This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
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Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 4 (MFF,MF,anal,F-dom,bond,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

I finally got my chance to properly screw Seven of Nine on my next visit to
the captain’s quarters. As always both women were already there getting
started by the time I arrived. I entered the room to find Seven standing to
her fullest height completely naked save for a set of red heels. I couldn’t
help but stand in awe for a moment as I looked over her perfect body. Her
big curvaceous breasts and never-ending legs. Her perfect features and her
bald pussy. Her arms were stretched firmly above her head and tied fast to a
hook on the ceiling. Her legs were forcibly widened by a metal pole between
them, each end strapped to each ankle. She murmured as each stroke of the
captain’s familiar cat-o-nine tails slapped across her back and buttocks.
Janeway stopped and looked up from behind the bound woman to see me standing
at the door admiring the view.

“I’m glad you could join us. You know the rules”. She said. I pealed off
my uniform for hopefully what would be another entertaining day. As I got
undressed the captain released Seven from her bonds. I noticed now that
Janeway was not wearing her uniform today but instead she donned a black
leather catsuit. It was missing sections on her crotch and upper body area
so that her most private areas were on display.

The captain brought her naked slaves over to that favourite sofa of hers and
said, “I want to relax with a good book but I’ll need you two to hold the
book up for me.” She produced a small bookstand from behind her sofa and then
instructed us to get on our hands and knees and face away from each other.
She gently made us shuffle backwards so that our bare asses were pressed
together before sliding the bookstand into the empty space where our ass
cracks met. She sternly told us to hold it tight so we pushed back harder on
each other. The bookstand stood upright between us and Janeway began her
read. It was an uncomfortable thing to do after the first few minutes. We
weren’t allowed to move or else the stand would wobble and the captain’s
reading would be interrupted. She warned us that the person responsible for
dropping it would be punished.

So we waited there for a long time. Our heads up and backs straight. My ass
squashed against Seven’s. Of course it wasn’t long before the blond woman
behind me began to squirm too much from being still so long. After ten or
fifteen minutes Seven accidentally let the stand lean too far over and it
fell clattering to the floor. Janeway appeared angry. She looked down at her
big-eyed female slave with a frown. Seven looked back with an innocent look
but the captain growled and ordered her to stand.

The borg’s punishment was to be to pleasure Janeway that evening. The captain
began by making her lick out her pussy. In the meantime my job was to finger
Seven from behind. The more I frigged her cunt, the faster she licked at
Janeway’s twat. She was then moved up to sit on Janeway’s lap as she fondled
and licked at the captain’s nipples. Janeway’s expression and manner was an
act of casual disinterest. As the two women’s pussy’s bumped together I
lapped my tongue over both of them and along the smooth thighs of each woman.
Seven and her warm skin, the captain and her leather. I couldn’t wait to get
the chance to start drilling between Seven’s creamy legs.

When Janeway believed that Seven had fulfilled her punishment she gave the
order. I stood up and Seven knelt before me. Her first task was to make sure
that I was fully aroused. This, said the captain, could only be done with
one of Seven’s galaxy-famous titty-fucks. Seven took my limp cock in her hand
and slapped it between her boobs. She then pressed them together and began
rubbing them up and down my shaft, changing pace from slow to fast just as
she had done with her mouth the other day. The blond slut looked up at me and
purred seductively with lazy eyes. Her tongue flicked down at the head of my
dick. As my cock became rock hard Seven engulfed the end with her pouting
mouth. She massaged her tits faster along my manhood. I had always dreamed of
slipping my cock between her gorgeous melons whenever I saw her walking
around the ship, knowing that she was something special and deliberately
teasing the men with her flawless body.

Janeway ordered us to stop so that I could save room for the “big finale”.
She pushed me down to the floor so that I was lying on my back. My erect cock
pointed upwards. The captain then lowered Seven on to my member. I wanted to
shout out with delight as the borg bombshell put one foot on either side of
me and lowered herself down until she was squatting. She seized my cock and
slid it easily into her tight lubricated cunt hole. She then used the
piston-like power stored in those long legs to bounce up and down on my dick.
I thrusted into her with each bounce and placed my hands on each of her
round breasts. Seven closed her eyes, threw her head back and groaned with
pleasure. I pumped in and out of her honey hole and groaned too as her
muscular legs shook rapidly. Her tits jiggled up and down to the same rhythm.

“Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhhh,” went Seven, pounding furiously.

Captain Janeway wanted to see Seven’s face while we fucked and had her turn
around so that her back was towards me. She twisted around making my dick
rub harder into her moist walls. When she was facing Janeway I looked down
to find her milky white ass cheeks slamming up and down. This really had me
going. Janeway brought her cat-on-nine tails down on Seven’s bouncing tits
as her slave worked harder to bring herself off. I eventually couldn’t take
any more and unleashed my sperm deep into her. Seven felt the rush of hot
seed spurt inside her and she slowed down. Janeway watched both of us gasp
in ecstasy as Seven too orgasmed. I felt a couple of spurts of her own
juices as she sat her ass down on me to rest, still squirming with desire.

The rest of that week was much the same. Captain Janeway made us perform a
degrading act and whoever failed her first was forced to pleasure her.
Janeway enjoyed it when I failed because she got to bury my dick in her.
When I fucked the captain, Seven was always on hand next to us, licking my
balls as I pumped into the captain or standing over the older lady’s face so
that she her mistress could eat her out.

Whenever I came to the quarters, the captain always had Seven in some form
of humiliating position. At times, Seven was dressed in a small French maid’s
outfit: including stockings, heels, no panties. Her duty was to clean the
rooms with her feather duster and get in all the hard to reach places while
Janeway relaxed after a long day. Whenever Seven bent over to get to a
corner, her ass was revealed to the captain and Janeway would ogle the goods
on display.

Most of the time however she was butt naked crawling on her hands and knees
with a dog collar around her neck. Janeway pulled on the leash so that her
“pet” would follow her around and provide somewhere for Janeway to put her
feet up if she wanted to. Seven was always forced to eat from a bowl on the
floor when she dined at the captain’s quarters. No hands allowed just
straight in with her mouth like a real dog. Sometimes if Seven had failed to
fully please her mistress, she was told that she could only respond to her
commands by barking. This was how I found her a few days later. Barking
timidly. Panting like a canine. Begging her master for a treat (which was
usually a taste of the captain’s beaver.) Her beautiful blond locks had been
let down to fall over her shoulders. She looked more attractive than ever.

Janeway embraced me with a kiss as I came in. Then she led her little pet by
her leash to the center of the room.

“Seven has been telling me how much she enjoys getting fucked by you. I must
admit I enjoyed it myself,” the captain chuckled. “But today we’ll try a
different technique. Don’t you just love that fine looking butt of hers?”

“Yes captain,” I agreed looking over towards Seven’s toned buttocks.

“Well then. Today I want you to butt-fuck her for me. She needs to feel some
doggy-style animal love.” Janeway let me strip off and then led me to her

“Seven! Present your ass for the ensign!”

Seven of Nine lifted her ass high in the air and spread her legs slightly.
Her glistening pussy was already hot with anticipation. I knelt down behind
her and Janeway gave me the go ahead. First I began to stroke my meat under
her cunt and up along her ass crack. Seven reached between her legs and
helped me massage my cock then clasped my balls with her long fingers and
tickled them. My cock grew slowly and I continued rubbing it up and down her
sweaty butt crack. I wiped the head over her slit and to try and lube myself
with her dribbling juices. Then I smeared my pre-cum onto her brown puckered

“Open up!” Janeway cheered as I prodded Seven’s asshole. Seven relaxed a bit
and I eased my dick into the hole. As I pushed in, Seven bucked slightly and
squirmed, not used to being violated in this way. Janeway only used a dildo
or butt plug in the woman’s ass when she felt especially cruel. The bitch was
a tight fit but it didn’t take long to sink my entire dick up her butthole.
I worked it in and out, feeling my dick smothered by her rectum walls. Seven
started to feel comfortable with the experience and squeezed her anus tightly
around my shaft. She gasped and moaned like a whore as I ass-fucked her
quicker and quicker. My balls slapped loudly against her fanny as Seven
started to work with me, humping her ass back to get my cock in as deep as
possible. Captain Janeway loved every minute of it. She adored the way this
stunning young woman would do absolutely anything she told her to. The
captain began to finger herself at the site of the bitchy borg getting her
ass humped...and enjoying it.

Seven’s wild bucking squeezed my cock to the limit and with one final thrust
in to her my cum exploded into her bowels. I pulled out and ejaculated over
Seven’s big ass and back. The sticky white translucent goo showered her rear.
Janeway approached and used her finger to wipe a glob of it off. She then
waved her finger in front of the borg’s face motioning for her to lick it
off. Seven sucked her captain’s finger savouring the taste. The captain
tugged on the leash.

“Good girl!” Janeway said patronisingly to her pet bitch. I sat back
exhausted and watched my semen trickle out of the blonde’s asshole and run
down her leg.


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