Author's note: This story is a "Blood Fever" twist and is rated NC-17. If
you aren't at least 17, stay out! Parents, I refuse to take responsibility.
They have been warned and I have a right to write what I wish.

Suppressed Passion
by Kristina Shelley

The ground began to shake again. They ducked and ran an instant before
rocks and a ton of dirt came crashing down right where they had been
Tom got to his feet, coughing and waving away the dust. "It's all right.
We'll find a way out."
"We should use the weapon now. It's worth the risk," B'Elanna said as she
"Well, I might agree with you if I still had it. It's buried somewhere
under all that," he told her, motioning to the rocks that now sealed them
Breathing hard, B'Elanna braced herself against the nearby wall.
"Try to stay calm. I know it's hard---"
B'Elanna spun around. "You don't know anything!" she shrieked. She began
to slump. "I feel like I'm crawling out of my skin! I need to do something---
I can't take this!" Before Tom could react, she lunged at him, throwing him
to the ground, showering desperate kisses across his face. For a second, he
almost kissed her back, but knew that he couldn't. Quickly flipping them
over, he let her go, got to his feet again and backed away.
She began to laugh. "You've never been hard to get, Tom." She pushed
herself to her feet.
"I'm making an exception. I can't let you do this."
B'Elanna whirled to face him. "Oh, oh but you wish you could. All those
invitations to dinner and on the holodeck, the way you would stare at me when
you thought I wasn't looking and get jealous when I'm with someone else." She
backed Tom up against the wall, her face inches from his. "You can't tell me
youíre not interested in me."
"You're right, I can't," he admitted.
Frustrated, she pounded the wall with her fists. "Then don't push me
"Oh, believe me, I'd like to," he told her. "But I know this isn't really
you. You've made it clear that you're not interested in me and I have to
accept that's how you feel---even now."
She was silent for a minute, then spoke. "No---no it isn't. I---I was just
afraid to admit it." Her voice grew softer. "You see, I've wanted this for so
long...." She leaned forward and kissed him softly. "Just let it happen...."
she whispered.
Tom started to shake his head, but she followed him, kissing him again.
Even as his mind screamed that he shouldn't---couldn't do this, she continued
to kiss him, and the other part of him began to overpower the voice in his
head. He could take it no longer. Backing her up against the opposite wall,
he wrapped her in his arms. Their kisses grew more passionate by the second,
until she collapsed to the ground, pulling him with her.
Between kisses and sighs, they began to undress each other until finally
there was nothing between them.
Tom looked down at B'Elanna. Her face was flushed, her eyes had darkened
and she lay before him in all of her naked beauty. He could hardly believe
that he was doing this, but he could no longer hold back. With a groan, he
crushed her to him.
B'Elanna wrapped her arms around him, relishing the feel of his bare skin
pressed against hers, the soft gold hair of his chest rubbing against her
breasts. He lightly circled the tips with his fingers, elicting a soft moan,
then lowered his head and began to suckle one.
She gasped, digging her nails into his shoulders, encouraging him. He
switched to the other one briefly as his hand slid down her stomach and
between her thighs.
Again, the little voice in his mind whispered that he shouldn't be doing
this. But when he touched her and found her ready for him, all he could
manage was "Oh, B'Elanna...." before he slipped two fingers into her.
B'Elanna cried out, arching her back, tossing her head from side to side.
Dark wisps of her hair clung to her cheeks. As she felt the tension building,
she writhed her hips.
"Tom, please," she whimpered.
It was all he needed. Moving his hand, he cupped her hips, then thrust
hard into her.
Her cry of delight encouraged him. Increasing the tempo, he leaned down
to kiss her. She wrapped her legs around his hips, drawing him deeper within.
The tension was building again, much faster. He couldn't take much more of
this. Then there was no time to think as the tension snapped, sending him to
the heights of ecstasy, B'Elanna with him.
B'Elanna screamed as the pounding waves of ecstasy engulfed her, sending
lightning shocks through her from head to toe. When the final wave passed,
she fell back to the ground, moaning softly.
Tom tried to regain his normal breathing as he lay atop B'Elanna, still
holding her close. He could feel her heart pounding against his, heard her
soft sigh of contentment as she relaxed beneath him.
Several minutes passed. Tom had almost fallen asleep when she moved
beneath him.
"Tom, get up."
"Get up and get dressed. We can't let them find us like this."
Reluctantly, he did so. When he turned around, she was already dressed.
A minute or so later, Chakotay and Tuvok found them. They walked into the
Tuvok glanced at B'Elanna, then at Tom and merely raised one eyebrow.
"Is she all right?" Chakotay asked, looking worriedly at B'Elanna.
"I assure you, Commander, she is fine. Her Blood Fever has been purged."
It only took Chakotay about three seconds to figure out when he meant. He
turned to see Tom cradling B'Elanna close, her cheek pressed against his
chest, his arms around her, exhaustion clearly evident.
Tuvok's combadge chirped. "Voyager to Away Team. Do you read?"
Tuvok tapped his badge. "We are here, Captain."
"Prepare to beam aboard."
The planet disappeared as the transporter beam surrounded them.

"Lieutenant Carey determined that Ensign Vorik attempted to disable the
communications and the transporters, but he and Lieutenant Nicoletti stopped
him," Janeway said, wearily rubbing her temples.
"But he'll recover?" Chakotay asked.
"Yes, he'll recover. The Doctor is a little perturbed that Vorik tricked
him into thinking that his holodeck therapy worked, but he'll get over it.
As for Tom and B'Elanna...." Janeway looked up at Chakotay. "What exactly---
occurred between them? Do you know?"
"I can only guess that Paris went through with it---if Tuvok's comment
about the fever being 'purged' meant what I thought it meant."
"What do you think will happen between them now?"
"I don't know, Kathryn." Chakotay shook his head. "I don't know."

Increasing the tempo, he leaned down to kiss her. She wrapped her legs
around his hips, drawing him deeper within. The tension was building once
again. Then it snapped, sending a blazing fire through her blood. B'Elanna
screamed as waves of ecstasy engulfed her. She writhed beneath Tom, crying
out again and again, her nails raking down his back, drawing blood. The
second wave hit her---and she was overcome, overcome by the shocks coursing
through her, and by the intensity of his cerulean eyes, locked with hers....
B'Elanna shook her head, frustrated. She had been pacing her quarters for
two hours straight. She wanted to go to sleep, but every time she did,
remembered images of what had occurred came back full force.
Why canít I just get him out of my head?
Because you love him.
NO! I can't. He'll leave me, like every other man has done.
Tom is different, her mind argued. He cares for you.
The argument in her mind was interrupted when her door chime sounded. Not
even looking up, she sighed. "Come in."
The door opened and closed. When no one greeted her, she looked up---
straight into Tom's eyes.
Her mind instantly panicked. What is he doing here?!
"B'Elanna, we have to talk."
The dreaded talk. It had to be now.
"I understand now what Vorik did to you, and that you weren't really in
control of everything. So I'll understand if you didn't mean what you said---
and if you're mad at me for taking advantage of you, I'll understand that,
"Tom---wait," she pleaded as he turned to go.
His eyes met hers again.
"I'm not mad at you. And I did mean what I said."
"You did?"
She nodded. "But I never could admit it until now."
Hope was in his eyes. Slowly, he stepped toward her, drawing her into his
arms, bending to kiss her. Hungrily, she returned his kiss, running her hands
up his back. They separated for a minute to strip each other to the waist,
then Tom carried her to her bed. In seconds, they had finished the undressing
and there was nothing between them.
His mouth closed over one sensitive peak as his hand smoothed across her
stomach. She moaned softly. Releasing the one breast to capture the other, he
slowly parted her legs.
Her breathing was coming in ragged gasps now. When he leaned down and
began the intimate exploration, she let out a cry, her fingers threading into
his golden hair.
"Tom....Tom....Tom...." He heard her cries from far away, it seemed, as he
continued, his tongue seeking, searching, as his hands cupped her hips.
"Tom, please....I can't....take much more...."
He rose, his lips trailing back up her stomach, then he kissed her deeply
once again. He slowly entered her---and she moaned into the kiss, clutching
him closer.
He moved slowly at first, but when she wrapped her legs around his waist
and began moving with him, he couldn't keep rein on his control.
"B'Elanna......B'Elanna......" he cried, hardly able to believe that this
actually was happening, that he was with her. She felt so good---he wanted it
to last forever.
Then a fire blazed through him, through her, and neither could hold back.
He cried out, she screamed, and together, they plummeted over the peak of

Some time later, B'Elanna lay curled up with Tom, exhausted but still
sated. She relaxed, simply reveling in being close to him, in being held,
being loved.
I love you, Tom.
"And I love you, B'Elanna," he murmured, kissing her hair.
It took her a minute to realize she had spoken aloud. She shrugged to
herself with a faint smile. Then sighing softly, she closed her eyes.
Eventually, B'Elanna fell asleep, cradled in the arms of the man she loved.

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