This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 1 (MF,F-dom,tv,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Working on Voyager had always been eventful. The day that Captain Katherine
Janeway had first approached me in Engineering during her inspection and
requested that I report to her quarters at the end of my shift was to be no
exception. She wouldn’t explain to me the reason for this request and it
left me with a sense of apprehension as I continued my work. I barely knew
the captain at that point. That was about to change.

I met her that afternoon and over a cup of her own personal brand of coffee,
she explained the deal. I was shocked at first but gradually began to become
more intrigued. I couldn’t believe that I was hearing the captain talk so
candidly. And what she was offering me seemed too good to be true. She said
that if I decided not to take up the offer, she wouldn’t mind but would
obviously be very disappointed.

“And the last thing I’m sure you want ensign, is to have your captain
disappointed in you,” she said with a warm smile.

I considered this as she sipped from her cup and realised that Janeway had
control over my future career. If I refused her deal she could make my life
tough. Not that I needed much more convincing. Her gently disguised threat
was not what made up my mind. Extra privileges, a clean record and the
chance to bang Seven of Nine were what made up my mind. We shook hands and I
left with a smile of my own that stayed with me all the way back to my own

Two days later, I was tweaking one of the power conversion panels in a
corridor on deck 3 when the captain passed by.

“Ensign. When you’re done with that, please report to my quarters. I’m
having problems with my replicator and I need you to take a look”.

“Yes ma’am” I said and watched her walk off down the corridor. She was an
attractive woman despite being past her best. Her wavy dark red hair bobbed
about her shoulders and her hips swayed with the confidence of a person who
knew she was in charge.

Janeway was reclining lazily before me on her sofa when I entered her room.
She looked up at me and her lips curled slowly up at the sides.

“Your replicator was it, ma’am?” I asked nervously.

“Put your toolbox down in the corner there and come and stand here for a
moment.” She waved towards the middle of her living space a few feet away
from where she sat. I did as she said.

“Now ensign, as you know I’m a busy woman and get little time to relax. I
have needs like any other woman. It has been my experience that as the
captain of this ship if I want something I get it. Right now I want sex
and I want total control. Anything I tell you to do is a direct order and
failure to obey my orders will have you put in the brig for a very long
time. Is that understood?” She asked. The warm smile had disappeared.

“Uh, yes ma’am?”

“Good. Now remove your clothes”. Janeway’s tone was strict. She watched me
as I unzipped my uniform and slowly removed it. Her eyes ran up and down me
as I dropped my shirt to the floor and stepped out of my trousers.

“All of them,” Janeway barked, motioning to my briefs and leaning forward
slightly to get a better view. I lowered my underwear to the floor and stood
before her completely naked. The captain stared for a while at my uncovered
genitals, licking her lips and grinning smugly. Then she pointed to a
dressing screen in the corner opposite her.

“Behind there you’ll find some things to change in to.”

I walked uneasily across the room with Janeway watching me silently. Behind
the screen I found another uniform and what appeared to be Janeway’s pink
bra and panties. I knew better than to question her intentions and grudgingly
slipped on the underwear and then the uniform which was far too small for me.
I hoped that all of this wouldn’t go on for too long before Seven made an
appearance. It was starting to get weird.

As I emerged from behind the screen shifting awkwardly in the captain’s small
clothes, I saw Janeway had now removed her own uniform and lay on her sofa
wearing only a black lace bra, a black lace thong and a pair of stockings and
suspenders. Her body was in incredibly good shape and she looked stunningly
attractive in the attire. Her nipples could be seen erect through the black
translucent material.

“Oh, so you like to wear my clothes, do you ensign? Do they feel
comfortable?” she purred. I lied and said that I did to make her happy. The
material was so tight and short that it didn’t reach down to my wrists or
ankles. It also chaffed between my legs especially when I walked back to the
middle of the room. I felt if I moved too much it would tear. Janeway had
anticipated this.

“Turn around, I want to get a good look at you,” she said. I obeyed.

“Excellent fit. That’s a really cute ass you have there. Bend over and let
me get a better look, would you?” I hesitated but then slowly leant over.
The material strained and dug into my crotch making me wince. Just as I had
completed the task, I heard a loud rip and realised that the trousers had
split. Captain Janeway told me to stay as I was and she stood up from the
sofa. She placed her hand on my ass and began to grope my cheeks.

“Mmmm. Firm,” she cooed before sliding a finger into the tear. She started
stroking the pink fabric underneath, gently caressing my ass crack. Then she
reached one hand underneath me and firmly grabbed my balls. At this point
they were already in pain from the tight seam running up the middle of my
sac. I grunted. She gasped.

“Oh my! What’s this?!....You have quite a package there, ensign!" She began
to stroke my balls through the material as well while I tried desperately to
not become aroused, knowing that it would hurt to get a hard-on inside the
tight uniform. The captain was obviously enjoying herself and seemed to have
done this sort of thing before.

After a few moments, she stood back and sat back down on the edge of the
sofa. She ordered me to straighten up and turn back round. This was a relief.
But then she folded her arms and instructed me to remove the uniform. I
struggled to get free from it but eventually found myself standing in front
of the lingerie-clad captain wearing my own set of lingerie. Janeway laughed
mockingly as I tried to hide my embarrassment.

She said, “Ah, you’re even wearing my underwear! You should know that they’re
a little dirty. I wore them for the past three days. Still, you seem to like
them. You’re such a prissy little bitch, aren’t you? Prissy little bitch in
her little pink panties."

“Yes, captain,” I said and looked down in shame. She knew how to humiliate

“Ok, bitch. Stick your hand down there, find your cock and start whacking
yourself off. I haven’t got all day!”

Hearing the woman talking like this was already turning me on. I tucked my
hand under the waistline and began massaging my rapidly growing member.
Janeway sat back and ordered me to look at her as I did it. She was fondling
her breasts and spread her legs so that I could get a good peak at her pussy,
covered only by a thin strip of black cotton. My dick grew hard and pushed
its way out over the top of the panties. I stood there watching the captain
seductively run her hands up the insides of her thighs as I continued to
masturbate for her pleasure. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold until
eventually she ordered me to stop, laughing again at my predicament.

“Ha ha! You’re so pathetic! Now...” She leapt up and threw herself on to the
coffee table “’re going to pleasure me. Stick that thing into my pussy.
You better make sure I cum and that you don’t cum in me or I’ll make sure
you’ll be walking around the ship in those clothes for the rest of your time

I quickly moved to the table and crawled on top of her. She pulled her thong
to the side, revealing her moist cunt and neatly shaved pubic hair. As I
moved closer, she yanked the pink panties down around my thighs and grasped
my cock in her hand, guiding me into her. I wasted no time. I began pumping
in and out of her hole. Her stocking-clad legs wrapped around my hips and we
both fell into the same rhythm, bucking wildly back and forth across the
smooth hard glass.

“Oh yes!” She moaned “That’s it, you dirty bastard! Ohhhh! Slam my pussy!
Yes! Ahhhhh! Make me cum!” She grabbed my ass cheeks and was pounding her
hips faster and faster. Her dirty talk was pushing me to the edge. Our
bodies slid along the table’s surface and soon, damp streaks of sweat began
to form. She fucked me like an animal for five amazing minutes.

“MMMmmm. OOhhhhhffffuccccckkkkkkkk!” she cried.

Just as my sensitive cock began to reach climax, Janeway threw her head back
and screamed. I felt her juices coat the base of my penis. As she finished
her ecstasy she quickly pushed herself off me and yanked my panties up over
my dick. My pee-hole instantly erupted, flooding the pink panties full of
hot white cum. She watched me spunk myself for the next few seconds and then
pushed me harshly off the table.

“Aww! Did the little prissy bitch cream her panties over me? How cute! Well,
I didn’t want you making a mess...hmm...I have a good feeling about you.
You’re going to give me and my other slave a hell of a good time over the
next two weeks. Go and take a shower in there and then get out. I’ll see you
again tomorrow. Seven and I will be waiting.”

She walked off to her bedroom and the doors hissed shut behind her. My task
for the day completed, I did as I was told. I had to admit that even without
Seven being there, the first day had been kind of enjoyable. The captain was
a complete slut and an excellent lay. And the next day there would be two
women waiting for me! A little humiliation was a price worth paying for this
kind of service.


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