This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse
between two women. If you are under eighteen, easily offended,
homophobic, pea brained, or otherwise hung up, seek out thy
entertainment elsewhere cause this just ain't your bag.

"Let The Punishment Fit The Crime" by The Reverend

Captain Janeway drummed her fingers against the arm of the
command chair, wishing for the first time in her career that there
was something -anything- that would have required her to stay on
the bridge past her usual shift. She would have welcomed any
excuse, no matter how trivial... a variance in the energy signature of
the warp coils, a blip on the sensors that may or may not be an alien
ship, an oddly configured nebula the likes of which had never been
documented by Federation scientists. Any or all of these things
would have been greeted with a resounding sigh of relief from
Kathryn Janeway, but after remaining on the bridge longer than
seemed appropriate no such diversion presented itself.

Knowing she could postpone this no longer, Captain Janeway
pushed herself from the command chair, and with resigned sigh the
only proof of her dreary mood she gave an authoritative tug on the
hem of her uniform tunic. "Commander Chakotay, you have the

"Aye, Captain, " the first officer said.

Captain Janeway made her way to the turbolift, aware that the
entire bridge crew was watching her, doing her best to avoid their
scrutinizing stares. It was bad enough that she had to so this... even
worse that they knew why. She barked an order to the turbolift and
settled in for the longest ride of her life. It was only a few decks; it
seemed like light years.

She made her way down the corridor until she at last reached the
door to B'Elanna's quarters. She could have found the chief
engineer's cabin in her sleep, so often had she been there. This time,
however, it was the two burly security guards standing on either
side of the door that told the captain she had arrived at her

"Thank you, " Janeway said. "You're dismissed."

The guards knew better than to question her authority or argue
regulations. Without a word or even a gesture, the two security
officers abandoned their post. Janeway waited until they'd
disappeared around a bend in the corridor before pressing the door
chime. She didn't wait for a response before stepping inside.

She found B'Elanna sitting on the sofa, nose buried in a padd.
Kathryn sucked in a deep breath at the sight of her lover so
seductively reclined. B'Elanna was wearing the flimsiest of night
gowns, a stunning emerald green frock that barely covered her lithe
body. She wore no bra or panties underneath. Janeway noticed this
immediately. It was hard not to notice. The sheer fabric left nothing
to the imagination. Kathryn could clearly see the dark brown rings
that capped the Klingon's luscious breasts, her erect nipples
threatening to poke a hole in Kathryn's favorite nightie. She'd spent
two weeks worth of replicator rations just so she could present her
lover with such a sensuous gift. Kathryn knew at the time that she
would be reimbursed many times over just by the sight of this
mouth watering creature in lingerie. Seeing B'Elanna now made it
well worth the expense.

"I see we've opted for casual attire, " Kathryn said.

B'Elanna looked up from her reading. "Well, I figured since I was
under house arrest I should get comfortable."

"Not without it's logic, " Kathryn admitted. "What are you

B'Elanna waved her away. "Just some technical manual... "

"Technical manual my ass, " Janeway snapped. "Technical manuals
don't make your cheeks red with arousal... or maybe they do, you
are a strange one." She quickly snatched the padd from B'Elanna's
hands and began reading. If B'Elanna intended to protest she made
no overture that would suggest as much.

"Is this what you do in you spare time?" Kathryn asked. "Read
naughty books?"

The Klingon smiled. "Only when I'm not making love to you."

Kathryn suppressed a smile of her own. "Damn it, B'Elanna what
am I going to do with you?"

"Well... " B'Elanna intoned playfully.

"B'Elanna, I'm serious, " Kathryn snapped. "You are charged with
assaulting another officer. I can't just shrug it aside. My authority
would be compromised if I let you off the hook. Why in heaven's
name did you have to hit him?"

B'Elanna growled angrily. "You don't know what he said... about
you, about us. He called me the captain's cabin girl. Do you want to
know what he called you?"

Kathryn held up a hand to stop her. "We will get to that later. Right
now, we're talking about you and your actions. If there was a
problem you should have taken it up with Commander Chakotay.
That's what executive officers are for. It's their duty to handle this
kind of thing."

"I was defending your honor!" B'Elanna cried.

"I can defend myself, " Kathryn said sharply. She drew a calming
breath, releasing it slowly as the words came to her. "When we
entered into the relationship I thought I was getting involved with a
reasonable adult... not some impudent little child who has to lash
out every time someone on the playground makes a rude

"Child?" B'Elanna sneered. "Hmmph. Then I guess I'm grounded,

Janeway grunted in frustration. "B'Elanna Torres, I have half a mind
to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking! Maybe
that would teach you a lesson!"

B'Elanna gasped. "Kathryn! Y-You... you wouldn't dare!"

"Oh wouldn't I?" Kathryn smirked. She grabbed B'Elanna by the
wrist and dragged her to the nearest chair. B'Elanna yelped with a
mixture of shock and incredulity, tugging with all her might to free
herself from the captain's grasp. But Kathryn was stronger than
B'Elanna often gave her credit for, and when she was determined -
as she clearly was now- the captain was more than capable of
exerting that strength.

Kathryn sat down and stretched B'Elanna across her lap, bending
her at the waist, pushing the fabric of her nightie out of the way so
that the Klingon's bare bottom stuck up into the air. B'Elanna
fought her every step of the way, cursing and growling, muttering
obscenities that even Kathryn after all her years in Starfleet found

"Don't, " said Kathryn sharply, "make me add washing your mouth
out with soap to the list of punishments, my dear."

B'Elanna uttered something filthy. "Hmm, " Kathryn said. "I don't
know if that's anatomically possible but I will keep it under
advisement for tonight's recreational activity. Now... B'Elanna, I
hate to do this. Believe me, this is going to hurt me more than it
hurts you." B'Elanna started to mouth something vulgar but the slap
of Kathryn's hand against her ass put the kibosh to any clever retort
she may have uttered.

"Kathryn!" B'Elanna hissed, squirming to free herself from the
captain's clutches. "I can't believe you just- " B'Elanna sucked in a
lungful of air as Kathryn brought her hand down against her bottom
with a loud smack.

B'Elanna growled furiously as Kathryn brought her hand down
again.. and again. After a few blows, B'Elanna finally settled down
a bit... though she still cried out with every slap against her lovely
bottom. Kathryn soon realized, however, that these were not cries
of pain... but of pleasure. She noticed, too, that B'Elanna was
starting to anticipate each blow, raising her ass to meet each slap.
Kathryn tested her theory, whomping B'Elanna's ass good and hard
with the flat of her hand. B'Elanna gasped sharply, sighing the way
she did when she was aroused... the way she sighed when they
made love.

Kathryn bent down and lightly kissed the red skin made tender by
her hand. B'Elanna responded with another quiet sigh, fidgeting
restlessly in her lover's lap in anticipation of what was about to

"Kathryn... " B'Elanna said huskily.

"Shhhh, " Kathryn scolded her. "Let me kiss it and make it all better
now." Kathryn began her mission to soothe her lover's bottom in
earnest, ascending the round of B'Elanna's ass with huge, open
mouth kisses, tending to every red splotch of skin with her lips.
B'Elanna breathed heavily under Kathryn's ministrations, rolling her
head in ecstasy with every gentle touch. Using only her finger tips,
Kathryn gently parted the ass cheeks in front of her to reveal the
Klingon's puckering anus. She leaned forward and began to swirl
her tongue inside the tight opening.

"Oh God, " B'Elanna gasped. Kathryn flicked her tongue wildly
inside B'Elanna's sphincter, probing deeper in deeper into the dark
cavern. Her Klingon lover wriggled in delight, sighing still more
quiet sighs and whispering Kathryn's name over and over. Using
one hand to ensure unobstructed access to B'Elanna's vulnerable
anus, Kathryn eased her now free hand under B'Elanna to massage
the Klingon's now enlarged clit. B'Elanna cried out, making soft
mewling noises that Kathryn had come to know as well as each sigh
and gasp B'Elanna released. With each jab of her tongue and fingers
B'Elanna whimpered in delight, fidgeting restlessly as Kathryn
continued with her unremitting double onslaught. Kathryn soon
found B'Elanna's sex, pumping two fingers into the slick vaginal
opening while using her thumb to massage B'Elanna's clit. Not once
did she stop playing with her adorable Klingon butt. B'Elanna cried
out, bucking like an untamed bronco in Kathryn's lap as she came
harder than she had in the longest time. Kathryn leaned down, using
her chest to pin B'Elanna in place so she could finish what she had
started, insisting on wrenching three more bona fide orgasms and a
few aftershocks out of her lover before deciding the Klingon had
endured enough for now.

Kathryn released her hold on B'Elanna's quivering body, letting the
Klingon fall to the floor in exhaustion. "Well, " Kathryn said. "I
think you've learned your lesson." Struggling for air, B'Elanna
clawed to her knees, situating herself between Kathryn's parted legs
and resting her elbows on the other woman's knees.

"Does this mean I'm not grounded anymore?" B'Elanna asked.

"Technically?" Kathryn smiled. "No... your house arrest is officially
revoked." She started to remove her uniform jacket. "But... if you
think you're leaving these quarters any time soon, think again,
Mister. You have a long, long evening ahead of you."

"Oh well, " B'Elanna sighed. "I guess if you can't do the time, you
shouldn't do the crime."


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