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WARNING: This story contains coarse language and scenes involving sex between
women and of the man/woman variety. If this offends you, then leave.


CODES: The Doctor/7

SUMMARY: The Doctors Lessons to seven on interpersonal relations and dating
practices goes further than he intended.

Star Trek - Voyager: Lessons For Seven Part 1
by Anonymous

"Good morning Doctor, how are you today?" said Seven as she entered sickbay.

The Doctor beamed his approval, "I'm very well today Seven, Thank you for
asking, I'm glad you have taken your protocal lessons to heart, your greeting
sounded genuinely warm."

Seven's expression turned cool, "The I achieved the intended effect, but I
shall continue to practice."

The Doctor smiled wryly, "Good to know, so what brings you to see me this
morning the check on your implants Isn't 'til Thursday?"

Seven nodded, "That is correct Doctor I am here to ask you a question
regarding sex?"

"Oh?" the Doctor was nonplussed, "Well certainly, fire away."

Seven nodded again gratefully, "Yesterday whilst I was exploring some of the
more peculiar holodeck programs I found one labelled "Adventure for Four"
written by Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, I was curious so I broke the
encryption, at first I didn't understand, it contained a depiction of a
excessively luxurious sauna and two tall men possessing what I believed to be
unusually large genitalia."

"Oh!" croaked the Doctor his recently 'enhanced' program generating a very
realistic dryness in his mouth, "and!"

Seven continued, "I managed to find an earlier simulation which Tom and
B'Elanna recorded, for later perusal perhaps."

The Doctor flushed and broke out in a light holographic sweat, "And what did
they do in this simulation?"

"At first they disrobed and kissed each other in what I believe was a
passionate manner. Then B'Elanna called over the two males and dropped to her
knees, she then began taking turns stimulating their penises with her mouth,
a great deal of saliva was produced by her, and also by Lt Paris who was
manipulating his penis with his right hand in a vigorous manner."

The Doctor felt his own penis begin to extend to its formidable simulated
length, and hoped Seven wouldn't notice, he tried to calm himself as Seven
continued to describe what she'd seen in a dry analytical manner.

"After 4.2 minutes of this activity one of the males disengaged from B'Elanna
and approached her from behind, whilst she concentrated her oral activities
on the remaining male, the other male got down behind her and inserted his
large penis into her vagina, and began to thrust into her in a very athletic
manner, at this point her breathing became very heavy and between oral
assaults on the first male's penis she began to moan inarticulate words and
her breathing became very heavy....Doctor is something wrong, you appear

The Doctor shook his head, his holographic countenance grew more flushed, and
he had slowly edged behind a tool station to hide his now very obvious
erection. "Sorry Seven I just wanted to switch off the Duotronic panel, I
left it on earlier when Ensign Baxter dropped by for a check up." He smiled

Seven nodded imperiously, "Very well I shall continue, Mr Paris was
manipulating his penis with even greater vigor while B'Elanna was enjoying
her, I believe it is called a 'threesome' amongst humans, the two males
swapped places briefly, after 3.7 minutes, she signalled them to stop and
told one of them to sit on the ground whilst she straddled him, and allowed
him to insert his penis into her vagina once more, she then began to rock her
self on top of him with great abandon which she appeared to enjoy very much,
the other male approached her again and she managed to orally stimulate him
whilst still, I believe 'riding' is the best word, 'riding' the other male.
it was at this moment I realised that I was feeling some strange sensations.

"What sensations?" said the Doctor suddenly glad that he had no programming
to drool or he most certainly would be now.

Seven shrugged looking uncharacteristically uncomfortable, "I realised that
my genitals were suddenly feeling extremely moist and my clitoris was rather
engorged, I touched it through my uniform, out of curiousity and I felt such
remarkable and intense pleasure that I actually fell to my knees..." a flush
crept up Seven's cheeks,".... it was so strong. I felt compelled to keep
watching..." Seven paused again and looked at the Doctor strangely, she
flushed again. "I could not stop my watching them. B'Elanna stopped her
'ride' and oral assault on the other male and invited Lt Paris to enter her,
I did not understand at first what she meant. Lt Paris applied what appeared
to be some kind of lubricant to his Penis and approached B'Elanna from
behind, he then dropped down to his knees and inserted his penis into her
rectum, he penetrated slowly until he achieved maximum penetration, B'Elanna
moaned and swore in several languages including Klingon." Seven paused and
looked at the Doctor questioningly.

The Doctor held onto the Tool station for support and mopped his brow on his
sleeve, "Go on" he squeaked.

"By this point I had managed to loosen my garment so that I could gain better
access to my body, I rubbed my clitoris with my right hand whilst caressing
my breasts, I continued to watch the sexual activity before me as it grew
more and more frenzied. B'Elanna screamed as both her rectum and vagina were
actively penetrated, after only 3 more minutes she made a signal with her
left hand and the two hologramatic men disengaged and proceeded to manipulate
their penises in her face until they ejaculated hologramatic semen over her
face, she screamed again whilst Lt Paris continued to penetrate her anus with
remarkable energy, after 2.1 more minutes he withdrew from her anus and
offered her his penis, this time she did not allow him to ejaculate in her
face, she took his penis deep into her throat and sucked until, judging by
his odd expression, he achieved an orgasm and ejaculated into B'Elanna's
mouth, she managed to swallow all of his semen. I myself at that moment
reached my first orgasm, I cried out and I believe I lost conciousness for
several moments. When I recovered B'Elanna were enjoying a cool bath together
in another holographic scene. I stopped the replay at that point and had a
cold bath myself I felt very much in need of it."

The Doctor smiled weakly as he tried to calm himself. "So Seven thank you for
this brief insight into Mr Paris and Lt Torre's fascinating love life but you
came here to ask me a question what was it?"

With an obvious effort Seven collected herself and nodded, " Please excuse me
Doctor I think I drifted from the immediate point, my question is
simple...will you have sex with me."

The Doctor's jaw dropped as he stared dumbfounded at Seven, "Excuse me?"
Seven kept her voice its usual calm tone but her flushed features betrayed
her. "I want you to have sex with me."

"...I, I...I'm flattered but why me?"

Seven shrugged, "After what I witnessed in the holodeck I feel very much in
need of a sex, I have masturbated several times since then but I would very
much like to experience sex with someone else, there are only two people on
the ship I like and trust enough to do this with... you and the Captain, I do
not know if the Captain enjoys having sex with females and I would feel ...
awkward asking her, on the other hand I know that you have had sex with a
female. making you clearly the logical choice." Seven stood looking more
nervous than the Doctor thought she was capable of.

Curiousity made the Doctor enquire, "So you think that you would enjoy sex
with women as well as men?"

Seven looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, "Earlier while I was
masturbating for the sixth time I imagined B'Elanna's naked body in the
recording, it excited me a great deal and when I imagined her touching my
genitalia I had a very powerful orgasm, I also imagined the Captain on her
knees before me orally stimulating my clitoris and that orgasm was even more

The Doctor mopped his brow on his hologramatic sleeve, "So for now though
you'd like to have sex with me."

Seven tipped her head to the side and managed a small smile, "Indeed doctor,
if you would kindly step out from behind the tool station where you've been
hiding your erection...." She took a deep breath and threw the Doctor a
challenging look, "...I would like you to use it on me."

The Doctor couldn't help himself, he smiled, the situation was getting
extremely promising. "Very well Seven, I only hope that I don't disapoint
you." The Doctor stepped up to Seven and kissed her passionately, he
whispered in her ear.

"Get on your knees." Seven nodded calmly but the fire in her eyes betrayed
her, she dropped to her knees and looked up at him seemingly torn between
lust and uncertainty.

The Doctor reached into his pants and brought out his large erection for
Sevens close inspection teasing her with it.

"Is this what you wanted?" he said his eyes burning. Seven swallowed hard and
stared at his impressive penis as if mesmerised, "Yes please..." her voice
was shaky and before he could tease her anymore she leaned forward and gently
grasped him in her hand and just gazed at it for a few moments she then began
to tentatively lick it, the Doctor gasped and then tried to think of very
dull things he knew that he would not last long at this rate, Seven looked up
at the Doctor she seemed amazed and thrilled by her own actions then she took
his cock in her mouth, she sucked on it for a few moments and then removed it
and stared in awe, her breath quickened.

The Doctor shuddered with pleasure, "Thats it Seven take your time, you have
to learn patience most human males would be very close to ejaculation at this
point, praise be to holographic software."

Seven didn't seem to hear him, she focused all her attention on the task at
hand, she caressed his testicles with her hand while she gently licked the
tip of his penis tasting his holographic precum.

The Doctor spoke hoarsely, "Seven take your hands away from it, just use your

Seven nodded and gazed up at him her eyes were hungry, "Yes Doctor." she
placed her hands on her thighs and took his penis in her mouth, she looked up
at him and rolled her eyes, as her lust increased at the taste of him.

The Doctor struggled to maintain control but he wanted more, "Seven show me
how excited you are?"

Seven looked up quizzically her mouth still full of him, then she understood.
Without losing concentration she tore open the top of her uniform revealing
her perfect breasts her nipples erect and remarkably long, she also revealed
more evidence of her excitement, her hairless vagina glistened with moisture,
her engorged clitoris peeked out from between her labia lips. Seven slipped
her right hand along her thigh, and teasingly slow, slipped her forefinger
between her labia lips and began to rub her clit, all the while sucking on
the Doctor's penis with greater abandon seemingly trying to swallow him

Suddenly the Doctor spasmed as he reached his orgasm, Seven tried to swallow
as much as she could, but some of it dripped of her face where it vanished
outside the Doctor's holographic field.

Seven pushed two of her fingers hard into her vagina after she felt the
Doctor fill her mouth with semen and convulsed as an incredible orgasm shot
through her.

Seven managed a weak smile, "Thank you Doctor that was most satisfactory."

The Doctor returned her smile and shook his head, "What do you mean was....
we're not finished" he concentrated and activated a very useful subroutine
and before Seven's surprised and gratified gaze the Doctor's softening
erection became impressively firm once more. The Doctor concentrated once
more and his uniform vanished, he knelt down beside Seven and kissed her
passionately at the same time he pulled off her uniform. Then he firmly
picked her up cradled her in his arms and carried her over to a bio bed. He
lay her down on the bed and took a moment just to drink in the sight of her
lying there naked and gorgeous. Seven stared back at the Doctor her eyes
glowing with excitement her expression strangely innocent.

The Doctor leaned over Seven and kissed her slowly while he fingered her
vagina skillfully. She moaned with arousal through the kiss and broke it off.
"Doctor as much as I enjoy the foreplay, I am ready for you to penetrate me
with more than your fingers..." Seven's voice throbbed with desire "I want
your penis Doctor NOW!"

The Doctor repressed a grin, "I will comply!" The Doctor climbed on top of
Seven pausing only to put her legs over his shoulders to allow better access,
then he slowly pushed his full length into her.... he moaned with pleasure,
she was tight but well lubricated with her own cum, after a few moments he
began to pick up speed plunging in and out of her while she gasped with each
thrust and in a few minutes, which passed for her like seconds, she reached
another intense orgasm.

The Doctor smiled as Seven arched her back moaning words his translation
matrix couldn't decipher, and allowed himself another orgasm. Seven clung to
his back as she felt him pump more holographic semen into her.

Seven smiled up at the Doctor her face full of wonder and lust, " One more
time please Doctor..." she gently pushed him off her and turned over exposing
her perfect bottom, she looked over her shoulder at him her eyes wicked.
"...put it in my rectum just like Lt Paris did to B'Elanna, please." she half

The Doctor nodded and activated his handy subroutine again, then very quickly
retrieved a small container of biolube Gel from a medical cabinet. He then
slowly applyed some to his penis while Seven looked on breathing hoarsely, he
climbed up behind her on the bio bed and applied a little more gel to his
finger and carefully rubbed it around the ring of her anus slowly penetrating
as it grew more slippery. Seven bit her lower lip with frustration as the
Doctor inflicted pleasure on her like torture. She snarled "NOW DOCTOR NOW!"

With that the pushed his penis almost roughly into her rectum, the gel making
it barely possible, As The Doctor's penis sheathed it's entire length Seven's
eyes rolled back in her head as she reached her third orgasm of the evening,
the Doctor began to thrust into, his hands cupped her perfect breasts as he
ravaged her perfect bottom. The Doctor was amazed to see a single tear of joy
rolling from Seven's left eye, as he continued to to fuck her, he could make
out her one nearly inarticulate word repeated again and again, " Perfect,
perfect, perfect....."

The Doctor paused as he felt another orgasm approach and then cried out as he
released another wave of semen into her anus, he cried out again as Seven
splinchter tightened around his penis milking it of every gram of sperm.

Feeling him explode into her Seven screamed as she orgasmed for the fourth
time, "PERFECT."

For several timeless moments they lay together on the biobed, glistening with
sweat real and holographic. They spooned, the Doctor wrapped around Seven
from behind.... after a while she turned over and faced him.

The Doctor smiled broadly at Seven and he was delighted when she returned an
uncharacteristic joyous smile.

"Thank you Doctor you were..." Seven blushed. ".... most impressive." She
leaned forward and kissed the Doctor tenderly on the lips." I hope we can do
this again perhaps on a regular basis?" Seven caressed the Doctor's face

The Doctor leaned in and returned her kiss. "Seven there's nothing that I'd
rather do."

End of Part 1


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