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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 8 (FF,MMFF,anal,F-dom,bond,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Captain Janeway couldn't have been happier with the way this was turning out.
Every evening after her duties had ended, Seven of Nine calmly made her way
to the captain's holosuite and entered the code for her personal program. The
ex-borg had taken a liking to the layout of the dungeon setting. She had
begun slowly, first just using the captain's two holoslaves to lick her shoes
and perform menial tasks such as getting her champagne and caviar, and gently
fondling their bodies to better understand what aroused her. The main thing
that excited her was simply giving orders and expanding her ego. It wasn't
long before she began experimenting further. She instructed them to refer to
her only as "My Queen". She ordered the couple to perform sexual acts on each
other while she watched and sometimes, she sat on their backs in order to be
carried around the room by them on their hands and feet. She noticed that the
slaves became aroused themselves whenever Seven let them touch her. At first,
they had begged for their queen to pleasure them, but Seven was disgusted
with the idea of actually having to put herself in the action. These
holoslaves may not have been real, but they looked and smelled dirty, and
Seven was certainly not the sort of person who would bring herself down to
their level. Therefore, she always remained clothed. She knew that her body
was a potent weapon. As long as she teased her subordinates with it and never
allowed them the satisfaction of having it, she felt she could better define
her position.

After a few days, Seven materialized her own slaves. They were a mixture of
men and women of various species. Seven of Nine had yet to decide whether she
preferred males or females because both seemed to stimulate her lust. She had
two Vulcan women, a Bajoran woman, a human male, and a pair of Trillian men.
All were in perfect physical shape. In a way, she was beginning to feel like
a borg again, having dominance over so many variants.

The clothes Seven wore also began to change. Rather than wearing her usual
tight uniform (as striking as it was), she decided to follow Janeway's advice
and "spice things up". After trawling through the database, she put together
a unique attire.

She wore a black leather bra that pushed her large breasts up together. Over
this, she wore a simple white shirt with the buttons undone just enough for
her deep cleavage to be revealed. Her lower half was adorned with a pair of
cream, skintight riding pants that hugged her legs and butt, accentuating
every contour of her slim and muscular limbs. They were so tight that she
had a visible camel toe and the material sank into the crack of her ass. It
was obvious that she had decided not to wear any underwear. But what was
worse for the slaves was that Seven's tendency to sweat when she became
aroused always resulted in a large visible sweat stain creeping up between
her buttocks. The dampness hugged the pants tighter and the slaves were
constantly frustrated at seeing her inviting ass sway back and forth as she
walked about the dungeon, setting them all to perform torturous or degrading
tasks. On her feet, the blond queen wore black leather boots with five inch
heels that reached up to her thighs. The heels made her even taller than she
naturally was and made her more imposing. On her head, she wore a black
leather military cap over her hair which was kept tied up in a practical bob.
Seven had been researching Earth history and had decided to wear a Nazi arm
band on one arm. She sympathized with the political party's views and was
impressed by their beliefs that blonde haired, fair-skinned people were
superior. She hadn't needed to read a history file to know that. She had
always known that she was a better being. So she wore the swastika with pride
and ruled her dungeon with an iron fist, military style. To top off her
outfit, she wore long black gloves to avoid making physical contact with her
underlings, and she always carried a riding crop. She found that delivering
swift whippings with the crop could hurry her slaves well. After a week,
"Queen Seven" became a vicious and ruthless mistress.

It was this image of Seven that Captain Janeway encountered when she came to
visit Seven in the holosuite one evening. Naked holoslaves were spread out
around the large dungeon room. Some were locked in cages. Others were chained
to the wall. One man had a heavy weight dangling painfully from his penis. A
woman next to him had smaller weights hanging from her nipples and clit. On a
table in the middle of the room, a man lay spread-eagled with his wrists and
ankles clamped to the four corners of the slab. Seven stood over him,
sneering and tracing her crop over his torso. She pushed a gloved finger
inside his mouth and then pulled it out and wiped it over his face. She
reached for his dick and grasped it roughly, flopping it about until he
became hard. Making sure he was watching her, she leant over and put her face
near to his throbbing manhood. She pursed her lips and blew gently on to his
helmet. The man groaned for her attention, but Seven denied him, straightened
up and slapped the crop over his desperate cock. Then she laughed and looked
up to see Captain Janeway admiring her work.

Janeway was amazed to see how much her borg officer had taken on her role.
The blond bitch was a natural at dishing out punishment. And she looked
stunning! Seven strode across the room, her heels clicking against the stone
floor menacingly. "Welcome, Captain! Please make yourself at home. I trust
that you have come here for some pleasure of your own...?"

"That's right, Seven. I must say I'm impressed. You've really maintained
order here."

"Of course, Captain. After all, I learnt from the best." Seven guided her
captain over to a set of chairs. They sat down opposite each other. Before
Kathryn could speak, the younger woman barked out a number. Within moments,
a nude woman with smooth skin and her head covered by a leather gimp mask
crawled in front of her. The Queen Borg unzipped the zipper that covered
the woman's mouth and said sharply, "pleasure me, slave." A tongue protruded
from the mask and the woman buried her head between Seven's open thighs.
"You don't mind if I keep working, do you?"

Captain Janeway looked down at the bare ass sticking out at her as the female
slave's head bobbed around Seven's crotch. "Not at all", she shrugged. "But
aren't you going to remove your pants?"

Seven snorted and shook her head. "And allow this lowly scum to come that
close to perfection? Hardly. These beings should just be grateful that they
are in my presence."

"Perfection?" thought Janeway. The Captain cleared her throat and asked,
"What have you been using these...beings...for, if not for intercourse?"

Seven dropped her hand onto the masked head and sighed as she pushed the
slave further down. "For whatever I want", said Seven casually. "I tease
them, beat them, make them wait on me. You honestly wouldn't expect me to
have sexual liaisons with these creatures, would you? No! Instead, they do
what they are made for. For instance, just today I made them all lick the
dirt from the floor and then perform oral activity on each other." The
beautiful queen let out a snigger before controlling herself. The riding
crop lashed down at the slave's back. "You, of course, though captain, can
do what you want."

"Well thank you for allowing me, Seven. I believe I will." Janeway leaned
forward. "Do you know what I think I'll do?"

"What's that, Captain?" asked Seven with an arrogant smile.

"I think I'll take the lowest piece of shit being here and tie them up."

"Oh yes, captain. Then what will you do?" The borg babe asked with growing

"Then I think I'll give them a good spanking."

"That's always fun!" replied Seven. Both of her hands were now on her slave's
head and she was shifting breathlessly in her seat.

"And then I think I'll have all the other slaves you have here have their way
with them."

"Yes, captain! Yes!" exclaimed Seven as the slave rubbed her tongue faster
over her mistress's covered pussy.

"So...Seven of Nine...if you don't mind. I haven't got all night. Stand up
and get your prissy little butt over to there."

Seven's hands stopped pushing the slave's head and her eyes snapped open. For
a moment she thought her captain was joking, but the look on Janeway's face
didn't indicate humour. "Wh-what...what do you...what?"

"You heard me you arrogant bitch. Stand up."

The young woman stared at her commanding officer in shock. She couldn't be
hearing this right. This was HER dungeon. SHE was the queen. Janeway waited
for Seven to respond.

"Why?" she asked, her voice cracking.

"Because I am your captain and I gave you an order."

The borg stood up slowly from her chair not taking her eyes off the captain.
Suddenly, she yelled "Computer, end program!"

Nothing happened.

Janeway leaned back in her chair. "Surely you didn't forget that this is my
holosuite, did you?" Seven of Nine stumbled back, now wanting to get out of
this room. She walked backwards to the large wooden door that was usually
the exit. With panic in her eyes, she grabbed the bolt and tried to shift
it. She couldn't. It was stuck. She began hammering at the door, gasping and
terrified. Janeway slowly rose to her feet and called out a code. The doors
to the cages slid open and the chains on the walls unlocked. The slaves stood
and walked towards their Queen. The woman in the mask got up and removed her
mask, revealing that she was an attractive Vulcan. The slaves gradually
walked towards Seven who was now shouting for help. Before the voluptuous
bombshell knew it, their hands reached out and grabbed her. Together, they
hoisted her off the ground and carried her kicking and screaming to the
center of the room. Her leather cap fell to the floor and the riding crop
went with it.

"Shut up now or I'm going to get mad," yelled Janeway. Seven stopped
screaming and looked at her superior officer with bewilderment. "Now you can
do as I say or I can make you do as I say. Understand?" Seven glanced around
at the stoney faces of her slaves. "Understand?!" snapped Janeway. The tall
blond nodded her head.

The captain supervised as Seven was stood in the middle of the floor. The
slaves lifted her arms up and attached steel clamps from the ceiling to her
wrists. Her ankles were shackled to the floor. Seven still looked like a
deer caught in headlights. Janeway stepped in front of the helpless woman
and looked up at her pretty face.

"Now, my dear, it's time you learnt where you really stand. You are not a
perfect little flower. You are a steaming pile of dog droppings. Do you

The captive woman nodded weakly.

"You are the lowliest slave of all. So lowly that you are not fit to speak
to any of these other holoslaves unless I tell you to." Janeway ran her hand
over Seven's soft cheek and down her neck. She stopped at the woman's chest
and looked down at the canyon of cleavage. Kathryn took hold of the
prisoner's shirt and pulled it open, snapping off the few buttons holding it
together. She then reached her hands around Seven's body and unsnapped the
bra. Seven gasped. She wanted to protest but saw something in Janeway's face
that told her it would be a bad move. The leather bra came away in the
captain's hand and Seven's large bulbous breast bounced out. The slaves
gathered in front of her and grinned for the first time as they witnessed
their torturer's disrobing. Seven blushed and squirmed as her boobs hung out
for everyone to see. Captain Janeway giggled and tossed the bra to one of
the male slaves.

"My my," said Kathryn, "those are even bigger than your uniform makes them
look." The captain clasped one of the tits in her hand and squeezed it
gently, letting a moan escape Seven's mouth. "Okay, everyone. Let's take a
look at what else her royal highness has to offer." Janeway marched around
behind Seven's dangling frame and the slaves followed her. Seven strained
her neck to try to see what they were doing.

Janeway stepped up behind Seven and ran her hands over the blond's hips. She
then hooked her fingers underneath the waistline of her riding pants. "No,
please!" thought Seven, but knew it was useless. In a single movement, the
captain yanked the back of Seven's pant's down below her buttocks. What
Janeway and her slaves were greeted with was Seven of Nine's pale ass. What
surprised them all was that it wasn't the toned perfect, shapely ass that
they had expected. It was apparent that Seven's uniforms held in quite a bit
of her. Seven had a fat ass. As the two milky globes flopped out over her
trousers, Seven's jaw dropped in horror.

"Voila!" shouted Kathryn. The slaves applauded. Seven just grimaced with
embarrassment. With that, Janeway pulled her hand back and smacked Seven
hard across her backside. The borg babe winced as her fleshy buttocks
jiggled comically. The captain couldn't help but chuckle. But more was
still to come.

Kathryn returned to her position in front of the prisoner. Naturally, the
slaves followed. Seven looked ridiculous with her white ass hanging out and
her tits bouncing around openly. "I wonder what else you've been hiding."
wondered Janeway aloud as she moved closer to Seven. The bound woman shook
her head, pleading to be left some dignity. The smirk on Kathryn's face was
all she needed to know. The captain's hands reached down to the front of
the riding pants and unceremoniously tugged them down around Seven's strong
thighs. Instantly, Janeway's eyes went wide. The slaves gasped and burst out
with laughter. The captain covered her mouth to stifle her own amusement as
she took a step back. Seven closed her eyes in humiliation. Between Seven's
legs was a large bush of curly dark hair. It covered her entire pussy and
looked as though it had never seen a razor. Seven tried to push her thighs
together to conceal her mini-afro. It didn't work. The slaves pointed and
cheered at her overgrown pubes. It was almost too much for her to bear.

After the fun had died down, Janeway ordered for Seven to be moved. The
clamps came off and the borg officer was hauled over to a bench and bent over
it at the waist. Her ankles were once again clamped, this time to the bench
legs. Her arms were pulled behind her back and handcuffed together. Seven's
big butt was left raised in the air and gave the people in the room a good
look at her private area. Her pink slit was on show underneath the mass of
hair. The pubic fur reached right up under fanny and surrounded her puckered
asshole. "Oh dear me," said Janeway as she moved closer, "I'm sure going to
have to do something about this!" She stroked her finger over the revealed
area. Then, she wandered round to get a view of Seven's startled face. She
picked up the riding crop next to her foot. "I think you know what this is
for," she hissed. The captain took the crop and looked down at Seven's
quivering ass. The first stroke stung her cheeks more than she anticipated.
Another one came, and another, and another. Janeway lashed down hard with the
stick until red marks began to appear on the soft skin. After twelve strokes,
she handed the crop to a slave and let him have the chance to finally get
even with the borg bitch. Seven of Nine was helpless and had no where to go.
Each stroke stung more as her rump was tenderized. Every slave took their
turn at spanking her. By the end of it, Seven was sweating and breathing

When Seven of Nine looked up again, she saw the captain standing above her
with the Vulcan woman's mask in her hand. "Hope you don't mind the dark,"
chuckled Janeway as she slipped the gimp mask over Seven's head and fastened
it tight. The re-haired commander picked up an instrument from a tray next
to her. It was a large black dildo attached to a harness. She secured it
firmly around her crotch. Running her hands up Seven's silky thighs, she
pulled herself closer. The borg woman's furry butthole was just begging to
be penetrated. "Bad little girls like you, Seven, get buttfucked. Prepare to
open wide for me. And while I'm doing this...I want to hear you squealing
like a pig!"

The slaves watched with excitement as Janeway pressed her dildo head against
the brown starfish. Seven's body tensed and her back arched in fright. The
captain kept the cheeks spread apart and then shoved the dildo through the
anus. Seven's squeal was genuine at first. She felt her sphincter muscles
struggling against the invading object but it was soon travelling deep into
her chute. Janeway was cheered on as she thrust in and out, smacking her hand
against the wobbling masses of flesh. Seven did as she had been told and
began to squeal from under her mask like a farmyard swine. As the captain
plunged her stinkhole harder and rougher, Seven's squeals became louder and
more frantic. Her long powerful legs began to tremble. The sweat pouring from
her butt crack trickled down to the pants that were still rolled down around
her knees.

Eventually, Janeway felt she'd plugged Seven's pooper enough and pulled out.
The borg babe's asshole gaped open for a few seconds and Seven felt the rush
of cool air enter her back passage. Seven was exhausted and degraded. She
slumped her head down on the bench. "No, no!" cried Kathryn, "you haven't
been finished with yet. Slaves, bring the little piggy over to the bed for a
proper roasting."

The slaves unlocked the clamps once more and seized Seven's arms and legs,
lugging her over to the dungeons large bed, a simple metal structure with a
thick dirty mattress. Seven of Nine was too weak to struggle against her
captors as they dropped her down. Kathryn had the slaves completely remove
the woman's clothes and pulled the taut mask off her head. Seven's face was
red. She looked around frantically at all of the different holopeople
surrounding her, leering at her naked body. Two of the men crawled onto the
bed with her. One of them put his arms around her and picked her up with
ease, then slid himself underneath her and pulled her down firmly on top of
him. She felt his erect penis press against her skin. The other man climbed
on top of them and pinned Seven's arms down. His dick was hard too and he
began poking it around her beaver. She recoiled as the two filthy alien males
sandwiched her. She felt the cock underneath her prod against her punished
bumhole and then begin to slide in. At the same time, the other man shoved
his shlong between her hairy cunt lips and began ramming her hard. Seven
moaned as the two men started to work in tandem. When one pulled out, the
other pushed in. They slammed her quicker and quicker. The bed creaked in
time to their poundings. Seven felt her head being pulled back. She looked up
to see the Vulcan woman hovering above her. To the borg's dismay, the woman
winked and then put her legs on either side of Seven's face. She clamped
Seven's head between her thighs and told the trapped bimbo to lick her pussy.
Seven complied for reasons she didn't understand and began to gingerly tongue
the hologirl's twat. While she did, the man beneath her reached up and
grabbed both of her breasts and began rocking her even more against the
assault. Seven of Nine was fucked like a wild animal. The abuse only lasted
for a few minutes but to Seven it seemed like an eternity. The first to cum
was the Vulcan woman. She cried out loudly in her native tongue and Seven
felt a flood of juice hit her directly in the face. A second later, the man
on top pulled out and pushed her long legs as far up to her shoulders as he
could. Seven emerged from her pussy bath to see his pee-hole aimed directly
at her face. She had no time to react as he squirted several long blasts of
warm semen over her pretty features and over her chest. Underneath her, she
felt another shower taking place as the second man slid out and nutted over
her pubic mound.

Captain Janeway clapped in delight. She decided that this was enough for the
first day. There was plenty more time to disgrace the spoilt astrometrics
officer. She waded into the orgy and pulled the cum-covered Seven by the
hair, off the bed and onto her hands and knees. A quick request to the
computer materialized a leash in the captain's hand. Janeway fastened the
collar around Seven's neck and tugged her towards the door by the lead. "Come
along, my pet."

Before the holoslaves disappeared into the air, they reacted gleefully to the
sight of the degraded former "Queen Seven" being pulled along the floor like
a dog, naked and covered in their fluids. All the borg could do was keep her
head down and suffer the indignity at the hands of her new mistress.


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