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O Night Divine
by Kristina Shelley and Audra Denning
(with assistance from Lila Carraway, Gabi Mendoza and Marissa Donegal)

"Great Christmas party, huh?"
"Yes, it was fun."
Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres walked together down the corridor to the
turbolift, still dressed in their party clothes. Tom looked quite
dashing in a red cable-knit sweater and black slacks, while his lover
was a beautiful contrast in a long sleeveless snow-white sheath that
clung to every delectable curve.
"And did you see the look on Harry's face when Seven caught him under
the mistletoe?" B'Elanna laughed.
Tom put on a straight face and adopted the former Borg's tone of voice.

"'Ensign, I have learned that when one is positioned beneath a sample of
this particular plant with another of the opposite sex that a "kiss" is
to be given. I believe that you are now indebted to me such a
gesture.'" He started to laugh again. "Lord, how Harry's face turned
as red as my sweater."
"Well, you weren't much help to the poor guy," B'Elanna pointed out,
poking him in the ribs.
"That wasn't me alone - Joe Carey and Chakotay were in on it too."
"But *you* started it."
"I did not."
She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the lift. "Deck four."
"Your quarters or mine?" he asked.
"Mine. I have your present there."
He grinned. "And what sort of present might that be?"
"Pig," she said, smacking his arm lightly as they exited the 'lift and
headed the short distance down the hall to her quarters. She keyed in
the door code and they entered, waiting only til the door had closed to
lock lips hungrily. After several moments, the demand for oxygen
surfaced and they parted.
"So where's my present?" he asked, lightly running his fingertips along
the top of her dress, right over the soft swells of her breasts. She
shivered slightly, then shoved his hand away. "Go take a shower. Your
present will be ready when you're done."
"You mean you're not going to join me?" he said, faking a pout.
"I have to - set it up, and besides, you smell like eggnog. You drank
too much of it. Now go!"
"Aye, Chief." He gave her a mock salute, another long kiss, then
headed for the bathroom, discarding his sweater as he went.
She shook her head and picked up his sweater, folding it carefully and
setting it on a chair. Then, remembering her plans, she dashed to her
closet for the box hidden there.


Tom sighed quietly as the warm water pelted his back and shoulders. It
felt good to be able to relax like this. He briefly thought of getting
his hair wet, but decided against it. After washing up and rinsing off,
he stayed under the water's warmth for another ten minutes before
getting out. Grabbing a towel, he dried himself off, then pulled on his
boxers, followed by his favorite robe. Tossing the towel onto a rack,
he thumbed the light switch and returned to the bedroom.
"All right, love, here I am - eggnog-free. So where's my pres--" His
voice trailed off at the sight before him.
The lights were down low, almost off and two candles - one red, one
green - were sitting on a shelf. But that was not the sight that made
him speechless.
B'Elanna stood in the doorway between bedroom and front room, reclining
in a seductive pose. She was wearing a dark green slip nightgown that
only came to mid-thigh. It had spaghetti straps and a thin feather boa
around the top. A tiny red bow adorned the exact center of the cleavage
She smiled slowly. "You like it?" she murmured.
"Uh--yeah," he managed to spit out.
Moving from the doorway, she sidled toward him, swaying her hips
suggestively. Once she was within arms' reach, he reached out and
pulled her against him. One hand moved up underneath the gown and he
was a little startled to encounter the bare skin of her well-shaped rear
than the silky feel of panties. She gave him a wicked smile before
leaning forward and locking her lips to his.
Grabbing her derriere in both hands, Paris lifted her up and pressed
her against him. She curled her legs around his waist, deepening the
kiss, their tongues dueling. One of her hands clutched at his arms; the
other moved between them to reach into his robe, gaining access to his
Tom began to walk toward the bed, his mouth still locked with
B'Elanna's. As he went, he managed to shrug off his robe so that when
they got to the bed, he was only wearing his boxers. He stumbled and
they fell upon the bed, a tangle of limbs.
"I do like the way this gown looks on you. But--" he straddled her
waist, pinning her down "--I like it better off you." Quickly, he
tugged the dark green satin down her shoulders, exposing her breasts.
Scooting down, he bent his head to capture a nipple in his mouth,
dragging a moan from her. She tried to grab at his head, but he
effectively wrapped his arms around her, pinning them at her sides. She
growled and attempted a light struggle. He reached one hand up,
entwining it in her lustrous dark hair and pulled her head back, gently
of course. "Behave, my wild beauty," he murmured in her ear. One hand
snaked down her stomach and between her slim thighs to quickly stroke
across the hardened nub there.
B'Elanna jerked and arched into Tom. "Ah!" she cried.
Tom paused only long enough to strip off the nightgown and shed his
boxers. He then resumed his teasing ministrations.
He lazily swirled his tongue around one taut rose nipple, alternating
between licking and gently suckling. After a few minutes, he would kiss
across to the other breast and give it the same treatment. His fingers
lightly stroked the golden skin of her stomach as his mouth left her
breasts and began to descend--over her ribs, down her stomach. Her
thighs parted instinctively and he gently spread the delicate flesh with
his fingers before leaning in.
She moaned in glee as his tongue traced over her, then plunged inside
her. Now that her hands were free, she reached down and grabbed his
hair, bucking against his mouth and pleading with him to end this
"Patience, little wild one," he murmured against her warm, wet flesh.
He nibbled gently at the nub, then flicked his tongue over it, ripping a
scream from her.
"Tom….Tom, please - I - I need you - inside me…."
He pressed a final soft kiss against her clit, then rose up to slide
his hands beneath her bottom, lifting her up as he slowly thrust inside
She uttered a soft cry as he penetrated her. He felt so good… She
began to move with him, feeling him go deep inside, so deep that it
seemed they would become one completely - fused together permanently.
Again and again, he thrust steadily into her as the tension built.
Finally, she could stand it no longer. She dug her nails into his back
and he drove hard one last time before releasing into her, groaning her
name. Her cry of "Tom!" followed and when it was over, he collapsed
against her, holding her close and whispering her name lovingly. She
sighed and closed her eyes.
"I love you."
"I love you, too," she murmured back.
He moved onto his side so as not to crush her fragile form with his
weight and pulled the blanket around them to ward off the chill she
would soon feel, due to her Klingon sensitivity to cold. As he did so,
his eye caught the small chrono sitting on the nightstand. 0147.
"Wha' time-z'it?" B'Elanna murmured against Tom's chest, her slurred
voice indicating she was halfway to Dreamland.
"0147." He touched his lips once to each ridge on her brow. "Merry
Christmas, my love."
She smiled at him sleepily. "M'Chris'mas, Tom." Her eyes closed and
her head fell back against his chest.
He embraced her tighter and softly called for lights out. As he
drifted off to sleep, he decided that this was the best Christmas of his

*End* *:)

Okay, so the ending is a tad mushy - but that's Rissa's fault! *:)

Copyright 1998 by Ro, Audrina, Lily, Lursa and Rissa. We want
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