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Star Trek - Voyager: Nightmare Visit Part 1 (MF,ncon)
by Morgan333 ([email protected])

Captain Kathryn Janeway stared at the screen, her eyes almost glowing with

The reason: Ensin Harry Kim had just informed her of an obviously populated
system not too far away. To Janeway, this was good news....and that was an
understatement. They had been flying through unhospitable parts of space for
a month now... just when what they needed most were supplies. The warp drive
had eaten up their supply of dilithium crystals and without new energy cells
their weapons were nearly ineffective. A dangerous condition in this unknown
part of the galaxy.

But maybe that was about to end.

Janeway allowed a smile to sneak upon her lips as the screen suddenly showed
a huge yellow star The light emanatin from it was dimmed for safety, but
still they could all see small globes surrounding it....planets.

"Estimated population?" she asked curiously. It would not help them much if
they encountered a stone-age civilization.

"About 12 billion, scattered throughout the whole system. I detect warp
signatures." came the answer from Ensign Kim. Janeway let out a sigh of
relief. She turned to helms.

"Mr. Paris, plot a course that'll lead us to the most densely populated

"Yes Ma'am," came the sharp answer from Lieutenant Paris.

Janeway was just about to stand up and go to her office when suddenly, a
voice came through the interkom.

"Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway." said the voice of the former Borg.

Janeway frowned. Seven sounded....uneasy.

"Janeway here...." she replied.

"Captain, I need you to come to Astrometrics. And please....come alone."

Janeway raised a brow. Something was not right. Seven sounded concerned...or
even afraid? But what might possibly have happened that could cause fear in
the woman who'd chosen her as some sort of mentor after being freed from the
Borg collective?

Her face remained concerned as she handed temporary command to her First
Officer, Chakotay, then stepped into the turbolift....

* * *

When Janeway entered Astrometrics, she was surprised to find Seven pacing
back and forth in front of the holoprojector that now created the projection
of the system they were about to enter.

The former Borg was obviously in a state of distress. Janeway had rarely seen
her this way...usually only when something really bad happened.

"Seven...why did you call me?" she asked in a calm voice, though her face
showed her concern.

Seven looked at her and there was something in her eyes that deepened
Janeway's concerns. Seven was afraid. Terribly afraid.

"Captain, we must not enter the system. It is inhabited by species 3-5-4-8,
a species which will not respond in kind to any attempts to contact them."

Seven tried to stay as calm as possible but there was a faint trace of fear
hidden behind her usually flat matter-of-fact voice.

Janeway was surprised.

"Why? Is there something you know about them that's important?"

"I...will not talk about it."

"Seven, what is it? I...I know that there is something that seemes to concern
you and as a member of this crew it might be ebst if you shared your concerns
with me at least. You know that we need supplies. Soon."

Seven nodded. "I know that. But I cannot talk about it."

Janeway sighed softly.

" me out. I will be the last to ignore your warnings.
But if I am to set a different course and avoid contact and much-needed
trade, I have to know why. The crew will want to know. Also, I do not believe
that hostility towards the Borg means hostility towards us."

Seven's eyes met Janeway's and the Borg seemed to pull herself together

She drew in a deep breath and began.

"This race - they call themselves the Shagran - once inhabited a lot of other
systems, not just this one. Their empire prospered, but finally they entered
into a long conflict with their neighbors, a race they called Nuv. They
defeated their enemies, but the last strike by the Nuv was devastating. The
Nuv shot a probe into the home system of the Shagran - the one we are headed
towards. That probe contained a virus that was supposed to destroy the whole
race...but it was flawed. It only affected the females of the Shagran. Males
could carry the virus and not be affected while all females infected died a
slow and painful death. Which would have led to the destruction of the race
if the Shagran hadn't had advanced cloning techniques at their hands. The
females' DNA was totally destroyed by the virus but at least the men could
survive by cloning themselves again and again.

"Unfortunately, they had not thought of another problem unique to their
race...their strong sexual urges. Shagran females had very unstable
fertility phases. Thus, the race was extremely sexually active to ensure
a steady procreation rate. With their females gone, however, the Shagran
could no longer satisfy their urges. Being unable to perform satsifying
sexual contact, their sex drives began to erode their minds, driving many
mad, killing more than 40% of the males. The rest retreated into their
home system and tried to find a solution. The only solution they could
find was to capture ships entering their system and using the females on
board to satisfy their sexual urges, thus allowing them to think clearly
for a while."

Janeway gasped. That explained a lot. But so far, Seven had not revealed why
she was so frightened. Sure, a planet of...alien rapists was a terrible thing
to think about but they could easily avoid it.

"I was aboard a cube which had received orders from the collective to
assimilate species 3-5-4-8. The cube entered their system and started the
assimilation procedure. We asimilated the crew of an outpost and learned
about their history. But before we could proceed, species 3-5-4-8 attacked.
Their weapons were a match for our defenses and within minutes, they had
managed to destroy the defenses of the cube.

Before we could adapt, they had released a viral agent into the life-support
systems of the cube that speficially targeted males. Every male drone
suffered from failure of their organic components. Then, members of species
3-5-4-8 entered the cube and started attacking every female drone they could

They disassembled the drones to the point where their sexual organs were
exposed and started using them for their satisfaction. We were held as
captives in this manner until a second cube rescued us but was forced to
retreat. The collective then decided that there was too much risk involved
in pursuing the assimilation of species 3-5-4-8. The collective turned its
attention to other concerns, with the plan to further advance itself until
it could overwhelm species 3-5-4-8."

Seven seemed relieved now that she had told someone what had happened. The
memories should not affect her since she had been a drone without a true
identity, but sometimes they did affect these regeneration cycles
when scenes from her ordeal would play over and over in her head.....those
cycles she woke up from, covered in sweat and tears.

Janeway gave Seven a comforting glance. "Seven, this is something you should
have told the doctor a long time ago. Janeway to Bridge."

"Chakotay here...."

"Stop immediately and plot a new course that will lead us around that system.
The Voyager is in danger, should we...."

Suddenly, a tremendous impact shook the whole starship. Janeway almost fell
but Seven managed to grab her arm and hold her steady.

"Captain, we are attacked by an unknown vessel!" Janeway looked at Seven who
had gone pale.

"Shields are at 10%", came the voice of Security Chief Tuvok.

"Captain, we....."

The lights went out and a strange hissing sound came from the ventilation

Janeway tapped her badge again.

"Janeway to bridge...." But nobody responded. She tried it again and again
nothing happened.

Seven looked at her, anxiety clearly visible on her face.

"We must defend ourselves", she finally said, "by now the virus must have
affected all the males on the ship."

Janeway's expression hardened as she went towards a small cabinet that
contained three phaser rifles.

"I will not allow them to abuse anyone on this ship...." she said.

"It might be too late for that", a voice came from the door. It was deep, but
somehow unstable and shaking slightly.

Janeway and Seven turned slowly, not really wanting to see....

There were three aliens standing in front of the door. They were hairless and
their skin was pitch black. Their eyes wre red and their faces were dominated
by big ridges where the cheekbones should be.

They did not wear much except for long pants...which did not hide the bulge
between their legs very well. Janeway did not say anything....instead, she
fired. The blast hit the first alien...but was totally ineffective.

"Shielding", Seven muttered.

And before Janeway could answer anything, one of the aliens lunged forward
and delivered a punch to Janeway's stomach. Kathryn gasped and immediately
went to her knees, losing her weapon. While she clutched her stomach, the
alien grabbed her and forced her to stand.

Seven was attacked by the other two. She managed to dodge the first blow and
strike one of the aliens herself, but her punch did not have the desired
effect. They were still stronger than any drone....or, in this case,

They quickly grabbed her arms and held her steady.

"Let me go!" she said sternly, but to no effect. Janeway was shoved towards
the door. She was still in pain, that much could be seen from the look on her
face. She managed, however to look back at Seven.

"Don't let it touch you, whatever they do. Don't worry about me. They will
not get me without a fight...."

The alien waited until the door had opened and threw her to the floor of the
corridor. Before she could get up, another alien had grabbed her and pulled
her out of Seven's view.

The alien turned towards her.

"Ah yes....from what our scans told us, you were once Borg...."

He approached her and raised his hand. Seven tried to turn away but could not
prevent his fingers from outlining the implant over her left eye.

The other two aliens still held her in their iron grip.

"I...I know you from somewhere. I just cannot tell from where....but we will

Strong hands grabbed the thin material of Seven's overall and ripped it
apart. He continued pulling until her chest was exposed and her firm and full
breasts were free for everyone to see.

He grinned and put his right hand on her left breast. Seven tried to move
away again, but one of her captors pressed his hand into her back, preventing
her from stepping out of his reach. He continued smiling as he began to
roughly knead her breast, enjoying the sensations as well as the expression
of disgust on her face.

"Nice. But I still don't know for sure.....we will have to see more...."

With these words, he grabbed what was left of her clothes...tore them apart
again, leaving her flat stomach, her hips and her shaved pussy totally

" I know...." he mumbled, pointing at a small, blinking implant just
above her pussy lips.

"Seven of Nine, if I remember you remember me?"

Seven remained silent. Not only did she fail to remember having seen this
particular specimen....fortunately, her memories of her captivity and abuse
as a Borg were not totally clear....but also because she refused to help
them in any way in degrading her.

"You don't? Well, you were paler when we last met...and there was a lot more
metal sticking inside your nice body....but maybe you'll remember when you

He lowered his pants, thus allowing Seven to see his enormous manhood, black
as night and standing at least 9 inches tall.

And now Seven did remember....he had been the leader of the group that had
abused her once. She still remembered because of all her attackers, he had
had the biggest manhood. She still remembered lying on her back, her body
armour removed, her legs in the air while he was above her, pushing his penis
deeper and deeper inside of her. She also remembered the constant warnings
from her inbuilt condition monitor.

Warning...massive damage to vaginal walls.....warning...massive damage to
vaginal walls.....warning....almost in rhythm with his thrusts.

"Ah, now you remember...." he said upon seeing the shock and remembrance on
her face.

"Well, it's nice to see an old acquaintance", he continued, "and I wonder if
you would like to renew our...familiarity."

His hand sneaked between her legs and one of his fingers thrust violently
into her pussy.

Seven gasped and did the only thing possible...she kicked him.

She did not hit his manhood but at least her foot slammed against his leg,
making him stumble backwards.

"Ouch", he made, then looked at her...but strangely without any anger in his
dark face.

"I see...well, I could take you against your will, but I can have that with
all of the females here. You, however, I want to submit out of your free will.
I want you to beg me to let you suck my cock and fuck you in every imaginable

Seven looked at him and, disgust surfracing in her voice, said, "This will
never happen. I will not comply."

He chuckled. "Oh, you will."

He stepped outside of the room, but soon came back with another alien.

"Do whatever seems necessary to break her. I will find my satisfaction
elsewhere for the time being."

The newcomer nodded and smiled viciously at Seven, who renewed her efforts
to get away from her captors...but to no avail.

Slowly, obviously savouring the moment, he approached her and, without
further comments, raised his hand...and slapped Seven's face hard.

Her cheek stung like nothing she'd felt before, but Seven managed to keep a
calm expression, even though his handprint was clearly visible on her left
cheek. He nodded towards the two others and said, "Put her on all fours."

Seven struggled as much as possible, but the aliens were too strong. First,
they forced her onto her knees before one pulled her forward while the other
shoved. She simply could go nowhere else and so she soon was on hands and
knees, her hands being held flat on the floor by the two aliens who had
grabbed her wrists. The third alien smiled as he let his pants fall down. He
then knelt down behind her and grabbed the back of her suit, ripping it apart
as it had been done on the other side.

Now, her ass was exposed and he took his time kneading her asscheeks,
interrupting this only to deliver a hard slap to her ass from time to time.

"Enough play..." he finally said and postioned his cock at the entrance to
her pussy.

"Ready or not, it won't I come....", he then said and started
pressing his cock into her dry pussy.

The pain was fierce. Seven opened her mouth and could barely contain a
scream. But she sound came out of her mouth. Regardless how
much it hurt, she would not allow herself to submit. She would be strong!
She would never comply.

She grit her teeth as the alien pushed his cock further into her pussy. He
was far from having it all inside her. Her dryness and the fact that she was
almost a virgin again - since the doctor had regenerated her completely when
she had been turned human again - did not make things easier.

His hands had grabbed her hips, his fingers almost drilling themselves into
her immaculate skin. Again, he pushed deeper....and again...and again...

To Seven it seemed like it would never end. Deeper and deeper his cock went,
the friction causing her pain unlike anything she had ever experienced. It
was hellish, but still, she would not submit.

But finally, he was all the way in. Seven's vaginal tunnel was stretched to
the limit and the pain was not about to subside. But at least his cock had
stopped moving. For a while, the alien just held her steady, enjoying the
sensation of her inner walls closing in around his massive rod.

Seven closed her eyes and tried to breathe as calm and steadily as possible.
Again, she tried to summon all her strength to free herself, but it was
impossible. She'd allowed them to force her into this position and now she
could not get out of it. She could not even rise slightly for whenever she
tried, one of the aliens pressed his hand on her back, forcing her to
stay down.

"Stop it!" she hissed now that she had some breath left and wouldn't have to
scream as soon as her mouth opened.

Her voice was filled with pain and anger. She would not take more of this least that's what she told herself.

Truth be told, she had no choice. They simply had every advantage they could
wish for.

And then he started moving again. And he was not slow or even careful
anymore. His cock began pistoning in and out of her aching pussy faster and

Never before had she been so close to screaming her lungs out. She threw
her head from side to side, the pain so intense it drowned every rational
thought. Again, she tried to get up, to get away from that steel hard tool
violating her, to get the chance and destroy the men who had degraded her,
but the aliens' grip around her arms only got stronger.

And then, he was gone from her pussy. One last thrust into her and then he
pulled out. Seven sighed in relief. It was over.

She barely realized that he had not climaxed inside her...

Seven suddenly felt a head grab her chin and force her head up. Opening her
eyes, she found herself staring at the throbbing cock of her tormentor.

And she realized what was to come. "No!" she shouted and frantically tried
to move her head away, but again the alien holding her proved his superior
strength: she could not move the slightest bit. Seeing the sticky white fluid
shoot out of the engorged member made her close her eyes immediately...not a
second too early. Cum splashed across her lips, her chin, her nose, her
temple. It covered her eyelids and more than a few drops landed in her hair.
And still, he kept on shooting his load at her. Seven knew it could take a
while until he had finished....her memories were accurate enough to tell her
that one of the aliens who'd fucked her as a drone had needed more than 3
full minutes until his climax had subsided. She just hoped it wouldn't be as
bad now....

Suddenly, the alien holding her chin pushed his fingers into her cheeks,
forcing her to open her mouth. Seven tried to pull back and actually managed
to avoid a few drops - most still hit her - but still, cum from her lips
dropped into her mouth, the bitter taste makihg her stomach turn.

The alien had steadied his grip on her again, enough for her rapist to shoot
the last drops into her mouth. Seven coughed and was about to spit the cum
out when one of the aliens put a hand over her mouth.

"Swallow." he simply whispered into her ear and Seven had no other choice
than to do what she was told. Disgusted, both by the depradations her captors
put her through and by her inability to fight them properly, she swallowed
the bitter fluid.

End of Part 1


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