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Star Trek: Voyager – Q-Spot Part 8

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "* * *"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


”Why am I so dam horny?” Harry Kim thought as he sat behind a huge desk in
what he had started to think of as “his” office. “But that’s to be expected
with that gorgeous sexy woman living in my house not to mention my
“daughter” she’s a real hot teenager. Then there’s my “business partner”
she may be a little cold but she was obviously me, I wonder if I should take
advantage of it.”

“Harry Kim, you are one sick puppy” he said out loud as he pondered his
options, “but I like sick, so that’s just fine”

“There she is, some might say that she’s a cold bitch, but she is not bad
looking, short blond hair and a lean fit body.” Harry thought as his
business partner came into his office.

“Hello Maxwell how are you today,” The woman said as she put her briefcase
on the table.

“Just fine C.C. do we have a lot of work today?”

“No Maxwell nothing much” She said and pushed a script over to Harry. “You
should read this”

“Could you just give me a brief summary please”

“Certainly, it’s a story about the hidden passion between two business
partners” C.C. said with a glow in her otherwise cold eyes. “He doesn’t know
that she’s in love with him and she cannot bring herself to tell him”

“Hm that sounds pretty unrealistic, I mean the man must be such an oaf not
to know if a woman is in love with him” Harry said while judging C.C.’s

“Really, I think that it’s a great story and I frankly think that it’s a

“Well I have to read it first of course and remember that I have the final
say I am the boss,” Harry said sternly while admiring her lean legs sticking
out from under her mid length skirt.

“Yes Maxwell” C.C. whispered in a submissive tone.

“So C.C. I’m the boss and you will do what I say right?”

“Yes Maxwell” repeated while looking at the floor.

“You know C.C. I really like this side of you, it is very sexy” Harry said
and stood up.

“Really?” C.C. said with hopeful eyes, “Well I’m yours to command Maxwell”
she said in a school girl voice.

“Alright then call me Master” Harry said staring at her.

“Yes Master”

“I want you to prove your loyalty to me and then I’ll reward you. C.C. kiss
my shoe” Harry knew that that trick was an old one but it would show him if
C.C. was truly sincere.

C.C. quickly got down on her knees and kissed his shoes. “Good C.C. and here
is your reward” Harry said and then kissed her on the forehead, “If you want
more you have to do what I say”

“Yes Master”

“Now C.C. take off your panties and show me your cunt slut”

C.C. was shocked by Maxwell’s statement but also turned on by the prospect
of his “reward” and she quickly complied by sliding off her panties.

“Throw them to me” Harry said and caught her panties as she quickly did what
he said. Harry smelled her panties and liked what he smelled. “Now spread
your legs bitch”

C.C. spread her legs and revealed a clean-shaven pussy, Harry was incredibly
turned on by the sight of C.C.’s bald snatch. “Now take off your shirt and
play with your tits”, again C.C. did what she was told without questioning.
Her dream was finally coming true and she did not mind that Maxwell bossed
her around she actually liked it.
Her hands quickly found the buttons of her shirt and pulled it open, then
the shirt fell to the floor and the bra quickly followed. Her tits were not
large; they were average and pointy with small nipples. C.C. began to cup
her tits and then worked them over with both hands.

“Now stop C.C. you are not allowed to touch your tits or cunt until I say

“Yes Master”

“Now C.C. do you want me to fuck you?” Harry asked in a stern voice.


“Yes what bitch” harry roared at her and then slapped her hard.

C.C. fell to the floor when Harry struck her but she soon regained her
composure and answered “Yes master, please fuck me”

“That’s better cunt, I might fuck you if you do whatever I say without
questions, understood.”

“Yes Master” C.C. said while rubbing her red cheek.

“Miss Fine would you come in here please” Harry said out loud and Fran Fine
his nanny entered the room, she was wearing an incredibly tight leather
outfit which left noting to the imagination.

“Maxwell” C.C. started to say but Harry quickly slapped her again, “Not a
word you dyke” Harry yelled out.

“Now Fran, C.C. has been bad you have to punish her, she’s all yours, put
her to work” Harry said while admiring Fran’s large cleavage. Fran went over
to C.C. and proceeded to tie each of her hands with a leather strap. C.C.
lay on her back on the couch with each of her arms tied to the ends of the
couch. Fran then pulled off C.C.’s skirt leaving her with only her garters
and stockings.

“MMMMMMMM that looks good enough to eat, maybe later” Fran said as she
unzipped her leather dress. The dress fell to the floor and Fran Fine stood
completely naked in front of C.C. and Harry Kim. “You go first Mizz Babcock”
Fran said and placed her black pussy in front of C.C.’s face. C.C. hesitated
not sure what was going on but then Harry said “You better start eating her
or I’ll knock you silly, If you make her cum you will be fucked too”

C.C. was in the throes of lust and complied without questioning Harry, She
put her tongue in Fran’s cunt and started to lick it. “Harder cunt” Fran
said as she pressed her crotch in C.C.’s face, C.C.’s tongue went inside
Fran’s cunt and probed her deeper. “She’s a little inexperienced, but she is
not bad” Fran said as her hips started to move in unison with C.C.’s face.
“UUUUUUHHHH YEAH” Fran said as she came, and C.C. felt the salty come from
Fran’s cunt and lapped it up.

Fran moved off C.C.’s face and she kissed her hard, tasting her own juices.
“Well you made her come, so you will be fucked” Harry said while he zipped
down his pants and pulled his hard cock out.

“YES” C.C. yelled out at the prospect of “Maxwell’s” cock in her.

“Be quiet bitch” Harry said, “Hey Fran, let’s really make her suffer before
she gets her reward.”

Harry kissed Fran deeply and then his hands ran down her back and grabbed
her ass while Fran grabbed his pants and pulled them down. C.C. looked on in
disbelief as Harry cupped Fran’s tits and started to knead them, and then
Fran pushed Harry back on the desk and took his cock in her mouth. C.C. felt
her cunt tingle as she watched Fran give harry a loud blow job, and she was
not sure if it was Harry or Fran that turned her on.

“Let me fuck you Fran before I explode” Harry said and Fran bend over to let
him take her from behind. Harry grabbed her shapely hips and slid inside her
cunt. Harry had fucked many women but none as tight as this Jewish beauty
and he had to press to slide all the way into her. He quickly started to
fuck her from behind in swift motions; Harry grabbed her wonderful mounds
and played with them with great enthusiasm. C.C. passively looked on as
Harry slammed his hips into Fran’s perfectly shaped ass.

Harry pulled Fran up and then he instructed her to lie down on the floor, he
quickly moved in between her legs and they continued where they left off as
they fucked with great joy. Fran’s hips moved with great speed as Harry’s
cock brought her to the edge once again. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK
ME” She yelled out as Harry slid into her up to the base of his hard,
throbbing cock.

Fran came in yet another orgasm and her body convulsed with lust as Harry
kept on fucking her giving her multiple orgasms. Then Harry pulled out his
cock and shot his load all over C.C.’s prone body, he shot five or six loads
all over her body with one load hitting her squarely in the face.

“Lick it off your lips you slut” Harry commanded and C.C. did what she was

“Now C.C. let’s see about you getting fucked, but you have to beg”

“Pleeeeeeeease fuck me Maxwell, put your huge cock in my snatch” C.C.

“Well it’s good to hear you say those words, but before my cock enters your
pussy I have something else in mind for you” Harry said, he opened a drawer
and pulled out a sleek long golden vibrator. “You will have to feel this
first while I catch my breath,” he said.

Harry turned the vibrator on and started to rub it over C.C.’s cum soaked
tits and she immediately started to shiver with anticipation as Harry worked
his way down her tight belly. He stopped at the top of her cunt and began to
stimulate her clit, “OOOOOOHHHHH GGGGOOOOOODDDD” C.C. yelled out in
pleasure. Harry then moved the vibrator down over her cunt but to C.C.’s
surprise he did not put it in her cunt, instead he ran it around her anus
while rubbing her juices all over her ass. Then he started to slide it up
her ass, C.C. had never had a cock up her ass and she was incredibly tight,
Harry had to push with all his might before it slid up her ass. “Well I
guess Niles was right; she is a tight ass” Harry said as he pushed the
vibrator up C.C.’s squirming ass.

C.C. took the anal intrusion without complaining because of the prospect of
his cock inside her, and her patience was rewarded shortly after as she felt
his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Harry slid his cock into her tight
cunt while he continued to slide the vibrator in and out of her ass. But
then Harry started to fuck C.C. with force and had to use both hands to grab
her hips to thrust her body onto his cock, the vibrator was still in her ass
as Harry fucked her senseless.

Fran joined in as her hands found the vibrator and she moved it in unison
with Harry’s pistoning cock and C.C. bucked with sexual ecstasy. Harry
grabbed C.C.’s tits and squeezed her nipples with force sending a wave of
pain though her body, the pain was too much for C.C. as she came in a
violent orgasm unlike any she had ever had before. Harry was not ready to
finish the fuck fest as he felt her cunt tightens around his cock and he
continued to fuck her.

“Let’s switch places Fran” Harry said as he pulled his cock out of her wet
cunt, Fran removed the vibrator and let Harry press his cock up her ass
hole. She was still thigh but her own orgasm had lubricated her so the ass
fucking was painless for Harry at least. Fran put the vibrator in C.C.’s
cunt and started to pump it in and out. Harry fucked her tight ass with joy
and knew that the end was coming on, but he kept on fucking her ass.

“IIIIIIII’MMMMM Cumming” Harry yelled out as he shot his load up her ass
with great force. C.C. came again as she felt Harry’s sperm shooting up her
ass while Fran slid the vibrator into her up to the base.


“Hey Q, don’t” Janeway started to say as Q turned off the viewer but the she
realized what she was saying and shut up.

“Oh you liked it did you. Well you and I could recreate it right here right
now Kathy” Q said as the couch turned to a huge bed.

“I’m not the submissive kind, I thought that you knew that by now Q”

“That’s true. But… well… No way it’s too dangerous Kathy I just wont do it”

“Fine Q, but I’m not going to take part in your adolescent sex games, if we
are not equals then it ain’t gonna happen” Janeway said with fire in her

End of Part 8


Well what will Q do?

And will Janeway find a way out of all this?

Will we find out what happened to the last crewmember?



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