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Star Trek: Voyager part 9

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "* * *"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


“Shit” Chakote thought when he spilled his Coke all over his bed, “This is
not good, I can’t sleep in that puddle but what can I do?”

“Oh I know, Rich is out of town tonight, I’ll sleep in his bed and take care
of this tomorrow. Rich was his roommate and his supposed sister’s boyfriend.

Chakote went into Rich’s room and got into his bed, “I’ll take care of it
tomorrow I’m too tired to do something about it now,” he thought as he
quickly neared sleep.

Chakote was suddenly awoken by the creak of the door opening; he lay still
trying to figure out who was sneaking inside. “Rich” the voice whispered
Chakote recognized the voice of his oldest stepsister and Rich’s girlfriend

“Rich I’m sorry about our fight yesterday” she said “No don’t say anything
let me talk” Dana said and put a hand on Chakote’s mouth. “I know that you
love me and that you want to have sex with me, and I have thought about it.
It’s not that I don’t love you, I do. But I have never … well you know”

“She’s a virgin” Chakote thought, “Maybe I can take advantage of this”

“I want you to be the first but I’m not sure I’m ready, but there is
something I can do for you while we wait” She said and pulled the covers off
Chakote “Don’t tell JT I did this or he’ll never let me forget it” Dana said
as she put her hand on his cock. Chakote jumped in surprise, she was
supposed to be his sister but he had admired her body since the day he got
here and a fantasy was about to come through.

Dana took his cock in her trembling hand and then she kissed it, it grew
hard as soon as she kissed it. “Oh you are ready Rich” Dana whispered as she
pumped his cock with her hand, she cupped his balls and then she licked
them. After her hand had gotten him completely erect she put her lips on the
head of it and then slowly inhaled his cock. Chakote was surprised at the
cock-sucking prowess of his stepsister, he did not know that Dana had been
sucking cocks since she was 14. She had first done it to keep her then
boyfriend happy and had discovered that she liked it and had sucked many
cocks since even one of her teachers.

Chakote was enjoying this more than he had ever enjoyed a blow job before
and felt he was about to cum as Dana sucked his cock very loudly. “Come in
my mouth she whispered as she shortly took her mouth off his cock, Dana
resumed her cock sucking and Chakote was just about ready to shoot his load.

Dana felt his orgasm coming on and she took his cock deep throat, as Chakote
felt her taking his entire cock he could hold off no more and he shot his
jiz down her throat. If Dana had not been such an expert cock-sucker she
would not have been able to take the full load, but as it was she swallowed
it all, enjoying the taste immensely as she felt herself getting wet.

Dana licked his cock clean and was about to leave when Chakote whispered
“Let me return the favor”. Dana stopped, she hand not recognized his voice
and then she said “You would do that for me?”

“Of course I would” Chakote said as Dana sat back down on the bed, Chakote
wanted to taste her now and he was happy to hear Dana say “You know none of
my boyfriends have ever done that, I would really like that”.
Chakote had no idea that even though none of Dana’s boyfriends had licked
her snatch, she had tried it before, Dana and Karen her younger biological
sister had once tried it.

Chakote reached over and pulled Dana’s pajama top off, his hands soon found
her tits they were not as big as Al’s or Carol’s tits but they were great
none the less. His hands then slid down her sides and then he put his
fingers inside the waistband of her panties and pulled them off her. Chakote
pushed her back on the bed and then he spread her legs, he kissed her up her
smooth thighs slowly working his way up to her blonde cunt. Chakote
discovered that Dana kept her snatch neatly trimmed with only a triangle of
blonde hair left. He blew lightly on her clitoris and felt a wave of
excitement rush through Dana’s body and then he kissed her pussy. She was
already wet and Chakote’s tongue only helped increase the flow of her juices
as he licked her labia and clit.

Chakote put a finger up her cunt and started to move it in and out while he
kept on licking her cunt. Dana started to moan as his finger slipped deep
inside her, he felt no hymen and was surprised as he thought she was a
“I took my cherry when I started to masturbate at 13” Dana said as she felt
his surprise. Dana had masturbated for years and loved it; she had done it
everywhere she could think of, even during a lecture.

“Oh Rich, I want you,” she said and Dana was surprised to find that it was
absolutely true, she wanted to fuck him right now. Chakote almost jumped
with joy as he heard her words and then he moved up her body, covering every
inch with big wet kissed. When he reached her tits he started to work over
her nipples with his mouth.

“Do it Rich, fuck me” Dana whispered as Chakote sucked on her right tit,
Chakote was surprised to hear those words come out of his goody two-shoes
sister, but did not argue. Chakote placed his cock at the entrance of her
virgin cunt and then slowly started to press his cock inside her. “Oooooh”
Dana moaned when she felt a cock inside her for the first time, it felt much
better than a cucumber or the dildo she usually used.

She was as tight as Chakote had thought but she was so wet that his hard
cock could slip in without a lot of resistance, as he felt his hips meet her
crotch he started to really fuck her. “Oh yes” Dana whispered as Chakote
started to move in and out with great speed. Chakote whispered “You are
great Dana”, suddenly Dana tensed up and said, “JT, is that you”

She had recognized his voice but he could not stop fucking her, “JT you
bastard stop this” Dana said and tried to push him off her but he was too
strong. He kept on fucking her and then he kissed her deeply to shut her up,
then he felt that she stopped fighting him and got into the fuck. “Oh you
like it Dana, you want you brother to fuck you good right?” he said as he
kneaded her tits.

“Oh yes, oh yes JT fuck me good” Dana said as her hips started to move up
and down in conjunction with Chakote’s pumping hips. She had first been
horrified to find out that it was her idiot step brother that was fucking
her and not Rich, but she was so horny and enjoying the fuck so much that
she did not care.

“Take me from behind JT” Dana said and then turned over on all fours,
Chakote was not slow to respond as he grabbed her ass and quickly slammed
inside her, he then grabbed her waist and helped her backward motions.
Dana bit down on the pillow to keep her from crying out loud as she came
with a vengeance, her body convulsed with ecstasy. Chakote kept on fucking
her until she bucked so wildly that he could not hold on, after half a
minute Chakote felt Dana’s hands on his cock and before he knew it she sat
down on his cock and started to fuck him.

“She’s a take charge kind of girl” Chakote though as he felt her shapely ass
move up and down, Chakote reached up and cupped her tits as they bounced all
over the place. Dana bend over and kissed Chakote and he almost came right
then, Dana and Chakote started to let their tongues play with each other as
Chakote lifted his hips to move deeper inside her tight and wet cunt.

“Don’t come inside me I’m not on the pill” Dana said as she felt his climax
coming on, Chakote had no problem with that as he pulled his cock out of her
pussy and shot his sperm all over her body. He shot a huge load onto Dana
hitting her in the face, on the tits and her cunt.

“Wow you are great JT” Dana said after a couple of minutes, “I hope this
wont be our last time”.

“Well you need to be cleaned off and I think I have to help you” Chakote
said and pulled Dana into the bathroom.


“Way to go Chuckles,” Q shouted out as he observed the scene, “Now that’s a
man that knows how to have fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Q, but this is enough” Janeway said as she
confronted Q.

“Hey Kathy I say when it’s enough remember or you could make me stop if” Q
said and then he grabbed her tits and squeezed them.

Captain Janeway slapped him hard and said “How dare you, you pervert. I told
you what you must do before we have sex and I mean it. I will not have sex
with you if you keep acting like a little boy; it’s not my job to teach you
about sex. I’m not your sex toy or your mother”

“Hey cool it Kathy” Q said “you have been a bad girl and you will be

“What do you mean Q?”

“Well it’s actually your own suggestion se enjoy Kathy” Q said and then
Captain Janeway disappeared in a bright flash. “Let’s see if she enjoys this
scenario,” Q said as he watched the Captain on the screen.

End of Part 9


Where is Kathryn Janeway? And what is her punishment?

Will this end soon? Does the crew members want it to end or are they
enjoying the experience too much?



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