This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 10 (FFF,FF,F-dom,bond,humil,exhib)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Captain Janeway and Lt. Torres walked together along the corridor after the
end of their day. They chatted casually about work and other normal things
until they came to the private holosuite door. Nobody saw them enter. Janeway
ordered the computer to lock the door and called up a new program. Rather
than the usual dungeon setting, the black grid transformed into a bright
white room. The walls were white, the floor was tiled white. A double bed lay
at one end of the room covered in a white sheet. Everything looked clean and
sterilized. Janeway motioned to a clothes stand in one corner and invited her
guest to undress. The women took off their uniforms together.

The lieutenant had followed Janeway's advice and worn something other than
her usual sports bra and panties. She had picked out her leopard skin
lingerie, knowing that the captain would appreciate it. The bra cupped her
delicate breasts firmly and the little thong did its best at concealing her
modesty. She turned around for the captain to get a good luck. Her buttocks
were bruised blue and purple from the previous night's game. "I haven't been
able to sit down all day," she teased. Kathryn nodded in approval and pulled
her own suit off.

B'Elanna stood shyly as Janeway's body was gradually revealed to her. The
older woman was wearing a black lace teddy. Her breasts didn't look as perky
as they had probably once been, but were kept pushed up by the lacy halter.
Despite her years she still looked hot. "Wow," said Torres, "you look...

"Thank you, my dear. You're not bad yourself. Sorry about the butt." The two
of them giggled. The uniforms were hung up on the pegs.

"So where is she?" asked B'Elanna, getting a little impatient. She'd been
waiting all day for this.

Janeway raised a finger in the air and shouted out, "Slave Seven?! Come!"

The women watched as Seven of Nine emerged from behind a screen at the back
of the room. Torres's breath caught in her throat. The statuesque blond
bombshell walked slowly towards them. She was dressed in what was obviously
the captain's choice of attire. Over the voluptuous body, she had donned a
skintight white nurse's uniform. It was a one-piece latex suit that squeaked
as Seven moved in it. It was so tight that her enormous tits threatened to
split the fabric. The skirt was so short that it only just reached her crotch
and if she was to lean in any direction, she would reveal all. The lower
quarter of her flabby bum cheeks poked out invitingly. Over her endless
tanned legs were a pair of white stockings that ended midway up her thighs.
Her feet were clad in white high-heels that clacked against the tiles as she
approached them. The little white hat on top of her head was perfectly in
place and her long golden hair, which was usually tied up, was now flowing
down in waves around her shoulders. She looked gorgeous. Her face gave away
no signs of emotion. Her lips were highlighted with slutty red lipstick and
said nothing as she reached the captain. Janeway took a second to admire
every contour of the borg female's body and then turned to B'Elanna.

"Slave Seven. This is your new queen, Mistress Torres. From this point on you
will take orders from both of us. Greet her."

Seven turned her expressionless face towards the half-naked klingon. The
usual bitter obnoxious stare was now blank. Seven walked in front of Torres
and spoke confidently. "Hello, Mistress Torres. How may I pleasure you?"

It was eerie. She was taking orders like a robot. Torres hesitated, wondering
exactly how she should respond. She looked over at her captain.

Janeway raised her eyebrows. "Don't be shy, B'Elanna...Here...Slave! Lick
Mistress Torres's wonderful pussy."

B'Elanna stared in silent fascination as the tall bimbo nodded once and then
dropped to her haunches. The latex skirt rode up to her waist, revealing her
lack of underwear, and she kept her knees wide apart as her face leaned in
close towards the klingon's crotch. Seven took hold of the leopard skin
panties and pulled them aside to get to the goods. Before Torres could do a
thing, her new slave pushed her tongue out of her firetruck red mouth and
began lapping at the engineer's beaver. Torres couldn't believe this was
happening. She hated Seven of Nine. The bitch had been nothing but a spoilt
brat since she came on board Voyager and her egotistical attitude was what
made her so difficult to work with. Now she was following orders without
question and literally lowering herself to sexually pleasure her worst enemy!
One of Seven's hands grasped the back of B'Elanna's leg while her other hand
reached between her own legs and began to rub her exposed clit. Janeway had
trained her to be the perfect slave.

"I can't believe this!" snorted Torres, "You don't know how long I've been
waiting to get my own back on this bitch!"

"Then take up the reigns, lieutenant. She belongs to both of us now."

Torres was having too much fun at the moment. She grasped the back of Seven's
head and pressed the woman's face closer to her eager slit. Seven continued
to french kiss the trembling twat while her own fingers caressed her

"You should have seen her when we first started. Her pussy was hairier than a
bearded Tribble!" crowed Kathryn. Seven's fur had been shaved off soon after
she'd begun her training. Now her cunt was as bald as the day she was born.
"I'm deliberating whether I should go all out and shave the tramp's head. I'd
have to tell the crew that she's experimenting with styles!"

B'Elanna was growing increasingly wet. Seven's oral ability was in line with
the most experienced street hookers. The klingon wasn't usually attracted to
women, but all the talk and promise of pain and seeing her enemy's spirit
crushed fuelled the fire in her warrior veins. She managed to bring herself
to pull Seven's head back and end the act. She wanted to deliver her own

"Slave, get on your hands and knees. Face the wall." Seven of Nine turned
around and bent down as she was told. Her cute little uniform stayed hoisted
at her hips. Torres delighted in the sight of Seven's podgy bottom mooning
her from underneath the skirt.

"Mind if I join in?" asked the captain.

"By all means," Torres winked. The women descended on their love slut.
Janeway knelt in front of the borg's face, pulled down her halter, and had
the prisoner put her tongue to use on her ageing nipples. Meanwhile, B'Elanna
lay down between Seven's legs and clamped her own legs between them in a
scissor-lock. Their pussies were pressed together and Torres continued to
please her moist cunt by grinding herself against the smooth white taco that
she now owned.

During the course of this two-on-one, Janeway pulled out a thermometer from
Seven's chest pocket. She passed it over to B'Elanna. "Want to take her
temperature?" The klingon snatched the glass instrument and sank it into
Seven of Nine's anus. It stood straight up out of the borg's wobbling bum
like a conquering flagpole. Torres knew that the captain hadn't let her
down. The wash of excitement caused her to finally cream, the spray of her
ejaculation showering Seven's abused fanny. Captain Janeway chuckled as she
heard her new partner moan. "Ok, lieutenant?"

"Wonderful, Captain!"

"Let's put this bitch to bed so that I can show you what else my holosuite
has to offer."

The mistresses stood up and got their sub to her feet. Kathryn removed
Seven's hat. Torres retrieved the thermometer still protruding from the
woman's rear. "Open up" she grinned, before maliciously placing the dirty
instrument inside Seven's pouting mouth. Seven wrinkled her nose in a hint
of disgust. Then the two doms pulled the nurse uniform up over Seven's head.
When they finally squeezed the suit off her curvaceous figure, they shared
a look of admiration. Seven of Nine was left only in her white stockings
and heels. B'Elanna found it hard to tear her gaze away from the bitch's
milky boobs. They were shapely and round, and the pink nipples pointed up
to the ceiling. Her fair skin was flawless. If it hadn't been for her
generous derriere, she would have had the perfect body. B'Elanna couldn't
help but feel envious. Now she had to vent her anger again.

"What did you have in mind for her?" sneered the engineer.

"Bring her to the bed. You'll see," remarked the captain. They marched her
over to the sparse double bed and laid her on her back. Janeway handed Torres
a pair of handcuffs and they each locked Seven's arms above her head, her
wrists secured to the bed posts. Seven frowned in silence. She didn't know
what to expect tonite.

Captain Janeway clapped her hands and yelled, "Computer, begin Event 2275."

Another doorway materialized against one of the walls. It slid open and all
three women looked towards it.

One after the other, women began to appear.

Not just any women. These were holo-women that Janeway herself had designed.
Each one was incredibly beautiful. All were tall and busty, but all were
different in some sense from each other. There was a brunette, a blond, a
red-head, an oriental, and a black. The only other thing similar between
them was that they were all dressed in the scantiest of lingerie. Even Torres
found herself staring at the goddesses entering the room. Seven saw them too.
Her gaze looked over every one of them. The five holowomen stood in a row
around the foot of the double bed. Captain Janeway had a plan.

"Ladies, say hello to Seven."

"Hellooo, Seven!" the beauties cooed in unison. Seven was dumbfound.

"Do you like the new additions to the group, Slave?"

"Y-yes, mistress". Seven stammered. These were a huge leap from the normal
holopeople that Janeway made her mix with. These were clean. They were

"Well, ladies. I bet you'd love to get more intimate with my number one
bitch, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes!" cried the women cheerfully.

"Yes..." whispered Seven.

"What's that, Slave Seven?" asked the Captain.

"Yes," said Seven, not taking her eyes away from the group, "Yes, I would
like that too, mistress."

Janeway beamed happily. B'Elanna was astounded that Seven was actually
reacting well to this. She turned to Kathryn. "She wants to do this."

"Yes, she does," replied Janeway calmly.

"Is she gay?"

"It depends. Usually her sex drive is so high she'll take whatever she can

Seven of Nine was looking more and more intently at the showcase of feminine
loveliness before her.

"...But today it would seem that, yes, she's as gay as they come."

Torres watched the blond underling eyeing up the new recruits and couldn't
help but laugh. She had always suspected the ice queen to be that way
inclined, but now it was clear for all to see. Kathryn cleared her throat.

"Perhaps I should ask Seven herself what she is." The captain peered down at
the borg babe. "Are you gay, Seven?"

Knowing that her responses would please or displease her mistress, she
decided to be completely honest. "Yes, captain...I'm gay."

The two doms sniggered. Torres tapped Janeway on the arm to get her to
continue asking her questions.

"Are you a dirty little dyke?" probed the captain.

"Yes, my queen. I am a dirty little dyke," replied Seven obediently. The
women laughed.

"Are you a titty lapper?"

Seven began to squirm. "Yes, mistress. I am a titty lapper." More laughter.

"Are you a donut bumper? A rug muncher?...A flange fairy?"

"Yes, Captain. I'm a donut bumper!" the borg yelled in frustration. "I'm a
rug munching flange fairy!"

In front of the bound woman, the holo-ladies giggled uncontrollably. Then,
the elegant red-head holo-lady stepped forward. Her green underwear barely
concealed her immaculate holo-generated body. Making eye contact with Seven,
she bent over slightly and cupped her breasts in her hands. Then she blew
the blond officer a kiss. This was almost too much for Seven to take. Seven
strained her neck up to get a better view and pulled against her handcuffs
in a frenzy. Janeway caught on.

"Which one do you want first, my slave?" the captain asked.

Seven motioned her head towards the auburn-maned lady, "That one!"

"What do you want her to do?"

"I want to have sex with her, please mistress!" The horny borg was writhing
around on the bed like a fish out of water.

"Tell me again what you are first."

"I'm a-a...donut bumper...dirty...d-dirty rug...fairy...uh...hurnhhh..."
Seven of Nine couldn't put the sentence together. She was now slapping her
thighs together rhythmically in a distressed attempt to bring herself off.
She was wetter than a bitch in heat. Then again, she WAS a bitch in heat.

B'Elanna whispered ,"You're not really going to let her have it, are you?"

"Of course I am," murmured the older woman. "Tell me, slave!"

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Please! Mistress!" she begged, humping the air.

"Tell me now!!"

"I'm a...uh!...uh!...I'm...I'm a lady-poof!"

Janeway and Torres burst out in hysterics. Seven of Nine's face contorted in
uncomfortable humiliation. The woman had come up with that one herself. She
must really have been desperate for some girl action. The doms fought to
compose themselves. Queen Janeway wiped the tears away from her eyes.

"Ok, slave. I'll let you do the dirty with one of them." The captain looked
up at the ceiling. "Computer, begin Event 2276." The door slid open again.
"Slave, meet Mo."

As the women watched, another of the captain's characters emerged from the
doorway. The holo-ladies smiled. Torres's jaw dropped once again. Seven's
face fell into a look of horror. The new woman sauntered in. She was also
wearing nothing but scanty underwear. However this one wasn't quite so
perfect. "Mo" was an enormous blob of a woman. She must have been at least
three hundred pounds and every ounce of it hung out in rolls. Her chubby
face was a grinning picture of ugliness. As she reached the foot of the
bed, Seven's body had stopped wriggling wildly and was now frozen where she
lay, her gaze fixed in terror at the behemoth that had entered.

B'Elanna covered her mouth partly in disgust at the sight of the fat
individual's lack of clothes.

Mo looked down at the beauty tied to the bed. "Hi, lover!" she said in a
thick southern accent. "I'm gonna round me up this piggy and have me some
fun!" The large woman held up a can of whipped cream. "Cos I'm soooo hungry!
I can't wait to eat you out real good!" Seven of Nine looked anxiously around
for any means of escape. Her wrists strained against the cuffs.

" futile," winked Kathryn to her new holo-character.

"That's riiight! I hope your as hungry as me, darlin'. You're gonna be
tossin' my salad all nite long!" With that, Mo snapped off her panties and
awkwardly clambered on to the bed. Her flabby body jiggled like jell-o while
she turned around on top of the doomed borg damsel. Her pudgy legs straddled
Seven's body, pinning her down, and began to spray whipped cream on Seven's
twat. "You make sure you get yer tongue in real deep!"

"Do whatever she tells you, Seven. B'Elanna, come with me!" said Janeway to
Torres, still stunned by the spectacle. "We've got other things to be doing.
Let's leave these two to get freaky for the night." The captain took B'Elanna
by the hand and pulled her gently towards the new doorway. "Ladies!" The five
gorgeous holowomen followed behind them. B'Elanna looked over her shoulder as
she left the room. The last thing she saw was Seven of Nine's horrified face
being consumed between Mo's humungous quivering buttocks and the faint sound
of a dirty muffled fart.

"Ooops!" cackled Mo. Her loud chuckling faded away as Torres was led along an
endless corridor.


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