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Star Trek Voyager: Nightmare Visit 2.0 Part 2 (MF,ncon)
by Morgan333

For a few seconds, Janeway thought that it might be just like the last few
times they had groped and kneaded her ass...the cock, after all, was still
buried deep inside her pussy. She was even grateful for the precious moments
during which he stopped thrusting into her, obviously to get an easier grip
on her buttcheeks. But then she felt something touch the sore opening. And
it was not another clawed finger like it had been before. It was bigger.

As it applied pressure to her tender opening, Janeway's left hand went
towards her ass in a movement that was based on fear and instinct rather
than actual thought. Kathryn did not wish to think about what it was that
was about to be pushed into her anus. She just needed it to go away, to
leave her tightest hole alone...because otherwise the pain would be

Her fingers touched leather and closed around the object - it was long and
slightly moist. And she knew why. The alien behind her was trying to push the
whip-handle into her ass. Panicking, she tried to push the handle away from
the puckered opening - but failed. All she achieved was that the alien had
released his grip on her hip and was grabbing her wrist...before slapping her
hand repeatedly against her own asscheeks. It did not hurt much, but Janeway
could hear the others laughing... and wished she could die from shame.

While slapping her ass like this, he had resumed his thrusts into her pussy,
adding pain to humiliation once again. Finally, he let go of her hand and
spread her asscheeks once again, pushing the handle against her opening.

"No..." she said through clenched teeth, preparing for the worst, "please...

Maybe the alien overheard her for he did not even give a snide comment...
instead, he just pushed again...and with pain as bright as steel, the
leather-wrapped whip handle went past her sphincter, into the forbidden
hole she'd tried to protect. The pain was so overwhelming she couldn't even
scream - for which she was strangely thankful. They could have her body...
and they did have her already...but at least she would not scream...not
show to them how much pain she was in. That was her last line of defense...
he last thing she could draw strength from. But it didn't help her much as
the whip handle was mercilessly pushed deeper and deeper into her asshole.

All the time she could feel him thrust into her pussy and occasionally she
even thought she could feel his cock and the handle rub against each other
through the thin barriers of her pussy and asshole - which was far from
comfortable. But the pain dwarfed it all. It felt as if someone had rammed
a hot knife into her ass and was pushing it deeper and deeper, sending waves
of blinding pain through her lower body. All she could do was throw her head
from side to side, her mouth open in a silent scream.

Through the fog of pain she could hear the others laughing. This must be
their version of a perfect day... violating the captain of a starship,
trying to shatter all her resolve and sense of self... and have some fun
in the process.

For a while he kept the handle inside of her, occasionally turning it so that
the leather scratched painfully against the tender flesh of her rectum while
he fucked her pussy even harder than before. Janeway had already relaized
that the aliens' staying power far exceeded that of a normal male... a fact
that immensely terrified her. How long could he keep this up?

To be honest, she didn't really want to know. Maybe it was because the answer
would have shattered her fragile resistance....or maybe it was because deep
down inside her, she already knew...

Her thoughts were interrupted by an even more painful sensation... he had
started to pull the handle out... just to brutally shove it back in. Janeway
grit her teeth, barely able to keep the scream building up inside of her in.
She barely noticed that he had begun to slap her ass in rhythm with his
thrusts into her pussy... while slowly moving the whip handle inside her
tight asshole.

Again, there was the horrbile sensation of the two invading objects rubbing
against each other inside her... but it did not last long. Surprisingly fast,
it was replaced by a sensation had, too, had become way too familiar for
her... something warm was quickly filling her pussy. The groan the alien had
let out as he came carried a bit of disappointment, obviously he had tried to
hold back for longer.

Janeway sighed as she felt his cock growing slightly smaller in size - though
it was still painfully big - and then finally leaving her tortured pussy.
Which didn't keep the alien from violating her butt with the whip, though. In
fact, he began to thrust even harder, making Janeway wish he had simply
continued fucking her.

Now she no loner could stay silent, though she still managed to keep herself
from screaming. With every thrust, loud grunts escaped her throat, sounds of
pain and despair. What cruel fate kept her from falling unconsious? Why
couldn't she just give in to darkness...let them have her body...but keep her
mind and soul safe from all of this...

While this torturous ordeal went on, Janeway noticed that none of the others
were taking the place of the one who'd raped her just moments before. But she
could hear their laughter and comments - in their own language, so at least
she didn't have to understand it - and knew they simply stood there, enjoying
her pain.

Finally, after a while, her ass became numb from the pain - and she was
grateful that her body had given her this small amount of relief at least.
And then, much to her surprise, he pulled the whip-handle out. There was a
jolt of pain as the leather scraped against the tender opening...and then
her asshole felt vacant, empty.

Maybe he had noticed that the pain had lessened, that she was no longer in so
much discomfort and had therefore stopped. Or his hand had tired. Whatever it
was, she didn't really care. Given that they would rape and torture her
again... probably very soon... she had to be grateful for these seconds of
rest... these precious moments where she could gather what was left of her
strength and think clearly... these moments when she still knew that she had
to fight back... that she had to free the others. If she only could.

Much to her surprise, they actually left her alone for a few precious
moments. The only thing they did was push her back down as she tried to get
up from the table, painfully pressing her breasts aganst the table. She could
hear talking behind her... talking in their own voice which she could not
understand... they must have disabled the translators. But then again, she
didn't really want to know what they were planning for her. Chances were she
wouldn't like it.

Sooner than she'd hoped, her rest was over. Janeway felt their hands grab her
hips and she was about to mentally prepare herself for another onslaught upon
either her pussy or her ass, when she found herself being turned around and
then pushed further onto the table. Now Janeway could see her tormentors
again and their smiles spoke of many horrors to come for her. One of them
went around the table and pulled her further to his side so that her head was
hanging over the side of the long table...the table where normally, she could
hold staff meetings...where she was the one in command. Normally.

She tried again to get get in a better position to fight back...even
if they would overpower her, they needed to be reminded that she was not
helpless...was more than a toy. Or was it her who needed to be reminded that
she was more than a piece of meat? Right now, that didn't matter much...
survival was far more important. Not survival of her body...they wouldn't
hurt her beyond healing, wouldn't break their new toy...but survival of her
very soul.

One of the aliens climbed onto the table and knelt down next to her before
rubbing his large cock against her breasts. How she reviled this touch! The
sight alone of the slimy cockhead rubbing against her skin...leaving a
glistening disgusted her. And he obviously knew because after a
look at her face, he started to slap his cock against her breasts, grinning

Janeway tried to get up again, but the hand of the alien next to her head
held her upper body down. Still, this degradation she could fight. And she
would fight. Her hands were neither bound nor grabbed and so she tried to
push him away, to get this thing away from her skin, to prevent him from
humiliating her further. But all she did was to make matters worse. He
simply let go of his cock and grabbed her wrists tightly. No matter how
hard Janeway tried to escape from his grip, it did not work. His hands were
closed around her wrists like steel clamps. Just as he had done this, he
climbed on top of her, straddling her...and placing his cock between her

"No", she said, putting all the anger she felt into her voice, "don't do

"Oh, I'll do it...but don't worry, you won't feel bored. I'll give your hands
something to do", he replied, chuckling softly. Then, he pressed her hands
against her breasts, pressing her small breasts against his cock. Again, she
tried to get her hands away, but to no avail. He laughed as he saw the
disgusted look on her face right before he started to thrust his cock back
and forth between her breasts.

"Now that this has been taken care of," the alien standing next to her head
said, grabbing her head, "I guess you know what I expect from you." He
pressed his cockhead against her lips and Janeway immediately tried to turn
her head away from his throbbing member. It was not just that she didn't like
to be fucked into her mouth...she was afraid he might order her to swallow
his seed once he had climaxed. And that was something she wouldn't...
couldn't do.

Unfortunately, she also knew that her resistance would only be temporary...he
would get what he wanted. After all, her hands were already held in place by
the alien on top of her and he had placed his hands on each side of her head.
And indeed, after a few seconds, he forced her head back in place. Then, he
did a step towards the table so that his legs were on eitehr side of her
head...and again, his cock pressed against her lips.

"Now open!"

Janeway would have liked to refuse, to at least say "no", but that would mean
opening her opportunity he would certainly not let pass. He pushed
harder and she tried her best to keep her mouth closed, gritting her teeth

"Seems like you just won't give up", he said and Janeway was surpsied to hear
a hint of admiration in his voice. "Well, that means we'll have a lot more
fun with you", he added, then nodded towards the alien at the other side of
the table, the alien Janeway couldn't see because the one violating her
breasts obscured her view.

That one she had almost forgotten and now she wondered why he hadn't done
something to her...especially since her pussy was easy for him to reach.
Well, whatever he had not done moments before he did now...she could feel
her legs being forced apart - and they had been so weakened by her standing
bend over for so long that she couldn't do much to prevent him from spreading
them - and then something large was rammed into her pussy so hard that this
time she did scream. Only for a second, though, for as soon as she opened
her mouth, the alien on her side had pushed his cock into her mouth and
straight down her throat, muffling her scream and making her gag. She didn't
know what it was he had rammed into her pussy, but he did not hold her hips
and the object was also not as warm as their she assumed that
they might have decided to put the whip-handle to better use again.

He started to thrust it in and out of her sore opening, but right now she
didn't care much about it. The cock inside her mouth, inside her throat, was
far more threatening, far more uncomfortable and far more painful. When he
had pushed his cock into her mouth the first time, he had immediately rammed
the full length of it into her throat so that his balls were resting on top
of her nose. She could not breathe... the gag reflex was so bad she thought
she would die from it... and her throat felt as if it was on fire. And he
kept it there, motionless, enjoying the sensation of moist tightness her
mouth and throat provided.

After a while, Janeway started to panic. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't
protest...she was helpless. Absolutely helpless. With the strength of true
desperation, she managed to free her right hand from the grasp of the alien
fucking her breasts and tried to push the alien mouth-raping her
get this thing out of her throat.

With an angry snarl, the alien on top of her grabbed her hand again and
pushed it back against her left breast...but the alien inside her mouth
started to move. What had been a brutal exercise in patience now became a
long, brutal throat-fucking. His position allowed him to push into her as
far as he wanted to and he used that to his full advantage. There was not
a single thrust into her that did not make her gag.

Long strands of saliva were hanging from the corners of her mouth after only
a few thrusts. She could not suck him off, but he did not even demand it...
he simply fucked her mouth like he had fucked her pussy earlier, reveling in
her pain and discomfort. Somewhere, in the corner of her perception that was
not taken up by the massive cock punishing her throat, she heard the alien on
top of her groan...and then something warm and sticky splattered across her
chest and her breasts...he had climaxed.

While Janeway certainly did not like the feeling of being covered in the cum
of one of her rapists, she hoped he would now let go of her hands...but that
was not going to happen. Instead, she felt him rub her hands all over her
chest, rubbing the cum into her skin. And still, his grip was so tight she
couldn't pull away...she had to endure this new humiliation.

The alien between her legs just kept up the thrusts with the handle into her
pussy, not pausing and obviously not tiring. She could still not see the
other two because the testicles of the alien mouthfucking her took up most
of her view. And the burning inside her throat, the gagging and the growing
sensation of sickness took up everything else. And then, finally, there was
the sensation she had dreaded...and yet, hoped for.

His cock went even more stiff, it seemed to expand...and he pulled back until
only the tip was left inside her mouth. Janeway tried to pull back, to push
the cock out of her mouth - better let him spray her face than force her to
swallow his cum - but he simply put his hand against the back of her head and
pushed her head back up whenever she tried to pull back. And then, he came.

Janeway felt his cum splatter into her mouth with the force of a bullet,
running over her tongue, filling her mouth completely. It was so much her
mouth immediately flowed over. Thick drops of cum leaked over her lips,
running down her face. But after three huge spurts, it was over. He pulled
out, leaving her coughing and trying to get the cum out of her mouth.

"Swallow it", he ordered, but she shook her head. She had performed oral sex
quite a few times...but she had never ever managed to swallow the cum of the
guy. It was something she simply couldn't do. Just as she couldn't do it now.
Janeway tried once, tried twice, fearing the punishment for nt obeying...but
then she gave up and spit it out, onto her chin, onto her chest, a few drops
even landed on her breasts.

He saw this...and let out an angry growl before slapping her face hard,
sending drops of cum flying away. "Now you have a problem...", he snarled.

End of Part 2


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