This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 14 (humil, scat)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Two days after they had been transported to the Furliban ship, Seven of Nine
and B'Elanna Torres were finally beamed back onto Voyager. The starship was
leaving the system and none of the crew had suspected that either of the
female officers had disappeared for that brief time. Captain Janeway stood
in her quarters, twirling the remote device in her fingers as she watched
the two beams of blue light shimmer on her carpet. In a second, the exhausted
bodies of her chief engineer and astrometrics officer lay naked, apart from
their heels on her rug. Blue alien semen coated every inch of their skin and
hair in an oily glaze. Their pussy and ass holes were now expanded and loose,
and dribbling more liquid. Janeway would have to borrow some medical supplies
from sickbay to tighten the orifices up again and make sure there was no
internal damage. She shrugged. Perhaps the women would need a few days off
their normal duties to her. Torres could have a week. Seven would have just
the weekend. The captain already had a new plan for her borg sub.

Lt. Torres returned to her duties as normal despite her ordeal. Meanwhile,
Seven of Nine was allowed the privilige of remaining in her cage to rest.
Captain Janeway let her out now and again for exercise but also used an
instrument that Seven hadn't seen before. It looked like a small screwdriver
with a laser beam at the tip. The captain used it to adjust the blond
bombshell's cranial implant. Janeway spent an hour consulting a manual and
tweaking the metal system that was imbedded above Seven's eye. She didn't
dare ask what she was doing because her "time off" was the first she'd had
in over a month. At one point, the captain simply said the word "GO" in a
clear voice into the same remote device she had used to for the transporter
chips. Seven wondered, "What is this unusual scheme that she's up to?"

On the morning that Seven was to return to her onboard duties in the
astrometrics lab, Janeway watched the borg slip into her silver catsuit.
Kathryn ogled the slender legs and naked curves that were squeezed inside
the taut uniform. As the captain helped her female officer zip up the back
of her costume, she placed her arms around the woman's slim waist.

"Is there something you require of me before I leave, captain?" asked Seven.

"Not at all, my dear. But before you scurry off to your duties, I should
probably tell you about what you'll be facing today."

Seven raised an eyebrow. The captain held up the small remote control device
in front of her and pressed the round button. The device beeped and Seven
felt a short pulse from her cranial implant eminate into her temple.

"Thanks to a little brush up on the mechanics of your borg implants, I
figured out just how they work in sending messages to your body. The cranial
plate, as you know, is still linked to your brain. So with some tweaking, I
am able to take full control of any neurological action. The particular one
that I've chosen to have power over for now is..."

Kathryn leaned close to Seven's ear and whispered.

"...bowel function."

Seven's heart pounded quicker but she remained looking cool and relaxed.

"Within the next hour," continued Janeway, "a simple verbal command will
trigger your implant to send a neuro reflex to your brain. The reflex will
start your intestinal process. From that point on, you will no longer be in
control of your bowels. In short, I'm de-potty training you."

The younger woman gulped. She wanted to ask what the verbal command was, but
before she could, the captain hurried her out of her quarters. The day that
Janeway had refused to let her urinate until her shift was over had been
hell. This was going to be even worse. Seven anticipated a nerve-wracking

* * *

Things were suspiciously quiet in the astrometrics lab. There were no new
planets or systems, or anything else more interesting than some clouds of
space dust. Not many people came in to chat with Seven, but she had a
conversation with Tom Paris in the galley over lunch. Paris was babbling on
about some spacecraft he had been reading about and how he'd love to fly
it. Seven barely tried to even look interested. Neelix had been trying to
explain to her how the act of eating was a social activity as well as a
necessity, but the whole process bored her. She chewed on her Talaxian
mushroom pie and sipped her fruit smoothie while listening to the lieutenant
brag about how great a pilot he was. She thought about what a dull imbecile
he was when she suddenly remembered her conversation with captain Janeway
that morning. She put her fork down and looked at the crumbs on her plate.
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to eat so much right now, she thought. Then
she left the table without a word. Paris stopped his rambling and watched
her cute ass wander out of the room. Harry Kim passed her at the doorway and
Tom raised his hand to get his attention. At least someone would pretend to
be interested in him for a while.

After the long shift was finally drawing to an end, the door to the lab
swished open and Captain Janeway strode in. Seven turned from the console and
nervously raised her head in greeting.

"Ah, Seven. How was your day?"

"It was...tedious, Captain."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," frowned the captain. "Mine was too. Perhaps
we can find something to do with each other later tonite to relieve the

Janeway smiled a creepy smile and turned back to the door. Seven shivered and
returned to her console. Just before the door closed behind her, the captain
looked over her shoulder.

"By the way, Seven, your shift is over now. You may...go." With that, the
door closed and the captain disappeared down the corridor.

Seven looked up. A vibration ran through her head for a second. She thought
it may be nothing, but just as she was about to log off her console, a deep
rumble growled in her stomach. She froze. Her eyes widened. Her stomach
rumbled again. Suddenly, Seven felt a powerful urge to relieve herself. The
urge was so great that she could feel the movement of her intestines working
inside her. She hurried to the door.

As Seven walked briskly down the corridor, her bowels continued to shift.
She walked faster. The restrooms were just a short walk away. Her insides
gurgled menacingly. This was going to be a photo finish. When she reached
the restroom, she found to her horror that they were locked shut. A sign
by the access panel declared that they were out of order. Somehow, Seven
knew that the captain had something to do with this. The other restrooms
were on the next floor up. The problem was that she didn't know if she
could make it there in time. She started to sweat. Turning on her heel,
she made a dash back down the corridor in the direction of the turbolift.
With every step she took, her asshole threatened to give out. Seven grabbed
her bottom and tried her best to squeeze her cheeks together.

As she turned the corner, she came to a halt. At the other end, two officers,
a male and female, were walking the other way. They were chatting cheerfully
and hadn't seemed to notice her yet. Seven grimaced with frustration. She
couldn't run past them holding her butt. She decided she had to do her best
to act normal. She stood straight and put on her usual cool expression. Then
she walked forward in a relaxed but purposeful manner. As the officers
approached, she felt another gurgle of gas. The couple looked up and saw her.

"Hello." Said the man.

Seven forced herself to nod back. "Hello."

She wandered past them. Just as she began to contemplate how long she should
wait before breaking out into a run, a rush of gas forced Seven's anus open
and she let out a long, loud involuntary fart. The whining sound made her
gasp and the two officers stopped talking. Seven stopped abruptly. She looked
over her shoulder to see the couple looking at her in surprise. The smell
quickly filled the space between them and they covered their noses, muttering
in disgust, before walking away quickly.

"Sorry," said Seven as they walked off. She span around and sprinted as fast
as she could in her high-heeled boots. The corridor felt longer than normal.
Her steps thundered against the carpet. Another burst of wind escaped from
behind her and she almost followed through. She could feel the turtle head
stubbornly squeezing its way out. She gritted her teeth. She was too
desperate now. The sweat seeped from her forehead. She turned the last
corner. The turbolift was in sight at the other end of the final corridor.
The doors were open, ready for her. She could make it, she thought to
herself. Her powerful thighs locked together and her knees pressed tightly.
Seven was halfway there, tottering in her panicked run, when the urge finally
overwhelmed her.

"Nooo!" she moaned loudly as she lost the battle with her bowels. A damp
fart ripped free and Seven stopped where she was. Realizing her defeat,
she dropped to a squatting position to give herself the room she needed.
Instantly, she started to crap the largest load in her life. The first
thick turd forced its way out easily, curling inside her skintight uniform.
The relief that came with it was almost orgasmic for the borg beauty and
she allowed herself to temporarily savor the sensation. A series of dirty
farts brought with them more and more of her waste. The soft shit rapidly
piled out and swelled in her suit. She could feel the poop pressing against
her skin. The foul smell surrounded her like a poisonos gas. As the flow
of excrement eventually ended, a squirt of liquid splattered from her
dilated sphincter, signifying the last of the tirade. Seven of Nine stood
up slowly and felt the weight of her movement hanging from her ass. She
waddled forward and made it to the turbolift, thankful that nobody hadseen her disgrace herself.

Rather than go one floor up, she now had to go straight to the captain's
quarters to clean herself up. She pressed the button and the elevator rode
up. To add to Seven's dismay, the turbolift stopped after one floor and the
doors slid open. A male officer smiled at her and stepped inside. He knew it
was a mistake as the door closed again. The horrible stench made him cough
and he was visibly uncomfortable. He glanced at Seven, who stared back with
a guilty look on her face. The officer escaped the turbolift after just one
stop. Seven hoped her embarrassment was over when she reached her deck and
trotted over to the captain's door.

Inside, Captain Janeway was laughing uncontrollably. She saw the blond woman
enter with the bulge of shit underneath her and laughed in harder. Seven
looked on in horror as the captain clicked a control and the screen on the
wall displayed the moment that Seven of Nine had dumped in her pants. The
security cameras had picked up everything clearly and the captain had
obviously been watching her make her way to the room. The younger woman stood
in silent humiliation.

"Welcome back my little poo slut!" said Janeway though tears. "Go and clean
yourself up in the bathroom. You'll find a bag of diapers in there. While you
are off duty, you'll be wearing them round here. Trust me, you're going to
need them!"

Seven disappeared to the room as she was told. Losing the ability to control
her basic bodily functions was going to be tough. She hoped she wouldn't have
to suffer the indignity of shitting herself in front of any of the crew.
Somehow, she knew a day would come when that wouldn't be possible.


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