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Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot Part 2

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on
characters from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998

"Answer me Q, God dam it. Where is my crew?" Janeway yelled.

"Don't get your bra in a wringer Kathy. Oh no I forgot you don't wear a bra
do you?" Q said and stood up. "I must admit that you do not need it "they"
look good enough to eat"

"Q" Janeway said mortified.

"Oh come on Kathy I know what you did a few minutes ago. "I believe that
cunnilingius is appropriate at this time" do you remember?" Q said as his
ears suddenly got pointy.

"You, you, you were Tuvok" Janeway exclaimed with horror.

"Yes I was and thank you for the experience, I enjoyed it. You see Kathy I
have taken an interest in sexual escapades after our last meeting." Q said
as he conjured up an image of him and Captain Janeway fucking on the table.

"I must say you look great and feel great. To answer your question Kathy,
your crew is involved in an experiment I have started."

"An experiment, how dare you" Janeway said with fury.

"Oh be quiet," Q said and a ball-gag appeared in Janeway's mouth. "That's
better. Now pay attention please or you might miss something important"
"I have started an experiment with regards to sex. I have placed each
crewmember in a different environment and placed certain shall we say
suggestions in their minds. I have chosen environments form your past. But
you know the humans of today are so boring, you have no sense of humor or
sex for that matter, I found something interesting in your data base. You
see Kathy at the end of the twentieth century you humans had something
called "Sit Coms" they were a form for entertainment and I have chosen the
settings for my experiments from these "Sit Coms".

The Ball-Gag disappeared and Janeway said "What kind of experiment are you
conducting Q"

"Oh no Mon Capitán I am not gonna tell you, finding out is half the fun
don't you think?" Q said playfully.

"No" Janeway said sternly.

"You party pooper" Q said "Now watch as I check on my first experiment, I
know that this is not exactly a "Sit Com" but it resembled one so much I
could not resist it."

Q snapped his finger and the image of Neelix appeared on the screen. He was
wearing a suit and a tie and sat behind a huge desk in a luxurious office.

"Now watch Kathy. Neelix knows who everybody is and who he is supposed to
be, but he also retains all the knowledge he has gathered so far. Lets sit
back and enjoy this" Q said as he said back in the captains chair and a
huge tub of pop-corn and a large beverage appeared in his hands.


"What the hell is going on?" Neelix thought as he sat behind "his" desk. "I
had just finished my physical with the doctor and was looking for either of
the Delaney sister for a well"
It was strange, he knew where he was and who he was supposed to be he had
seen a reflection of himself and was shocked over what he saw. He was a
middle aged human with gray hair and slightly overweight.

He heard a knock on the door, "Come in please" he said and saw a young
woman enter the office with a pile of papers, she had black hair and full
figured body. "She is the physical opposite of Kes," he thought.

"Good evening, Mister President" she said and smiled as she put the pile of
papers on his desk.

"Good evening Miss Llwellski" he said. "Are you enjoying your internship
here in the White House?" he asked the girl.

"Oh yes very much" She said and flashed him a big smile.

"Oh dear could you please draw the shades, I have a terrible headache."
Neelix said.

"Sure" She said and pulled the shades down "I have an old family remedy for
headaches, would you like to try it?"

"Well, what is it" Neelix asked.

"Headaches are sometimes caused by a high blood pressure in the brain. I
can divert the blood from you head to another part of your body, thus
eliminating the headache." She said and ran her tongue over her bright red

"Well alright Miss Llwellski try your remedy" Neelix said almost sure of
what was about to happen next.

"Please call me Monica," She said as she pushed his big chair back and then
put her hands on his crotch. Neelix flinched, as he had not felt the hands
of another woman on his cock for years.
She opened his pants and slipped a hand inside, Neelix felt her slightly
cold hand grab his semi-erect cock and pull it out in the open. As she
started to rub the shaft she said "You do not have to sit there doing
noting, you can use your hands too". Neelix responded by putting his hands
on her ample tits and started to fondle them on the outside of her blue

"Wow they are incredible" Neelix whispered as he felt her hard nipples
through the fabric, she did not wear a bra.

"Mr. President I don't think this is enough, I have to administer extreme
actions" She said and then kissed the head of his hard and throbbing cock.
She tasted the pre-cum and then licked the underside of his shaft. Then she
suddenly took his cock in her mouth sucking his cock with her full
delicious mouth. As he felt her mouth reach the bottom of his cock he knew
that he could not last much longer, she knew what she was doing.

Neelix unbuttoned her top and flipped her magnificent tits out in the open,
her aureoles were the size of a sliver dollar and her nipples were rock

Then he heard a knock on the door "Daddy can I talk to you?" a voice said
from the outside.

"Shit it's Chelsea, quick get under the table before she sees you" Neelix
said as he pushed the now topless intern under his big table.

"Okay Mr. President, but I will finish what I started" She said and then
took his hard dick in her mouth again as she was under the desk.

"Co-come in dear" he said and the door opened. Chelsea stood in the
doorway, now a college student but she still had a little girl look. Her
long brown hair reaching her slim shoulders.

"Am I disturbing Daddy" She said as she sat down. She was wearing an
oversized baseball shirt and a pair of tight blue Jeans.

"No dear, what can I do for you" Neelix said struggling to keep a straight
face as Monica kept sucking his cock under the table. The fact that
somebody else was in the room not knowing what was happening only seemed to
add to the enjoyment.

"Well Daddy, could I invite a friend from college over this week end? I'm
lonely in this house, I the only teenager and I have no friends here."
Chelsea said. She grew quiet as she saw that her "father" was not really
paying attention to her and then she head a faint sucking noise in the
room. "What the hell is that?" Chelsea thought and then she noticed a pair
of feet sticking out form under the table.

Neelix felt that he was about to come and could not pay attention to
anything else as Monica sucked his cock whit such force that he heard her
sucking quite clearly.
"OOOOHHH" Neelix groaned as he felt his seed spurting out of his cock and
into Monica's willing mouth. But the force of his load surprised her and
she banged her head against the table loudly.

"Daddy what is going on" Chelsea said and went to the other side of the
desk she was horrified as she saw the cum covered face of the intern Monica
Llwellski and the still hard cock of her father in her hands.

"Oh my god" Neelix said "Please don't tell Hillary"

"Chelsea stood and just looked at the scene under the desk, she noticed
that Monica has taken her dress down to her hips and had exposed a set of
huge tits. She was confused, the scene should be disgusting but she could
not tear her eyes from the bouncing tits, which were also, splattered with
her fathers cum.

Monica stood up not bothering to cover her exposed tits. Neelix noticed
that some of his cum had dripped from her tits and onto her dress "Aww man,
Talaxian cum is impossible to remove, Oh well I will just have to buy her a
new dress"

"Do you like what you see" Monica said and lifted her big fleshy mounds and
started to squeeze them "I think she does like it" then she reached over
and pulled Chelsea's hands onto her tits. Chelsea did not resist, as she
was horny as hell, she had never had sex only her own hands and whatever
she could find.

"What the" Neelix said surprised by the turn of events but then his sexual
drive took over as he started to enjoy the scene that was played out in
front him.

"Squeeze them" Monica moaned and Chelsea happily obliged her, her hands
started to explore the hot and firm tits and hard nipples. "Lick them"
Monica said, and Chelsea suddenly found herself licking and nipping on
Monica's nipples.
She could not believe that she was doing this, sucking the tits of another
woman with her father in the room. She felt her pussy tingle as she
remembered that her father was still in the room.

Monica's hands moved up Chelsea's arms and then she opened the Baseball
shirt to expose a pair of teenage tits in a plain white cotton bra. "Let me
return the favor" Monica said and removed the Baseball shirt and bra. She
cupped Chelsea's average sized breasts; they were pointy and had very small
nipples. The sensation of Monica's hands on her chest send shivers up the
young girls back and she could hear herself moan out loud as Monica started
to suck on her tits. "Oh yes, oh yes. This is fucking incredible"

Neelix felt his cock get hard again as he saw the girl who were supposed to
be his daughter get it on with the intern.

"Let me show you what a woman can do to a woman" Monica said as she started
to open Chelsea's Jeans. "Oh yes please" Chelsea said with a pant.

Monica gently pushed her back onto the desk and pulled the blue jeans off
her. She started to kiss the thighs moving closer to her still covered
mound. Monica could see the she was soaking wet and could not wait to taste
the virgin pussy. Chelsea's hands moved to her tits and she started to
pinch her nipples.
Monica's fingers brushed lightly over Chelsea's clit and Chelsea shivered
with joy. Chelsea felt her panties being pulled down and her lightly
covered pussy being exposed to both Monica and her "Father".

"Man she is horny, I don't care if she is my daughter I'm getting me some
of that really soon" Neelix thought and the he put his hands on Monica's
shapely ass and then pulled her dress completely off her. He was surprised
to discover that se did not wear any panties but only a pair of black
stockings and a garter belt. He started to fondle her firm ass and then
slipped his hand over her wet slit.

Monica, turned on even more by Neelix's hand on her pussy, started to lick
Chelsea's pussy; she ran her tongue up and down the entire length of the
young girl's pussy. Chelsea jerked her legs together as she felt a tongue
on her pussy for the first time, but Monica spread her legs again and then
pushed a finger up the young girls cunt as she felt Neelix push three
fingers up her own cunt.

"Let me do her" Neelix said as he pulled Monica aside.

"Oh yes daddy fuck me, I want you to be my first" Chelsea said consumed
with desire.

Monica kissed Neelix and then she climbed onto the table. "You can lick my
cunt while your dad fucks your tight little cunt" and then she straddled
Chelsea's face and then shoved her crotch onto the teenager's face. Chelsea
started to tentatively lick Monica's hairy pussy.

The sight of Chelsea licking Monica's wet cunt was too much and he had to
fuck her right now.
Neelix placed his cock at the entrance of Chelsea's cunt and then slipped
it inside. "Oooooooohhh" Chelsea moaned as she felt a cock inside her for
the first time. Neelix slid into her with care waiting to feel the
resistance of the hymen but felt none. Chelsea had broken her hymen when
she was thirteen by using a carrot.
As there was no resistance Neelix found himself sliding in and out the
incredibly tight cunt with greater speed.
"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh" was all he heard from both Chelsea and Monica
as his thrusts into Chelsea's body was transferred to Monica's as Chelsea
slammed her tongue deeper and deeper inside her.

Neelix sat back into his chair and Chelsea quickly climbed onto his lap.
She placed her pussy right over his cock and then sand down onto it slowly
while she kissed him. Neelix could taste Monica's juices on Chelsea's mouth
as their tongues started to dance.

She rose up and down with great force as they enter-twined their bodies in
the big office chair.

As they fucked Monica lay back on the desk throwing the piles of paper onto
the floor and started to masturbate with what ever she could find on the
table, she tried a letter-opener but it was too sharp, then she found a
cigar and pushed it up her cunt. She inserted it a couple of time until it
fell apart from the moisture and then she threw it away. She finally found
a judge's gavel and used it with great joy.

Neelix felt Chelsea's pussy tighten and felt his own orgasm coming on as
well as her ass slammed against his bucking pelvis. "Oh Daddy, Yes Daddy,
Fuck me Daddy" Chelsea screamed and Neelix was glad that the oval office
was sound proof. Chelsea came with a bang and she saw stars as Neelix kept
slamming into her while she shook with her first full orgasm. He then threw
her onto the table next to the masturbating Monica and then shot a huge
load over both women.
His cum shot all the way onto Chelsea's face and she tasted his cum and
liked it.
Monica's body arced with ecstasy as she slid the handle of the gavel all
the way in and Neelix hot sperm spurted over her body.

Chelsea started to lick the jiz off Monica's tits, as Neelix had to sit
down before he fell. "Next time you feel lonely just come to me Chelsea"
Neelix said with anticipation. She looked at him with grateful eyes as she
continued to lick Monica's tits.

"And you Monica, you are fucking incredible. Next time I'll fuck you so
good you wont be able to walk straight." Neelix said as he looked at
Monica's heaving body.

"I just hope Hillary doesn't learn of this or somebody else for that
matter," Neelix thought.


"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," Q laughed out so loud that his popcorn
spilled all over. "That was great and I did not even need to plant any
suggestions in his mind, he was horny as hell"

"What the hell?" Janeway said.

"Well I know it wasn't a "Sit Com" but it might as well be since this
insignificant act turned the world upside down, if they only knew that
Chelsea had joined in they would really be surprised, huh?"

"Is that the end of your experiment Q?" Janeway said hopefully.

"Oh no Kathy. Even though Mr. Neelix did what I wanted it is not the end.
You see he has to have sex with a certain person in a certain way before
the experiment ends as far as he is concerned" Q said with a smile.

"But what about the others, where are they" Janeway asked.

"They are all busy, here let me show you." Q said and snapped his finger. 9
images appeared on the screen showing the bridge crew each in his or her
own environment.

"This should be a great experience, take for instance that Vulcan Popsicle
Tuvok. He is a real challenge I think I have to work my "Magic" on him
before he will willingly participate in the fun" Q said as he pointed to
one of the images on the screen and then enlarged it.

"Tuvok won't indulge in sexual activities, he is a Vulcan they do not have
sexual desires.

"Well the ancient Vulcans were an incredibly randy race and Tuvok will fell
the same before I'm done with him" Q said and laughed.

End of Part 2


Will Tuvok figure out what is going on or will he let his sexual desires
take over and where is he?



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