If it was a dream, it was the most realistic
dream he'd ever had!

Marlin straddled his head and slipped her hard - again cock in his mouth and
got in a 69 position with him, taking his raging penis in her mouth. He
almost came right away, but then Marlin lifted his balls as Torres spread his
legs. Marlin sucked on Torres' cock for a bit as she inserted two saliva-wet
fingers up Harry's ass. Just as Harry was realizing what was coming, it was
too late. Torres shoved her massive organ right up Harry's tight ass and
fucked HARD. Marlin took Kim in her mouth and sucked in time with Torres'

That was the first of his three orgasms that afternoon, all of which Marlin
would feed back to him from her mouth. Afterwards, Marlin ate the stored up
Klingon Kum of two orgasms from Kim's ass and even mouth-fed some of it to
Harry. Then, as Marlin was savagely fucking Kim's ass as hard as she could,
the comm signal bleeped.

"All senior officers to the Conference Room," the voice said.

"Damn!" Torres swore. Marlin ignored to call and finished fucking Kim,
cumming up his ass so hard he'd be sore for a day.

"I've always wanted to do that!" Marlin said as she dismounted the tired and
used ensign.

"Sorry, Marlin, duty calls, we'll have to continue this next time," Torres
said as she zipped up her pants. She picked up Kim's cum-stained uniform
and tossed it to him," C'mon Ensign, the Captain's waiting, and you don't
want to piss her off, she's worse than ME!"

Kim was just starting to come out of his fucked-daze as he heard Torres call
out "Exit". A large yellow door appeared where the door to the bedroom was
and Torres and Marlin walked over to it as they adjusted their uniforms and
fixed their hair.

"Computer, end and save program," Torres spoke into the console.

The room reverted to the yellow-on-black grid and the computer replied
"Program 'SheMan1' saved. You may exit when ready."

As the two women left, sans penises, Torres turned around and spoke one last
time," Don't worry, Tiger, we still respect you!" Marlin blew him a kiss
and a growl and the door slid shut.

* * *

Kim had been fifteen minutes late for the conference, and the Captain had
said she would devise a suitable punishment for him later. But what was
on Kim's mind most of all was the day's previous events. It seems Torres
and Marlin had been programming this scenario over the last week or so.
They endowed Torres with a rather large-end Klingon phallus and Marlin with
an exact copy of Kim's own (he thought it looked familiar!) For the cum,
Torres had sampled Kim's cum from one of his masturbation sessions without
his knowledge and replicated it. Kim's cum was in the replicators recipees?!
So Marlin's cum was really Kim's (he thought he'd recognized the taste!),
and Torres' was just a pink and slightly modified version of the same!
Marlin and Torres had even managed to simulate penile sensations by having
the computer actually use transporters to give them REAL penises in place of
their normal anatomy (much like the Doctor replicated Neelix's lungs, they
would not work outside of the holodeck, though). In all, it was an elaborate
set-up and a lot of trouble to go through, but it was worth it to them.

They had waited until Kim fell asleep and then has Seska transport him into
the holoversion of his room while he was asleep (which explained the missing

Kim was confused. He knew he was coerced into the situation, but that didn't
explain the excited condition of his penis throughout the proceedings. He
himself had had three orgasms! How could he deny the fact that he enjoyed
it, yet it shamed him more than he could bear. He had a lot of thinking to
do, but the foremost though on his mind now was Torres and her holomovie. It
had turned out that this Romulan they had met was from twenty years in the
past, and so they weren't going to be able to go back with him after all.
This was the wormhole Tasha had come through, and, unfortunately, it was
still a portal to twenty years ago. However, they WERE going to send their
messages along. Kim sat on the bridge as the Romulan was in the transporter
room being sent off by the Captain and Tuvok. Torres approached him.

"Voyager to Kim, come in?" Torres said.

Kim realized he'd been spacing out and came around, "Uh.. hi... Look, Torres,
I realize that the whole thing about sending my parents the holo was just an
excuse to get me to join in with you and Marlin, but-"

"Oh, that was no excuse, I sent it!" Torres said calmly.

"Wha- you WHAT!?!" Kim nearly jumped out of his chair. Only he wasn't
sitting in a chair because his ass hurt too much.

"Yeah, and the one I made on the holodeck, too." Torres said with complete

"No- no, you- you WOULDN'T!" Kim was absolutely petrified, "but you said, you
said you wouldn't if I-..."

"I ALSO said to be prompt, and you were 5 minutes late, Tiger!" she said and
she gave him a slap on the ass.

Before Kim could respond, Tuvok and Janeway came on the bridge and announced
that the Romulan did not survive to the current time, according to Tuvok's
research, and that meant their messages would not make it to their families,
unfortunately. Kim was the only crew member that was happy about this.
Torres turned to him and Kim stopped smiling.

"Oh well," she said," I'll just have to think of an ALTERNATIVE punishment
for you." she winked as she slapped him on the ass and entered the turbolift.

The End!


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