Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

HypnoTV: Star Trek - Voyager (F/F,mc)
by MAW

Seven of Nine was aware of the stares she received as she walked down the
halls of the starship *Voyager*. It reminded her again of how much she stood
out. It took a lot to stand out on *Voyager*. Here was a Starfleet ship,
stranded over fifty light years away from home. Half the crew was made up of
the Maquis terrorists that *Voyager* had been sent to capture. The first
officer was a descendent of North American Indians, the helmsman a convicted
criminal, the engineer a half-Klingon, an eccentric alien as cook and the
Chief Medical Officer wasn't even alive.

One thing that made Seven of Nine stand out was her appearance. She was a
striking beauty, with short blond hair, her curvaceous form clad in a
tight-fitting brown suit. Her face was expressionless, with strange metal
strips on her neck and above her eyebrow.

Technically, Seven of Nine was human. However, at a young age, she had been
captured by the alien race known as the Borg. The Borg were a race of
cyborgs, more machine than man, with a hive-like mentality. What one thought,
the entire race thought. The Borg's sole purpose was to assimilate every
culture it came across into its own, adding their knowledge and technology
to their own, basically making their victims mindless drones. The Borg's
ultimate goal was to assimilate their entire universe into their Collective.
They had power to back up their actions. Their chilling mantra, "resistance
is futile" had spelled the death knell for many races.

The Borg had been forced to corporate with the *Voyager* crew to stop a
common enemy. Afterwards, they had managed to cut Seven off from the
Collective. The Doctor had done much to help her appearance. Gone was her
pasty white skin and nightmarish metallic coverings, leaving a quite
attractive woman behind. A woman trying to come to grips with a humanity
lost to her years before. A humanity whose unique aspect she was studying.

Walking into Sickbay, Seven of Nine spoke in a flat, monotone voice.
"Activate Emergency Medical Holographic Program." A shimmer of light came
into the room and the holographic image of the Doctor appeared. He appeared
to be a balding man in his mid-forties, clad in a blue Starfleet uniform.
The ship's regular doctor had been killed in the accident that hurled the
ship to the other side of the galaxy and the Doctor had been stuck with them
ever since. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency," the Doctor's
standard reply went. He saw Seven. "Ah, what can I do for you?"

"I request some files on the human body system," Seven said. "There is
something there I wish to study."

"Certainly," the Doctor said. Seeing as how Seven of Nine was of a mechanical
nature and the Doctor was a computer-generated persona, the two felt a small
bond that set them apart from the crew. "Personally, I don't understand why
the Captain wants you to become more human. The more I interact with these
people, the more I'm glad I'm not one of them."

"If I can regain my humanity, I would become a greater asset to the crew,"
Seven replied. "I would do much to help both myself and the ship."

"Are you sure you weren't a Vulcan before you were assimilated?" The Doctor
asked. His programmed personality tended to be on the bitter side. "Which
files do you need?"

"Let me see the directory and I will extract the data I need," Seven said in
a flat tone.

"I'm glad you're not my nurse," the Doctor sighed. "Your manner could use
some work, of that I'm certain." He moved aside and let Seven look at the
screen. She carefully pushed some keys. She was more used to downloading the
data right into herself than seeing it, but she was improving. "Tell me, in
your dealings with humans, what is their attitude towards sexuality?"

Caught slightly off-balance, the Doctor paused to find a reply. "It varies,"
he finally said. "For the most part, the males seem to think of it more
often. Especially Mr. Paris. For some reason, he chose to spend his time in
Sickbay talking about a series of romantic conquests he made during his
Academy days. I'm currently saving it in case I ever get bored and decide to
write a book about these exploits."

"What of the female?"

"For the most part, they aren't as obsessed about it. There are a few
exceptions, but I can't tell you who for the sake of confidentiality. You
know, it is odd, but I've studied the archives on this subject, to
understand my patients better," he hastened to say, "and I've discovered
that the idea of two women being together in sexual relations seems ideal
for men, but the opposite is true for women. And vice versa, of course."

"Interesting," Seven said. She pushed a few keys and transferred the data
to the computer in her room. "Thank you, Doctor. Computer, end program."

"Well, at least someone remembered--" the Doctor said, just before he faded
into nothingness. Seven stood and moved towards the shelf carrying the
Doctor's instruments. She paused, computing the scenario in her mind. The
success rate seemed good and it would help her study. She decided to initiate
her plan.
_ _ _

The ship's power supplies were not all gathered in main Engineering. Much
of the power relays ran along the small tubes and tunnels interweaving
throughout the ship. The tubes were barely enough to hold two people, side
to side. In one of these tunnels was Seven of Nine and Belanna Torres, the
ship's engineer. A former Maquis, Belanna was half-human and half-Klingon.
Her dark hair was in a pageboy haircut, her skin, though dark, still lighter
than full-blooded Klingons. Likewise, the ridges on her forehead and nose
weren't as pronounced. She was clad in a yellow and black uniform that
boasted a not too unattractive form. "Modulator," she said. Seven handed her
a small device. Taking it, Torres adjusted some controls and pushed a switch.
"That should do it," she said, her voice showing off her impatient nature.
"Hopefully, the power fluxes won't be as long in the quarters. Should help
put a schedule on power relay throughout the ship."

"Satisfactory," Seven said. "Look at me."

"What?" Torres looked at Seven and suddenly saw her eyes glowing. Seven had
done some modifications in Sickbay. With the help of a cybernetic relay in
her artificial eye and the power circuits above the eyebrow, she managed to
create a hypnotic imprint in her gaze. She had specially designed it to take
hold quickly, to lull the victim into a deep trance before they knew what
was happening. Seven was pleased to see it working perfectly. Belanna's eyes
slowly shut and she slumped down in the tunnel, her entire body relaxing.

Confident Torres was under, Seven began to examine her. "You cannot react
to anything unless I tell you to," Seven said. Her voice left no room for
debate, not that Torres could have protested anyway. Seven let her hand
drift over Belanna's body, her fingers lightly caressing her breasts. Belanna
sighed at the soft touch Seven gave.

With meticulous movements, Seven stripped Torres of her uniform. She did not
remove it completely. She opened Belanna's vest and unbuttoned the shirt
underneath. Belanna's breasts came free. They were not overly large but Seven
could see that were worthy of the glances some of the male crewmembers had
been giving them. She slowly lowered the pants down Belanna's smooth legs
until she exposed the dark clit underneath. With movements born more out of
curiosity than desire, Seven placed her index finger into Belanna's clit and
slowly began rubbing it.

Belanna moaned as Seven worked her finger into her. Seven leaned down to get
a better look at Belanna's breasts. She placed her lips over one tightened
nipple and lightly kissed it. It was an interesting experience, producing a
feeling Seven could not quite explain but nonetheless enjoyed. She continued
to suckle on the breasts as she fingered Belanna. The engineer was in world
of pleasure by this point, her body slowly withering on the surface of the
tunnel as Seven kept her examination up. Finally, Belanna came onto Seven's
fingers, her entire body tensing for a moment before falling back into

Removing her hand from Belanna's lips, Seven gazed at the sticky fluids
clinging to her hand, absently tasting them. She redressed Belanna and spoke.
"When I say awake, you will awaken. You will not remember what has transpired
here. You will simply remember repairing the power conduit and nothing else.

As Belanna's eyes fluttered open, Seven took a moment to congratulate herself
on a successful first stage.
_ _ _

It was late when Seven strode the hallways of the ship, heading towards the
Captain's quarters. The Captain's request to see her was quite opportune in
that it allowed her to further conduct experiments. The Captain's time was
precious, so Seven of Nine knew to take advantage of it. She entered the
Captain's quarters and hoped that no emergencies would arise soon. As
expected, the Captain had the nicest room on the ship, a small bed in another
room, a couch next to a window showing the stars, her desk set in another
corner. Captain Kathryn Janeway was a tall woman in her early forties with
dark hair that she had recently cut into a short haircut. "Seven, glad you
could make it," she said in her slightly gravely voice. "I wanted to see you
about some of these repair jobs."

"As you wish," Seven responded. She and Janeway sat on the couch, talking for
a few minutes about the minor systems damage the ship had acquired during the
last few months. Finally finishing, Janeway asked, "Is there anything you
wanted to discuss with me?"

"Yes," Seven said, activating her eye device. Janeway looked into the glowing
eyes and was instantly lost, falling down a deep hole. The sole core of her
universe became Seven's eyes, voice and will. "Call Commander Chakoty and
tell him that you wish not to be disturbed for the next half-hour. He has
command until then." Once Janeway had done so and Seven was sure they
wouldn't be disturbed for a while, she began her next command. "Stand up and
go to your bedroom." Janeway complied, her eyes blankly staring ahead as she
walked to her room, Seven behind her.

Once they were inside Janeway's room, Seven began giving her commands in
earnest. "Undress." Janeway seemed to hesitate but another hypnotic gaze from
Seven removed all resistance from her mind. She slowly stripped her uniform
off until she stood nude before Seven. Janeway kept in shape, so despite her
age, her body was still attractive. Her breasts still maintained a form of
gravity and the curves on her waist managed to beat out the small pockets of
fat. Seven reached to her neck and undid the seam that held her uniform
together. She was nude underneath, her breasts thrust out, small metallic
strips on her legs, her right breast and just below her stomach. Instead of
taking away from her sexiness, it seemed to add to it.

Seven stood before Janeway and kissed her. She was slow, not sure what she
was doing, the first time she had ever done anything like this. Janeway was
in the same position so they merely pushed their lips together at first.
However, a spark of passion soon came within them both and they were soon
wrapping their tongues together. They fell onto the bed, Seven on top. She
broke off her kisses on Janeway and moved down her body. She lightly kissed
the area in between her breasts before moving down to Janeway's clit. She
remembered a reference in her studies and stuck her tongue into the dark
pussy and began to lick. Slowly at first, then with more frequency when she
sensed that was sufficient to cause pleasure. Janeway moaned as Seven licked
away at her, enjoying the first taste of pleasure she'd had since they'd
left Earth. Seven placed her hands on Janeway's thighs and used them as
handholds as she dug her tongue in. Janeway came, her juices spilling onto
Seven's face. Seven licked them up, tasting their sweetness and finding it

Seven crawled up Janeway's body. She moved down and let Janeway kiss her
pert left breast. The feel of the other woman's lips around the nipple sent
another wave of unidentifiable feeling through Seven. She moved up and
straddled Janeway, her clit right over the Captain's face. Janeway slowly
put her mouth over the blond opening and began to kiss it. She mouthed it
for a few moments before placing her tongue inside and beginning to lick in
earnest. Seven slowly shifted on Janeway's face, moving her pelvic region
up and down as the entranced Captain ate her out. The feeling covering Seven
was overwhelming. She felt emotions and feelings she'd never imagined
existed. She felt Janeway's hand moving up her slim hips and gripping her
breasts. She grabbed Janeway's hands and used them to massage her own
breasts, enjoying the electrifying tingle the feeling produced. She tensed
and straightened as she had her first ever orgasm, her juices falling onto
Janeway's waiting tongue. The feeling was absolutely indescribable and Seven
found herself at a loss for words.
_ _ _

As she reentered her cabin, Seven had to surmise that the experiment was a
complete success. Both Janeway and Torres would never remember the part they
had played in Seven's quest to regain her humanity. For the first time since
she'd joined the crew of the *Voyager*, Seven of Nine smiled. She was
probably going to be on the ship for a while until it reached the Federation.
Plenty of time to carry out further experiments.

After all, resistance was futile.


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