This story contains fictitious descriptions of graphic, sexual practice and
should only be read by adults. If you are not at least 18 years of age,
please do not read. Star Trek Voyager and all associated characters are
copyright of Paramount.

Star Trek - Voyager: Slave Dealings Part 6
by Natalie Croft ([email protected])

Janeway hadn’t lied. The captain had something special in store for me. I
arrived at her quarters as always and found Janeway on her own wearing her
leather catsuit again. I spotted a small metal cage against one of the
walls. As soon as the door shut behind me she pushed me into a corner on
the floor and tied my hands behind me to a railing. She then pulled down
my standard-issue trousers and briefs, revealing my flaccid pecker.

“You’ve got a surprise today,” murmured the captain as she pulled out a
condom and slowly rolled it over my dick. It was loose at the moment but I
had a feeling that would soon change. The only thing I didn’t get is why I
was wearing it.

Captain Janeway returned to her sofa and called out “Seven!”.

That’s when Seven entered. She stood tall as usual. Her golden hair was tied
into pigtails with pretty pink bows. She wore a small tight shirt patterned
with flowers and a large bow on the collar. Her pink skirt was tiny and
frilled out around her waist allowing anyone to see her white cotton panties
underneath. She wore black buckled shoes with white lace socks that simply
frilled out over her perfect ankles. Her long muscular legs were uncovered.
Janeway had dressed her up like a little girl to emphasise her dominance
over her. Seven also carried a teddy bear under one arm. My cock began to

“Hello, Seven,” said Janeway, “have you been a good girl today?”

“Yes captain,” replied Seven in a little girl’s voice. She must have been
told to really act her role.

“Well, now you’re going to do something naughty for the ensign here. Do you
remember what we arranged?”

Seven smiled sweetly and affirmed that she did. She put down her teddy bear
and strutted towards me. Her long tanned legs stopped in front of me. Janeway
sat back for the show.

Seven of Nine began put her finger on her lower lip pretending to act like
an innocent child. Then she put her hands on her thighs and began to dance
seductively. I watched her pout and moan as she gyrated her hips and ran
her hands over her body. I could see clearly under her tiny skirt and she
delighted in sliding her fingers underneath her waistline to grope herself.
She also murmured in satisfaction as my dick swelled and stood to attention
to watch Seven’s lapdance.

Janeway discreetly touched herself as Seven did. The borg babe turned around
to give me a flash of her cotton-covered ass before turning back to me and
lifting up her shirt. The small shirt stretched up over her bulbous breast
and the ribbon bow hung between them. She left it that way to keep them
exposed as she continued to grind her hips to the silent music. I was
breathing heavily and my cock ached for attention.

Seven then slid her panties down around her knees and pushed her pussy into
my face. I tried to lick it but she pulled back to tease me. With one hand
she rubbed her slit and slid a finger into her tight hole. Her other hand
came up to her face and she sucked on her thumb. Her moaning grew louder as
she masturbated in front of me. Turning round again she swayed her hips and
wiggled her ass at me. The thumb she was sucking then went behind her and
forced its way up her butt. This was more than I could take. Just as Seven
was bringing herself off to a degrading climax I blew my own wad straight
into the rubber condom. I grunted in surprise and frustration. The cum leaked
down and covered my dick. Seven smiled and licked her lips in triumph. To my
amazement she grabbed the end of the jonny and pulled it off. The goo was
smeared all over my helmet.

Seven lifted up the soaked condom showing me how full it was. It swang back
and forth at the weight of its contents. The borg slut then proceeded to lick
the base of the rubber sheath and roll it over her tongue. She slurped away
at it. She sucked out the contents and swallowed my semen like a common
whore. My dick was stiff again and purple thanks to the torment.

Janeway applauded her slave as a sign that the woman should cease her
activity. Seven stepped out of her moist panties and waited for her next
task. The captain asked me if I’d enjoyed the show to which I obviously
replied “yes captain”. Captain Janeway told Seven that she could be
rewarded with her meal now and replicated her food into a dog bowl and
water dish. As she placed them on the ground before Seven, Janeway said
to me, “You need some time to rest and get your stamina back.”

Seven knelt down and waited for permission to eat. Janeway stroked the borg’s
hair and then performed her daily ritual. She pulled her leather trousers
down so that her ass was exposed and then crouched over the food. Janeway
always farted on Seven’s food before she would allow her to eat it. I sat in
the corner and watched the captain pass gas over the bowl. She passed some
silent ones. Seven was lucky that the captain had stayed away from Neelix’s
spicy food this time. When she stood up again Seven leant over and began to
eat her dinner with just her mouth.

It was not long before Seven was finished and the Captain wiped her mouth
for her.

“Would you like desert, my dear?” she asked. Seven nodded. The captain pushed
the borg’s head between her legs and had Seven eat her out. She grabbed a
pigtail in each hand and used them like handlebars, rubbing the woman’s head
harder into her cunt.

“Don’t worry, ensign. You’ll have your time soon. Just let me return the
favour to my little bitch,” the captain said to me. She had Seven turn round
and bend over to present her pussy for her queen. Seven grabbed her ankles
and her ass stuck up from under her short pretty skirt. She kept her legs
straight as the captain began to kiss her slave’s clit.

All of a sudden and without warning, Seven accidently let herself relax too
much. A very loud and long fart erupted from Seven’s ass and blew directly
into the face of Captain Janeway. Seven gasped and lifted her head in
astonishment. The captain recoiled in shock. She slapped her hand down on
the bitch’s right butt cheek and screamed.

“AAaaahhh! You horrid bitch! How dare you! How dare you do such a thing to
your queen!”

Seven tried to explain that it was an accident but Janeway told her to shut
up. This was going to be bad. The captain pushed the blond beauty out of her
way and continued her tirade. She claimed that Seven had done it on purpose
to try and get her back. Janeway would be having none of that. She marched
to the centre of the room and yanked down a chain from the ceiling. She
dragged Seven over to it and locked her wrists into the cuffs. Janeway locked
Seven’s ankles into clasps on the floor. These ankle clasps also connected to
secondary clasps to fit round the slave’s knees. The chains held fast and
Seven was forced to squat on her haunches with her arms raised above her. Her
tits were still uncovered and bounced around as Seven flailed around trying
to ease the tension on her body between her wrists and knees.

“You think it’s funny?” cried Janeway. “Well, you won’t find this funny”. She
slid a piece of paper under Seven’s ass and then said, “Since you like toilet
humour so much you can take a shit right here in front of me and the ensign!”

I looked on in appalled curiosity at what was about to happen. Seven bit her
lip but proceeded to comply with her orders. Janeway stood in front of her
like a school mistress and kept slapping Seven’s exposed ass with her riding
crop telling her to begin this act of degradation.

Seven strained and let out another long fart. This was followed by two short
loud ones. Janeway saw the woman’s asshole relax and then the grimace on
Seven’s face as the first turd began to emerge from between her cheeks. The
long dark log pushed its way out and curled around as it hit the paper on
the floor.

“More!” demanded Janeway. Seven continued to fart crudely. The sight of this
beautiful tall woman being forced to shit herself in public was an odd thing
to behold. Seven released a wet one that smattered speckles of shit over the
paper. The stench filling the room was becoming stronger and stronger. Seven
moaned as another poo slid out and landed on the paper followed by a trickle
of piss from between her lips. Janeway held her nose as she watched her slave
humiliate herself yet again. When Seven had forced out as much shit as she
could, Janeway released her from the clamps.

“Bend over and show me the mess you’ve made of yourself,” said the captain
as Seven spread her cheeks for her mistress to get a good lock at her dirty
brown shit-stained anus. Janeway untied me and made Seven show me her ass as
well. She’d really messed herself. Her expression was one of utter disgrace.

“Just like the little girl you are, you need to be toilet trained. Such a
disappointment. Sighed Captain Janeway. “Wipe her ass for me please, ensign.”

She fetched a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom and I wiped the shit
off Seven’s ass. Janeway removed the paper and its contents to the waste bin
before returning and whispering into my ear. I took my dick out again and
hovered over Seven’s face who looked up and opened her mouth to give me
another blowjob. When the captain told Seven to “swallow it all” she thought
she meant cum. But while she gobbled my cock I relaxed and pissed right down
her throat. Oddly Seven didn’t complain and quietly gulped down her treat.
The captain took her own turn by urinating over Seven’s hooters. Seven gasped
for air when I finished and looked down at the floor.

The captain then went to the bedroom and came back with a few items. One was
a pacifier gag and the other a pack of diapers.

“Open up,” she snapped at Seven before sticking the pacifier into the borg’s
mouth and securely strapping it around her head. She then ordered Seven to
step into a pair of the adult diapers, hoisted them up and fixed them
tightly. Seven was ordered to her cage, the one by the wall. She had to crawl
in and stay on her hands and knees because it was so small. Her diapered ass
stuck out at me from under her tiny pink skirt and she peered round with a
look of complete embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry about that,” the captain said to me. “I guess you’ll have to
come back tomorrow if you want to fuck her again.” To be honest I did want
to fuck her again. Seeing her being totally humiliated like this was turning
me on. Although my two weeks had been served I considered returning to the
captain’s quarters the following week. Watching the pretty and pristine borg
woman walking around the ship and remembering the acts she was secretly
obliged to perform wouldn’t leave my mind. And as another incentive...the
captain was a great lay.


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