This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 5 (MFF,F-dom,trans,herm,humil)
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

The next day, the captain relieved both me and Seven from our shifts and led
us to the holodeck.

“I had Lieutenant Torres make a few modifications to the holo capabilities.
I’m sure you’ll both be pleasantly surprised by what I have in store for you
two today,” said the captain.

We followed her into the dark room. Janeway ordered the computer to lock the
door and then said,

“Computer, run program Janeway-Delta-366.”

The grid pattern of the holodeck transformed into a replica of Janeway’s
bedroom. Seven and I looked at each other with confused expressions.

“Now let me show you my modifications. Computer, remove clothes from
secondaries,” the captain said casually.

Instantly Seven and I were left standing naked by the captain’s bed.

“You see, this technology allows the user to change actual matter into holo
matter to a certain point. It can’t harm anyone but it can produce some
wonderful temporary results. Watch.” The captain walked over to me, took my
dick in her hands and gave the computer another request. To my horror my
dick grew to a foot in length and flopped out of the captain’s hand. Seven’s
eyes widened in terror at the thought of trying to fit that inside her.

“I can make your dimensions large...or...” the captain barked another order.
My new dick suddenly shrunk again but this time to just a few centimeters
“...pathetically small.” The captain laughed at my tiny manhood and I began
to feel more than a little embarrassed. She flicked at it for a second in
amusement before changing it back to its regular size. She then demonstrated
the same technique on Seven’s boobs by enlarging them to ridiculously large
proportions so that they stood out to almost an arm’s reach and swang down
to her hips. Seven was visibly embarrassed and frightened. The captain
returned them to their original size after she’d had a good laugh at the
borg’s expense.

“But what I’d really like to do is add a little bit of both of you to the
other. You know. So I can get the best of both worlds." That was what the
captain had said before giving her intended order. The computer bleeped and
I watched with wide eyes as two large round breasts morphed onto my chest.
At the same time Seven felt an odd sensation and looked down to see her
hairless pussy transform into a man’s cock about the same size as my own. We
stood there for a moment looking at ourselves and at each other. Captain
Janeway clapped her hands.

“Yes! It worked! You look great! My two little shemales. I’m going to have
fun with this!”

She ushered us to the bed. We were both obviously dazed from this experience.
The captain removed her own clothes and then climbed on to the bed with us.
We knelt on either side of her facing each other. I couldn’t believe what I
was seeing. Seven of Nine looked like a tranny! And so did I!

Captain Janeway caressed our tits and then felt each of our limp cocks in
each hand. She wanted us to fuck her. First she took Sevens holo-dick in her
mouth and began to work it over. Seven didn’t understand how it was possible
but as her arousal heightened her dick hardened. In the meantime she had
Seven reach over and massage my cock with her hands. Seven jerked me off
until I was stiff.

Crawling on top of me, the captain squeezed my new holo-breasts again and
lowered herself on to my erect member. I then proceeded to fuck her hard
while Seven knelt by my head so that the captain could suck on her borg
slave’s manmeat. As I pistoned into the captain trying to finish this
experience as quickly as possible, Janeway instructed Seven to sit on my
face so that I could tongue the bitch’s asshole while Janeway gave her head.
Seven big butt cheeks smothered my face as ordered. This went on for some
time until Janeway abruptly ordered us off.

She pointed to Seven. “You. Lie on top of him!” Seven moved round and lay
down on top of me. Our equally large tits squashed together. I was disgusted
to feel her cock press against mine. We both looked over at Janeway with
desperate glances. This wasn’t pleasant for either of us.

“Actually I‘ve changed my mind,” said the captain after observing our
ridiculous position for a minute or two. “Ensign, get on you hands and knees.
Seven, get behind him.” I immediately didn’t like where this was leading.
Needless to say my worry at this command was justified. Captain Janeway, with
much relish and obvious amusement, ordered Seven to stick her cock into my

Seven pushed her dick towards my asshole and began to bury the head inside. I
yelped in pain. This was not what I had in mind when the captain had promised
me sex with Seven of Nine. Soon the captain was licking her lips and rubbing
her clit vigorously at the site of Seven the shemale butt-fucking a man.
Seven didn’t want to do this but the pleasurable experience she felt kept her
pounding away. I bit the pillow in agony and revulsion. Thankfully, Janeway
didn’t let her empty her sac inside me but pulled her out and had Seven shove
her cock up the captain’s own dripping pussy. I watched the borg tranny fuck
her mistress wildly until the holo-spunk burst from her penis and entered
deep inside the captain. The captain squealed in delight as the humiliation
of the day was complete for her submissive pet.

Before we left the holodeck Janeway saw that everything was returned as
normal and kindly removed the pain I felt in my ass. I was starting to
wonder if I’d made the right choice in accepting this deal. Captain Janeway
apologised for my suffering and promised she would make it up to me in the
next task. She stroked my cheek tenderly and whispered,

“It’s OK. I’m sorry. But you didn’t mind doing that just once for me, did
you? Hmm? You are going to get such a big reward at the end of this”.


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