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Star Trek - Voyager: Nightmare Visit Part 4
by Morgan333 ([email protected])

This time, they left her alone while the lift made it's way through the ship.
Apart from the occasional groping, at least, but that she barely nticed after
all she'd been through.

Soon, the doors opened and they dragged her into another empty corridor.

Quickly, they proceeded, Seven whincing as they walked faster, not allowing
her to stop for a second and rest her tired legs and recover from the pain
her sore pussy and ass caused her.

She stumbled and would have fallen, were it not for the aliens holding her

Suddenly, the one walking in front of them stopped. "I think we should take
our time....there's something we should take a look at."

He grinned and stepped towards one of the doors. It slid open and now Seven
could hear sounds. Sweat, slapping sounds, interrupted by...coughing and soft
sobs. The current leader of the group nodded.

"Bring her in, I think she'll be grateful for"

He turned around to face Seven. "Don't worry you won't have to move...much."
His hand sneaked down between her legs and he pushed a finger into her sore
pussy, moving it around until Seven whimpered from the pain.

He pulled out and stepped aside. As his two comrades walked through the door,
he slapped Seven's ass before following.

They were in one of the normal quarters. It wasn't big, it just consisted of
two rooms and a small closet. They were leading Seven into the bedroom....
where a new horrible scenery was waiting for her. A young Bolian woman was
lying on the ground. She was naked and her hands were affixed to the floor.
Four aliens were standing around her, slowly jerking off over her. The
woman's blue skin was covered with thick layers of cum, there were few spots
that were unstained. From her bald head, her small breasts, to her long,
nicely shaped legs...everywhere the slimy white fluid was, running down her
body. She was crying as more drops of cum landed on her body, occassionally
coughing when too much of their semen splattered into her mouth.

Seven just stared at the scenery, horrified by what she was seeing. The
aliens she was with just laughed.

"I know what we will do here..." one of them said and his hand pressed down
on Seven's shoulder while he pushed his knee into hers from behind, making
her fall to her knees. The four aliens jerking off over the Bolian woman
didn't seem to notice them. Seven foud herself being forced to take another
cock into her mouth. The alien quickly grabbed her head and held it in place
while brutally thrusting back and forth between her full lips. Seven had to
breathe through her nose, the massive shaft filling her mouth and throat
completely. The aliens held her hands above her head, again not allowing her
to move as much as an inch. Soon, he came, sending a huge wave of cum
flooding her mouth.

"Don't swallow it", he comanded before he pulled out, a thin thread of cum
connecting his cock to her lips.

Once more, Seven felt like she was going to throw up. She moved her tongue
from side to side, trying to get it as far away from the glob of cum in her
mouth as possible. But the bitter taste remained. The aliens dragged her
forward, making her move on her knees towards the Bolian. The four aliens
around her finally saw them and moved aside.

"Lie down on top of her", the alien said and her two "guards" dragged her
forward again, then pulled her up slightly before throwing her onto the
crying, naked woman. Her body connected with the cum-covered blue skin of
the other woman, she could feel her huge breasts sliding over the Bolian's
smaller ones. Her legs slid down the Bolian's body and were now on her sides.

Seven looked down into the face of the Bolian, into eyes full of fear and
pain and a face barely recognizable under layers of cum. The eyes did not
really recognize her...or even see her. The young woman obviously was trapped
in a world of pain and humiliation in which Seven had no place.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her ass and, from the sheer suddenness of
it, opened her mouth. Which was exactly what they had wanted. She could hear
the aliens cheer as the cum landed on the Bolian's face, which made the woman
cry even harder.

"I'm sorry", she whispered.

The alien pulled his finger out of her ass and then pushed Seven off the
other woman. Quickly, before she could react, he had knelt down next to her
head and had jammed his finger into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own
ass once again.

She tried to evade his finger with her tongue, but he simply went deeper
into her mouth, the gag reflex making her push her tongue against his finger

He chuckled at the revulsion on her face. A few times, he repeated his
movements but finally he got tired of the game. He pulled out and quickly
affixed her hands to the ground with the wristbands.

The other aliens had already forced the Bolian to her knees. She never
resisted, all she did was cry as she was touched by them.

They dragged her next to Seven and one of the aliens stepped forward, grabbed
her hand and out it around his cock.

Obviously, she had done something like this earlier because she immediately
began pumping his cock in Seven's direction. Behind the first alien, the six
other formed a line and Seven knew what was going to happen. How depraved
could they be? Forcing this woman to humiliate another? It was just sick. And
she could do nothing about it. The Bolian was no longer able to resist. She
had been broken.

Just like the other woman in the turbolift. The only one who had resisted had
been Janeway..and she had been subjected to torture. Seven had resisted and
they had devised even more perverted ordeals to put her through.

She could see the cock in the other woman's hand jerk and closed her eyes.
And as the first spray of semen splattered across her breasts, Seven broke.
It was pointless to resist. She would do as they said. Maybe after their
comander had had his turn with her, even though it would mean pain, it might
be over. They could not hold them here for all eternity. And she could not
fight them. They were too strong and too well-prepared. Their weapons, their
physiology, their tools - like the handcuffs - had been devised exactly for
this one purpose.

Maybe if she wouldn't have to focus on resisting, she could just let it wash
over her. Resistance was futile.

Another wave of cum hit her, this time directly on her face. She kept her
mouth shut tightly and felt the thick drops run down her cheeks.

Her skin felt sticky as the slimy fluid joined the cum from earlier abuses.

And another load and another....Seven finally lost count. She just lied
there, her eyes closed, not moving, no longer trying to get her face out of
the cum showers.

She opened her eyes again when suddenly, something warm touched her lips.
One of the aliens was on her, his knees at the sides of her face, his cock
pressing against her lips, trying to gain entrance. Seven parted her mouth,
allowing him to get in.

Now that she did not fight it, she felt somehow...detached as he pumped into
her mouth. When he came, she swallowed again and again, trying to get it out
of her mouth as soon as possible.

When the last wave of cum had been shot into her mouth, he pulled out. Much
to Seven's relief, there was no one climbing on top of her after the one had

Instead, she was pulled to her feet and dragged outside. As she left, she
could suddenly hear the other woman scream. Seven did not dare to look back.
She'd witnessed too much already.

The led her down the corridor up to a door Seven knew. They were standing in
front of the door to engineering.

Seven drew in a deep breath. What would happen now? The doors slid aside in
front of them and they walked through....and Seven heard the screams. She
knew the voice, it was that of chief engineer B'Elanna Torres. The
half-Klingon was screaming her lungs out, but not all her screams sounded
like expressions of pain. She was also cursing in Klingon, those screams
being expressions of her anger and her hatred for her attackers. But
nevertheless, the screams of pain were much louder and more frequent.

The reason for her screams became clear as Seven was dragged around a corner.
B'Elanna was sitting on one of the chairs next to the consoles. Actually, she
was sitting on the lap of an alien. The half-Klingon's uniform was in rags,
neither her breasts nor her more private parts were still covered. B'Elanna's
legs were draped over the armrests of the chair and her muscular thighs had
been bound to the armrests using what looked like rope made of metal. The
huge cock of the alien beneath her was buried to the balls in her asshole.
From the size of the enormous organ, Seven recognized the commander. And she
understood B'Elanna's pain only too well. Having such a thing inside her....
especially in that forbidden and tight hole must be hell for her.

B'Elanna's forehead ridges were plastered with alien cum. Seven could only
guess what happened there. Against her will,a picture appeared in her mind:
B'Elanna bound, on her knees while the commander rubbed his cock against her
forehead until he came. It must have been such a degradation for the proud
woman. He had grabbed her hips and was forcing her to move up and down on his
huge erection. B'Elanna screamed everytime she was pulled down on that cock

"Just watch", the alien holding her right arm said. And so they waited. Seven
closed her eyes, but the ear-piercing screams were bad enough.

Finally, they could hear a loud groan from the commander. As Seven opened
her eyes again, she saw that the alien was releasing the bonds that held
B'Elanna's legs in place. He then shoved her off his lap, his semi-erect
cock sliding out of her cum-filled asshole.

"You bastards!" B'Elanna cursed, but before she could stand up, Seven's
guards released the ex-Borg and went towards B'Elanna, holding the
half-Klingon down.

Seven knew she could try running away, but where could she go? They were
everywhere. And they had broken most of the females on the ship. They had
broken her. It was pointless. So, Seven stood still, only slightly shaking
from fear. She just hoped the commander would not do the same to her that
he had done to B'Elanna. She would not be able to take such a big thing up
her butt, even though her asshole had been stretched by the aliens and

"Come here", the commander now said to Seven. Seven hestated for a second
before she slowly nodded and stepped towards him.

"Get down and lick her hole clean."

B'Elanna growled deep in her throat as she heard this.

"Seven, you're not going to..."

Seven hesitated. She did not want to do this. It was sick and she would help
in the humiliation of Torres. But as the aliens looked at her, the threat of
even worse things to come in their eyes, Seven nodded.

"I will comply." She knelt down and bent over. Her tongue softly touched the
soft skin of B'Elanna's asscheeks. With long strokes, she began licking the
cum and sweat off the firm round globes. It was revolting, it was
humiliating, but there could be worse things.

When the half'Klingon's asscheeks were glistening with saliva, Seven gently
spread B'Elanna's asscheeks.

"Don't you dare..." B'Elanna growled, only to receive a hard slap against the
back of her head from one of the aliens holding her down.

Seven stuck out her tongue and began to lick the cum out of the other woman's
buttcrack. Then, she took a deep breath and began sticking her tongue into
the small hole.

"I'll kill you for this..." B'Elanna promised to no one in particular. Seven
suspected it included everyone in this room.

Seven began gathering the cum with her tongue, stopping occasionally to
swallow. Finally, when there was nothing more on her tongue than the taste
of B'Elanna's insides, she got up again and said, "It's done."

The commander laughed. "You did an excellent job", he said to the three
aliens. He turned to Seven. "Are you now going to submit to me?"

Seven nodded slowly.

"Good. Go there." he pointed towards the railing that circumcised the warp

Seven did as she was told, but not without looking back. B'Elanna was being
dragged towards the chair again. Though she cursed, kicked and tried to
wrestle her arms free, she could do nothing as they sat her onto the chair,
forced her hands behind her back and cuffed them together.

When Seven had reached her destination, the three aliens were standing in
front of her, fiercely jerking off.

The commander followed Seven and placed her hands on the railing.

She was facing him. A relief for her. Even though she did not like what was
going to happen, but at least from this position he could not take her up
the ass. He smoothly guided his cock towards the entrance to her pussy and
quickly entered her. Seven whimpered. This huge tool was bigger than
everything she'd had up there today. " can't...take it....
I'll do out."

He shook his head. "You were able to take it when you were Borg. You will
take it now."

And he pushed upward, his cock tearing at her vaginal walls. She let out a
soft scream. He began moving his cock inside her, going deeper wth each
thrust. Seven's screams continued, but she did not resist. He would be
stronger anyway.

Finally, he was fully inside her. Behind him, Seven could see B'Elanna being
covered with showers of cum, which she desperately tried to spit back at her
tormentors. But she wasn't very successful since she had to close her eyes.

Seven's pain had subsided slightly. It was still bad, but her pussy was
becoming numb by now. And again, he began to thrust, now only elicliting
groans from Seven.

As he fucked her harder and harder, his hands sought out her breasts,
kneading them.

Her ordeal lasted for more than 30 minutes until he finally pulled out and
pushed her down onto her knees.

"Open up", he said, slapping her face with his cock.

Seven opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. Her mouth was soon filled
with his cum and she swallowed over and over, cum flowing out of her mouth
and onto her breasts.

"You will be an ideal toy for us while you are around...." the commander said
as he wiped his cock clean on her cheeks.

And as B'Elanna screamed again because of two cocks simultaneously thrusting
in and out of her pussy, a tear rolled down Seven's cheek.

The End


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