Star Trek - Voyager/Star Wars: Part 1 - Princess Leia Meets Chakotay (M/F)
by Anonymous

She was running as fast as exhaustion and blistered feet would allow. They
had been right behind her, although she no longer heard the clanking of the
uniforms. Turning slightly to see if they were close, she inadvertently
tripped on a stone and tumbled down a small grassy hill, landing face-down
in a pair of black boots.

With her heart in her throat she gradually lifted her head and began to gaze
along the body attached to the boots. A nice pair of strong legs in black
pants, impressive manly bulges, good looking torso, and... who is this? she
thought as she stared at a handsome face with unusual markings on the left

Chakotay looked down at the person who had fallen onto his feet, seemingly
from nowhere. He had been on a reconnaissance mission with the away team
and had wandered over to this hilly area to find tubers for Neelix. What he
found instead was a lovely, and apparently frightened, woman. While she was
staring at his tattoo, Chakotay was transfixed by her hairdo. On both sides
of her head the hair was wound in tight large circles. He had never seen
such an unusual arrangement of side-buns. The rest of the lady looked very
appealing to him, especially what was visibly outlined through her slightly
translucent white gown.

"Are you all right?" he asked, looking down at her, but trying not to
frighten her further.

She responded to him cautiously. "Yes, I am fine now. You are obviously not
from The Empire."

Chakotay considered this for a second. What Empire? Klingon? Cardassian?
He couldn't conceive that either of those empires had reached to this
quadrant of the galaxy. Did she actually speak English or was the translator
doing its job? There would be time for questions later; he reached out with
his hands and helped lift her up off the ground.

"Look," she said, abruptly raising her voice and waving a finger at him,
"I want to know who you are and where you come from and I better get some
answers pretty damn quick."

Chakotay was taken aback by the unexpected forcefulness and arrogance of this
young woman. She had the looks of a helpless damsel in distress, but she was
obviously not so helpless. She spoke to him like an impatient commanding
officer. Not even Kathryn had ever dared yell at him in that manner.

"You're very welcome," he said sarcastically responding to her lack of
gratitude for the helping hand. "But you're not in any position to be
demanding answers. Perhaps you would like to tell me who YOU are."

She stared him down undaunted. "Maybe I will and maybe I won't. I would first
like some reassurances as to your allegiance."

He was losing patience with her snippy attitude. The prime directive
prevented him from immediately revealing his identity and the existence of
Voyager and the Federation, but it was definitely time to get some
information from this strong-minded girl. She had retreated several feet
away from him and was reaching into her long loose sleeve. As he began to
take a few steps towards her, she quickly pulled out her concealed blaster
and aimed it at him.

"That's far enough," she said to him menacingly, "I am Leia, Princess of
Alderaan and you are now a prisoner of the Rebel Alliance."

A smile escaped from Chakotay's lips, even with the weapon pointed at his
head. A rebel leader. Well, he thought to himself, that makes her almost a
Maquis. And a princess to boot! He couldn't decide whether to hug her or
punch out her lights, but he was definitely warming up to this pretty rebel
and could feel some swelling starting in his loins. Maybe it was the buns.
He was very attracted to bun-headed fiery women; Kathryn had the same effect
on him.

He was convinced Leia wouldn't actually shoot him so he tried inching closer,
using conversation as a distraction. A bizarre tingling passed through him
as he moved in her direction.

"You have nothing to fear from me. I've never heard of Alderaan; I don't
know anything about your Empire. I was merely gathering food. Can't we
discuss things in a civilized manner?"

Intrigued by this handsome stranger, she let down her guard for only an
instant, but it gave Chakotay enough time to make his move. He grabbed her,
snatching the weapon from her hand and pushing her down on her back. As she
was spread-eagled on the grass, he was able to pin her down with just one of
his powerful arms, pressing himself on top so she couldn't move. He wasn't
certain of his motives for forcing himself on her this way; he had never
acted in such a violent manner with a woman and he was shocked by his own
behavior. But the sensuous curves underneath him fueled his urges almost
involuntarily, and his free hand slowly groped the hot, moist area between
her legs.

Leia could feel his huge erection and his probing fingers and debated with
herself whether to just give in or fight back. She was more than a little
aroused by his looks and his touches, but some sixth sense told her that this
man was possessed by an irrational sexual appetite. In a few minutes he
would pull himself free of his clothing and lunge into her. Ultimately her
instincts and dignity won out and she took the only course open to her.
Closing her eyes, she prayed that Luke's lessons had taught her enough...

To Chakotay, it appeared that Leia had gone into a trance. Her lids were
shut and she did not move for almost 30 seconds as energy seemed to project
from her hands, encircling them both. While she was in this state he
continued to stare at her face and rub his aching penis against her body.
Suddenly, her eyes burst opened and she scowled at him.

"Are you going to rape me?" she asked in a confident voice.

"Absolutely not!" Chakotay answered, outraged that she would even consider
he was capable of such a thing. The question had snapped his mind back to
reality. He started to regain control of his common sense, although he
stayed on top of Leia, still pressing hard against her body.

"Good, then I won't have to drop that boulder on your back."

He turned his head and looked upward. A gigantic rock was floating in the
air six feet above him. In a panic he pressed his comm badge, "Two to beam

B'Elanna was in the transporter room helping to fix some worn bioneural
circuitry. She had activated the transport beam herself at Chakotay's
request and watched as the bodies materialized on the pad. They arrived
with Leia still on her back and Chakotay still on top her.

"Interesting position for transport, Commander." B'Elanna said, grinning

Chakotay immediately jumped off Leia and turned to face B'Elanna, his
erection still bulging through his pants. The Chief Engineer sauntered over
to the pad and teased him with a few lip-licks.

"You better settle DOWN a bit, Chakotay, before you leave the transporter

"You can put your tongue back in your mouth, B'Elanna. It's not what you

By this time, Leia had gotten off the floor and was standing, hands on hips,
waiting for someone to notice her. She was a little miffed at being ignored,
and she was very anxious to find out where she was and who all these strange
people were. One thing she was certain of, this was not an Imperial ship.
The Emperor would never give a woman a position of importance aboard a ship
of the Empire. In fact, she had never seen a woman in ANY position on an
Imperial ship. She walked over to B'Elanna, gave a quick glance at her
forehead, and then demanded some attention.

"Excuse me, but is anyone going to tell me where I am and what I'm doing

Chakotay signaled for Tuvok with the comm badge and, ignoring Leia, took
B'Elanna aside.

"I'm going to recommend that Tuvok keep this woman in detention until we
learn a little more about her. She has impressive telekinetic powers and her
intentions are not clear."

B'Elanna gave Leia a quick once-over. The woman seemed harmless enough and
hardly more than a child. But remembering how Chakotay and Leia had
transported up, B'Elanna decided a little detention might bring this smartass
down a few notches.

Tuvok arrived with Captain Janeway and they both conferred briefly with
Chakotay. It was standard procedure for the Captain to check on any unknown
aliens aboard the ship. When Janeway and Leia finally locked eyes, it was a
moment full of meaning for both of them. Leia was more and more astounded by
the military position that women held in this society, whatever society that
was. Janeway's intuition told her that something, she was not sure what, was
very special about this young lady. She decided that the prime directive was
probably no longer an issue.

"Princess Leia, I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the United Federation of
Planets. You are on board my ship, The Voyager. You have already met my
First Officer Commander Chakotay..."

Leia interrupted Janeway with a mysterious smile.

"Yes, you could say we have definitely met."

She glanced at Chakotay, who was looking sheepishly down at the ground,
remembering with embarrassment how he had behaved on the planet's surface.

Janeway continued, "We understand that you have special abilities and also
that you are unsure as to where you are. For your protection and for our
own, we are going to confine you to quarters until Mr. Tuvok, our Chief of
Security, has had a chance to interrogate you."

Leia said nothing. She looked at Janeway; she looked at Tuvok, at B'Elanna,
at Chakotay. She wondered what sort of place this was where people had never
heard of The Force.

Leia was being kept in quarters protected by a magnetic shield. She knew her
abilities weren't developed enough to deactivate a magnetic field, and even
if she could get out, where would she go? The room was comfortable, she had
everything she needed, and she welcomed the opportunity to talk to Tuvok.
There would perhaps be a useful exchange of information. She was also
worried about what had happened to Han, Luke and the other people on Hoth,
but that was useless worrying. She didn't even know what had happened to

Tuvok belonged to a species Leia had never seen but that in no way surprised
her. The galaxy was populated by thousands of species and she knew there
were many she had never come across. What interested her about Tuvok was his
spirituality. She could sense that he was more connected to The Force than
the others on board this ship.

Tuvok, for his part, was fascinated by Leia. Their conversation began not
with a discussion of Empires or planets but with an explanation of The Force
- a concept that Tuvok found consistent with his own views of the universe.
Leia told him she was only a novice but she promised to give him some of the
lessons that Luke had given her. She also made it clear that there was a
genetic aspect to The Force. A person had to be born with the ability. She
had it and she was certain that Tuvok had it also.

She related to Tuvok that just before she found herself at Chakotay's feet,
she had been at the Rebel base on the planet Hoth. There was a celebration
going on to honor her home planet, which is why she was dressed in her
traditional native costume. Imperial stormtroopers landed by surprise and she
began running towards the escape ships. Another person had been with her -
Han Solo. She did not know what had happened to him.

"Can you tell me which Empire you are referring to?"

"What do you mean, WHICH Empire? There is only one - the evil Empire that
controls most of the star systems in the galaxy."

"Most of the star systems in the galaxy?"

Tuvok repeated her words with absolute astonishment and caught his breath as
he realized this woman was not referring to his own galaxy. Some strange
twist of space-time had propelled her further than he ever believed possible.
They talked for a few minutes more before Tuvok left. He promised to return
soon and continue the conversation, but his immediate concern was to report
the incredible findings to Janeway. She thanked him and sat quietly -
gathering The Force around her for the task ahead.

Leia was on her bed in the dark recalling all the lovers in her life. There
had been many - some great, some adequate, some horrible. Some had given her
moments of supreme pleasure, others had given her only frustration. These
sexual memories that were a source of comfort during a lonely time also
brought up thoughts of two special men.

Han was an agonizing problem for her. She wanted him more than she had ever
wanted any man. But his personality mixed with her personality were two
storms trying to subdue each other. Somehow they never managed to put down
their defenses long enough to connect. One of them was going to have to back
down if they were ever going to be together. Most days that seemed like an

Her mind turned to a new man - Chakotay. A big smile came across her face as
she remembered their meeting. This man was going to be fun. She looked
forward to teasing him and then satisfying him, especially with The Force
growing stronger in her each day. Closing her eyes and letting go of her
conscious self, she allowed her longing for him to flow out of her body.

Later that evening someone arrived at her door. She knew without asking that
it was Chakotay. Her passion had found him and brought him to her. The
power of her lust led him into the room where she was on the bed, naked and
full of desire. Jedi mind games were a wonderful way to control a man.

Though it was dark in the room, Chakotay knew Leia was waiting for him. He
wasn't sure how he came to be here. All he knew was that some unknown power
had led him to her and every time he was within 10 feet of this woman he
got a demanding hard-on. She uttered only one word, calling his name,
"Chakotay," but it was enough to increase his excitement beyond the point of
reason. His penis was large, stiff, and painfully ready for her. "Leia,"
he answered, ready to fling himself on her in a rage of uncontrollable

As he approached the bed he had the sensation of unseen hands caressing his

"Wouldn't you like to take off your clothes," Leia whispered from the bed,
laughing softly.

"I..." He never finished the sentence. Leia was manipulating him from the
bed like a remote-control toy. His shirt flew off; his pants fell down to
the floor and slithered away from underneath his feet. Invisible lips grabbed
hold of his hard penis while a spectral tongue licked and worked its magic.

Realizing what was happening, he relaxed and grinned at her; a grin that her
mind was able to see. His surprise was over and his sense of humor allowed
him to play along. What did she call it? The Force? Well, it certainly had
its useful moments, but there are limits to even to The Force.

"Leia, this feels great, but I'm sure the real thing feels even better."

"Oh yes," she sighed, "there is something very real waiting for you on this

He stood next to the bed and took hold of her head by the side- buns, guiding
her mouth to his needy cock. She eagerly sucked at him while he moved his
fingers around her rolled locks. Moaning and gasping from the pleasure, he
repeated over and over, "I love your hair." The more he stroked her buns,
the more energetically she worked on his rigid sex, until she unexpectedly
broke off and pulled him down on top of her. She was ready for some good

He didn't want to rush entering her; the anticipation would intensify the
result. She was moaning for him, calling his name and begging to be
penetrated; her clit throbbing and screaming out for a full frontal assault.
Kneeling on the bed between her legs, he stifled her noises with a kiss,
pushing his tongue in her mouth at the same time as he pushed his fingers
into her dripping wet mound. She rotated her hips around trying to relieve
herself against his fingers but she needed more.

"Please, oh please, Chakotay, please fuck me, please put it in, I need it
hard, I need it big. Oh, I'm dying for it."

She was in the throes of agonizing desire. Reaching down and getting hold
of his swollen cock, she tried to pull him in. No longer able to resist he
pulled out his fingers and let her hand guide him in. She let out a scream
as he shoved all the way in; her hands on his buttocks controlling the
thrusts. The enjoyment was delicious, the arousal increasing; both of them
were grunting and getting closer to climax. Leia needed to come badly. She
was so juiced up that Chakotay had to work hard to keep from slipping out.

At the moment of her orgasm something knocked Chakotay on the head. Leia
was screaming and things were flying around as if the room was possessed by
dozens of poltergeists. He recovered enough to join her and ejaculated
seconds before the mattress flipped over and threw the spent lovers off the

Lying on the floor, he wrapped his arms around her and felt her heart
pounding in the aftermath. She was almost asleep from the workout and from
the Force she had expended involuntary.

"Leia," he said to her as she drifted off, "next time remind me to wear a


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