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[The following chapters describe the original beginning of Seven's
domination and lead into the continuation of her trials after the male
ensign has been released. Thank you to everyone who sent such great
feedback ([email protected]). I hope you enjoy the rest of the

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 7 (F-dom, no sex)
by Natalie Croft

Captain Kathryn Janeway sat at her desk, staring at her monitor. She couldn't
help but laugh quietly. In the confines of her private ready room, she had
the perfect opportunity to look back on the past few weeks. The screen before
her showed just one of the many events that she had initiated and recorded.
Janeway reclined back in her chair and sipped at her cup of black coffee, her
mouth stretched into a thin smile. She had grown tired of the ensign by now,
but was already considering the new involvement of her other favorite female
officer. Yet funnily, if it hadn't been for the technical brilliance of her
Chief Engineer, B'Elanna Torres, this whole scheme may not have been
possible. Now, it all seemed so simple.

When Seven of Nine had first arrived on the USS Voyager, Janeway had already
begun her plot to use the woman for her own pleasure. Up to now, her plans
had been mostly kept away from the rest of the crew. But three weeks ago, the
Captain had called Torres to her office and made a highly secret proposition.
She knew that the Klingon officer had never liked their new crew member Seven
of Nine. The two of them could never see eye to eye, both always as stubborn
as the other. The engineer had put up with the borg's attitude for too long
and now held a deep hatred towards her. Janeway had offered Torres the
perfect chance to vent this anger and get her own back on all the times that
Seven had turned her nose up at her. There was barely any hesitation to the
agreement after the Captain laid down her plan.

B'Elanna was to construct a remote device that could pass information waves
to Seven's cranial implant. The waves would adapt the implant to pass
emotional responses to Seven's brain. These emotions would be designed to
suit several purposes. Ever since Seven had been broken off from the rest of
the Borg Collective, the young woman had found it extremely difficult to
adapt to her new surroundings. Without the queen borg distributing her own
orders, Seven became increasingly frustrated with her newfound freedom. Her
only relief was in following the orders of Captain Janeway and so it wasn't
long before the two of them began to spend a lot of time together. Torres's
device could adjust the implant by placing Seven back into a completely
subordinate role. The borg desire for authority could be strengthened as much
as the Captain wanted it to be. The idea was straightforward, claimed Torres.
All the Captain had to do first was build up Seven's sense of freedom and
feed her newfound human desire for power. Seven's arrogant attitude was
already a sign that she was becoming more autonomous. Once Seven was in a
position where she believed that she commanded her own power, like she had
never before been able to, Janeway would take all of that away and send her
into a role of complete subordination. The shock should place the borg back
into the mindless attitude that she had had under the Borg Queen. Janeway
would then be in total control of her.

Not only that, but the implant in her head could be used to stimulate the
parts of her brain that controlled her sexual desires. Basically, Janeway
could make her Borg officer as highly sexed as she wanted.

B'Elanna had been surprised that her Captain was devising such an evil
scheme. She was also a bit shocked that the older woman wanted to use another
crew member for her own sexual perversions. Still, if that involved Seven,
she couldn't be happier. Besides, Janeway promised the Klingon huge rewards
as long as it all remained a secret. Torres shook the Captain's hand and went
straight to the Engineering Bay to begin her work. It did not take long
before the technology was established. In return, Janeway placed a personal
commendation into B'Elanna's record, although she didn't mention the exact
reason for the award, but instead declared that the engineer had been of
invaluable help for the past few years that Voyager had been stranded in the
Delta Quadrant. Torres was also allocated extra time off duty and special

Now, relaxing in her comfortable office chair, Janeway thought back to how
she had first begun her transformation of Seven of Nine...

* * *

...Seven of Nine stood before the door to the captain's personal quarters and
pressed the buzzer. She heard a cheerful chirp. A few seconds passed and then
she heard the familiar voice of Kathryn Janeway from inside. "Come!"

The door slid back and Seven entered. The captain's living space was
elegant and decorated tastefully. At the back of the lounge area, a long
sofa stretched along the wall under the large windows that looked out onto
the stars. In the dining space, a table had been lain out carefully with
flowers in the center and candles on either side.

"Glad you could make it."

Seven turned her head towards the gravely voice and saw her captain
standing in a doorway. Janeway was dressed in a long black evening gown.
Her brownish-red hair rested on her shoulders. Seven was slightly taken
back. When the captain had invited her to dinner to discuss how things
were going, she hadn't thought that it would be so formal. She herself
did not have any real formal wear yet. All she had changed into was a
different colored catsuit, choosing her maroon version for the night. The
captain didn't seem to mind.

"Come in. Please, sit down," said Janeway, motioning to the sofa. Seven
thanked her and walked across the room, settling down on the plush cushions.
Janeway put her hands on her hips. "Would you like some champagne? I've made
us a lovely dinner for this evening. I hope you like it."

The two women chatted for a while on the sofa over two glasses of champagne.
They then spent the next few hours across from one another at the table while
Janeway asked Seven all sorts of questions. Seven soon felt relaxed. Once
they were done, they returned to the sofa for another drink. This time,
Janeway sat a little closer to her companion, leaning in more as she poured
the borg another glass. It was time to get things into action.

"Tell me, Seven, what do you think of the crew? Are you comfortable with

Seven thought for a moment, trying to find some tactful words. "They are a
satisfactory crew. I suppose I am as comfortable as I can be." She took a sip
from her champagne. "However, many of them are incompetent. Few of them seem
to carry out my orders sufficiently. And I often catch the male officers
staring at my body."

Janeway almost spat out her drink with laughter. It was true. She had seen
it on many occasions. Janeway couldn't blame them, though. Every once in a
while she herself had a good look when no one else was around. The skintight
uniforms that Seven wore were actually designed by Kathryn for that very
purpose. She had wanted to make the borg beauty find it embarrassing to walk
around the ship in such an attire, but Seven had seemed to take a secret
pride in being able to use her physical attractiveness to hold power over
other crewmembers.

"How would you like a promotion?" asked Janeway. Seven's eyes glinted with a
sudden surprised joy.

"A promotion?" Seven blurted. "...Yes!...I mean, yes, captain. I think that I
deserve one."

Janeway grinned. "Oh, really? Why do you say that?"

Seven hesitated. Then, she decided not to hold back anymore. She told the
captain exactly what she felt. "I am an important asset to this crew. Since
I have come on board, our proficiency has greatly increased. I can perform
better than anyone else on board...that is...besides you, captain." Janeway
nodded her head and looked down at her glass.

"You don't think that you're exceptional talents are appreciated by the

"No, I do not", said Seven. "None of them can see how superior I am."

Janeway smiled again. "Well then, my dear. I would like to show you something
special as a reward for all your hard work. Follow me."

The captain stood up and walked towards the door. Seven followed close behind
as Janeway left the quarters and walked briskly down the corridor to another
door marked "PRIVATE - Captain's use only." Janeway tapped in a sequence of
numbers and the door slid open with a swoosh. Seven peered inside to see the
black walled grid of a holosuite.

"My private holosuite", Janeway beamed as the two women wandered in. The door
closed behind them and Janeway tapped the keypad to lock it shut. "Let's see
how you like this." Kathryn called out a specified code to bring up her
personalized program. Seven watched silently as the walls and floor around
her turned to stone. The stone was grey with mould and dampness covering it.
It wasn't exactly what Seven had expected.

"I don't understand, captain. What is this program?"

"Patience, Seven", said Janeway. Then she called out another order to the
computer. Before their eyes, a man and woman appeared, totally naked. Janeway
turned to Seven to see her reaction. Seven's face was a picture of confusion
and interest. The captain raised her hand out to the holo-couple and the two
of them dropped to their hands and knees and approached Janeway's feet.

"This, my dear, is my own personal recreation room. These people before you
are my own personal slaves." Janeway then commanded the couple to clean her
shoes. Without hesitation, the man began to lick Janeway's right shoe and the
woman ran her tongue over the left. Seven didn't know what to say.

"You have slaves?" asked the blonde officer.

"Oh yes. They do anything I tell them to. Because they understand that I am
superior to them." Janeway lifted her left foot and the naked female began
to lick the underneath of her heel. "The reason why I am showing you this is
because I'm offering you the use of my holosuite to satisfy whatever needs
and desires you wish."

Seven of Nine's eyebrows were raised and she couldn't take her gaze off the
people currently licking the Captain's feet. Her breathing was heavy and she
was beginning to feel aroused. "M-me?" she stammered.

"Yes, Seven. If you want it, it's yours."

"Yes, captain!" she croaked. "I would very much like that." Janeway could see
beads of perspiration appearing on Seven's flushed forehead.

"Excellent. Then I suppose I'd better show you how this works."

For the first time in her life, Seven of Nine was to have complete supremacy
over other people. She was to be her own Borg Queen. Finally, someone had
recognised her natural leadership. Her expression could barely contain her
excitement. Janeway talked Seven through the controls and multitude of
options with a hidden smirk. The blonde borg had no idea that her good luck
would only last for a single week.


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