Star Trek - Voyager/Star Wars: Part 3 - The Bun Maneuver (M/F)
by Anonymous

Janeway showed up on the Bridge in an fitfully bad mood, with just enough
patience to hear what B'Elanna and Chakotay had to say about the portal. It
was good news. The location had been identified and the portal was showing
every indication of remaining stable for at least another 24 hours. There
should be no problem flying the Millennium Falcon back through to the other
side. Leia and Solo, of course, would have to take their chances as to what
would be waiting for them but there was no other choice.

"We're setting up the fly-through attempt to be ready in about two hours."
B'Elanna said.

"No!" Janeway countermanded forcefully, "I'd rather wait until morning.
0800 hours will be fine. Lieutenant Torres, please see to it that Mr.
Solo knows the plans; I'll speak to the Princess. You have the Bridge,
Commander." Without any explanation as to why she preferred to wait or
where she was going, the Captain walked off the Bridge.

Solo was killing time waiting for midnight, wandering around until, almost
by accident, he found himself at Leia's quarters. He debated with himself
whether messing around with that horny Captain would ruin any hope of getting
Leia, but decided it wouldn't since Leia never seemed to care what he did.
In any case, it would all be over by tomorrow morning when he and Leia
returned to Hoth. As he stood by her door he spied her walking down the hall
and jumped in front of her, blocking the entrance.

"Well, hello PRINCESS, Would you like to invite me inside for a late lunch?
I'm veerrry hungry." He leered at her, smacking his lips almost obscenely.

"Drop dead, Han. You really know how to annoy me. Why don't you go find
something useful to do. Like sticking your head out an air lock."

"Come on now Leia, you think I'm irresistible, don't you."

"You know, Han, you keep saying that and it's not getting you anywhere, so
why don't you just give it up."

"I don't think so, not this time." He threw his arms around her but she
managed to wiggle out of his clutches just as Chakotay was walking around
the bend.

"Han, get lost. I'm busy," she said, grabbing an astonished Chakotay by the
shirt and planting a kiss on his mouth as her hand pushed the bulge of his

Solo laughed to himself, wondering how many times she was going to repeat
the same stupid stunt. She already played that number with Luke. It wasn't
convincing then and it wouldn't convince him now.

Except this time he WAS convinced. Chakotay was not Luke Skywalker. He
didn't care that Solo was watching. He responded to Leia's touches by
rubbing her breasts with his hands and ramming his swelling penis against
her. Still locked in the kiss, Chakotay opened the door to her quarters
and the two disappeared inside, leaving Solo standing in the hall with his
mouth open, in shock.

Solo knew it was his own fault. As much as he felt like punching his fist
down this Chakotay's throat, he blamed only himself for driving Leia to this
point. What was wrong with him? She was having sex with every X-Wing pilot
in the Alliance, but had refused all his advances. The hell with her, he
said to himself, she's not the only woman in the universe. Maybe he should
tell her about his "appointment" with the Captain this evening. That might
shake her up a bit.

Meanwhile, inside her quarters, Leia was suddenly not in such a sexy mood.
The whole episode with Han had disturbed her. What was she doing with
Chakotay? She could have Han but some obstinate streak in her messed up
every time.

"Chakotay, I'm not feeling well right now," she lied. "Please, come back
tonight - around midnight. I'll be waiting for you in bed."

Chakotay could see something was wrong, and not knowing the cause, he left
her with a kiss and a promise to be back. He was going to miss her very much
when she was gone.

After stalling a few minutes, Leia decided to risk leaving her room. She
wanted to walk around and expend some nervous energy but she didn't want to
meet up with either Chakotay or Solo. She couldn't deal with male nonsense
at the moment.

Seeing the coast was clear she set off in no particular direction and ran
smack into Captain Janeway. Over the past few days Janeway had developed a
sort of "motherly" attachment to Leia, and was feeling a bit guilty about
fooling around with Solo. She didn't have to be psychic to know that beneath
all the bickering there was real affection hiding, waiting to get out. But,
she rationalized, all's fair in love and war and Leia had been fucking
Chakotay, anyway.

Putting her arm around Leia, Janeway tried the buddy approach. "I was on my
way to the ship's hair salon. Would you like to join me."

"The hair salon?" Leia said, looking puzzled.

"Princess, I don't know how things are in your galaxy," she said smiling at
Leia, "but in this galaxy some of us have to get our hair cut once in a
while." Leia couldn't help laughing and agreed to tag along; she didn't have
anything better to do.

They were early for the appointment and Pierre, the hairdresser, treated
everyone as equals. You had to wait your turn no matter what your rank.
While they were sitting, Janeway asked Leia if she found it annoying dealing
with those big complicated buns everyday; she herself had enough trouble
with just her own little regulation bun.

The floodgates were open; Leia spilled her guts to her new friend Kathryn.

"These buns are a royal pain. I've only been wearing them on Voyager because
Chakotay loves them so much. He's visiting me tonight and I sometimes think
his motto is: No Buns, No Boff." She regretted saying that as soon as the
words were out; she hoped the Captain didn't think she was crude.

Janeway didn't even notice Leia's language. She was thinking about Solo and
the Princess leaving tomorrow and decided it was time for total honesty. She
told Leia about her own plans for the night. Leia was upset, not by Solo's
behavior, but by her stupidity in letting him slip away time after time. It
became clear to the women as they talked that both would prefer to be with
the other's lover for the evening.

Suddenly Leia's face lit up and she grabbed Janeway's shoulders, looking deep
into her eyes. Sparks of The Force flowed from her fingers down Janeway's

"Kathryn, switch places with me tonight. All we have to do is exchange
hairdos. Chakotay and I hardly ever talk - you won't have to say anything.
If you have the lights off he won't know the difference as long as he can
feel the buns. And I'll finally get to be with Han; I don't care if he
thinks I'm someone else."

It took just a few seconds of silent deliberation for Janeway to decide that
this ridiculous scheme might actually work, and the chance to spend a night
with Chakotay was worth the risk.

"YES," Janeway said to Leia, anticipation overflowing in her voice. "Let's
do it. Try to sneak out of my room before morning and meet me in the Ready
Room. But whatever happens tonight, you and Han must beam down to the
Millennium Falcon by 0800 tomorrow morning. B'Elanna has arranged for you
to go back through the portal."

The deal was made. The women sealed the pack with a hug, each wishing the
other luck. Leia was beside her self with joy. She'd get a night with Han
and then a chance to go home and set things right. Janeway arranged for
them, on her signal, to be internally beamed out of the hair salon into each
others quarters; there to wait in hiding for the denouement of the grand

Pierre walked into the waiting room. "Madame Captain, you are next, s'il
vous plait."

Janeway and Leia both smiled mysteriously at Pierre, who responded with a
quizzical expression. "Mesdames, is something wrong?"

"Pierre," Janeway said as the two women walked together into the cutting
room, "I've got a very special job for you today."

At midnight, Chakotay arrived at Leia's quarters and let himself in. The
room was totally dark but he found his way to the bed. He was too sexually
aroused by the thought of Leia to worry about whether the lights were on
or off. Leia never talked much during sex so he wasn't expecting a
conversation; he just reached out for the buns. As soon as he felt those
big round orbs of hair his erection got rock hard. Slipping out of his
clothes he climbed on the bed and spent a few minutes with the usual
foreplay before positioning himself between her legs.

So far, so good; the kissing and caressing had been marvelous but Janeway was
still very nervous that Chakotay would sense something different and discover
her. She had no intentions of ever telling him about this deception, at
least not until they were home and she was no longer his CO. Although
anxious, she was extremely aroused and dripping from expectation. As she
bent her knees, she placed her feet by his hips to signal her readiness for
penetration, and waited impatiently for the thrill of the first thrust.

Instead, Chakotay leaned over her and whispered, "Come on Leia, do it; you
know what I like."

OH NO!, Janeway thought to herself in a panic. What? D o what? Give me a
clue... Leia hadn't mentioned anything. Then her mind flashed back to the
scene she had witnessed in the rocky knoll. Yes!

She sat up and gently took hold of his throbbing hard penis with her lips.

"Leia, oh that's nice..., Leia, I really want to hear about your world and
the Rebel Alliance... I.... oh, yes... Oh..., I want to know more about the
Force and...hmmmmm...."

Crap! Janeway thought to herself as she worked his dick with her tongue.
With the real Leia he never says a word. With me he wants to have a
philosophical discussion. Janeway wondered if Leia used some kind of Jedi
mind trick to keep Chakotay quiet during sex. In any case that was not an
option for her and she couldn't suck on him all night. Eventually she was
going to have to find other, more creative, ways to keep her mouth busy.

So far Janeway's romantic evening with Chakotay was not working out as she
had expected. She decided to take charge of the situation and turn it to
her advantage. The cock-sucking was just not doing it for her. He was too
distant. What she wanted was to feel his strong body against hers and have
him touch and arouse her. She let go of his penis (did she detect a sigh of
disappointment?) and worked her mouth up his body with kisses. When he
tried to ask a question she quickly pressed her lips against his and rubbed
whatever was available (a hand, a leg) against his erection.

She kissed his neck; she gave him a butterfly kiss on the eyelid; she put
her tongue in his ear; she dipped her fingers into her cream and let him
suck it off... When she kissed his nipple she moved her hand to his
testicles and got one finger in his rectum. That drove him wild. All
thought of conversation was gone. He moved his hands all over her body and
gave her back as many kisses as she had given him. Janeway knew she could
relax and let their bodies' natural instincts take over. Chakotay had moved
on to a higher level of sexual readiness. Even working in complete darkness
he could tell what she needed. Janeway was also ready for more. She
maneuvered herself underneath him on her hands and knees, and wisely thinking
ahead, she placed a few pillows by her face.

He got into position behind her and place the tip of his penis right by the
opening. She clenched her fists and drove her face into the pillows. The
moment he thrust in she let go a scream that was completely muffled. Each
thrust brought on another cry concealed by the pillows. She was finding it
increasingly hard to breath but the lack of oxygen was heightening her
arousal. After just a few minutes, she came so hard her contractions almost
knocked him off but he stayed on long enough to finish, shooting far inside

She collapsed almost instantly into sleep, partly from the climax and partly
from near-suffocation.

Chakotay wondered why nothing was flying around. Leia's orgasms usually sent
at least one piece of furniture on a spin around the room. Maybe she'd
finally gotten that Force thing under control. He wrapped his arms around
the woman next to him in bed and drifted off to sleep.

Janeway woke up a few hours later and seeing that Chakotay was fast asleep,
she slowly got out of bed, got dressed (undoing the buns), and left. She
intended to spend the rest of the night having dreams of contentment in her
Ready Room.

Solo entered Janeway's quarters and thought it was odd that the room was
pitch black. Maybe she's developed a sudden case of modesty, he said,
jokingly, to himself. As he started walking towards the bed he tripped
over something hard and sharp.

"Oh, shit!" he yelled in pain. "Would you mind, Kathryn, if I turned on a
light? I can't see a damn thing."

Leia was expecting this. The force of her mind erased the need to see by
guiding him to the bed. Her mental control made him forget everything
except getting undressed and satisfying her sexual desire. She commanded
him telepathically, "Han, smell my passion. Taste my longing for you."

He threw himself like a madman onto the bed and dove immediately and hungrily
into her damp mound, flicking her excited clit with his tongue. His hands
were on the tops of her thighs, holding the legs apart as she rocked with
ever increasing delight. The Force she released stroked his swollen cock,
causing it to drip on the bed with the fluids of his own arousal. To Solo it
felt as if tiny pleasure points were vibrating throughout his body. As Leia
got closer to climax, she was unable to control her frantic cries.

"Oh Han, Oh yes, yes... Han, that feels soooo good."

When Solo heard her voice, he abruptly stopped and lifted his head.

"NO," she begged, trying to push his head back down, "Don't stop. DON'T STOP

"Leia? Leia, is that you?"

She knew it was too late. The mind link was gone. He had discovered her

"Yes, Han. It's me. It's Leia."

He was feeling so many things at the same time that his brain was close to
overload. Where was Kathryn? What was Leia doing in Kathryn's bed? In a
sudden flash of understanding he realized that Leia was here because she
wanted him. He didn't ask for an explanation; he didn't need to hear any
words. He moved himself beside her in the bed and pulled her close. It
was not everyday that Han Solo was overcome by his own emotions.

Leia, however, wanted to talk. She needed to break the awkward silence.

"Well," she said with a sigh, "I guess it's obvious now how I feel about

"You love me, don't you?"

"I suppose so."

"I know."

She threw him over onto his back, yelling and laughing at the same time, "Why
you conceited son-of-a-bitch! I'll show you who's in charge here."

"Show me Leia" he said, smiling in the dark. "I'm dying for you to show me."

She mounted herself on top of his still very erect penis and with a wave of
her hand turned on the lights.

"Good trick." He said, teasing.

"I have more." She answered, teasing back.

She sat completely upright on him, pressing her buttocks down so that his
penis went straight up to the tip of her womb. It was an exquisite feeling.
She rode him slowly for a few minutes and then leaned over and kissed him.

"I want to see your face when you come." she said in a passionate whisper.

Just hearing Leia say those words pushed him over the edge. She watched as
his face distorted into a silent scream, his mouth wide open. Squeezing her
thighs tight enough to leave welts, he arched his back and ejaculated into
her like a explosion. She could feel the movement deep inside and let out a
soft groan for him, collapsing by his side. The Force could do many things
but it couldn't revive a man after such an orgasm. She just curled up next
to him and hoped someone would wake them in time. There would be many other

"Commander Chakotay, this is the Captain. Please report to the Bridge

Janeway was laughing inside at the thought of Chakotay waking up in a panic
and finding himself alone. She had spent a delightful night in the Ready
Room; reliving everything again and again in her mind. She had also gone
in person to get Solo and Leia. When Leia didnt show up in the Ready Room,
Janeway deduced that somehow the two had resolved their differences and
stayed together the whole night. When she found them in the morning, she
knew she had been right, and now the happy couple was looking forward to
returning to their own world.

Chakotay burst onto the Bridge. He wanted to take Leia aside and ask what
the hell had happened to her but there was no time. The whole Bridge crew
had already assembled. He shook hands with Solo and from Leia he got a
smile and a knowing wink. As the group walked to the transporter room,
Chakotay noticed that Janeway's hair was hanging loose around her shoulders
and was slightly disheveled. He had never seen her looking like that.

"Did you have a rough night, Captain?" he asked playfully.

She just smiled at him.

The End


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