Stara Trek - Voyager/Star Wars: Part 2 - Han Solo Meets Janeway (M/F,voy)
by Anonymous

Paris was at the helm. The Captain had advised him to be particularly alert
for any anomalies or activity. She had also released Leia from detention
after listening to Tuvok's retelling of their conversation. Janeway was
convinced the woman was not a threat and had invited her to sit with the
crew on the Bridge, hoping to cheer her up. Oddly enough, Leia appeared to
Janeway to be already very cheerful, wearing a grin from bun to bun.

"Captain, the scanners are showing there's an unidentified ship approaching
the planet in a landing trajectory. It seems to have come out of nowhere."

"Put it on the screen, Mr. Paris."

"What the hell is that?" Paris exclaimed, almost to himself.

The Bridge crew looked through the viewscreen at a very odd, dilapidated
ship. No one had ever seen a ship of that style before; no one, that is,
except Leia.

She walked closer to the screen with her heart racing.

"That's the Millennium Falcon. That's Han Solo's ship. He's come looking
for me."

Leia stared at the viewscreen and Chakotay stared at Leia. Everyone knew
about this Han Solo from Leia's stories of the Rebel Alliance, but Chakotay
knew more. She had confided in him that Han had never made love to her. Now
Chakotay knew it was not from lack of interest on Leia's part. He felt her
heat as she gazed lovingly at the Millennium Falcon. Jealousy was out of the
question, though; he hadn't been fucking her long enough to be sexually

"Can you hail the ship, Mr. Paris?" Janeway asked.

"No, Captain. It does not seem to have technology compatible with our

Leia was standing next to the helm when she unexpectedly became lightheaded.
She tried to balance herself by leaning against the console but she was
overpowered by her emotions and fainted right into Paris' lap.

"Mr Paris," Janeway teased him, "You have quite an effect on women. Why
don't you and Tuvok take the Princess to sick bay." She turned to Chakotay,
"Commander, I'd like to check out this planet for myself and I'll need Leia
on the away team to help find Han Solo. Let me know when she's recovered.
It'll be just the three of us beaming down."

The next day Leia had recovered enough to accompany the away team. Chakotay
tried to instruct her in the elementary use of a tricorder, but every time
she touched the instrument the readings went haywire.

"You need a few more lessons in The Force, Princess," Chakotay said to her,
laughing affectionately. "You're going to kill me and destroy every piece of
equipment on Voyager."

Leia laughed back at him as they walked together to the transporter room to
meet the Captain.

Later, after beaming down, the team decided to split up to search for Han
Solo. An unspoken communication passed between Chakotay and Leia. Janeway
could sense it, but said nothing.

"Leia and I will check out those small hills where I first encountered her.
Perhaps we can locate the original entry point."

"Fine," Janeway agreed, "I'll continue to take tricorder readings in this

After a few minutes Janeway decided there was nothing interesting in the area
she was checking and began walking over to the hills where Chakotay had taken
Leia. She didn't bother to signal, figuring she would keep taking tricorder
readings until she met up with them. As she approached the small knoll she
caught sight of the couple from the side, at close enough range to view every
detail. Leia was kneeling in front of Chakotay, holding his big cock in her
hand, licking it wildly. Chakotay had been gripping her buns when he pushed
himself completely into her mouth and came convulsively, his body shaking as
he shot deep down Leia's throat. In the death-like stillness of the planet,
Janeway could hear his orgasmic cries.

Certain they hadn't seen her, Janeway turned and ran as far as she could get
before her legs gave out. She was both sickened and aroused, feeling weak as
a hot dampness grew between her legs. She recognized the sensation for what
it was - she was horny. She wished it was her with Chakotay, but that could
never be. She would never allow herself a sexual relationship with any
member of the crew. It would undermine her authority and make the rest of
the trip home unbearable. But she was only human and getting enough sex had
never been a problem until Voyager got flung into the Delta Quadrant. She
pictured herself as a Flying Dutchman, destined to spend the rest of her life
wandering the galaxy, celibate and frustrated. No! the little voice in her
head yelled back, Somewhere, on some planet, there is a man for you, if only
for a night here and there. Be patient....

She pulled herself together and noticed that she had wandered almost a mile
from that knoll and was in unfamiliar territory. She could communicate with
Chakotay via the comm badge but she had no intention of doing that until she
was sure he was finished with Leia. Instead, she went back to the boring
business of taking tricorder readings.

She had been taking readings for a few minutes when the tricorder
unexpectedly registered a humanoid life form directly behind her. Turning
around, her first reaction was that her prayers had been answered. She was
looking directly in the face of the handsomest man she had ever seen. The
fact that he was aiming one of those blasters at her in no way interrupted
her hungry staring. She wondered why he didn't move or speak until she
realized that her tricorder was pointed menacingly in his direction as if
it were a weapon.

This must be the infamous Han Solo, she said to herself. It was clear to
Janeway why Leia fainted at the mere thought of him; he was a gorgeous
specimen. For a few brief seconds she let her fantasies soar and the familiar
heat returned between her legs. She had to shake herself loose from the
reverie and remember that this dazzling man might blast her into oblivion.

Janeway let Solo make the first move. She was in no mood that day to get

"OK, just put the weapon down", he said motioning with his free hand, "and
nobody will get hurt."

"It's not a weapon," she answered him calmly, "and I know who you are.
You're Han Solo and I assure you that you're in no danger from me."

"How do you know who I am?"

"Because Princess Leia is a passenger on my ship and we have both been
searching for you since we saw the Millennium Falcon land on this planet."

He looked at her in total shock, letting the hand holding the blaster fall
to his side. "Leia? Leia is on your ship?" he said anxiously.

Janeway took a step towards him.

"Hold it right there, sister!" he said, regaining his composure and raising
the blaster back in Janeway's face, "Who the hell are you and what are you
doing with Leia?"

"I assure you, Mr. Solo, you have nothing to fear from me. In fact, The
Princess is on this planet as we speak. I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the
United Federation of Planets and my ship is the Voyager..."

"United what?" Solo was more than slightly confused and not about to put
down his weapon until he was sure about this woman.

"Just take me to Leia right now," he said, waving the blaster at Janeway.
Solo did not like the looks of the uniform she was wearing and he wasn't
totally buying her story. He had to admit to himself, though, that the body
inside the uniform was pretty decent and he liked the hairdo - nice bun.

She slowly moved her hand to the comm badge, trying not to startle Solo.
"Commander Chakotay, please get a lock on my coordinates and have Voyager
beam you and Leia directly here. I have found Han Solo."

She smiled her most seductive smile at Solo and said in the nicest way she
knew how, almost cooing, "they'll be right here."

Seconds later Chakotay and Leia materialized. Chakotay's clothes were a
little askew and Leia's buns were starting to come apart, but Solo didn't
notice. He was overjoyed to see her.



Janeway was expecting to see them leap into each other's arms and kiss
passionately. Instead, she and Chakotay were treated to repartee that was
like two old married people fighting.

"You idiot! This is some pathetic rescue attempt, as usual. Couldn't you
have at least fixed up that heap of scrap metal you call a ship?"

"Well, excuse me, Your HIGHNESS. I was in kind of a hurry to get here before
your ass was toasted by the Imperial stormtroopers. Thanks for the warm
welcome, your WORSHIP."

Chakotay and Janeway exchanged incredulous glances.

"Shut up, Han. Just get moving on figuring out how to get us out of here."

Janeway short-circuited this nonsense, "I think it's time for everyone to
return to Voyager and sort things out. Four to beam up, Mr. Paris."

"Now wait a minute, I'm not going anywhere until ..." Solo started to say as
he vanished into a transport beam.

It took several days to settle Solo into the ship's routine. He was giving
everyone a hard time and being obstinate about sharing information. Leia and
Solo continue to fight like two alley cats; providing hours of unintentional
entertainment for the crew. Tuvok did his best to control the altercations
since every time Leia got angry some piece of Voyager would come loose and
fly around. Finally Janeway had enough information to speculate on what had
brought these strangers to the planet, and she called a breakfast
brainstorming meeting.

Tuvok gave the first report. "Apparently, Han Solo was behind Princess Leia
when she disappeared into some kind of immense portal on the planet Hoth.
Rather than follow her on foot, he flew his ship through the portal in an
attempt to retrieve her. He was very fortunate that random quantum shiftings
of the entrance put him in orbit around this planet rather than crashing him
directly onto the surface."

Captain Janeway put on her "Science Officer" hat and dropped her bombshell.
"I believe the portal is to a parallel universe. It is the only explanation
for why these two people are completely human, speak English, yet apparently
live in a totally alien galaxy. If the portal is still on the planet, it
should not be difficult to return them both."

Everyone agreed and it was decided that searching for the portal could be
done very effectively from the ship using Voyager's sophisticated sensors.
B'Elanna was given the assignment of putting together a team to locate the

"Meanwhile," Janeway said, trying to look very nonchalant, "I will continue
Han Solo's interrogation in my quarters this afternoon. I think he might
offer more information in a relaxed setting."

B'Elanna gave Chakotay an "is she kidding?" look and everyone but Janeway saw
Tuvok's telling raised eyebrow.

It had been quite some time since Janeway had attempted a seduction. She was
at least 10 years older than Solo but, all things considered, her body had
held up fairly well. She examined herself naked in front of the mirror - no
ugly bumps of fat, breasts still firm, no flabby flesh hanging down. She
felt confident that she could get him interested enough to jump-start, and
given a little bit to work with, she knew how to milk the rest out of a man.
She smiled a wicked little smile to herself as she imagined her crew seeing
what a temptress their Captain could become. Putting her uniform back on
(without underwear this time), she signaled Tuvok to bring Solo to her
quarters, and tingled with delightful anticipation. A chance like this was
not going to come along every day in the gloomy Delta Quadrant.

A few minutes later Tuvok was escorting the intended victim into Janeway's

"Tuvok," Janeway said, nervously reaching up and patting her bun, "Try not
to signal me unless it's an emergency. I really don't think interrogations
should be interrupted. It's so hard to pick up where you left off."

"Understood, Captain." Tuvok answered, leaving the room with the doors
sliding closed behind him. If Tuvok hadn't been a Vulcan, he would have been
rolling on the floor by now, laughing hysterically. Instead, he returned
quietly to his duties. He did not consider it his concern what the Captain
did with this man, or any man.

Solo found his own way to the couch, kicked off his boots and stretched out,
obviously very relaxed.

"Well, Han, how are you today?" Janeway asked him with a big smile. To
herself she was saying, be calm, don't look anxious, don't stare at the
outline of his cock (oh, it looks big), don't be scary, be cool.

She sat down next to him on the couch.

"I'm fine, Captain" he said, and for no apparent reason added, "you know, I
really like your hair." He reached out and touched her bun, setting off a
heavy wet flow between her legs. Janeway had to struggle to keep from
flinging herself on him.

"Why, thank you," she said, "How about some coffee?" She got up and walked,
with difficulty, to the replicator. She couldn't think of a better reason to
use up a ration than what was waiting on the couch.

Solo smiled behind her back. Is she for real? He could tell instantly what
was going on and what she had in mind. NO problem, he thought to himself.
He wasn't getting any from Leia and this Captain Janeway was a decent looking
woman. He could feel the arousal starting.

Janeway walked back with two cups of coffee, and bending down to hand one to
Solo she almost spilled the other all over his lap. His erection was saluting
her through his pants. She sat down, trembling and at a loss for words.

"I think the coffee can wait." he said, setting down his cup and taking her's
away also. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer; so close
she could feel his hot breath.

If he kisses me, I'm going to faint, she thought. He did kiss her but she
didn't faint; instead she realized there was definitely something to be said
in favor of pure lust, unimpeded by emotional baggage or attachments. Solo,
for his part, was a Grand Master of recreational screwing. He liked to give
and take carnal enjoyment, and always appreciated a nice 'Thank you'

Both of them being of the same mind, they plunged headlong into it. Solo
slipped his hands under the top part of her uniform, caressing and squeezing
her breasts until the nipples were as hard as his cock. He pulled the
garment over her head and then went to work on her pants, only slightly
surprised that she had nothing on underneath. He'd seen that maneuver

While he was busy with her clothes, Janeway was very quickly reaching an
unstoppable level of lecherous appetite. She ripped open his shirt and
pressed herself against his hard muscles; at the same time reaching down
into his pants for the main course. She was not disappointed by what she
found. A big hard cock already covered with a juicy film. Freeing it up
from its confines she stroked it gently with her hand and lapped up the
seeping clear fluid with her tongue. She couldn't take her eyes off his
erect penis. It was magnificent; thick and long with a big rosy head.
Solo closed his eyes and let the exquisite feeling wash over him as she
worked it. Very quickly, however, her pulsating clit was demanding relief
and she was torn between wanting to watch him come and wanting to get it
into herself as soon as possible.

Releasing him for a moment, she leaned back on the couch and moaned
desperately. He reached down between her legs and felt the creamy
wetness, an indication that she needed something very badly and very
quickly. Pushing her down onto the couch, he spread her legs apart
and whispered to her, "Kathryn, I'm going to fuck you now, fuck you
very hard."

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed as he thrust into her; the pleasure so intense
that she had her first orgasm almost immediately.

A second later a voice was heard...

"Captain, this is Torres. Please respond."

Janeway and Solo both came to a dead halt. She had to force herself to stop
quivering so she could point to the floor.

"See that little badge over there on my uniform," she said to him as softly
as possible, "please hand it to me...quietly" He did as she asked; giving it
to her along with a big wet kiss.

"Torres," she said, holding back her emotions as much as possible, "this
better be DAMN important."

"Captain, we've located the portal. We need you on the bridge immediately."

"I'll be there in a few minutes. Janeway out."

Janeway rolled her eyes and clenched her teeth. Solo got the hint and
disconnected himself from her. "This is not exactly fun for me either," he
said with a playful frown, emphasizing his agony by placing her hand on his
unrelieved erection.

Janeway's years of military discipline were a big help in getting herself
pulled together and dressed quickly. The training, however, did nothing to
take away the bitter disappointment. She'd have to salvage what she could.

"Look, I don't know how long this will take. Let's just agree to meet here
again tonight - late. Around midnight. I'll be waiting for you. OK?"

He nodded to her.

With that, she hurried off...


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