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Description: Janeway always loved dogs. A disgruntled crewman's discovery of her secret program leads to opprobrium.

Content Codes: F-Zoo, pwp

Star Trek - Voyager: Holodeck Bitch
by JD ([email protected])

Later, Captain Janeway would ruefully console herself that Crewman Harren's irrational act of revenge had come close to the end of Voyager's truncated time in the Delta Quadrant. She doubted she could've maintained control of the starship for fifty further years, knowing the thoughts behind the eyes of her contemptuous crew. In the enlightened 24th century it should have been Harren who experienced opprobrium for taking so poorly Janeway's attempt to help him, and other underperforming crewmembers. Tuvok traced his responsibility quickly enough, and confined him to quarters. It didn't help; until she left Voyager she overheard whispers that she deserved punishment for depravity.

Whatever Harren'd first intended when he turned his genius brain to the humiliation of the Captain, he couldn't have hoped for better than finding Kathryn's secret Holodeck program Saxon4. It took weeks to create the programs that would override Voyager's communications system so that the Captain couldn't be contacted while in the Holodeck. Further viral software fed live footage to every single screen on Voyager from Bridge to Astrometrics. Her own command overrides prevented them unlocking the door, or shutting off the program remotely.

The Saxon4 program had a vast array of options, but the main character was a huge black mongrel dog. Kathryn Janeway had always loved dogs. In her younger years she respected their loyalty, friendliness and intelligence. One late teenage encounter with her family pet as she'd been about to dress, in which the dog had nuzzled her neat red bush, had led to a lifetime of secret amorous shame. From a scientific perspective, she could see nothing morally wrong with allowing a canine to mount, penetrate and share pleasure. As Captain, Kathryn could enjoy all of the dog sex she wanted in Holodeck privacy. At least until Herran shared Saxon4 with the ship - including multiple angles from Voyager's powerful sensors.

Kathryn had used the Alley Encounter theme that day. She left her bag containing a spare uniform by the locked Holodeck door. Her chosen scene was based on a narrow Parisian alley in the historic district, and Kathryn played the role of a lost Starfleet officer trying to find her way back to the main road. Saxon growled from behind, and then jumped, knocking Kathryn down with his far heavier weight.

She landed on her hands and knees, and tried to crawl. The big dog's teeth tore through her uniform pants, revealing buttocks a woman half Kathryn's age would have been proud to possess. She groaned, thoroughly aroused, as Saxon's long tongue lashed her richly toned bush. The proud Captain stopped crawling, and looked down under her body. She gasped, awestruck, at the size and beauty of Saxon's already lengthening shaft. As Captain of a starship, Janeway was used to being thought of as a Bitch by dissatisfied crewmembers. She didn't know they'd soon see her as a real bitch.

She didn't have to stifle her pleasure within the Holodeck. She could moan, and groan, and curse like a Nausicaan grandmother. Kathryn wiggled her ass in Saxon's face, told him he was a good dog, and pleaded with him to mount. He did. She grunted as the muscular dog's weight came down upon her back. Strain burned in her shoulders as he gripped fiercely about her waist with his forelegs. She virtually willed him into her, so horny that she just knew she would come as soon as he found her entrance.

The footage broadcast across the ship started at that moment. Captain Janeway on her knees in a badly lit alley; willingly speared by a dog cock similar in width and length to her own forearm. The Bridge crew were momentarily silent at the spectacle of the huge dog thrusting incredibly hard and speed blurred into Janeway's bush as their Captain shouted husky voiced approval. Saxon's knot was even larger, and still growing. As the thick band of tissue bumped into Kathryn's bush, Commander Tuvok began giving orders on the bridge to regain systems control. Concerned for his friend's wellbeing, he also ordered the Holodeck door forced.

At that moment Janeway was floating in a personal heaven of pleasure. The heat of the dog both inside and above her was more intimate than anything else she could allow herself under the loneliness of command. Steaming blasts of breath ruffled her sweaty hair, while each dribble of drool to splash against her back spurred her on to greater passion. Despite her experience, and the safety protocols, there was always a little pain when Saxon knotted her. She took it willingly as a price of her pleasure, and eventually enjoyed it.

The Dog's hard muscle bulged beneath his short black fur as he forced his knot inside Kathryn Janeway. Though not advanced enough to think, he was certainly simulating pleasure in the act. His large balls were tight at the base of his shaft, and Kathryn could already feel the hot pre-spurts against her cervix. She moaned 'Yes,' repeatedly as her pussy stretched to accommodate the fearsome knot and, with a last jerk, he was inside her completely.

Saxon's balls nestled in Karthryn's bush as dog and woman shared a powerful mutual orgasm. The program was advanced enough to replicate the boiling dog semen inside Karthryn's body. The Captain felt the seemingly endless powerful spurts inside her. Trapped by the knot, they pulsed wetly into a womb that even the best technology could not make fertile for puppies. She allowed herself long minutes nestled beneath the panting dog, knotted to her hologram lover while the week's stresses faded from her body.

Finally, she ended the program. The holograms faded away, and even the matter replicated as part of their illusion was cleansed from her body. She wouldn't leave the Holodeck stinking of dog spunk. She exited to find Torres and engineering crewmen overriding the lock. Kathryn noted shocked stares and nervous giggles.

Her face colored with the realization of their knowledge.

At least Tuvok's attitude remained unchanged in the following days.


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