This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 11 (F-mast, catfight, humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

B'Elanna stood on a large padded mat which spread out across the floor of a
spacious room. In front of her stood the five holo-women, all beautiful and
smiling in their scanty attire. She was being made to fight for her pleasure.
She wanted to plow through each one of these bimbos, to beat the hell out of
them. As she did, she would allow them to strike her or scratch her, or pull
her hair as girls tended to do in a fight. The pain would keep her excited
but it was the thrill of victory that would get her off the most. Captain
Janeway put her hands on her hips and asked Torres if she was ready.

"Hell yes, captain!" growled the smirking klingon, rubbing her hands together
and adopting a fighting stance.

"Good. First up will be...Pi Ting!"

The oriental babe jumped excitedly in the air and stepped forward on to the
mat. She was a little shorter than the others but her breasts were big for
a Chinese girl and she looked innocently pretty. Her eyelids fluttered at
B'Elanna. This one was going to be too easy, thought the engineering officer.
The attractive opponent didn't even take up a stance. She just stood there
with her hands behind her back almost like a child. Janeway gave the signal
to begin.

Torres didn't waste time in sizing up the woman. She moved straight in with
ferocious speed, desperate to break some bones. She threw herself forward in
a tackle. Suddenly, the woman side-stepped and B'Elanna flew the floor. She
landed with a "umph" and shook her head in surprise. As she got up and
brushed herself off with slight embarrassment, Pi Ting cheekily waved at her
from across the mat. Anger flashed in Torres's eyes and she sprang at the
woman again. The same thing happened with the opponent quickly shifting her
weight to avoid the takedown. Torres landed herself into a roll and was back
on her feet instantly. She was more pissed off than ever. Instead of trying
the same technique, B'Elanna took a step forward and swung a fearsome right
hook to the woman's face. Pi Ting's delicate hand shot and blocked the blow.
The speed of the action startled Torres into confusion for a brief second.
The klingon tried again with the other fist but was met with another
deflection. She yelled out a war cry of rage and swung her leg up to kick
the girl. Pi Ting dipped the foot and grabbed the ankle with one hand. In
one effortless movement, she flipped her arm and B'Elanna went flying up
in the air, falling back down on her back with a painful thud. The other
holo-girls laughed. Torres shook her head again, dazed. She'd underestimated
this woman. Clearly, she knew how to fight. But nobody had ever been able to
defeat B'Elanna. Pulling herself back to her feet, the blushing officer
jabbed at Pi Ting before delivering a roundhouse kick that missed by at least
a foot. Pi Ting suddenly came on the offensive as Torres landed and punched
the klingon square in the head. Torres reeled as another fist hit her in the
nose, then a foot slammed into her stomach and she bent forward to shield
herself. It was the wrong thing to do. Pi Ting executed a perfect kick to
B'Elanna's jaw and knocked her down to the mat like a broken puppet. Torres
blacked out for a couple of seconds before tasting the blood in her mouth
and feeling one of her back teeth loosen. The pain was excruciating. It
half-excited her but was also filling her with shock. Being knocked to the
floor again by the sweet little China girl was humiliating for a warrior like
her. She tried to rouse herself back into the fight. Pi Ting cockily waved
her hand for the klingon to try to attack her. Torres felt her blood boil.
Wrecklessly, she tried one more vicious attack, pulling her hand far back
and chopping towards the girl's neck. Pi Ting dodged with ease and returned
the strike by dropping to her knee and uppercutting Torres directly in the
crotch. B'Elanna screamed in pain and slumped to the floor, grasping at her
injured area. The holo-women laughed again and cheered as Janeway declared
Pi Ting the winner. When Torres sat up, she was clearly mortified at the

"Want another go with one of the others, Torres? Someone easier, maybe?"
asked the captain in a mocking tone.

"You programmed her to be that good! Give me one of the others! That wasn't
a fair fight! I didn't lose fairly!" shouted the hurt officer.

"Fine, get up."

Torres forced herself to stand. She would be ok. The soreness between her
legs was already fading and she spat a wad of reddish saliva, ready for the
real opportunity to conquer one of these precious beauties.

Janeway looked at the group of challengers. "Next up...Shaniqua!"

B'Elanna watched as the tall black woman stepped forward. Her heavy tits
stood out prominently and her muscular limbs shone under the light. This one
did take up a fighting stance. Torres mirrored her, baring her teeth.

Janeway gave the signal "Begin!" and the two women began to circle each
other. Torres struck first with a kick to Shaniqua's toned abdomen. It
connected hard but the holo-woman didn't flinch or respond with an attack
of her own. B'Elanna tried again, punching the dark amazon with a jab to
the lips. Shaniqua's head flinched as the fist connected but otherwise
seemed unhurt. She grinned at Torres with a knowing look. B'Elanna's face
dropped in horror. Before she realized it, Shaniqua grabbed the klingon's
waist and scooped her off the ground. She threw Torres over her shoulder
and spun her around. Following this, she lifted the chief engineer high
above her like a rag doll and showboated to the other women over how
strong she was. With a growing sense of helplessness, Torres felt herself
being dropped back to the floor, landing on her front. She had no time to
rest. Shaniqua slammed her knee into Torres's back and curled an arm
around her throat. She yanked her upper body off the floor, keeping Torres
locked in the hold. With her other hand, she began to grope B'Elanna's
tits, squeezing them roughly. The audience clapped in amusement at the way
the klingon was being manhandled. Then Shaniqua took a firm hold of Torres's
leapord skin bikini bra and ripped it off her body. Her smooth naked boobs
were exposed for them all to see and she had no way to free herself from
her position. She shouldn't have worried. The black babe unlocked her arm
and immediately turned B'Elanna over, driving the knee into her stomach and
winding the Starfleet officer. As she lay on her back, Torres could only
cry out as her legs were raised above her own head and Shaniqua turned her
back to the fallen woman, sitting down against the back of the klingon's
knees and pressing her thong-clad ass against B'Elanna's face. Shaniqua
slapped Torres's buttcheeks as if she was playing a set of bongos to please
the small crowd.

"Captain! Please! Enough of this!" pleaded B'Elanna. Shaniqua answered by
pushing her ass further down against her face, stopping her from calling
out. Then, digging a finger under Torres's panties, she pulled her hand
up, tearing the small garment away like tissue. B'Elanna's bare butt
unintentionally mooned the crowd while the woman on top of her pinched and
tickled her exposed genitalia. Torres squealed in panic. The assault was
torture for her. The black fighter's feet pressed sharply into B'Elanna's
sides causing her severe agony. For the second time, the klingon blacked
out. Never had she experienced such a beating.

Finally, Janeway stepped in and dropped to the floor to ask Torres if she
quit. B'Elanna gasped for breath and shook her head violently. Shaniqua
replied by standing up and spinning Torres into a new hold in which the
taller opponent's thighs were clamped across her neck and her clenched
fists began to thump down hard at her distressed pussy. B'Elanna cried out
again. Janeway asked the question once more. Torres didn't want to quit
but she couldn't take anymore of this degradation. As Shaniqua's fist began
to mercilessly push through the officer's cunt lips and bury inside of her,
Torres tapped her hand on the mat and wheezed the words "I quit."

The match was stopped and the holo-woman was declared the winner. Torres
lay in a battered heap on the floor. She looked up at the captain.

"Why?...How can you do this to me?..."

The captain looked amused. "You said you liked pain, Lieutenant. What's
wrong? Can't take it?"


"You want another chance to prove yourself?"

"But...I can''ve programmed them to be...I can't..."

"Next up...Stacey!"

The captain grabbed her fallen engineer by the hair and dragged her back to
her feet. She left the woozy officer to steady herself as she left the mat
to make way for another match. She grinned, knowing she had all night to
enjoy this...


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