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Note: This story takes place right before episode 7 of the TV series ("Eye
of the Needle", the one where they find the wormhole to the Alpha quadrant)
and immediately after the first Voyager episode for the Internet by Pussy
Willow (check your local newsgroups or S.T. archives). There are also
references to the third season ST:TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" and
the Sela episodes. Also, read episode 1: "S-Space" first if at all

Star Trek - Voyager: Episode 2 - Lost And Found Part 4 (f/f,m/ff,ws,dom)
by MG

Tasha was the first to get up from the bed, Chakotay and Torres were still
lying together, exhausted from such intense sex.

"I'm starving," Tasha said as she walked over to the food replicator.

"What's the matter," Torres asked wryly," didn't you eat enough cum from my

Tasha chuckled wickedly," It takes more than just a little cum to satisfy ME,
lady!" She said as she tried to remember how to work a Federation replicator.

"Why don't we go to the Lounge," Chakotay suggested, sitting up on the side
of the bed and grabbing his uniform," Dinner's about to start." For a couple
hours each night, the Lounge becomes a posh restaurant, serving freshly-made
meals, courtesy of the Star Fleet Morale Commitee.

"Mmm, sounds good," Torres said as she leaped up and grabbed Tasha, "Come on,
you'll love it... but first we've got to replicate you some new clothes!"

* * *

Kes was surprised when Janeway handed her the dress. After Janeway had given
Kes a proper spanking for having removed the dildo without permission, (Kes
had come already from the punishment, and the night had just begun!) she had
her strip nude. They took a real-water shower together and Kes was extremely
excited by the proximity of Janeway's wet naked body so close to hers. But
for once, Janeway was all business. Kes had tried to masturbate, but Janeway
wouldn't let her. After the shower, Janeway had disappeared into her closet
for a few minutes and rustled about. She came out with a dress- and a bigger
dildo. The dress was long and low-cut. It was made out of a silky, sheer,
shiny, silvery material that made every inch of flesh it touched tingle. It
was at once like wearing nothing at all and having a million feathers caress
your skin. It was very thin and Kes noticed the impression of her rosy hard
nipples clearly. They had tightened up from the combination of the chilly
attire and sensual arousal. The dress had two micro-straps on the shoulders.
The front of it was fairly low-cut, revealing Kes' cleavage, and much more to
anyone viewing her from an elevated or askew angle. The back of the dress
was cut very low, it stopped just above her coccyx bone (she knew it's
Federation name thanks to her apprenticeship with the Doctor). It draped all
the way down to her ankles and was tight enough to show every ripple of her
taut and muscularly slim legs as she walked. Walking was quite difficult,
actually, due to the tightness of the dress. She had to take tiny baby

In addition to that, she was wearing very high heels, something she'd never
encountered before. Not the least of her ambulation difficulties arose from
the tremendous brown dildo up her ass. It wasn't any longer than the other
one, but it was much thicker and was textured like a Klingon penis - with all
the ridges. Kes would find out later that it could also heat up and vibrate.

When Janeway had finished dressing Kes, putting on her make-up and doing her
hair, Janeway began dressing herself. Kes stood in front of the mirror the
whole time, amazed at her transformation. She'd never felt so beautiful, so
special! Janeway was taking her out, like a date! She began to feel a warm,
deep-rooted emotion for this red-headed woman who had taken over her life.
It was a feeling she'd never experienced with Neelix...what was it...?

Janeway finally emerged from the bathroom in a long black evening gown- more
substantial than Kes' attire, but no less sexy. She had let her hair down
and styled it so that it fell a little more to her right shoulder. Kes
melted inside and Janeway led her along into the corridor, holding her hand
instead of her nipple as she usually did. It was going to be a special
night, thought Kes.

As they walked down the corridor to the Lounge, Kes felt quite conspicuous.
She knew she looked hot, as did Janeway. But Kes felt the women's and men's
eyes on HER. She was clearly dressed for sex! Of course, the extremely
noticable bulge in the back of the very TIGHT dress made by the two inches
of the dark dildo jutting out of her anus might have been drawing some
attention as well. In all, Kes felt very self-conscious. She was glad
Neelix was out of commission, he'd completely lose it if he saw her dressed
like this in public!

Janeway spoke to the "waiter", and they were seated in a relatively private
section of the converted Lounge. On their way to the table, Kes saw Torres,
Tasha, and Chakotay eating in another section.

"Our new cook is... sick," the waiter informed them, speaking of Neelix, "So
we've had Hordan design the menu for this evening." Kes and Janeway smiled
at the thought. Neelix's entree's were not quite popular among the
crew-Talaxians must have mutant tastebuds or something. For once, the Lounge
was crowded.

Janeway scanned the menu casually, then ordered for the both of them, "Kes
will have the Andorian Bluefish sauteed in Mica Sauce, with a side of G'Roka.
I'll have a glass of Chardonay- your best, please."

"Of course, ma'am," the waiter said as he took the menus and quietly slipped
away into the kitchen.

"That was great," Tasha said as she washed down the last morsel of her
Betrell Jute-Kike with a sip of Romulan Ale.

"Yes, it's better than usual," Chakotay said, settling back into his chair,"
I must compliment Neelix, usually his recipees are... more eccentric."

"They taste like shit!" Torres said sans diplomacy," there's no way Neelix
made this, he's couldn't cook gagh!" (live Klingon worms)

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to take a piss," Tasha said as she stood
up and strode off in the wrong direction.

Chakotay was about to redirect her, but she was gone.

"She'll find it eventually," Torres said.

Chakotay was suddenly very quiet and staring off into space distractedly.
Torres was no Betazoid, but she could tell the big Indian was uncomfortable.
"What's the matter, Chakotay?"

He turned his head to her and took a minute before speaking, "I've been
wanting you for so long, Torres. It's just... taking a little time to soak
in, is all..."

"Yeah, I know, it was pretty sudden. I never expected to actually ever get
you in the sack, you're so untouchable sometimes." Torres said.

"I guess so, but I was in charge, I had to be. But now," he said as he took
Torres' hand, "I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner."

"Well, we'll just have to make up for lost time, then!" Torres smiled and
looked around, "Hey, look, Janeway's here with Kes!"

"Is there something... you know...," Chakotay was trying to phrase this
correctly," 'going on' between them?"

"I'm not sure, but they sure look dressed for action!" Torres said, admiring
the two women.

By now, Kes had almost finished eating and Janeway had finished her 7th glass
of wine. Janeway hadn't eaten anything, she had said she wasn't hungry...
for food, anyway. Kes didn't quite know what "wine" was, but from the
Captain's behaviour, she could tell she was drunk. Ocampas, like almost
every other humanoid race, had long ago discovered intoxicating chemicals in

"You're such a little slut," Janeway slurred as she reached across the table
and pulled down one of Kes' shoulderstraps, revealing her right nipple to
anyone in the restaurant who might be looking. Kes blushed brightly and
reached to cover herself up. But Janeway grabbed her nipple and pinched it
lightly, just enough to feel good and hurt at the same time. Kes moaned in
spite of herself, but still pulled up her dress. Janeway let her and picked
up the last piece of G'Roka on Kes' plate and held it up to Kes' lips. Kes
obediently ate from Janeway's fingers, keeping her eyes on hers as she had
been instructed.

As they had been waiting for their food, Janeway had explained the ettiquette
for the evening to Kes. Kes was not to look anywhere but directly into
Janeway's eyes. She was to eat every morsel of food Janeway manually fed
to her. She was to lick Janeway's fingers clean after every bite. Kes had
obeyed to the letter, and Janeway had taken wicked satisfaction in
finger-fucking Kes' succulent little mouth every now and then.

Kes licked the last bit of G'Roka off Janeway's fingers and sat back. She
wondered what was to happen now... will they go back to Janeway's room so
Janeway could show her the "new kink"? Or was THIS the new kink?

"All finished, Kes, very good," Janeway said a little giggly.

"Thank you, Captain..," Kes was happy to have received a compliment from

"Kes, I'm not on duty, and you're not a crew member," Janeway admonished
her," You can call me 'Mistress'."

"Yes, Mistress," Kes liked the submissive feel to the phrase.

"Are you full?" Janeway asked.

"Yes, very much so! It was delicious!" Kes replied truthfully, although she
knew she'd eat ANYTHING from those fingers!

"Well, let's hope you have room for desert!" Kes knew Janeway didn't mean any
kind of dessert she could get off the menu. She couldn't wait to get back to
the room!

"Let's go, Kes," Janeway stood up. Kes followed her, aware of a wet spot on
the back of her dress which she tried to cover with her free hand. To her
surprise, Janeway led her to the bathroom, not the exit. Once inside,
Janeway forcefully spun the smaller girl around and sat her on one of the
sinks. She gabbed Kes' hair with one hand and kissed her deeply and
passionately, all the sexual tension from the dinner fueling her attentions.
With her other hand, she reached between Kes' legs and spread them. She
inserted two fingers into Kes' dripping cunt and fucked her. Kes moaned
deeply into Janeway's mouth, loving the feel of her Captain's tounge and
fingers. Suddenly, Janeway broke the kiss and removed her fingers, causing
a surprised gasp from Kes. Janeway grabbed Kes and pulled her to the center
of the floor and shoved her down on her knees. Janeway lifted up her gown
and stood over the kneeling Ocampa so that the little woman's mouth was
positioned directly below her red-haired pussy, itself wet with excitement.

"Eat me, Kes!" Janeway gasped, lost in the throes of drunken horniness.

Kes was nervous about the possibility of someone coming in while she was
eating out the captain of the ship, but she could not disobey her. She
quickly began rubbing her wet lips lightly along Janeway's waiting cuntlips.
Janeway moaned lightly and shuddered. Kes saw the goosebumps forming up and
down Janeway's arms. She continued running her soft lips along Janeway's
sensitive swollen mound, then finally applied her tounge. She flattened her
tounge and ran it lightly over the surface of Janeway's lips eliciting
another shudder and a happy sigh. She closed her mouth over the quivering
cunt above her and slipped her tounge between the lips, sliding it up until
it found Janeway's sensitive clit. She licked it and sucked on it, while at
the same time masturbating herself with her own right hand.

Tasha had been about to sit down when she had heard Janeway and Kes came in.
She spied on them through the crack between the stall door and watched in
fascination as the two women fondled and kissed each other. Suddenly, her
strong need to piss which had sent her on a ten-minute search for the
bathroom had been replaced with an even stronger urge. She continued to
watch Kes and Janeway as she reached down into her panties and began sliding
her fingers over her quickly engorging pussy. Her fingers knew her cunt
well, they had been its only source of pleasure during her two years on the

"Ohhh, Kes...," Janeway moaned," eat me...make me cum before someone comes
in here and sees what a cunt-eating little WHORE you are!"

Both the dirty talk and the idea of someone catching her got Kes even more
excited, and she slipped three fingers into her own cunt as she increased her
oral action on Janeway's pussy. Janeway grabbed the sides of Kes' head and
had begun riding her face, working her pelvis up and down and in rough
circles. Kes thought she heard someone come in and she almost came, but it
was just the men's room next door.

Tasha tried to watch quietly, but couldn't supress a soft moan every now and
then. She was surprised Kes and Janeway didn't hear her, but she was sure
the two were thouroughly absorbed in their own little world. She snuck out
of the stall and up behind Janeway so that neither of them could see her.
She walked silently to Janeway and reached around her and grabbed her breasts
at the same time she licked and kissed her ear.

"OOHHHHhhh" Janeway moaned. Kes opened her eyes and saw Tasha embracing
Janeway. They HAD been caught, and now the sexy blonde had joined them! Kes
thrust her fingers in and out of her twat even faster and grabbed Janeway's
ass with her other hand, drawing her cunt onto her face even harder. Janeway
turned her head and saw Tasha. The two immediately kissed passionately,
Tasha massaging her tits and hard nipples. Kes was jealous and turned on at
the same time. Seeing these two beautiful women kissing turned her on more
that she would have ever expected. Janeway's body became tense and reached
back and grabbed Tasha's head with one of her hands, forcing the kiss deeper
and she began to moan loudly. Kes knew Janeway's orgasms well, and this was
going to be a good one! Janeway came with the force of a supernova,
exploding into Kes' hungry little mouth. There was nothing in the Universe
sweeter than the taste of Janeway's scarlet pussy, Kes decided as she
swallowed Janeway's cum.

Janeway lost all control. The mix of the powerful orgasm, the intoxicating
effect of the large quantity of wine she drank, and Tasha's lustful
attentions caused her to release her overfilled bladder. It started softly
as she was still coming, a warm salty, bright yellow stream directly into
Kes' mouth which was glued to her Mistress' cunt. In fact, Kes didn't really
notice it at first. She figured it was Janeway's cum and lapped it down
eagerly. But when it kept on coming, she began to wonder...

"Oh, KES! You're Drinking my PISS, you nasty little SLUT!!" Janeway
exclaimed as the stream suddenly built and became a full-fledged torrent of
tangy hot piss. Kes' first instinct was to pull away in revulsion, but
Janeway's hands and Janeway's moans kept Kes from disengaging. Instead, she
swallowed as much as she could of her Mistress' somewhat sweet fluids. Tasha
had come down to Kes now and was pumping the huge Klingon dildo in and out of
Kes' qver-stretched asshole furiously. She watched in fascination as the
little blonde slut tried valiantly to drink down every last pungent drop of
Janeway's urine. Tasha found the dials that controlled the dildo's warming
and vibrating functions and activated them both. Kes came overpoweringly,
before Janeway's bladder was empty. The piss spilled over out of Kes' open,
overflowing mouth. Her grunts of pleasure were muffled by the piss in her
mouth- she gurgled loudly as she came, swallowing some of the yellow liquid,
but spilling most of it all down her body, soaking her sexy dress. After Kes
had finished coming, Janeway's flow slowly trickled off and ended. She was
thouroughly degraded and thouroughly exhausted.

Tasha was turned on as hell and attacked Kes' mouth with her own before the
little Ocampa could swallow the last mouthfull of Janeway's urine. Tasha
drank the leftover from Kes' mouth and proceeded to french-kiss her roughly,
revelling in the nasty aftertaste of Janeway's piss. Tasha's mouth was
replaced by Janeway's as Kes' mouth was passed to her. She gave Kes a much
more sensual, appreciative kiss, a knowing passionate one, a soul-kiss. They
kissed deeply for a few moments, then Janeway stood up and took a device off
the wall. Kes recognized it as a mini-holo-camera. Janeway had obiously
planned this in advance and planted the camera there. Kes was embarrassed
by the idea of Janeway showing this particular session to others, she had
thought this was a more private encounter. Just as Janeway was about to put
away the camera, Tasha skipped over to Janeway and whispered something in her
ear. Janeway nodded and smiled wickedly, reactivating the camera and
pointing it at Kes. Tasha walked over to Kes with a lustful, evil look in
her eyes, unzipping her pants.

"It seems we interrupted Tasha when we came in, Kes," Janeway said, "She
never got a chance to do what she came in here for! I think you should make
this up to her!" Kes hoped she knew what Tasha had come in here for... she
could probably handle more urine, but if it were the OTHER-!!! Luckily for
Kes, when Tasha took off her pants, she positionedher pussy over Kes' mouth,
not the...OTHER...

"Say ahh, Kes!" said Janeway as she got close to Tasha to get an overhead
angle directly down into Kes' soon-to-be filled mouth," I want everyone to
see you drink that piss like a good little toilet!"

"Ahhhh," Kes couldn't believe what she was doing. Not even in her wildest
fantasies had she imagined anything like this. Yet, here she was, on her
knees, with an open willing mouth waiting to drink another woman's pee! She
was blushing so deeply her ears hurt, but she loved it, the humiliation, the
nastiness, even the taste!

She saw that Tasha's pussy was shaved, it had a smooth, pouty look to it.
Something about it excited Kes and she wondered what it would be like to suck
on smooth, bald pussy lips. She was getting wet in anticipation.

Tasha let loose with a controlled stream at first. Kes saw it shoot out of
Tasha's pee-hole and was oddly excited by witnessing such a private act. Her
piss was different from Janeway's, much darker and more bitter. Where as
Janeway's was almost sweet, Tasha's was tart and pungent.

"Don't swallow yet, Kes, I want to see your nasty little mouth filled with
piss..." Janeway was working the camera with one hand and masturbating with
the other.

Kes did as she was told, and Tasha filled her to the brim, only letting a
small amount spill over and run down Kes' chin, down her neck and over her
breasts. The extra hot piss even got to Kes' cunt and gave her a chill up
her spine.

"Mmm, what a pretty sight," Janeway said," swish it around with your tongue,
Kes, let the taste soak in..." Janeway was masturbating faster now, sliding
her fingers through her damp red pubic hair.

Kes swished her tounge around her mouth for the camera, tasting the strong
urine with every part of her tounge. She wondered what she must look like
to the two women, sitting in a puddle of piss, her clothes soaked with it,
playing with a mouthful for their entertainment.

"Please, Captain," Tasha pleaded," I REALLY can't hold it much longer."

"Alright. Kes, swallow every drop you have in your mouth, but don't close
your mouth! I want to see it go down!"

Kes was drawn into another world more and more by each successively dirty
command. She obeyed without hesitation and slowly swallowed gulp after gulp
of Tasha's collected piss. Finally she finished it all and opened her mouth
for inspection.

"Ohh, God, Kes, you are one NASTY little cunt!" Janeway exclaimed with a
laugh. Tasha was unable to hold back any longer and let a powerful stream
shoot all over Kes' face, a good deal of it going down her throat. Kes wasn't
prepared for the strength of the flow and glued her mouth directly onto
Tasha's hairless twat. She had to drink much faster than she did with
Janeway - Tasha must REALLY have had to go! She grabbed Tasha's hips for all
she was worth and drank as much as she could. She could see Janeway watching
her- she had an odd look, she was smiling broadly, just watching. Kes
realized that Janeway was PROUD of her, proud that Kes was handling her new
kink so well. Kes was inspired to try harder and swallowed faster, pressing
deeper into Tasha's hot cunt, slurping her piss right down her gullet. Tasha
had much more piss than Janeway, and Kes thought it would never end. Tasha's
smooth lips felt great on Kes' mouth and she licked and sucked the taller
blonde woman to an orgasm while she was still pissing. Tasha came hard,
swearing loudly and profusely as she bucked hard against Kes' face, adding
her woman-cum to the piss in the little woman's mouth. Kes eagerly drank
everything down. She heard Janeway sigh behind her as she came too.

A few minutes later, Tasha moved off Kes' mouth and got dressed.

"You're a very nasty little girl, Kes, you need to be punished," Janeway
said, pulling the kneeling woman's head back as she stood over her.

"Yes..." was all kes could manage to communicate," yes..."

"Damn, that was great!" Tasha said as she zipped up her pants.

"BLEEP" said Janeway's commbadge in her purse. Janeway sighed with
frustration and pulled it out. Kes watched in amazement as Janeway seemed
to sober up instantly. A good Captain never drank real alcohol since they
were always on duty. Kes had never heard of synthehol and was surpised at
the transformation. She then realized that this whole scenario had been
planned from the start. The wall camera, Janeway only drinking... a lot...
and Janeway was in control the whole time, it was no accident that she pissed
in Kes' mouth!

"Janeway here," she spoke into the commbadge.

"Captain, this is Kim, I think I might have found Tasha's wormhole!!!" The
excitement in his voice was obvious.

"Alright, Kim, I'll be right there." Janeway closed the channel and looked
very disappointed despite the good news. "I guess we'll have to postpone
again, Kes. Go on back to your room and I'll join you later." With that she
planted a deep kiss on her and left.

Tasha walked over and was about to help Kes up when Marlin walked in.

"What the fuck--??!" She exclaimed at the sight of the piss-doused Kes.

"Well," Tasha smiled," it looks like we aren't quite done yet!"

* * *

By the time Tasha and Marlin were done with Kes, there wasn't a spot on her
body not soaked with piss. She walked back to her room like that, wearing
a piss-stained transparent dress, a dildo up her ass, and smelling like a
urinal. She heard everything from shocked gasps to excited chuckles from
passing crew members, and kept her head down during the long journey back to
her quarters. Ironically, the whole way back, she had to take a piss. She
did so when she got back to her room. The idea of her pissing out the other
women's piss turned her on, and she masturbated violently while she was still
on the toilet, thinking of drinking sweet golden fluids from Janeway's
succulent scarlet haired pussy. She was completely exhausted and took an
much-needed nap.


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