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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 16
by Natalie Croft

Lt. Torres arrived at the private holodeck expecting to walk into the
majestic mansion that Captain Janeway had created for herself. The engineer
had spent the last few days there after her duties on Voyager and while the
evenings forced her to sexually gratify her commanding officer in any way
she could, she had twice been allowed a reward with a dip in the warm pool
or a rest on the lavish Queen-sized bed that was covered in soft fur and
silk sheets. In a way, it wasn't too bad. The captain had even taken her
into a private room and worked her over with that studded paddle again.
Torres was beginning to rethink the idea that it was a bad decision to agree
to the captain's deal. On this day however, the gray doors slid open to
reveal not the mansion, but a large room of lights and music.

B'Elanna walked inside and the doors sealed shut. The archway disappeared,
leaving a brick wall behind her. She looked around in bewilderment. She was
in a nightclub, but something more out of the early 21st Century than the
24th. It was dark, with strobe lighting and multicolored beams spinning
around the dark surroundings. The music was unnervingly loud. The large
speakers played obnoxious gansta-rap music with a heavy beat. The aggressive,
crude lyrics surprised the engineer. People sat around the tables drinking.
Torres looked at the bar and saw the familiar faces of Janeway's special
holo-women serving behind it. She glowered at the two who had defeated her
in combat and wandered through the throngs of partygoers to see the red-head.
The gorgeous girl recognized her and leaned over the counter.

"Hey there, suga. What can I getcha?"

"Hi. I' for Captain Janeway. Is she here?"

The bargirl nodded with a shiny white smile and pointed along the bar. There,
Janeway was chatting with a group of admiring men and women. Torres made her
way over.

"B'Elanna!" cried Kathryn "Glad you could make it!"

"What is this place, captain?" asked the klingon over the noise.

"Something a little different. I thought you might like to chill out at a
more lively place. Let me get you a drink."

The captain slapped her hand on the counter and ordered two "screwdrivers".
Two glasses were quickly pushed forward. The captain handed Torres one who
looked at it questioningly.

"Try it."

B'Elanna sipped the drink. It was sweet and smooth different to what she
was used to drinking. The captain raised her glass to her and they clinked.
B'Elanna leaned against the bartop.

"Have anything in store for tonite?" she asked the older woman.

"Maybe," responded Kathryn with a sly wink.

Torres took another sip. "Where's Seven?"

Janeway grasped the klingon by the arm and chaperoned her through the crowd.
She pointed towards a wall that was lined with leather seating. A group of
black men sat along them, dressed in colorful clothing. They wore gold chains
and rings and all had several sluttily dressed black women sitting with them.
They all looked like they shouldn't be messed with. They were watching
something. Torres moved closer to get a better view. Seven was already

She seemed to be about halfway through her act. The menacing black men glared
at her as she danced for them to the deafening beat. The captain had told her
these were VIPs and were to be entertained however they desired. Janeway had
requested a track called "Step Yo Game Up" by an old singer called "Snoop
Dogg" and handed her over to the party of jewelry-laden people. Seven of Nine
was barely clothed. She had on a tight white t-shirt that was cut short to
show her trim midrift, a pair of clunky white heels and white bikini thong
that was two-three sizes too small for her. She had been taught how to dance
when she had first become a slave. She ran her hands over her body
seductively and swung her hips to the rhythm of the music. Her arms raised
above her head as she crouched slightly, squirming her waist from side to
side. She stood up again and pushed her breasts up. The fabric of the shirt
was stretched to the limit. It accentuated her large firm tits like a pair of
grapefruits wrapped in cotton. She was sweating under the lights, giving the
shirt an added cling. As she teased her nipples through the material, they
became hard and stood out visibly. She continued to writhe like a
professional lapdancer. Her fingers stroked her long legs from ankles to
thighs before she turned with her back to the men and bent over at the waist.
She bent her knees again and began to "booty bounce" her plump bottom. As her
tattooed cheeks quivered, Seven bent her upper body all the way to the floor
and slowly rose up. She twisted her pelvis as she grabbed the elastic waist
of her thong and pulled the sides up high. The string panties sank deep into
the crack of her ass and strained against the force being exerted on it. The
lips of her twat poked out of each side, giving her a semi-visible camel toe.
Seven slid a finger over her crotch and vigorously rubbed it. Her beautiful
smooth body was obviously arousing the men.

"This white skank is making ma dick hard," grinned one man in a feathered
pimp hat. The woman clinging to his arm looked at Seven distastefully and
said, "She got too much junk in her trunk."

"Well, I reckon this ho is just beggin' fo some black meat," the man
laughed. He undid his zipper and let his hefty cock fall out. It was thick
and pointing straight at Seven. "Come on, bitch!" he yelled at her, "suck

Seven stepped forward and kept her ivory legs straight as she bent her head
down. She took up the cock between her fingers and massaged the base of it.
Then she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the pulsating shaft.
The other men were just as stiff as they watched her consume the black
monster. Seven's blond head bobbed up and down while she emitted moans and
slurping noises. The pimp placed his hand on her head and pushed her down
further. Seven soon felt the man's dick eject a stream of hot cum down her
throat. More of it came over the inside of her cheeks and pooled in her
mouth. She waited until he'd finished ejaculating before guzzling the liquid
seed down and removing her head from his lap, leaving a ring of bright red
lipstick around it. The pimp nodded his hat with a look of content.

"I know you ain't the only one getting' summa that action!" screamed the
man's girlfriend. "Yo, white girl! Get on yo' knees and make me feel good!"
She spread her legs out.

"Yeah! Eat her out!" said another one of the men. He pulled out a one dollar
bill and snapped it under Seven's waistband. Seven dutifully knelt down in
front of the black woman. She lifted up the miniskirt and tucked her head
underneath it. The group watched her head begin to bob under the fabric. The
woman being serviced let out an "OH" as she felt the blond's tongue slide
into her slit and tickle her button.

"Yeah, bitch! Yeah! Lick that candy, you dumbass cracker!"

Together, they made all sorts of thrilled noises until two minutes later, the
black woman cried out in ecstasy. Seven emerged from under the skirt licking
her lips and wiping a finger over the corner of her mouth.

"How was dat one dolla whore?" asked the pimp. The woman raised a hand and
gave him a high five. "Bitch knows who's in charge!"

Before Seven could continue to strip for the party guests, Captain Janeway
came forward and took her by the arm. "I'm sorry, gentlemen...and ladies...
but we have some private business to attend to for now."

"We were just getting' started with this piece of ass," complained the pimp.

"Don't worry. She'll be back to tend to you later. In the meantime, all
drinks for your party will be on the house. You're always welcome at my

"Yo, for real? That's tight! Thanks, cap'n." The men were thankful and nodded
their approval to each other.

B'Elanna Torres eyed the men cautiously and followed the captain and Seven
through a swinging door. It led to a corridor and a room at the back of the
club. It was a lavish inner sanctum but furnished with garish colors. A large
pink bed was covered in fur pillows. The rest of the upholstery was leather
or fake zebra skin. Even so it was comfy and the music from the club that
came through the smaller speakers on the walls wasn't as deafening. Janeway
locked the door and walked over to a closet.

"Take your uniform off. I have something much nicer for you to wear," she
said. B'Elanna placed her empty glass down on a small table and proceeded
to remove her shoes and Starfleet jumpsuit. She left the clothes in a pile
against the door. The captain presented her with a full length fishnet
bodystocking. The black material was stretchable enough for the klingon
officer to pull herself into and once done, she found that it was crotchless.
The gap between her legs left her delicate downy muff ready for action. The
attire hugged to every angle of her dark naked body and revealed everything
she had. Janeway smiled in admiration. Then she too unzipped her uniform and
stripped to her underwear. The commander had already prepared for the
occasion. Her red lingerie consisted of a bra that pushed her ageing breasts
up well and thin satin panties that showed she still kept her figure in good

Kathryn sat herself down in a cream leather chair and crossed her slim legs.
Seven and B'Elanna stood before her waiting for their instructions.

"As you ladies know, I'm a woman with needs. Even though I prefer the...
company...of young females like you, it takes them more of an effort to bring
me off. So I figure, why should I settle for fantasy men in the holo-deck
when I can have my own."

B'Elanna's eyebrows raised. "Have you enlisted another member of the crew? A
man?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh heavens, no," replied Janeway with a smirk, "that wouldn't do at all. The
fewer people who know about these sessions the better. The ensign I used to
allow in seems to be too nervous to come back anymore. I think perhaps I was
getting too experimental for him." Janeway twirled a lock of her auburn hair
in her finger. The two women waited for her to explain just exactly what she
was planning for this evening. "That's ok by me. Thanks to holo-technology I
can do anything I want. It's just much more fun when the people involved are
real. Real like me. Real like the two of you, my precious subs..." The
captain let out a sigh.

"Then how may we pleasure you today, my mistress?" asked Torres. Seven
remained silent and rigid in her skimpy outfit. She already knew what this
was about.

"I need to be fucked like a real woman. I miss the feeling of getting stuffed
by a nice big cock!" Janeway cackled as she expressed her desire. "Which
means that it is fortunate for me I have the power to make that happen. But
unfortunately for're going to help me." Kathryn looked up at the
ceiling and declared a verbal command to the computer. She ran off a preset
code of numbers and the computer beeped in recognition of the request.

Torres suddenly felt a tingling feeling in her crotch. For a moment she
thought that the captain's command was somehow stimulating her. Then she
glanced across to Seven of Nine to see if the borg had felt the same and
saw something that froze her blood. Pushing out Seven's tiny cotton panties
was the undeniable presence of a penis. The bulk of the thing was too large
to fit inside her underwear and the head was poking out. Beneath them, also
falling out of each side of the thin strip of material, was a pair of
hairless testicles. Seven looked down at her appendage and her eyes wandered
over to B'Elanna's crotch. The klingon woman was almost too scared to look
down. She eventually forced herself. As expected, she also was now the owner
of a set of male genitalia. Her dick was noticeably larger than Seven's and
had natural looking klingon ridges running along the shaft. She couldn't
move. She wanted to cover herself in dismay but was afraid to touch it.
Captain Janeway leaned forward to take a look at the results.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, fanning herself with one hand, "those look perfect
for what I had in mind." The slaves stared back at her. "Before I have my
fun, I think you two need to have a test run. You know, get comfortable with
your new assets. Get on the bed."

Seven turned and climbed up on the soft bedstead. B'Elanna followed her in a
daze. They lay back next to each other against the cushions.

"Good" Janeway continued, "Now hurry up and make each other hard. I haven't
got all night."

Seven of Nine sat up on her knees looking at B'Elanna. Torres did the same,
gawking in dread at the floppy schlong between Seven's thighs. The blond
reached down into B'Elanna's lap and picked the klingon member up in her
fingers. B'Elanna shivered as she felt them touch the soft organ as though
it was a real part of her. Seven started to massage it, stroking its length
and squeezing it gently. Torres decided she'd better ignore the sensation
and get to work herself. She drew Seven's panties aside and clutched the
rather inadequate cock in her palm. With the other hand, she cupped Seven's
balls and began to fondle them carefully. She wasn't as disgusted as she
expected herself to be. In fact, after a while, she almost forgot that the
situation was unnatural and let herself embrace the good feelings coming
from her private area. Seven was now vigorously jerking B'Elanna's dick,
causing it to lengthen and display its striking set of ridges to the full.
Seven's penis also become hard. The chief engineer's firm hands soon excited
her to a full erection.

Janeway was watching intently from her chair. "That's right. Good little
subs. Now, B'Elanna, I want you to enter Seven. Have your way with her. Go

B'Elanna's cheeks flushed. She could feel the blood rushing through her like
never before. Maybe it was the effect of having male organs, but she felt
the primal need to take control of this situation. She grabbed Seven's tight
shirt and ripped it apart in one movement. The tall woman's plentiful boobs
bounced free. Then Torres sprang forward with her hands on Seven's shoulders,
pushing her back against the mattress. Seven gasped as her partner flattened
herself on top of her. Their tits squashed against each other and their
throbbing cocks slapped together. B'Elanna kept her grip on Seven's arms
tightly, pinning her down. She wanted to mate. She NEEDED to. She shifted her
hips around, poking the head of her tool at the exposed groin of the other
woman. It took her a few seconds to realize that Seven's usual opening was
temporarily absent. She had only one choice. She grabbed the busty babe
around the waist and lifted her almost completely off the bed. Seven let out
a squeal as she was flipped over in the air and dropped unceremoniously on to
her front. B'Elanna kept her grip on the waist and yanked it towards her.
Seven of Nine reached out to grab on to the sheets in fright, struggling
desperately to regain some control. But she was helpless. The klingon hooked
her finger under the waistband of the borg's thong and yanked it up hard.
There was another squeal as the cotton bit into the powerless bimbo's skin
and then snapped free. The torn panties were tossed aside. B'Elanna now had
Seven's unprotected backside staring up at her. She positioned the helmet of
her penis at the tiny brown sphincter, preparing herself like a rocket on a
launchpad. With a single hard thrust she pulled Seven's hips towards her. The
blond's eyes bulged as the thick cock broke through her ring and speared into
her ass. Torres let out an unconscious war cry. She rammed her dick into
Seven's anus like a wild beast. Seven held her grip on the sheets as she was
buttfucked by her fellow officer. Torres's balls slapped against the ivorybuttocks. Seven's own balls swung back and forth with the momentum of the
assault. The alien ridges along the shaft scraped against her asshole like a
comb. She could feel her orifice burning but didn't want it to stop.

"YESSS!" Seven cried, "Fuck me in the ass! Harder! Uh...uh...uh...! Give it
to me! Uh...uh...uh...! YES!"

B'Elanna hammered even more intently, growling with a fiery fervor. "Raaarr!
Take it! Uh...uh...uh...uh! Grrraaaa! Take it all you whore! Uh...uh...uh!"

Seven of Nine had never been pounded so hard before. She could feel the
elation inside her as she was manhandled like a piece of meat. Her own cock
was a now a rock hard purple mushroom. Torres's hand began to spank her on
the ass. She responded by rocking herself back against the pistons of her
lover's pelvis.

The engineer sped up. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Beg for it, bitch! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

Seven begged. "Uh! Uh! Uh! YES! Spank...uh!! Uh! Uh! Please...uh!...
destroy...uh!!...uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!"

With that, B'Elanna let out a bloodcurdling cry and her penis erupted. She
came inside Seven's fat bottom like a racehorse. Seven felt her bowels being
sprayed with the hot seed and it sent her over the edge as well. She buried
her face in a pillow to muffle her scream of passion. Her dick spazmed and
jets of thick fluid showered the bedsheets underneath her. The two of them
orgazmed together while Janeway looked on with joy.

Torres closed her eyes and pulled out of the borg's bumhole with a slimy
plop. Seven remained breathing heavily with her backside in the air and her
face smothered in the bed.

"Not bad!" said Kathryn, clapping her hands. "You two are a natural pair of
horny ladyboys! But you better not have ruined by sheets, slut! Clean it

Seven raised her head when she heard that and looked at the mess she'd made.
She immediately crawled around, licking and sucking up her own cum from the
silk spread.

B'Elanna had felt amazing, but she wasn't tired yet. Her energy levels were
at an all time high. When Seven had finished cleaning up after herself, the
klingon grabbed the woman by the hair and pulled her face towards her still
erect penis.

"Clean this too!" she yelled, "It stinks!"

The astrometrics officer planted her lips around the rippled organ and sucked
it with relish. The taste of her own ass was both unpleasant and intriguing
to her.

Captain Janeway climbed up on the bed with them. She stroked their smooth
skin and ran her fingers through their silky hair. She remembered what it had
been like when she was just a Starfleet cadet and had possessed a body of
similar appeal. She had used it to seduce her middle-aged female instructor
at the academy to gain a quick promotion. That night had been splendid. The
older woman had been experienced enough to teach even Kathryn Janeway a few
new tricks. Without her, she would never have been given command of her own
ship at such an early age (for a commander). Now, it was SHE who was the
older woman.

The two officers were panting. Their captain was gazing at them as if
they were pieces of sweet candy. Janeway's fingers caressed B'Elanna's
bodystocking before she leant in and planted a kiss on the engineer's
lips. Torres kissed her back with maybe too much aggression but the
senior officer didn't stop her. Kathryn looked down at the long
glistening phallus. It stood to attention, ready to serve her. Janeway
snapped her bra off and had Seven peel the red panties from her legs.
She then pulled Torres onto her as she lay back and put her feet up in
the air. B'Elanna wasted no time in lifting the captain's lower back
and sliding inside her slick cunt.

"MMMmmm! Ohhhh yeeeeaaaahhh!" Janeway's lips released the sounds of bliss.
"Fuck me rough, B'Elanna. And Seven? Ride your Queen's titties."

Seven swung her leg over the captain's stomach. She slapped her cock between
the woman's mounds and took one in each hand, squashing them together. Torres
fucked Kathryn hard enough to make the bed rock. Janeway pushed her neck
forward and tickled the tip of Seven's wang with her tongue. Seven moaned,
bucking on top of her mistress and kneading her breasts.

"Yes! Oh fuck, yes!" wailed the captain, feeling the friction at her slack
pussy lips. "Make me cum, bitches!" She reached up and fondled Seven's
bouncing hooters.

Eventually, Janeway felt herself about to burst.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!" she screeched. Torres felt a squirt and the gradual ooze of
the captain's moistness running from her flaps.

"Permission to cum, mistress," asked B'Elanna. It was granted and she pushed
herself deep inside. She came hard for the second time that night, expelling
shots of white stuff into Janeway's womb.

"Permission to cum too, my queen," begged Seven. Her eyes were half closed
and a lock of her golden hair had fallen free on the front of her face.

"Permission denied", replied Janeway. Seven frowned and slowed down her pace.
Kathryn teased her desperate prick with a stroke of her finger around the
head. Janeway pushed the lady-boy borg off her and watched the naked goddess
wrap her hand over the hole of her manhood to stop herself blowing. Then the
captain repositioned her between her legs and she took over from Torres to
work on her queen's cunt. Torres's shaft ached from the activity. She crawled
behind the duo and leaned in. Her lips kissed the captain's dripping pussy as
Seven pushed in and out. The klingon's open mouth travelled down to Janeway's
exposed asshole and the captain felt the wet penetration. Torres continued
her oral pleasure by licking the pistoning cock. Soon, she had Seven of
Nine's nutsac in her mouth, sucking it like a tractor beam and juggling the
swollen testes like rubber balls. It was too much for the lowly slave.

"Please, permission to cum, please, my queen!" she pleaded in a high voice.

"Permission...uh...denied..." came the reply.

It didn't matter. Seven couldn't hold it in anymore. She howled as her cock
spewed an endless volley of semen inside the older woman. She pulled herself
out quickly, accidentally spraying over Janeway's torso.

Her failure to obey an order would not be left unpunished. Kathryn wiped the
cream off her skin and slapped the borg in the face. Seven recoiled but was
grabbed by the wrist and dragged from the bed. Janeway made her sit on the
floor and tied her wrists together behind her back, all the time hissing
obscenities at her. She then pulled out a heavy box from under the bedstand.
The box looked like a battery of some type with several blue wires connected
at the top. Torres watched as Janeway picked up a fistful of wires and
approached Seven. The crocodile clips on the ends of the cables were held to
Seven's tits. The captain snapped one each on to the woman's pink nipples,
making her wince. Janeway pinched the skin at the base of Seven's scrotum and
promptly snapped another two of the clips to her balls. The distress on the
borg's face would be nothing compared to what she was about to go through.

Janeway looked up. "B'Elanna, would you care to operate the charger?"

Torres slid off the bed and crouched down to the box. She recognized its
control system. She flicked the ON switch and a light on the box lit up with
a threatening hum. She was then asked to turn the dial on the side to the
First Level. As much as she was fascinated with the device, Torres wished she
was hooked up to it instead of Seven.

"Alright, bitch. That's the last time you'll make a mistake like that. Beg me
for your punishment."

Seven gulped, remembering the lines she'd been taught. "I have failed you, my
Queen. I am a pathetic, useless whore....Please punish me."

Janeway nodded to Torres. The klingon pressed down the lever. A buzzing sound
filled the room as Seven's eyes bulged and her mouth let out a scream. The
electric current passed straight through the wires and shocked her heaving
tits and swollen holo-testicles. Her whole body shook. Janeway raised her
hand and the lever was pulled back up. Seven of Nine struggled for breath as
the pain subsided. The two torturers laughed at the whimpering blond slave.

"Tell me, slave," asked the captain with a mocking tone, "how beautiful am

"You are the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, my Queen." mumbled Seven.

"That's right", replied Janeway, raising a finger.

The lever swung down and Seven's head snapped back as the current travelled
through her most sensitive areas again.

"AAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaannnnggggghhhhh!" wailed the statuesque sub,
her limbs squirming and her penis twitching spazmodically. She could feel her
skin stinging and her blood surging with unbearable heat. Her genitals and
boobs felt on fire. The lever swung back up once more, leaving her body
soaked in sweat.

"Did you like that?" asked the captain.

"Yes, my Queen. Thank you, my Queen" Seven's lips quivered.

Rather than continue the performance, Janeway unhooked the wires from Seven's
tortured spots. She then turned to Torres.

"Lieutenant, I'm going to show sub Seven back out to the club. While I'm
gone, attach these cables to wherever you'd like on that cute body of yours.
I'll be back to tend to you." B'Elanna's eyes lit up in delight. Janeway
winked before dragging the sprawling nude borg out the door. Seven found
relief in having her normal womanhood restored but only for a short time as
she realized where she was being taken. The crowd of people in the club
jeered and whistled as the disgraced slave was paraded out into the loud bar.
She was handed over to the captain's holo-women and her queen invited all of
the patrons to enjoy Seven's "services". It was going to be another very long


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