This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 3 (FF,F-dom,ws,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

The following morning I had duty to attend to. As did Seven and the captain.
Still, the captain wouldn’t let duties get in the way of her games. Just
before the two women were about to leave the captain’s quarters, always
looking natural and casual as if everything was normal, Janeway took Seven
by the arm.

“Hold on a minute, my dear. You’ve been such a good girl lately that I want
to treat you. Will you join me for a quick coffee?”

Seven was puzzled but knew that she couldn’t refuse her queen. The two women
sat down opposite each other and sipped their drinks. Seven was wearing her
blue outfit that morning.

“Seven. You always appear so prim and proper when you’re around the ship. How
are you able to stay so focused on your work?”

“I try to avoid distraction captain,” replied Seven.

“Ah, distraction! Well good. Good. Because that brings me to something I want
you to do. We’ll play a game. Today, while you’re on duty, you will not go to
the bathroom at all. That includes breaks...” The captain giggled devilishly
“...even coffee breaks.”

The meaning of this command dawned on Seven. She would have to get through
the day without relieving herself until her shift was over. She put her cup
of coffee back on the table.

“No, no,” said Janeway, “Finish that first. After all, you’ll need to stay
alert and... undistracted.”

Seven knew that it was going to be a long day.

Things started as normal. Seven busied herself with jobs in the astrometrics
lab and on the bridge. Captain Janeway relaxed in her command seat waiting
for the fun to begin. The captain had told me about the “game” because she
wanted me to share in the amusement. I observed Seven carefully that day
wondering if she would betray her cool exterior or even fail the challenge.

At about 12:00pm, Seven of Nine began to feel uncomfortable. Her usual time
plan saw this as her opportunity to use the washroom but today things were
different. She still had three hours of duty left and the coffee had started
to take its toll. She tried to concentrate on other things and not think
about it. She focused on her work with extra attention, yet this strategy
began to fall apart after about 40 minutes. She joined some of the other
crew in the mess hall at her lunch break but refused to drink anything. By
this point she thought that she might be able to hold on. But she couldn’t
sit still in her chair and things weren’t helped when another crewman
accidentally spilt a glass of water over her table. At that point she leapt
up and forced herself to go back to work where she could stand and walk
around to help fight the urge. She marched along the corridors as though she
had a stick up her ass.

Her work was messy during the afternoon. She just couldn’t concentrate on
anything for too long. She was called to the bridge to run some tests on the
hull stabilizers. Captain Janeway saw the discomfort in Seven’s face. She
was frequently frowning and biting her lip. Janeway grinned.

After another half an hour, Seven was desperate to pee. Her bladder was full
and she could feel it wanting to empty. She moved back and forth along the
control panel at her station trying to keep her legs rubbing gently together
and clamping her pussy as tight as she could. When other crewmen weren’t
looking she would grab her crotch and press her thighs together for better
security. The captain could see her desperation even more now and decided to
have further fun. She turned to Chakotay.

“Did you know commander,” she asked loudly, “that around 70% of the earth’s
surface is water?” The comment was loud enough for Seven to hear.

“Yes, captain. Same goes for humans, too,” said Chakotay.

“The universe is such a fascinating place isn’t it? There’s a lovely
waterfall not far from where I live. Fabulous crashing waves and flowing

Seven grimaced and wished the conversation would end.

“It was fun to swim there. Splashing around in the pools and getting
completely soaked by the waters.”

Seven was breathing heavily. If she lost control of her bladder now her
reputation and self-respect would be ruined. She would become the laughing
stock of the entire ship. Her hand slipped between her legs again. She
looked like a little girl with her feet turned in and her knees pressed
together. Then Janeway turned to look at Seven and said, “Seven, I think
you’re shift’s over now, you can go.”

Seven’s eyes lit up and she was half sprinting for the turbolift when Janeway
spoke again.

“Oh wait Seven! I just remembered! Before you go, could you run a scan on
the flux regulators. They haven’t been checked in a while.” The captain
smirked while Seven almost pissed herself there and then in despair. The
flux regulators were behind a panel below the visual screen. It would mean
bending over on her hands and knees to crawl into the space. The relaxation
on her lower muscles when in that position made her think of the
possibilities. Her heart quickened.

Seven could not disobey the order and so hurriedly grabbed a scanner and
pulled the panel away. Janeway watched intently as the tall shapely woman
lowered herself carefully to her hands and knees, just as she had done the
previous night. Seven begged herself not to lose it now. She imagined a gush
of piss suddenly exploding out behind her and showering the carpet in front
of all the senior crew. The longest ten seconds of her life went by but
somehow she made it.

“No problems captain,” she reported before walking briskly to the turbolift.
As the doors slid behind her, Seven grabbed her pussy and hopped up and down
frantically. When it opened again, she raced down the corridors to the
captain’s quarters with tiny drops of urine escaping with each bound. She
flew inside and threw herself at the bathroom door. But to her horror...the
door wouldn’t open. She slapped the manual control panel next to it but still
it stayed shut. Captain Janeway entered the room to find Seven clawing madly
at the bathroom door. The borg twirled round, her eyes pleading.

“Oops. I forgot to mention. I locked the door. It’s Ok, I don’t need to go
right now,” Janeway said and beamed at her female slave.

With that Seven of Nine let out a loud despairing moan of defeat as she
finally lost control of her bladder. The stream of piss erupted out between
her legs. Her hands clasped between them felt the first surge of the warm
liquid flow out with an unstoppable force. The piss flooded her skintight
blue catsuit trickling down both insides of her legs and pooling in a wet
puddle on the carpeted floor. The dark damp patch formed quickly and crept
up her butt making her suit hug even more tightly to her figure. Seven
whined in humiliation as the main jet of urine shot out underneath her and
she felt the warmth and stickiness of her pungent yellow pee soak her hands.
Captain Janeway looked on in joy at the usually calm, mature and shy woman
wet her pants like a kindergarten schoolgirl. Seven could only stand before
her mistress and complete her embarrassing performance. When the surge of
urine finally gave way, Seven hung her head in shame. Janeway made her lie
down and suck up as much of her mess as she could with her mouth. The captain
was very happy with the result of her new game. She thought she might try it
again at some point but until then she had many other plans. With Seven still
wearing her stained, soaking wet uniform, Janeway saw to it that her slave
finger both herself and her queen to orgasm before she was allowed to clean
herself up. It was a good day for the captain.


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