Star Trek - Voyager: Subjective Range Part 1 (MF,oral)
by JoAnne Soper-Cook

The Doctor was just finishing his tabulations of some MMPI-5 scores when Kes's familiar form shadowed the doorway of his office.


He didn't look up...strange emotions warred with each other within his consciousness; he was at a loss for an effective procedure with which to control them.

"Doctor?" A little more firmly this time, and she came into the room, stood hovering over his desk, her hands clasped demurely in front of her. "It's bad manners to ignore me."

When he looked up, he saw that she was smiling: an almost-grin that did marvelous things to the mobile muscles of her face.

"Kes." Whatever language he'd been capable of suddenly deserted him. "Ahhh...I've been meaning to--"

She darted a quick look around the Sickbay, ascertained immediately that the two of them were alone, and kissed him: a slow, hot caress that coaxed reaction from him, and a gentle moan. "I'd like to see you on the Holodeck when you're done here." Her lips, barely touching his ear; her sweet breath stirring his cheek. "And dress appropriately."

"Appropriately." His dark eyes held her gaze for a long moment. "Appropriate for what?" What did she mean, exactly? And what could she possibly have in mind? Despite their...*rendevous* of a few days ago (right here on the floor in front of his desk, his mind whispered, reminding him) he'd been certain she wouldn't seek another such assignation...

...Perhaps he'd been wrong.

"I think...a silk shirt...midnight blue...casual trousers...sandals... that will do nicely." Kes ran her hand down the front of his chest until it disappeared under his desk and created a very pleasant puddle of warmth at the place where his thighs joined... His eyes closed reflexively as her warm fingers gently cupped and squeezed him, as her mouth opened again over his....

* * *

Kathryn Janeway happened into Sickbay at that moment, seeking a little advice and some aspirin for a slight backache...and stopped abruptly in her tracks, shocked at the sight which greeted her...

"My God!" It came out as a whisper, but a whisper just then was all she was capable of: for there, right in front of her was Kes, and the Doctor, and--

"My God..." Janeway took a hasty step backwards, and pressed her hand to her mouth.

They were kissing! How could this be, it wasn't possible, it couldn't--

--but it did--

So Kes and the Doctor...

"I'll get some hot tea instead," Janeway whispered to no one but herself, and vanished quickly and quietly out the door.

* * *

"Did you hear something?" Kes pulled slightly away from the Doctor, her hands on either side of his face. "No." She smoothed his cheek with the back of her hand. "Half an hour? On the holodeck?"

"Of course."

"And wear what I told you..." She smiled, turned and left him sitting at the desk in not a little physical discomfort....

* * *

Half an hour later, the Doctor logged off of his personal terminal and went out into the main Sickbay. He paused for a moment, gazing around the room...

She wanted him to wear something different...

He paused, plucked at his uniform.

He'd never worn anything but this. He couldn't imagine wearing anything else....

But it was a simple matter to replicate the requested items from the small Sickbay replicator and to dress as discreetly as possible in his office. He had no idea what Kes wanted with these things; why she wanted him to dress this way, and to him, it was patently absurd. Still....

If only out of curiousity, he would accede to her wishes...but he knew it wasn't curiousity that made him set the transporter controls that beamed him out of Sickbay. It was, like his new outfit, something else entirely...

He reformed in an alien landscape, unlike anything he'd ever experienced before--but then, his "experience" of actual landscapes was admittedly limited.

He was standing on a limitless white beach, which stretched off to the left and the right of him, a wide ribbon of endless sand. Overhead, two bloated moons hung arm-in-arm on a field of dappled stars, and at the horizon, brilliant auroral bands leapt and danced. A tranquil, passive sea lapped gently at the edges of the sand, the ebbing waves retreating into blackness with a sigh of resignation, a gentle sucking sound. Behind him, a dense forest of conifers nestled whispering together, stars caught in their branches...

The beauty of this place was enough to make him weep...

He knelt in the sand, letting it ripple through his fingers, feeling the fine crystals sift against his skin, each handful somehow managing to evade his grasp whenever he closed his fist around it. He tipped his head back and looked up, into that towering expanse of night, that gleaming net of stars....


At the sound of her voice, he rose to his feet, brushing sand from the knees of his the sound of her voice, his heart quickened its pace, and a keen anticipation went crackling along his skin.

"Oh...Doctor...." She came near to him, caught the sleeve of his shirt between her fingers, let the dark blue silk ripple through her hands like sand... "You look very nice."

"Thank you--um, so do you!" It wasn't as if he hadn't noticed her: her silken cap of hair gleamed silver in the moonlight, and she was dressed in a long, cream tunic and sandals, her elegant legs bare...a silver emblem on a yellow cord swung enticingly between her high, firm breasts, which themselves brushed invitingly against the sheer fabric of her dress...a subtle scent drifted up from the secret places on her skin, wrapped around him, intoxicating as an incantation...

She melted into him, her hands sliding up his shoulders, squeezing, stroking; her soft mouth closing over his own, her tongue gently coaxing his lips open...

He slid his hands around her supple waist and emboldened by her caress, cupped her shapely buttocks in his palms, squeezed her rounded hips. Her lips parted on a sigh, and she moved against him, deepening the caress, her tongue wrestling bluntly with his, her hands slipping underneath the loose hem of his shirt to press hot palms against his shoulderblades...

"I want to make love to you," she whispered, their faces close together, her mouth inches from his.

"Oh, good..." he whispered, and moved to open the closure of her dress.

But Kes stopped him, her hand closing over his. "No--I want to make love to *you*..."

Awareness spread through him, a seeping pleasure. "Oh...."

"Come with me..." She took his large hand in her own and led him a few paces up the beach, and they walked companionably for a moment or two in silence. "I was afraid you wouldn't come tonight," she said, smiling up at him from her place by his side.

"Why?" The notion puzzled him: he'd said he would meet her...

"Oh, the clothes, everything..." He caught the sleeve of his shirt. "You really do look wonderful...I mean it, Doctor."

"I know you do...thank you."

She stopped him at a sheltered cove some yards up the beach, and unwrapped a picnic basket and a blanket. He couldn't think where she'd gotten the blanket: it was a tattered thing, much patched, and evidently, much-cherished. "This was the only thing I brought with me," she explained, spreading it on the sand. "The only thing I had time to take."

"I see." He sat down beside her, fingered the frayed edges of the blanket, the only thing she'd managed to bring with her from her home world. "And you are sharing it with me?"

She smiled at him. "Yes." She proceeded to take from the basket an assortment of foods: Kerokkian chocolates, exotic fruits from Vulcan, and even a bottle of Champagne, from Earth...

"Did you bring these things with you, as well?" He indicated the assortment and grinned.

"Oh!" Kes laughed. "Of course not--this is all replicated, unfortunately...but we'll make do."

Something in the way she said it promised unique pleasures to come. "What did you have in mind?"

"Enough talking..." Kes leaned towards him and began unbuttoning his shirt, slipping the small disks free of the fastening and baring his body to the warm evening air. "I have other ideas now, Doctor..." Her lips traveled down the side of his neck, creating warm, wet pools of sensation, lingered around the lobe of an ear, dipped into the small hollow at the base of his throat, her tongue flickering hotly against his skin. A throbbing pulse of pleasure began to beat, low in his belly, and his eyes flickered closed...

"Open your mouth..." Her voice came from very near to him, and he could feel the heat of her, leaning over him. "No--don't open your eyes!"

He obeyed, and felt the intrusion of...*something*, a smooth, rounded shape...unable to see what it was, he was forced to rely entirely on his other senses as the warmth of his body began to melt the object, which flowed sweetly over his tongue...

...a pool of sweetness formed first in the centre of his mouth, and flowed backwards, riding a perception of this viscous substance...

"Kes, what is it?!"

"'s you like it?" Her hand drifted over his naked chest, her fingers twined in the dark, coarse hairs. "I think I'd like some, too..."

But instead of receiving another of the delicious wafers upon his tongue, he felt a warm pressure against the centre of his chest, then each of his nipples in turn...his eyes fluttered open to see her blond head bent against him, as her lips closed around one of his flat, male nipples and she began suckling vigorously...

"Kes---" The throbbing pleasure that lived in his belly began the slow climb upwards, at the same time flowing down, liquidly into his loins, his legs... He lay back on the blanket and clasped her body to his own as her busy mouth flickered and licked, suckled him he watched, her hand came up and smeared melted chocolate all over him: carelessly, heedlessly, driven by this same lust which now pounded through him, setting up the keen singing agony of desire.

"I love chocolate..." Her sapphire eyes met his and she grinned: wickedly, as if they two shared a secret...and then her warm, soft mouth fastened upon his chest, her tongue slipping around his nipples, sliding on the flat space in the very centre of his chest, venturing up to taste the crest of his shoulders... This singing lust sizzled along his skin everywhere that her hungry mouth touched him, leapt again into being when her mouth fastened around his nipple....

"How about fruit?" She reached quickly into the basket and selected a sweet ripe peach, delving into it with one slim forefinger, pressing it against his lips... "Suck," she commanded, and he watched the slight grimace play across her features as he took her finger into his mouth... "More?" and again into the peach, thrusting it again into his mouth.

He was on fire: his entire body was a scorching agony of lust that pulsed underneath his skin mercilessly. His erect penis strained against the front of his trousers and whenever her hapless fingers brushed against it, he was lanced through with an ecstasy bordering on pain. It set up a strange litany in his mind that repeated itself, even as her hands fastened upon him: if she doesn't soon do something, if she doesn't soon do something, if she doesn't soon--

"Oh, Kes!" Her busy fingers freed him from his trousers, yanked them savagely past his knees, discarded them upon the midnight sand. His lower belly was vaguely sticky, a wetness coaxed from his body by her eager ministrations...he took her face between his hands and kissed her brutally, hungrily.

"I want to make love to you." She slipped the dark shirt off his naked shoulders, slid down his body until she was kneeling over his throbbing penis, and with one graceful motion, took him into her mouth.

He was immediately aware of a wetness, warm and slippery within the confining chamber of her mouth, and of the darting creature that was her tongue, lying underneath the hard shaft of his erection. The passion she had built in him lay dormant for a moment, waiting--

--and then her tongue leapt around the head of his penis, and the silken insides of her lips were sliding on him, the soft cushion of her bottom lip tracing a line of fire. Her movement settled into rhythm, and the dormant lust roared along his skin, pounding ferociously at the core of his being, this cadence of promised release. A groan forced its way up out of his throat as her artful mouth took him in a final tug, drove a spike of pure euphoria through him, nailing him flat against the ground.

"Mmm--Kes!" His body leapt and arched against her, the movement driving his penis deep into her throat as he spent himself in a series of long bursts that left him trembling on the ragged edge of bliss.

He felt Kes move up to lie beside him, felt the velvet of her fingertips on his skin. "Did you like that?"

He tilted her face up to his, kissed her, tasting the salt of himself upon her lips. "Kes..."

"It frightens me," she whispered some time later, holding tight to him.

He'd wrapped the tattered blanket around them, and they lay thus cocooned on the moonlit summer beach.

"What does?" His fingers drifted through her hair, traced the sweet curve of her neck, the line of her shoulder.

"This. I'm becoming very...*attached* to you, and it frightens me..." Her fingers pressed against his lips, preventing him from speaking. "I want it to go on forever, and I know it can't..."

Ocampa... She is Ocampa, he thought, with a nine-year life span. It won't go on forever, will it?

"Kes." His arms tightened around her, holding her slender shape more closely to his body.

"Hmmm?" Her mouth was against his neck, a butterfly touch.

"There is only now."

(to be continued.)


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