Star Trek - Voyager: Sevem's Sexual Alliance With Species 8472 (FF, herm,alien,anal,facial,cream pie,preg,first)
by: Dr. Demented 666

Upon encountering species 8472 impersonating Star Fleet personnel in a simulated constructed environment in the Delta quadrant, Captain Janeway made great strides in employing diplomatic relations with the species and won them over in the end. Various members of Voyager crew got to go around with several members of species 8472 to view and experience their simulated environment of Earth and Star Fleet Academy.

Species 8472 also got to engross themselves personally with Humans from Voyager and Seven of Nine was reluctant at first but realized she was wrong in her assumption that species 8472 are relentless in the pursuit of the galaxy's destruction and actually got to accompany one of the female species impersonating a Star Fleet Commander named-- Valerie Archer.

Valerie was quite stunning in her red and black uniform and outdid the beauty in most humans with her model-like figure and complexion and her long brown hair hanging mid-back with a tie bringing it together just behind her neck. She was taken aback at Seven's beauty as a former Borg with only a few implants left and admired her for that.

Valerie invited Seven back to her residence where she made a few drinks and headed into the other room, only to return in a silk button-up pink top that barely covered her ass cheeks. Seven was stunned at the leggy 8472-human impersonating female, gazing at her long legs and full breasts heaving up under her shirt...

""This is a bit informal of you, don't you think?" Seven stated to her.

"Well, I figured this is a good way to start things off with mixed species relations." Valerie told her.

"What are you suggesting?" Seven asked of her, raising her eyebrow on the eye with the Borg implant above it with curiosity.

"That we explore each other instead of the galaxy. What better way to get to know one another." Valerie stated.

"Perhaps we should slow things down a..." Seven attempted to say before Valerie went to her and kissed her, easing her tongue into Seven's mouth and flicking it about heatedly inside Seven's minty mouth.

Seven was stunned at the sudden advance of a once mortal enemy, but also felt pleasure from the sudden chills it sent throughout her body as she never had a relationship with anyone before.

Valerie broke her lip lock momentarily to undo her top and let it slide down to the floor, exposing her naked body for Seven to enjoy. Valerie's large breasts and pert nipples ached with tingly sensations as Seven looked down at something nudging her leg...

"What is that? Is that a..." Seven questioned with shock...

"It is...Something went wrong with my cellular transformation and I somehow ended up with both female and male genitalia...Impressed?' Valerie stated.

"I am!" Seven replied in reference to Valerie's smooth shaven private area with a bulging 10" boner just above her pussy...

"Lets see what you have, Seven..." Valerie said as she slowly unzipped the back of Seven's tight fitting light blue arm sleeves with dark blue body outfit.

Seven's heart began to pound as Valerie slid the outfit off Seven's shoulders and down to her hips, allowing Seven's magnificent breasts to heave out fully with plumpness and her nipples stand out erect with stiff excitement. Valerie caressed Seven's upper body, gliding her fingers over and under Seven's breasts; teasing her into horny desire.

Slowly, Valerie inched Seven's outfit down to her knees; exposing Seven's amazing platinum blond bush. Seven's pubes were pure white in color and weren't overgrown but kept in check with light grooming that let her show off her womanhood with great pride. Valerie and Seven both glided their hands down the fronts of their bodies as they tenderly kissed, Valerie sliding her finger into Seven's dripping wet pussy as Seven took hold of Valerie's huge cock and stroked it.

"Go down on me, Seven. Let me fuck those big tits of yours before you put me in your mouth." Valerie told Seven.

"You're quite the sexual play thing, aren't you?' Seven asked of her new lover.

"Our species are very sexual and are quite tender in our relationships. It's not unheard of for any one of us to go a day without sex." Valerie replied.

Seven was stunned at the confession and proceeded down to her knees before the succulent woman and let her immense shaft glide up through Seven's cleavage as she squeezed her tits together and let Valerie fuck them as Seven stared up at her with a horny smile. Valerie pulled from between Seven's tits and gently prodded her lips with the tip of her cock, watching as seven parted her impossibly full lips and wrapped them around Valerie's hard cock and inhaling it almost fully.

Valerie flung her head back over her shoulders with a loud gasp of excited pleasure as Seven sucked the cock and fondled Valerie's pussy at the same time. Within seconds, Valerie grabbed her cock and pulled it from Seven's mouth where she jerked it off rapidly. Seven looked up at her with anticipation until huge wads of fluidic cum globbed onto Seven's face, neck, breast and in her hair that was done up tightly behind her head in the usual fashion.

"What is it? This isn't normal semen!" Seven exclaimed as she tasted the unusual kiwi-like flavor and playing with the sparkly silver-like substance that clung to her with little to no running.

"It's fluidic semen, unique only to my species...It really does have a mind of its own." Valerie stated.

Seven would soon find out as to what she meant as Valerie's cum began to collect itself from the separated mess she expelled onto Seven and form into one pool-like substance that proceeded to slither down Seven's stomach to between her legs. Seven squealed and squirmed as the slimy goo worked itself into her and making her body quiver as the slime filled her. Seven's body shook and she orgasmed, expelling the fluidic cum back out of her along with her intense squirts onto the floor.

Seven never experienced an orgasm before and was quite pleased at the feeling and sensation it brought to her...

"Good girl. Now make my pussy squirt." Valerie asked of Seven while lifting her cock and exposing the tightest looking pussy anyone has ever saw.

Seven ran her wet tongue up Valerie's twat and made her spasm with delight as Seven struggled to get her tongue into the virgin snatch of Valerie. Though Valerie wasn't a virgin in her original species 8472 form, she certainly was in human form and what was being done to her was new and exciting. Valerie let go of he cock and it plopped down onto Seven's forehead as she continued her tongue onslaught, wiggling her tongue about in Valerie's pussy until she screamed with squirts of ecstasy; splattering against Seven's pretty face.

Valerie's squirt was so hard and forceful that it was like being held under an intense shower head for over a minute. Finally, Valerie stopped squirting and she dropped to her knees where she jammed her tongue into Seven's mouth while pushing her back onto the floor onto her back. Seven grew heated with sexual want as her body pressed against the Goddess atop of her. Valerie licked her way down Seven's body and pulled her body suit and boots off of her and pushed open Seven's legs.

Valerie licked her way down the inside of Seven's leg until her tongue met Seven's hot pussy. Valerie fluttered her tongue about in Seven's pussy and ass, savoring Seven's delectable flavor that resembled honey and banana. Seven pushed her tits together and closed her eyes, relishing in what was happening to her virgin pussy and ass, feeling Valerie inch a pinky into Seven's ass and her index and middle fingers into Seven's pussy while doing a come-hither motion inside of her.

Seven gasped and her eyes sprang open as her lower back arched upward while gushing her vaginal juices all over Valerie's face and into her open mouth. Valerie's face was tickled with the platinum white wet pubes of Seven's crotch as she bucked her hips uncontrollably upward into Valerie's face.

As Seven's orgasm diminished, Valerie made her way up the gorgeous former Borg body of the hot woman under her and licked Seven's long neck as Seven hooked her long legs around Valerie's waist, welcoming her piercing entrance into Seven's virginal pussy. Seven winced with pain at first but quickly got into the moment as the 10" cock took her again and again with slow and rhythmic fucks. Seven moaned with delight as her pussy swelled from the massive meat inside of her taking her again and again, the rigid vein-popped walls of the hard cock and ridge of Valerie's cock head were really working the inside of Seven's vaginal walls...

Seven began to pant heavily and let out soft puppy-like chirps as she orgasmed, her pussy clamping tightly around Valerie's cock and squeezing it with massage-like precision as the two heatedly lashed tongues into each others mouths. Valerie finally succumbed to Seven's lustful pussy and came inside of her, filing her pussy with fluidic cum and making Seven spasm and convulse as the cum came alive inside of her; clinging to her G-spot and vaginal walls and acting like separate beings working her over from the inside.

Seven shut her eyes in a squinting fashion and squeezed her legs and arms around the woman atop of her as she let out a tremendous banshee-like howl, cumming and squirting so hard that Valerie's cock pushed out of Seven's pussy and the fluidic cum shot onto herself. Valerie felt her own cum come alive and slither its way into her own pussy, making her feel her life-like organism of an orgasm do to her what should only be done to a sexual partner...

Valerie strained under the intense occupation of her virginal pussy and the mass effect it was about to have, making her vaginal walls contract and pound with such orgasmic force that her telepathic mind melded with Seven's and the two became one momentarily in sexual orgasmic delight. Both were screaming and howling in uncontrollable delight as their bodies convulsed and shook in seizure-like frenzies, making them begin to cry and laugh at the same time as their hearts raced and Seven's legs finally loosened their grip to allow Valerie to rise to her knees red in the face.

"WOW! That has never happened before in the history of my species. Never has anyone melded minds with a partner to create such a powerful dual orgasm between lovers...To take a statement from the Borg: I added your biological distinctiveness to my own..." Valerie exclaimed with a smile.

Seven rose to her feet and her fluidic cream pie began to maneuver its way out of Seven's pussy and down her leg where it entwined itself around her hot thigh, creating a grip-like tingling sensation. Seven went to the mirror at the dresser and looked at herself in it, her hair slightly messed up and her body sweaty from the orgasms she had --and the fluidic cum! The sparkly nature of it glistening over her sensational skin and coating her platinum blond muff while tickling her inner vaginal cavity still with a playful nature of its own.

Valerie went to Seven and bent her slightly forward towards the dresser so she was leaning against its front while reaching down and inserting her index finger into Seven's hot ass. Seven looked back over her shoulder with surprise and shock as she uttered: "What are you doing? I don't think we should there, it's not natural and you're so big."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful...And it's totally natural with my species..." Valerie replied as she removed her finger and propped the head of her cock against Seven's asshole.

Seven prepared herself for the worst as Valerie sunk her hung cock into Seven's ass fully. Seven's eyes went from a squinting shut to wide open as her jaw dropped and she gasped with a loud groan. Valerie pulled back fully to the tip of her cock head and slowly inched it all the way back into Seven's ass. Valerie repeated this slow, full fucking, giving Seven an unusual but pleasant feeling as Valerie watched Seven's asshole stretch back outward with each pull back of her huge cock.


Valerie did as she was begged of and enjoyed Seven's incredibly tight ass as it clung to her cock with vice-like grip, letting her feel Seven's incredible ass spasms as her body began to shake and collapse. Valerie held Seven up solely with the power of her cock impaling Seven's ass as she blew a huge wad of fluidic cum into Seven's ass. Seven could feel the fluidic nature swimming about inside of her, encircling Valerie's cock and actually pulling it into Seven's ass further as it stretched its fluidic self throughout her entire colon.

Seven couldn't believe the intense feeling inside of her and her pussy gave way to the most prolific spurting squirt ever...Her pussy squirted so long and so hard and with so much pressure that her ass pushed and expelled Valerie's cock out of Seven's ass, making Seven turn about and spray her orgasm 10 feet across the room and soaking the bed.

Seven's squirts dwindled to soft spurts and coating the fronts of her legs as she stood there and quivered from her orgasm as Valerie went to her and embraced her with a long drawn out tongue kiss. The two did this for nearly an hour, sinking to the floor and rolling about; taking turns who would be on top and passionately grinding their naked bodies against each other.

The two now knew they had a special connection and would stay in touch during Voyager's trip back to Earth. But they would become even more connected when Seven disclosed she was pregnant with Valerie's child, naming him TEN OF SEVEN--After Valerie's 10" cock and the child of Seven.


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