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should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 13 (FFM+,alien,ws,humil,exhib)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

When B'Elanna Torres had entered the captain's quarters on that Tuesday
evening, she found both the Captain and Seven of Nine already waiting for
her. Seven had just finished her shift and was still in her uniform. Captain
Janeway had pointed both of her female officers to the screen in the corner
of the room and told them their attire for the night was to be changed into.
The two women had stepped behind the screen and found only a handful of
garments. There were two pairs of hot pink high-heels with straps that ran
all the way up to the knee, two matching miniskirts that would barely reach
the wearer's thighs and nothing else.

"Do you think we should inform the captain that she has forgotten to provide
us with bras?" asked Seven in her typically serious tone.

"She did it on purpose, you idiot," snapped Torres. While Seven was good with
astrometrics, she could be totally dim when it came to working out other
peoples intentions.

The women finished dressing, left their uniforms hanging over the screen
and stepped out into the room where Janeway felt her face glow. Both of her
slaves looked stunning. Torres's dark skin, small breast and brown hair
contrasted beautifully with Seven's tall, curvaceous frame, gold locks and
alabaster complexion. Janeway wanted to dive on them both and leave her
plans for the night to a later date, but it was impossible. There wouldn't
be a later date. Instead, the captain approached her subjects, walking
around them casually as she looked them over. From her pocket, she retrieved
a small hypodermic needle. As the near-naked women stood motionless, they
felt a small injection enter the base of their necks. B'Elanna expected to
pass out, but she remained standing.

"Don't worry," said Janeway, "that won't hurt you. It's another little device
that I've been wanting to try out for a while. I never had an excuse until
now. Lieutenant, you should be familiar with it. The mobile transporter

B'Elanna was familiar with it. The device in question was an extremely tiny
microchip that could be inserted under the skin so that a person could be
transported from any location even if they were without their com badge. She
spoke her thoughts out loud for the benefit of Seven and then asked where the
captain planned to transport them. Janeway didn't answer her. She stepped
behind her desk, picked up the remote control gadget and pressed the button.
She waved goodbye as her officers disappeared in a shimmer of blue light...

Three days earlier, Captain Janeway had been informed by Ensign Kim that
Voyager would soon be nearing a protected region of space. The Furliban
species was said to guard the area around their homeworld with little mercy.
They were a very private race that had a deep hatred for any non-Furliban
beings. Captain Janeway was prepared to divert Voyager's route, but Ensign
Kim had already taken the trouble to browse the records and discovered that
despite the Furlibans being very aggressive, they were technologically behind
and posed little to no threat to a Federation Starship. A diversion could
unnecessarily cost them an extra week or more. Before she gave the go ahead
for Voyager to continue through the defended area, the captain pulled up all
of the information that the ship's computer had on these Furlibans. That was
when her mind began to put together her most wicked plan to date.

The Furlibans were an ugly species. They were large green skinned creatures
with pot bellies, pig snouts and thick hair covering most of their bodies
except their heads. Males didn't look much different from females other than
the obvious differences, but only males were allowed to leave the homeworld.
According to the files, the Furlibans had one month of the year for mating
season. During this month they grew frenzied with an animal instinct for sex
and would engage with any female they could. Their sperm contained a chemical
that aroused any being that came into contact with it. The infected being
would be temporarily overwhelmed by an equally desperate desire for
intercourse. The amount of scavengers and merchants who had tried to get hold
of this liquid for their own profit or intentions continued to anger the
Furlibans and it wasn't long before all outsiders were banned from the region
by the Furliban high council. But most of the other species in the area were
weak compared with Furliban firepower. Voyager would have no trouble. And,
the Captain discovered, it just so happened that Voyager was about to pass
through in the middle of mating season.

...Seven of Nine and B'Elanna found themselves standing in a dark room in
some kind of alien ship. The vessel wasn't very well kept. The dark gray
bulkheads were covered in rust and the floor was littered with garbage. The
air was warm and the funky smell began to grow worse as the two women looked
at each other with bafflement. A metal door slid open. The women watched as
a large creature entered the room followed by another and another. The angry
looking aliens stared at the girls for a moment and then talked to each other
in their own language. Together, the aliens wheezed a throaty laughter.
Torres folded her arms over her chest to cover her exposed breasts while
Seven tugged uncomfortably at the hem of her tiny skirt. This couldn't be

Captain Janeway heard Harry's voice over the com system. "Captain, we are
being hailed by a Furliban vessel."

"Put it through to my quarters," replied the captain.

Janeway sat at her desk and watched her console light up with the image of a
large green face. The creature's beady black eyes were furious.

"This is Commander Phleg," rasped the alien, "You are trespassing in Furliban
space! We know that you are spying on us. Leave this region or prepare to be
fired upon!"

"This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the USS Voyager. We're just passing
through, Commander. We're not here to cause trouble."

"Oh really?" The fat alien snorted through his piggish snout, "Fools! No-one
can deceive Commander Phleg! We have already captured the spies you sent
aboard our ship!"

"Oh no!" exclaimed Janeway, pretending to be shocked.

"Oh yes! They are in our custody now. Leave our space immediately or we will
open fire."

"Ok, Commander. Please don't attack us. But, what may I ask will happen to

The alien commander made a grunting noise that must have been laughter.
"Don't worry about them, Captain. They will be punished for their crime. You
will have the pleasure of witnessing what happens to trespassers. Hahaha!"
He snorted again as he held up a steel chain. The image moved away from the
Commader's hideous face and followed the chain across the room. On the
screen, Janeway saw the chain connected to two other chains. Each one was
connected to a plastic plug. And each plug was jammed firmly into two
humanoid anuses. The asses stuck up in the air, underneath some thin pink
fabric - one dark and one light. They were instantly identifiable by the
tattooed names scrawled across the twin cheeks. The chains continued up to
the collars around the prisoners' necks, tugging their heads up. As the
monitor circled round the two figures on their hands and knees, the faces of
Seven and B'Elanna could be seen, looking terrified and both restrained with

...Commander Phleg's crew of nine men had undressed and now stood in a
menacing circle around their captives. B'Elanna and Seven watched as ten
green cocks slowly grew longer and harder in front of their eyes. Phleg
pulled the ball gags out of their mouths and gave some orders in Furliban
speech. Both women were grabbed by sets of strong hands and moved apart.
B'Elanna was forced into a kneeling position while Seven was laid down on
her back. The Commander stood before Torres and grabbed her head roughly.
His thick penis waved in front of her face. Before she could cry out, he
thrust forward and the organ slipped into her mouth, stretching her lips.
He then began pumping hard against her face. Torres helplessly choked and
spluttered on the assaulting member. Meanwhile, another Furliban, probably
the first officer, approached Seven of Nine and squatted down over her
face. He pressed down until Seven's luscious lips were squashed against
his large drooping ball sac. The greasy hair tickled her nose as she was
ordered to pleasure the alien. Knowing she had no choice in the matter,
she kissed the oily scrotum a few times before opening her mouth and
inhaling. The alien made a noise of excitement as the blonde prisoner
sucked on his testicles.

Commander Phleg was also overcome with excitement for the first time in this
year's mating season. His sensitive dick twitched inside B'Elanna's jaws and
erupted. The klingon wench felt the warm flood of alien semen spray inside
her face and slide down her throat. At first, she wanted to pull away
instinctively, but a sudden realisation took over. The fluid was sweet,
almost like honey, and she discovered that she could swallow the load without
gagging. Not only that, but when the Commander's waves of pleasure subsided,
she found herself still sucking on the engorged green meat. She wanted more
of the alien's juice. She NEEDED more of it.

The alien that was having his balls serviced by the big-titted borg had his
dick in one hand and was rubbing it gingerly. He decided that the woman had
tasted enough of his nuts and shifted his position so that her long pink
tongue was mashed against his odorous asshole. Seven immediately complied
and rimmed the furry brown orifice. As she did so, the rest of the alien
crew moved forward to finally get in on the action. One of them straddled
Seven's stomach and flopped his tender cock between her heaving boobs. Seven
felt the familiar situation and brought her hands up, pressing her tits
together to create a soft valley for the creature. He pinched her nipples to
make them stand hard and then began sliding his piece back and forward within
her deep cleavage.

Torres was clinging anxiously to the Commander's legs with her mouth wide
open. She couldn't speak. She could only gasp and indicate that she wanted
more. She was pushed back to the floor as two other men marched up to either
side of her. Their throbbing members were seized by her hands without
hesitation. Her small fists stroked them furiously and she kept moving her
mouth over each head, one to the other, hoping that she would feel the squirt
of their semen quickly. She didn't understand it, but she didn't care. More
of the aliens stepped forward. One of them sat down in front of her and bent
her forward. B'Elanna hurried to move herself and wrapped her legs around his
waist. Her slit was already moist. The oily hard-on underneath her slid in
easily. She felt a rush of joy as one of the aliens spurted over her face.
The spunk was light blue in color and seemed to glisten as it poured over her
forehead ridges. Her hips propeled her body against the cock inside her and
the creature grunted just as cheerfully.

Seven of Nine continued to plunge her tongue into the Furliban's anus as
another dumpy male pulled her long legs apart and wasted no time in shoving
his shlong between her quivering cunt lips. Seven felt his abnormally large
organ squeeze against the walls of her opening. She saw the fat rear end of
the alien on her face pull away from her, allowing her to breathe, just in
time for him to spray her gorgeous face with his extraterrestrial seed. The
blue liquid splashed over her features. The sweet taste of honey was soon
followed by a rush of energy in her blood that made her more horny than she
could remember. The dick between her ample breasts shot another stream of
goo over her milky skin, making her moan loudly. The alien dismounted, but
Seven's unexpected craving took over. She bucked wildly against the Furliban
who was still between her legs, fucking her like an animal. He leant over
her and licked her pink nipples, rubbing his snout against her hooters to
sniff her scent.

B'Elanna felt the thick penis inside her unload. The waves of semen flooded
deep within her womb and leaked out again from her widened pussy. She
squealed and begged for more. Her butt plug was manhandled by someone behind
her and slowly pulled out. Commander Phleg stroked her dark hair, before
pushing her face to the floor. The person behind Torres lifted up her tiny
skirt and separated her cheeks. She felt the prod of yet another meaty cock
on the surface of her back passage. It didn't take long for the thing to
creep its way inside. She helped it along by pushing her ass back. Phleg made
sure that the man had fully penetrated her before slapping Torres's ass and
ordering her to fuck. B'Elanna didn't need to be ordered. She clenched her
sphincter muscles and briskly pistoned herself against the happy invader.

Commander Phleg returned to Seven of Nine to find that the Furliban lying
on top of her was emptying his balls with fury. Seven shivered, breathing
heavily. The exhausted alien pulled out, dribbling cum, and stood back
until his desire to mate would return again after a few minutes. The other
crewmembers surrounding the naked borg were doing the same. Seven of Nine
couldn't bear to wait. She stood up and bent over, presenting herself to
anyone who was willing to dive back in. She stumbled backwards with her
plump ass up like a bitch in heat, looking longingly at the fat creatures.
The Commander took up her chain and yanked her collar, bringing her down
to all fours. He took her head in his thick hands and let her swallow his
boner. She sucked on it gratefully as one Furliban slid underneath her and
another slid his cock along her butt crack. The sweat dripping off her was
good enough lubricant for him to sink his green wang into her ass. A
triple-penetration ensued with the blond beauty doing most of the work. Her
sphincter was stretched to maximum capacity and unsurprisingly, the anal
occupant was the first to ejaculate. When he pulled out, another filthy
cock replaced it, humping rapidly. Seven's ass became the focus of their

It was then that Torres was pulled along on her chain towards her fellow
prisoner. The orgy was over, but the Furlibans hadn't finished yet. B'Elanna
was gasping for air and wondering with disappointment why they had stopped
fucking her. She watched as a third alien howled in ecstacy as he came in
thick wads into Seven's anal cavity. Before he slid out, Commander Phleg
whispered something in Seven's ear. Torres was then positioned kneeling
directly behind the borg's upturned backside.

"Open your mouth and drink whatever treat you're given!" cackled the

B'Elanna did as she was told. Seven pushed her butt out and bit her lip.
She strained for just a moment. Her stinkhole erupted with a squirt of blue
cream. It hosed Torres's face before the klingon could get her mouth in the
path of the stream. Seven farted again while the Furlibans applauded the
sight of Torres swallowing stream after stream of their jizz straight from
Seven's bum. After the borg slut had expelled all she could, she pushed a
little more and produced a wet fart that left cum bubbles all around the
edge of her well-fucked starfish. B'Elanna's tongue shot out and lapped up
the dirty cream until the jiggling ass before her was cleaner than ever...

Captain Janeway had watched the entire display on her private monitor. She
watched Torres's degradation and saw her dripping face roughly grabbed by a
pair of green hands. She was led to one side. Commander Phleg turned to the

"As you have seen, Captain, the punishment is severe for intruders. Leave our
system this instant or face our wrath!"

Janeway replied, "You have my word, Commander. Can I have my people back

"Ha!" wheezed Phleg, "Not a chance! Me and my men will make use of their
services. They are mine now!"

With that, Phleg hollered something to his men and the two women were on
screen again. A semi-circle of Furlibans surrounded a puzzled Torres, while
Seven was hoisted up to face the monitor. Cocks were inserted again into her
pussy and ass, while the Captain, who seemed to favor oral stimulation,
pushed his pole between her pouting lips.

"No act of degradation will be spared!" snarled the Commander.

Then, as Torres opened her mouth for what she hoped was an extra-large
portion of Furliban sperm, three showers of dark urine sprayed forth. She
started to drink before she realised what it was. Furliban piss was nothing
like their sweet semen. It was just as stale and foul-smelling as human piss.
The aliens didn't care. They hosed the remaining goo from her body with their
golden streams, cleansing her of her strange desire to mate with them. The
horror once again filled her eyes.

Seven of Nine was frantically bouncing on the dicks beneath her, unaware of
B'Elanna's treatment. Oddly, the Furlibans were not fucking her back. With a
rasp, the Commander gave an order. A few seconds of silence passed. And then,
Seven felt the warm surge of alien piss flood her mouth. It dribbled down
her chin and she instinctively began to swallow so that she didn't choke. A
moment later and she felt the same sensation in her pussy. She let out a
whimper as the third alien released his bladder and shot a river of hot piss
inside her bum. Seven could taste the stinking pee washing her tongue,
pouring down her smooth body, dripping from her twat onto the floor and,
worryingly, loosening her bowels. Her expression of shame and disgust was
the last thing Janeway saw as the screen turned black.

The captain rose from her chair and fetched some champagne to congratulate
herself on another job well done. None of the other crew would realise that
Torres or Seven were not on board Voyager until they were needed at their
next shifts, two days from now. By then, Janeway could easily press a few
buttons and have her officers transported back, no matter where they were at
the time. Two days in the grip of a sex-mad race of humanoid pigs. Janeway
laughed, sliding her hand under the waist of her pants. How could she ever
top this?


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