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Note: This is an alternate timeline, where Kes returned but instead of being
unable to control the power she found she controlled it incredibly well and
now she is back to say 'Thank You' to Janeway.

Star Trek - Voyager: Kes Returns (ff+,she-male)
by Chaos

Janeway relaxed in her bath. It was large, part of the Captain's privilege
that they have a large bath capable of holding 7 or even 8 people. Janeway
felt her large breasts, despite her age they were firm and shapely with
little sag. She pinched her nipples making them harder than even the water
allowed. Her hand roamed to her hairless cunt and she stroked it. She
moaned. There was a flash of light. Kes appeared, naked as Janeway on the
other side of the bath.

"Kes?!" Janeway said. "What are you doing here."

"Hello, Kathryn. I came to say thank you for all you've done for me."

"Kes. What do you mean and don't you think it would be more appropriate
for you and me to be clothed?"

Kes stood so that her breasts foaming with bubble bath and her cunt dripped.
"Kathryn, I give you a gift."

"What gift."

"I give you me. I have changed my body form so that I may have lesbian sex
with you."'


"I can grant you your greatest sexual fantasy. I know Kathryn. I know about
your wish to fuck B'Lanna and Seven."

"How do you know about that?"

"I can read your thoughts. Look at my body Kathryn. I have modified myself
to have a human vagina instead of requiring the elogium to take place. I
wish to give myself to you."

"Kes it's a tempting offer but seriously no."

Kes moved over to Kathryn and kissed her. Kathryn began to melt. When they
finally broke the kiss Kes stood back. "I know that was your dream kiss, now
imagine how sex would be."

"Kes! No!" Kes clicked her fingers. Seven and B'Lanna appeared.

"What happened?" Asked B'Lanna and then she saw Kes and Kathryn. "What the
hell's going on?"

"B'Lanna you're hear to please Kathryn sexually. She wants both of you."

"No way!"

"B'Lanna don't make me control your mind."

"Ha! Like you could do that." Kes snapped her fingers.

"Kathryn, I give myself to you." she said. She removed her tight fitting
uniform and soon the half-Klingon knelt before the bath naked and at
Janeway's disposal. Kes clicked her fingers again. "What the hell did you

"What you wanted me to do. Subconsciously although you're not consciously
aware of it you want to sleep with Kathryn and Kathryn fantasizes about your
body. And Seven's."

"It would be interesting to experience sexuality." Said Seven.

She moved over to B'Lanna and began to kiss her softly. B'Lanna moaned and
her Klingon instincts began to take over. She threw Seven on the floor and
began to rip off Seven's clothing. Underneath she revealed Seven's D-cups.
Her long nails ran down Seven's body and Seven moaned in pain and pleasure.
B'Lanna bit into Seven's neck. Seven moaned softly. B'Lanna took hold of her
nipples and pulled them with all her strength. Seven screamed in pain and

B'Lanna pulled Seven up by the hair and stood up. She quickly shoved Seven's
head into her wet crotch. Seven smelt her musky crotch and began to lick
just like she had practised on the holodeck. B'Lanna roared in delight.
Seven's tongue moved more frantically and B'Lanna came all over her friend.
B'Lanna pushed Seven onto the floor. With a quick fluid motion two of her
fingers entered Seven's pussy. It was not long before Seven came and B'Lanna
sucked her cum off her fingers. Kathryn and Kes watched.

"Don't you want to feel like that Kathryn."

"It would be unethical to sleep with someone under my command no matter how
much I wanted too." She said. She got out of the bath.

"What if I erased their memories, only you and I would know."

Janeway's body dripped. Her nipples were hard from the water. She moved to
get her towel but then Seven and B'Lanna pinned her against the wall in a
telepathic command. Kes moved over to her. Her tongue licked Kathryn's hard
nipples. Kathryn's C-cup's begged to be touched and Kes pinched and pulled
them. She rubbed her breasts. Another command. Seven and B'Lanna pushed her
against the wall, Kathryn's arse pointing outwards. Kes fingers moved inside
Janeway's arse, Janeway moaned. Her arse loved to be felt and Kes knew it.
Kes's tongue moved inside Janeway's arse.

Using her abilities she grew an 8-inch cock. The cock shoved into Janeway's
arse and began to expand, 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, 13
inches, 14 inches...... Janeway gasped as the cock expanded. Her vagina was
pushed to it's outer limits. 16 inches. The cock stopped expanding but began
to throb, as it throbbed it changed from 8 inches to 16 inches. Her balls
banged against Janeway's arse. Janeway soon came. And Kes's cock came inside
her at the same time.

B'Lanna threw herself onto Kes. She sucked on Kes's nipples making them long
and hard. "Kes, I want that cock inside me."

They embraced and kissed there breasts pushed against one another. B'Lanna
pushed her down on the floor. Kes's cock was still hard. B'Lanna crawled
aboard and rhymically pulled herself up and down the 8-inch shaft. Once again
the cock began to throb and B'Lanna screamed in pain and ecstasy.

Looking over to Seven and Janeway they were currently engaged in a 69. Their
tongues moving frantically they both started to come. Screaming in ecstasy
they finally came to an orgasmic climax together. At that same time B'Lanna
and Kes came to a simulataeneous orgasm. Kes moved to Seven pushing her to
the floor with super-strength. She straddled the ex-Borg her cock pointing
towards Seven's breasts. Kes layed to cock inbetween the huge globes and took
Seven's hands. Slowly she pressed them onto the side of Seven's breasts and
pushed Seven's breasts together rubbing Kes's long cock.

"Continue." Said Kes releasing Seven's hands. Seven did as Kes had commanded
pushing her own breasts together. As she did she watched Kes moaning in
delight. The cock lengthened itself moving towards Seven's face.

"Suck it!" Commanded Kes. Seven opened her mouth and the cock grew hard and
fast moving into Seven's mouth. Seven's tongue moved along it and the cock
throbbed. Suddenly it withdrew placing itself back in Seven's breasts and
then it exploded, Kes's juices exploded all over Seven's massive tits. Kes
gave a telepathic command to the other three women and Seven stood up.

B'Lanna and Janeway moved over there mouth's watering. Their tongues moved
across Seven's breasts licking Kes's juices from Seven's body, Seven's
breasts were sensitive and she soon came explosively. Kes moved over to her
again her huge cock point straight at Seven she pinned her down to the floor
again and placed her had cock inside Seven's blond patch, she rammed it in
and out. Another cock grew and it curved up into Seven's arse. Seven
screamed as the two cocks throbbed, her hymen split and the 29 year old
virgin had her first taste of penetration as she came, with wave after wave
of ecstasy.

Meanwhile B'Lanna and Kathryn were at it. They had intertwinned their bodies
and their wet cunts were rubbed togther as the two came more and more. The
four women lay exhausted. Kes's cock shrank and disappeared, slowly turning
into a cunt again. Kes got up her breasts heaving, clicked her fingers and
disappeared. Seven looked at her new lovers.

"You know I could make a hologram of Kes and her cock for us to use." She
suggested. Janeway and B'Lanna smiled.

"Nice idea." Said Janeway.


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