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Star Trek Voyager: Nightmare Visit 2.0 Part 1 - Janeway's Ordeals
by Morgan333 ([email protected])

Without giving her one chance to escape, the aliens dragged Janeway through
the now eeriely empty corridors of the ship. Immediately after the alien had
showed her out of the cargo bay, three others had grabbed her and were not
holding her arms in an iron grip.

Her initial protests had proven futile, the only result having been a series
of hard slaps to her face that left her cheeks a crimson red.

Knowing that being beasten unconscious would help nobody, she had decided to
be silent for the time being...all the while thinking about how to escape and
free the ship. Given Seven's words, she and every other female on the ship
was in for hours of rape and torture. She would not let this happen if she
could prevent it!

Right now, however, there was nothing she could do. They walked so fast she
had problems keeping up, receiving another slap to her face whenever she
stumbled. They really enjoyed hurting her, but so far she had managed to
refrain from uttering the slightest sound of pain.

Because of the pace at which they forced her to walk, she could not make
out where they were going. Finally, however, they reached the entrance to
a turbolift and quickly pushed her inside.

Once inside, one of them quickly typed in a few controls and Janeway could
see that they were going to the bridge.

They did not touch her, contrary to what she had expected. Except for one
who held her hands in place, the other two completely ignored her, waiting
patiently for the lift to arrive.

Janeway grew increasingly nervous. Even though they had done nothing to her
except for the slaps she knew it could - and probably would - change once
they had arrived.

Even though she knew she did possess a great deal of strength - after all,
you don't become Captain if you lack it - she didn't know whether she could
stand being raped.

But if she was going to break down, she would make them work for it. They
would not easily defeat her. At least not emotionally. Already, she had
realized that they were far too strong to fight.

The ride seemed to go on and on without any sign of stopping anytime soon...
at least so it seemed and of course Janeway knew it was just an illuson
created by her nervousness and fear.

But finally, the doors opened and the aliens dragged her onto the empty

"Put her into her chair," one of them said and the other two dragged her over
to her command chair and pushed her into it.

"Hold her arms," he continued. Once again, Janeway found her arms in their
iron grip, rendering her unable to move.

The one who'd issued the commands approached her, a wide malicious grin on
his face.

"Let us see what lies beneath..." he whispered, grabbed her by the collar and
used his great strength to rip her uniform apart, exposing her collar, then
her breasts which were covered by a simple white Starfleet-issued bra and the
soft skin of her belly.

"You're in shape," he said, letting his clawed right hand run over her smooth
skin, pausing to painfully squeeze her breasts beneath the bra.

"You have two hands...spread her legs," he said to his comrades who did as
told, forcing Janeway's legs apart and holding them that way. Even though she
was still wearing her pants, she suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable. She
saw the lustful look in his eyes and a shiver ran through her.

Smiling greedily, he placed his hand over her crotch and began rubbing her
pussy through the garments. Janeway took a sharp breath as he increased the
speed, but she managed to keep all other reactions - most had to do with
anger and revulsion - at bay.

After a few moments, he got tired of this and began to rip her pants away at
her crotch, exposing her white panties.

Those followed suit and now he was looking at the neatly trimmed triangle of
auburn hair and the soft folds of her cuntlips beneath.

"You know what?" he whispered to her, his face coming closer and closer, now
only inches away from hers. "You are incredibly lucky. I know that your pet
Borg is getting fucked senseless right now. I guess she is already screaming.
But we are not so brutal...I am giving you the opportunity to get used to our
attentions. And who might even start to like it."

"The moment hell freezes over," she whispered back, making the alien chuckle
loudly...before his open hand hit her cheek yet again.

"You'll learn to behave soon enough," he said, his voice mockingly soft.

Then, his hands went between her legs. His right hand carefully spread her
pussy lips and only one second later, his left index finger began to probe
the opening.

Janeway clenched her teeth and tried to relax as much as possible while he
continued working his finger into her dry pussy.

He pushed it halfway into her before starting to add a second finger. It
started to hurt but Janeway's face remained calm...though she would start to
scream the moment she lost her composure.

That finger also went halfway into her. For a moment, he hesitated, then
began pulling them out slightly before pushing them back in, getting into
a slow but steady rhythm. From time to time, he would use his fingers to
spread her tunnel slightly, his claws scratching agains the sensitive
flesh. Janeway's hands curled into fists, her nails biting into her palm
to keep her from screaming. They would not get the pleasure of seeing her
in pain.

Her abuse seemed to last forever, his thrusts goin on and on, accompanied by
sharp pangs of pain whenever his fingers went into her.

But the alien got tired of it after a while. She could feel his thrusts slow
down until he finally pulled out.

"Totally dry," he said to her, "but it's your choice. If you don't want to
feel pleasure, that's not my problem. Nevertheless, you are brave."

He gently patted her head, a gesture that alone made her want to kill him.

"I never heard you moan or scream. That's cute, my little Captain."

He came closer and suddenly pressed his lips against Janeway's. The Captain
felt his tongue pressing against her lips but held them tightly closed,
suddenly feeling sick.

She also felt the two aliens spreading her legs even wider, causing her
muscles to protest with waves of pain. For a moment, she was overcome by
dread and tried to break free, but any attempt was pointless. And, even
worse, she felt something big and warm press against the entrance to her

The moment he broke the kiss, his cockhead entered her tight opening and
immediately pushed deeper. She grit her teeth as her whole lower body seemed
to erupt in flames. The cock was way too big for her to take - at least in
her current state which was a s far from being aroused as possible.

He did not care much, pushing deeper and deeper, his face still only inches
away from hers, listening to her heavy breaths and enjoying the agony he
could see in her eyes.

He pushed and pushed until all of his cock was inside.

Janeway had never had such a big member inside of her. Her pussy was on fire,
every single nerve screaming for an ending to the pain. But that was not to
come. He began to move inside of her, quickening his pace with each thrust
until he was hammering into her with all his might, pressing her into the
chair. Somewhere along the way, he ripped her bra off and started kneading
her breasts but she barely noticed through the fog of pain.

Soft grunts escaped her mouth with each thrust, the only way she could deal
with the pain without screaming.

Janeway did not how long it took, but finally she could feel his hot semen
gushing into her dry pussy, an enormous load splashing into her.

He laughed as he saw the disgust in her eyes. The alien gave her breasts one
last painful squeeze before he pulled out, his cock followed by drops of
white cum that stained her command chair.

Janeway was breathing heavily, once again struggling against her captors,
while the alien cleaned his cockhead by rubbing it against the soft flesh of
her inner thighs.

When he was finished, he smiled at her, patted her head one more time before
he went towards one of the replicators.

Janeway did not know what he was going to do now, but it was pretty obvious
that it wouldn't be least for her.

The surface of the chair was getting sticky because of the cum that still
leaked out of her pussy.

Kathryn Janeway felt soiled. But she was not going to think it was her fault.
She felt disgusted, but not at herself. She wouldn't allow herself to sink
that far. At least she hoped so.

She hard her captors talking. It was a language she didn't understand, but
the tone of the remarks and the laughter that accompanied them was a sure
sign they were talking about her.

Slowly, she raised her head and looked at them. They were grinning and their
eyes were alight with lust. Their cocks were already fully erect and from
time to time, they thrust their hips forward, rubbing their engorged members
against her legs. A shiny layer of precum was already coating the skin. She
loathed the look and the sensations that came with it.

Suddenly, she received a hard slap to the face again.

"You are not supposed to look up unless told so," the third alien snarled.

In response, Janeway raised her head again, staring directly into his
malevolent eyes, preparing for another slap or worse.

But he only laughed.

"You have fire, my little captain. I like that. But don't go too far."

"Why not? You are going to rape me anyway," she whispered back, her voice
filled with anger, causing him to laugh again.

"That's right...but remember that we hold the whole ship hostage. One word
from me and one of your precious crewmen dies. Only the men, of course. We
still need you. So, feel free to show some fighting spirit, but don't overdo
it. Understood?"

Janeway knew there was no other choice right now. She had to submit as much
as her conscience would let her. Slowly, she nodded and whispered, "Yes."

"Good. Now, open your mouth."

Janeway slowly parted her lips, dreading what depraved acts could follow this

Immediately after she had obeyed, something hard was pushed into her mouth.

Janeway tried to move her head away, but the alien in front of her pushed his
hand against the back of her head, holding her in place, forcing her to take
into her mouth whatever he was holding.

Her tongues brushed against it as the alien forced the object mercilessly
deeper into her warm mouth. It felt...leathery.

Janeway tried to focus on what he was holding and shivered. It was a
nine-headed whip and he was forcing her to take the handle of it into her

Deeper and deeper the handle went.

Suddenly, Janeway gagged, the handle being pushed deep into her throat. The
captain breathed heavily through her nose, her throat completely blocked by
the whip-handle. Her throat hurt as it stretched, trying to accommodate the

Again, she tried to break free of her tormentors' hold and again she failed.

The leathery handle rubbed against her tongue faster and faster as his rhythm
increased, hurting her tongue in addition to her throat.

She only wanted it to end. Janeway knew the alien did this to humiliate her,
to hurt her, but that didn't matter. Right now, she would have done anything
to get this thing out of her throat.

But her pleas were muffled by the huge handle she was forced to deepthroat.

Through her pain, she heard the aliens laugh again. They seemed to immensely
enjoy the spectacle. They were now both constantly rubbing their cocks
against her legs. Time and again, they would both force her legs even further
apart, leading to a muffled groan from Janeway as her muscles protested.

She noticed that she began to drool, the whip handle keeping her from closing
her mouth. It was nothing compared to what they were inflicting upon her, but
this small indignity only added to her degradation. And then, suddenly, he
pulled out. Her throat felt vacant and extremely sore and her eyes shot
daggers at him.

The alien didn't even notice. He was busy inspecting the whip handle which
now glistened with Janeway's saliva.

"Good. That should do it."

He looked at her again and patted her head. "Now, I suppose you are not going
to fully submit to us now, are you?"

"You'd have to kill me," she replied.

"Alright then. No harm in asking. Just wanted to know if we could go on
without having to tie you up or hold your hands."

He reached down and squeezed her breasts one more time before he said
something to his comrades.

They let go of her legs and immediately pulled her up, still holding her
hands, but allowing her to stand. The other one grinned at her and began to
rip away what was left of her uniform and underwear. The two others helped
him with their free hands, occasionally stopping to grope at her body.

"You have a nice body for a woman your age," he whispered into her ear before
he gave her two guards a sign. They nodded and started dragging Janeway
towards the meeting room.

What did they have in store for her?

In her mind, a thousand gruesome images appeared before her. From witnessing
the rape of someone else to being tortured for hours without end...her mind
conjured up one horrific image after the other. It was even worse than what
they'd done so far.

One of her guards was painfully kneading her asscheeks as they walked. He
even tried to slip a finger into the tight hole between them. But she
clenched her muscles and he couldn't get in. A small triumph, but that was
as much resistance as she was capable of.

* * *

The doors opened and Janeway was relieved. No one was in there. The room
looked exactly the way she'd last seen it.

Which didn't mean that she wasn't in for more ordeals... the aliens roughly
dragging her into the room and towards the table were proof enough for that.
The aliens holding her brutally shoved her forward, causing her to slam into
the table.

Clenching her teeth to prevent any sound of pain from escaping her lips -
still not willing to accept their apparent superiority over her - she found
her upper body being pushed down on the table while someone kicked her legs

Leading to a position that made her even more vulnerable than she had been
on the bridge, And they were able to control her without constantly holding
her limbs - which she quickly realized.

Within moments, clawed hands were all over her body, pinching her nipples,
kneading her asscheeks, slapping her body until red marks appeared on her
soft skin... One of the aliens had taken a liking to scratching at her
swollen cuntlips with his claws, which caused a terrible burning sensation
and once again made her want to scream her lungs out.

Occasionally, a finger would try and gain entrance to her pussy or even her
asshole, assaulting the sensitive holes without mercy. While she could not
prevent them from entering her pussy, she tried her best to keep her
asscheeks clenched together.

Kathryn had never been very fond of anal sex, not only because it always
hurt, no matter what anyone would tell her, but also because her asshole
seemed to be particularly tender, making the pain all the worse. So it was
pretty clear that the only effort she could make that at least resembled
some form of resistance consisted of saving herself from the unwanted

Not that she succeeded all the way, though. Time and time again during what
felt like more than 30 minutes of groping, one of them slipped a finger past
her sphincter, making her grunt in pain. They never stayed for long, however,
slipping out after one or two quick thrusts, leaving for other areas of her
body to violate.

In some aspects, this was worse than her previous rape had been, because she
now felt even more at their mercy than before. A few times, she had tried to
get up, but there was always a hand on her back, holding her down. But then,
most hands left her and the only ones she could still feel touching her were
the two that had grabbed her hips.

She already knew what was coming, even before she felt the slimy cockhead
at the entrance to her pussy. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes,
preparing herself for what was coming. The cock stretched her pussy to the
limit as the alien rammed it into her depths without warning.

Janeway could not help it, a low groaning escaped her mouth as the alien
started thrusting his cock in and out of her tight hole. Her position allowed
for a much deeper penetration, leading to horrible pangs of agony that raced
through her lower body.

For a moment, all that Janeway wanted was to die from the pain. It would have
been a welcome relief from ths torment. But she quickly reminded herself that
she could not allow herself to succumb to such thoughts. She had to retain at
least a fraction of a clear mind, even though they were raping her. It would
be hard and she knew that, once they were gone, nothing could ever be the
same for her, but there was no other way. Oblivion or even just blocking out
things was not an option for her. She might miss something of importance.

Through the pain, she felt the other two aliens rubbing their cocks against
her hips, pressing the shiny heads against her immaculate skin. The alien
kept on raping her pussy, his cock punishing the sore opening mercilessly.

Kathryn began to feel numb from the constant pounding, just seconds before he
moaned loudly and a torrent of hot cum gushed forward, deep into her. Three
more times he thrust deeply into her, shooting load after load into her
violated pussy...and then he was done.

His cock slipped out of her - and was replaced by another one before she
could even start to feel some relief. They took turns fucking her, turning
the next hour into a nightmare of pain and humiliation. Janeway felt that
she was close to slipping into unconsciousness, a deep numbness taking
possession of her body...but they wouldn't let her.

Just when she thought her pussy could not feel any more pain, she felt the
hands spreading her asscheeks....


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