Star Trek - Voyager: Seven Of Nine's Uniqueness (FF,oral,anal,cream pie,trans,herm,F-dom,cream pie,zoo)
by Dr. Demented 666

It was a few weeks after Seven of Nine as been transformed back into her human self with the exception of a few remaining Borg implants. Captain Janeway invited Seven to her quarters one evening to discuss her role on board Voyager. Seven appeared at the Captain's quarters in her usual greyish-silver one-piece spandex suit that hugged her voluptuous frame and showed off her beautiful figure.

Seven was stunned to see the Captain in just her nighty, a silky red one that had white-laced patterns around its edges and barely covered her bottom; showing off her red pantie. Kathryn was quite stunning and her figure was realized by Seven for the first time, experiencing sexual feelings she never had before since she was assimilated at a very young age...

"Very informal tonight, Captain..." Seven stated as she raised her left eyebrow as she gazed at Kathryn's beauty...

"Well, I'll be going to bed right after we discuss what we need to and I knew it would be just us so it wouldn't be a problem." Kathryn stated.

"But it is a problem...I'm feeling very unusual...I believe the word is-aroused...I never seen you like this and the Borg did something to me that I can't control in this state of mind but could as a Borg." Seven stated...

"What are you talking about, Seven? What did the Borg do to you?" Kathryn asked.

Kathryn watched as Seven unzipped her body suit and stepped out of it, exposing her young body in all its glory with her large breasts and stiff nipples; her long luscious legs leading up to her...

"What the hell is that!?" Kathryn asked with shock as she ran her eyes up Seven's legs till they stopped at the appendage dangling from her private area.

"The Borg have grafted a horse penis to my body in an attempt to merge species for the better of the collective. They did it quite successfully, too. It is fully functional." Seven said.

Kathryn stared at the immense size of it hanging down to her knees in a limp state, but as Seven walked to the Captain it started to become erect and lifted itself up to a full two foot length and sticking straight up in the air with a painted pink and light brown look to it and a unique cock head. Seven went to the Captain and let it rub against her body.

"Seven, no-don't...We shouldn't do this..." Kathryn stated as Seven began her seduction of the Captain.

Seven took the Captain's hand and wrapped it around her hard shaft and forced her to stroke it.

"Just like that, Captain...Yes! Kathryn! It feels soooo good! You like it, don't you?" Seven stated and asked...

"I can't...Stop!" Janeway said as she tried to pull her hand away. But Seven stopped her and leaned in for a kiss.

"Don't stop...Comply...You will be my first...You must comply..." Seven said as she worked her tongue into the captain's mouth and seduced her into the uneasy relationship.

Seven worked the nighty off her lover and caressed Janeway's breasts and soft stomach as her hard cock rubbed against the Captain's warm body, making it jolt with excitement and giving Seven a sense of pleasure she never experienced before. Kathryn stepped back and slid her panties off and exposed her soft pubic mound to Seven, who admire the brown patch of pubes that dripped her wetness from their ends due to the excitement of what was happening.

Seven led Janeway to the bed where Seven lied on it on her back and Janeway got atop her in a 69 position. Soon Kathryn was doing the best she could at sucking the huge baseball bat sized cock of Seven's as Seven licked Kathryn's pussy.

The first few swipes of Seven's tongue tingled Janeway's pussy and made her squirt all over Seven's face. Seven groaned loudly as her hips sprang upward and her cock pulsed huge loads of cum into Janeway's mouth, making her choke and pull it out. Janeway continued to stroke Seven's cock, allowing her to complete her orgasm and her cum to shoot all over her face, into her hair, and onto her back.

Finally Kathryn got up and knelt at Seven's side with a smile as she played with Seven's nipples and watched her convulsing body simmer to soft shakes and twitches as her hard cock came to a rest across her stomach.

"How's that for complying?" Janeway asked with a smile...

Seven sprang up and pushed Kathryn onto her back on the bed and quickly got between her legs. Kathryn lifted her head and looked down, watching as Seven gently parted Kathryn's pussy lips with the tip of her cock head and pushing her length into Kathryn.

Kathryn watched as it sunk into her, inches at first and turning into feet later until the full length was inside her. Janeway's stomach bulged out at her naval where Seven's cock head banged against the inside of her abdomen as she fucked her, making her moan and tears form in her eyes as she was filled like never before.

The horse cock of Seven's was working its magic and nailing every pleasure point inside of Kathryn's womb, all the nerve endings were firing at once inside of Kathryn as she screamed in ecstasy and her pussy pulsed with excitement as Seven's cock exploded inside of her, filling it so full that her cum back washed passed Seven's cock and out onto the sheets under them.

Seven lifted herself to her knees between Kathryn's legs and slowly pulled her immense shaft from Janeway's pussy as they both watched inch after inch after foot after foot of glistening horse cock withdrew and quart after quart of liquid cum followed. Seven laid at Kathryn's side and let Kathryn stand over her on the bed as she held her horse meat straight up into the air...

"Sit on it..." Seven told Kathryn...

"I can't do that, it's too big for back there..." Kathryn said softly...

"You must comply...COMPLY!" Seven scolded the Captain, watching as she squatted onto her shaft, popping the cock head into her ass and straining to get the rest into her.

Veins popped out on Janeway's neck and her face turned red as she held her breath while sinking Seven's cock into her ass. Janeway became dizzy and literally seen stars as she gazed out the clear force field opening on the bulkhead as the ship soared through space at warp 2. Kathryn collapsed onto Seven as her cock became fully impaled into Kathryn's ass.

Seven began to thrust upward and stretch her lover's ass to new proportions as Janeway struggled to take it over and over again. In an instant Seven's cock exploded in Janeway's ass and filling it with a cum enema, Kathryn's eyes widened as she gasped and moaned from the slick feeling of Seven's cum soaked cock fucking her tight asshole...

"You're impaling me, Seven! FUCK! IT'S OPENING! FUCK! I FEEL IT OPENING!" Kathryn screamed, referring to the fact Seven was withdrawing from Janeway's ass and the cock head stretched her asshole and made it pop on its way out; at the same time Kathryn's pussy pulsed and squirted as she felt Seven's cum enema flow freely from her asshole and down her legs onto Seven.

The two embraced as Seven hooked her legs around Kathryn's waist and they lashed their tongues into each others mouths like playful puppies, frolicking and caressing each other as Janeway's ass pulsed from the intense anal fuck she just received.

"Seven...We must keep this between ourselves and maintain decorum on board Voyager..." Janeway instructed her new lover...

"Agreed...However, to maintain such a decorum we should beam my cum into outer space and target with a multi-phasic particle beam to destroy it." Seven suggested.

Janeway was puzzled and asked: "But why, Seven?"

"Because my cum is multiplying as we speak due to each cell being imbedded with replicating nano-technology." Seven stated as Kathryn looked around the room and even felt the cum inside her growing and oozing more rapidly from her holes. She instantly issued a command to the computer along with Seven's help and beamed the entire batch of her cum into space and destroying it.

But the tingling sensation of the nano-cum left Kathryn wanting more and Seven was all too happy to provide her with just that over each parcel of space and through their light years of their voyage back home to earth.


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