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Star Trek: Voyager Q-Spot Part 11

An erotic adventure by Martin4Life ([email protected])


The following is a sexually explicit FICTIONAL story centering on characters
from the hit television series "Star Trek: Voyager"

If you are under 18 do not read any further.

Keep in mind that my native language is not English when you read this
I would appreciate any constructive feed back or suggestions.

Feel free to re-post this story as long as the context is unaltered.

Copyright 1998


”So Q, am I a Q or are you human?” Janeway asked as the flash subsided.

“Well I’m human now, it was the lesser of two evils. So Kathy let’s fuck” Q
said and unzipped his uniform.

“That’s good Q. By the way I have someone you should meet” Janeway said and
then a voice came from behind them both.

“Hello Q” the female voice said, Q and Janeway turned around to see the
female Q, Mrs. Q.

“Ehh hello dear” Q said “Dam it’s the old ball and chain” he whispered to

“Sure she is I invited her Q, and now the tables have turned” Janeway said
with a smile.

“That’s right Q and the jig is up” Mrs. Q said and then she snapped her
finger. Q found himself bound and gagged, he was unable to move or speak.

“So Q you want to have sex with this woman” Mrs. Q said, “that’s a great
idea, but why settle for just one Voyager woman” and then B’Elanna appeared
on the bridge, completely naked. “Or two” again she snapped her fingers and
Seven appeared on the bridge, she was buck-naked too. “Well we are four now
but let’s complete the group” and then Kes appeared on the bridge, she
looked no older than the day she had joined the crew and her hair was still
short. “There we are, all together now. Oh by the way I had to pick this
ravishing creature out time to have her join us” Mrs. Q said as she took Kes
by the shoulder.

“So Q, do you like what you see” Mrs. Q asked Q as she saw his cock getting
hard, “Too bad because you can’t join us. You like to look? Well then take a
look at this” Mrs. Q said and then she kissed Captain Janeway.

Q could no nothing but watch as Captain Janeway and Mrs. Q started to kiss
each other and he was straining against his restraints as he saw Mrs. Q’s
clothes disappear in a flash. Soon Captain Janeway and Mrs. Q pressed their
naked bodies against each other.

While they were going at it B’Elanna and Kes had decided to show her the
joys of human sexuality as they each sucked on one of her huge tits. Kes’
hand soon found Seven’s cunt and started to play with it, B’Elanna moved
around Seven to her back and started to kiss her from the neck down to her
round ass. With out thinking Seven pulled Kes to her feet and kissed her
deeply, Kes returned the favor and soon their tongues were dancing around.

As Kes and B’Elanna worked over Seven the Captain was showing Mrs. Q the
joys of cunnilingus as she was licking her dark red cunt with great
expertise. Mrs. Q had never felt anything like this; she was for all intents
and purposes a virgin. Janeway licked Mrs. Q’s clit and felt the electricity
running through Mrs. Q’s body, she then moved up Mrs. Q’s belly and soon her
mouth found Mrs. Q’s large and luscious tits.

Seven sat down in the captain’s chair and Kes quickly moved in between her
legs and started to lick Seven’s pussy, B’Elanna took advantage of Kes’
position and started to lick the delicate Ocampan’s hairless cunt. B’Elanna’
s tongue sends a shiver through Kes’ body, which is then transferred to
Seven’s body as Kes’ tongue slides deep inside her cunt.
Seven is finally getting into the action and she starts to cup her own tits
and then she lifts her right tit and licks her nipple. Seven’s hips starts
to buck under Kes’ oral assault and B’Elanna pushes two fingers up Kes’
pussy at the same time so that both women push down on Kes at the same time
creating an incredible effect on the young alien. Soon Kes Screams in joy as
she comes in a thunderous orgasm and then slips down to the floor. B’Elanna
waists no time in taking her place between Seven’s kegs and she gets her
first taste of the ex-Borg’s cunt juices.

Janeway instructs Mrs. Q in how to really lick her own pussy while she has
her head buried in the red pussy of the omnipotent women as they explore
each others bodies in a passionate 69. “This is better than anything I have
ever experienced Mrs. Q said in between licking Janeway’s cunt, “I could go
on forever”.

“Well we’ll see about that” Janeway thought as she slowly slid a finger up
Mrs. Q’s pussy, Janeway clearly felt the wave of emotion rushing through
Mrs. Q’s body as she started to shake all over. She then inserted another
finger in Mrs. Q’s tight pussy and found that is was so tight that she might
not be able to fit a third finger inside her right now. Janeway was pleased
when she felt two fingers on her own pussy “She’s a quick study” Janeway
thought as first two then three and finally four fingers pumped in and out
of her pussy.

B’Elanna felt that Seven was on the verge of an orgasm and increased her
licking and soon Seven came in a roaring orgasm, which send a flow of pussy
juice onto B’Elanna’s face. As Seven caught her breath B’Elanna licked the
pussy juice of her own face, then she saw Captain Janeway and Mrs. Q in a 69
and went over to them.

“Can I join you?” B’Elanna asked, not waiting for an answer before she
started to kiss Captain Janeway. Quickly Janeway and B’Elanna started to
lick Mrs. Q’s tits, after a moment of licking and sucking B’Elanna straddled
Mrs. Q’s face as Janeway resumed her licking of Mrs. Q’s pussy. B’Elanna
showed her black cunt into Mrs. Q’s face and quickly felt the tongue of the
omnipotent woman lying under her.

Kes had recovered from her orgasm and she joined the three women on the
floor as she started to knead Mrs. Q’s fleshy mounds with great zeal. Seven
joined the party shortly and she started to work over Mrs. Q’s other tit.
The Four women worked on Mrs. Q for minutes until she could not take it
anymore and came with a blinding firework (literally) and arched her body.

“Holy Continuum” Mrs. Q whispered as she caught her breath, “Now let me
return the favor to you, to you all” and then there was four of her, one for
each woman. The four Starfleet women soon found themselves being eaten by a
female Q.

Within minutes the bridge echoed with moans of pleasure and ecstasy as
Captain Janeway, Seven, B’Elanna and Kes came almost in unison under the
pussy licking of the female Qs. As they caught their breath Mrs. Q fused
back together as one being.

“That was more than just exciting, it was a display of the greatest force in
the universe, it’s even greater than the Q continuum as this warthog so
clearly demonstrated” Mrs. Q said as she pointed to the bound and gagged Q.

“So Q did you like what you saw? What’s the matter Q cat got your tongue?”
Mrs. Q said to Q. “Well Kathryn that was great, let’s do this again sometime

“Anytime Q as long as you leave that amoebae at home” Janeway answered.

“OOOH he’ll be busy for the next couple of millennia. He has to answer to
the continuum and to me,” Mrs. Q said and with a flash she appeared in a
tight shiny leather outfit holding a bullwhip and a cat-o-nine tails in her
hands. “He is going to be punished by the Q and thank god we are mostly
female. Goodbye Kate” Mrs. Q said, kissed Captain Janeway and then left in a
flash. Q was gone too and so was Kes.

Kathryn Janeway looked at the naked Seven of Nine and B’Elanna Torres and
then said, “I hope the men are back!”

The End


That’s it, after eleven episodes Voyager is finally rid of Q, but the female
Q might return at anytime.

Any comments, praise or critique is much appreciated as I strive to improve
my writing.
Also any suggestions for stories are also appreciated as I have used most of
my own ideas in this series.

Martin4Life ([email protected])



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