This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 9 (MF,FF,inter,F-dom,bond,spank)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Lt. B'lanna Torres took the glass of champagne from her commanding officer's
hand as the older woman joined her on the sofa. The chief engineer had rarely
seen the inside of the captain's personal quarters before. She felt honored t
o have been invited. Then again, she knew this was about business. She knew
this was about the undisclosed deal that the two women had made that could
jeapordize their careers if anything got out. Was it worth it? Torres hoped
so. Janeway had assured her that she could be trusted. Right now, all Torres
wanted to do was see the fruits of her labor. It had been three weeks and she
still hadn't seen the downfall of Seven of Nine that she had been promised.

"So, Captain," she said, "is everything going smoothly?"

Janeway crossed her legs and let herself relax after her long day on the
bridge. "Everything is perfect, my dear. I couldn't be happier with what
you've done for me."

"Then Seven is..."

Janeway nodded, taking a swig from her glass.

"Where is she? Can I see-?"

The captain raised a hand to interrupt her. "Don't worry. All in good time,
lieutenant. We have much more to discuss. I suppose I can give you just a
taste of what's been going on though." Janeway picked up a handheld remote
from the coffee table and pointed it at the far corner of the room. A large
screen slid out from the wall and lit up. "Get comfortable. You'll enjoy

The older woman hit another button and an image appeared on screen.
Immediately, B'Elanna's eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped open. The sounds
of a man and woman grunting and groaning filled the room. Torres watched as
a muscular black man knelt behind a woman, positioned doggie style,
pummelling his cock in and out of her naked form. The image pulled out to
show the naked woman's identity. The monitor showed Seven of Nine's face
frowning as she took the man's full brunt, her silky blond locks falling
over her forehead. She was moaning like a whore and seemed to be bucking
voluntarily as if she was trying to increase the force of the man's dark
meat ploughing away between her legs. Lt. Torres was shocked. She couldn't
believe that she was actually seeing the prim and proper ex-borg appearing
in her own sex movie. At the same time, she was thrilled. Janeway let the
engineer watch the show for a good five minutes before she paused the image.

Torres turned to her captain, speechless. "What do you think? She's in my
holosuite now." asked Janeway. B'Elanna's mouth curled into a grin.

"How did were you able to...?"

"All thanks to you, my dear." replied the senior officer. "I record
everything that Seven does. I have holo-cameras trained on her every move.
Everything that I have put her through for these past three weeks are on
file for my own viewing pleasure. I command her every action, just as I
wanted it." She took Torres's glass and put them both down on the table.
Her voice softened. "Do you want a part in this, B'Elanna?"

The klingon woman looked at the image on the screen then back at Janeway's
serious face. There was no way she could pass up the opportunity to see
Seven punished in the flesh. And if there was a possibility that she would
be allowed to initiate her enemy's torture, she'd take it. "What will I be
allowed to do?"

"You can be her second mistress. You can do whatever you want with her."

Torres's mind began to spin as she thought of the possibilities.

"On one condition," finished Janeway.

"One condition?...what?" the engineer asked cautiously.

The captain leant in closer to B'Elanna and reached her hand out. She stroked
her guest's dark hair gently. B'Elanna didn't pull away or even flinch. She
just stared back into Janeway's eyes. "You're part klingon", said Kathryn,
"You like to play with a certain...aggression." The red-haired woman ran her
finger along B'Elanna's forehead ridges. Torres nodded. "When was the last
time you were properly satisfied?"

"I...sometimes I go to the holodeck and...I call up a program..." B'Elanna's
voice trailed off as Janeway's finger touched her lips.

"But nobody on board this ship is willing to give you what you need, are
they? They're too weak, too sensitive. They won't hurt you enough. They won't
give you pain." Kathryn's words made B'Elanna's heart race. She kissed her
commander's fingertips and then blushed.

"What are you saying, captain?"

"I'm saying that I can give you all the pain you need if you'll let me."

B'Elanna's hand moved to Janeway's knee. Could the captain really fulfil that
promise? "What makes you think you have what it takes?" she breathed.

"Because my pleasure is in dishing out pain."

Janeway leant in and Torres followed. They kissed each other passionately,
falling backwards into an embrace. For a moment, Kathryn pulled away. "Let me
be your mistress, B'Elanna."

"Yes!...Yes! You ARE my mistress!" Torres exclaimed and pulled the captain
back into the kiss. They lay on the sofa, running their hands up and down
each other. "Prove it to me!" cried the klingon.

Janeway stood up, took Torres's hand and led her to the bedroom.

Next to Janeway's leopard skin bed, there stood a large wooden pair of
stocks. Erotic toys were scattered all around the room. Torres could feel her
heart thumping in her chest. This wasn't how she'd imagined Captain Janeway's
bedroom to look and she wondered what she had in mind.

"It's ok," Janeway assured her and began to unzip the klingon's uniform. The
lieutenant just stood there and let things happen. Her jacket slid off, then
her trousers came down. She kicked off her shoes and helped Kathryn pull off
the shirt. Janeway saw the woman dressed only in simple underwear - a sports
bra and matching panties. B'Elanna's coffee-colored skin shone nicely in the
dimly lit room. Torres seemed a little awkward, so Kathryn undid the bra
carefully. When it was removed, both women looked down at the pair of small
round tits. The dark nipples poked up to attention. Kathryn glided down to
her engineer's waist and just as carefully pulled the panties down to the
floor. She looked up to see that at least some of the women on this ship knew
how to take care of their private areas. Torres's beaver was carefully shaved
and shaped into a thin triangle.

Within moments, B'Elanna found herself placing her hands and head on top of
the wooden stock. Janeway pushed the top plank down and the device closed
shut around her. With that, the captain snapped the padlock on. Torres
couldn't move an inch. She suddenly began to wonder if this was really such
a good idea when she saw Kathryn's face in front of her.

"I hope you know I'm going to break you", sneered Janeway, suddenly menacing.
B'Elanna raised an eyebrow. She could see that Janeway had something in her
hand. It looked like a wooden paddle...a wooden paddle lined with metal
studs. The klingon only started to put two and two together when the captain
was out of her sight. If she needed another clue, the harsh smack of the
object against her backside was all that was required. Torres yelped in
surprise and was instantly embarrassed that she had. It had only been a
single smack.

From her bedside table, Kathryn picked up a thick metal vibrator. That too
was covered in pointed studs and looked like some sort of medieval torture
device. The captain pushed B'Elanna's legs apart and found the woman's tight
vagina already leaking with anticipation. The vibrator eased in slowly.
Torres called out, "Hey! What is that?"

Janeway roughly shoved the rest of the steel object inside the woman. "Don't
talk unless I tell you to!" she snapped. "The only reason why I haven't
gagged you is because I want to hear you scream."

Torres felt herself become both wet and angry. She never usually took that
kind of attitude from anyone. "Or what?" she growled.

"Or this!" The captain swung the paddle down hard this time. The room echoed
with the impact it made.

"Ow.." mumbled Torres.

Janeway switched on the vibrator which was very powerful. Its shuddering
caused Torres's pussy to quiver ecstatically. The klingon moaned as her
entire body surged with waves of pleasure. Kathryn took a step back and
held up the paddle again. It came down at lightning speed. WHACK!

B'Elanna struggled against the assault behind her and grit her teeth so that
she didn't cry out again.


Janeway increased the power behind each swing as she sensed the engineer's


Torres's ass began to glow bright red. The markings of the studs left small
indents in her skin. The captain kept striking.


The klingon officer's pussy seeped juices that trickled down her thigh. Her
eyes were on fire. Yet still she refused to scream.


Janeway continued to administer her own brand of punishment to her captive
officer. The torture went on for an entire ten minutes until both of
Janeway's arms became tired. The strokes decreased in force. Eventually, she
dropped the paddle to the floor in frustration and began punching B'Elanna's
ass cheeks with her fists in anger.

"Scream, bitch! Scream, dammit!"

Lt. Torres had her eyes shut and her teeth clenched. Her bruised bottom was
in agony, but there was no way she'd allow a human woman get the better of
her. She was stronger than that. Janeway could dish this out for hours if she
wanted and still get nothing. Finally, the captain gave up. She had greatly
underestimated the woman. She seized the vibrator and pulled it out without
care. The studs scraped against Torres's cunt walls like needles. With the
toy came a squirt of delight and Torres sighed with contentment. She had
enjoyed this game. Little did she know that Janeway had not.

The Chief Engineer was released from the stocks. A broad grin was etched on
her face. "That was great, captain. You really had me going", she smirked.
The captain returned a false smile pretending that she was pleased with the

"Yes," she said, "you have quite a strong threshold. We'll have to try that
again soon." Her voice seemed strained.

Torres rubbed her tender ass and picked up her clothes to leave. She didn't
see the evil stare that her commanding officer had trained on her. Janeway
didn't like losing. And it wasn't good to upset her. The flame-haired femme
was already plotting revenge. B'Elanna would be broken, she vowed to herself.
She'll see.

"When do I get to see Seven?" asked B'Elanna.

"Tomorrow. Wear something nice under the uniform."


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