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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Two.

As the Kazon was approaching the Maj's quarters, a door
opened and pulled him in.
"What?" he started, and then a hand was pushed over his mouth.
"Quiet," whispered the Kazon who had grabbed him,"Do you
want to ruin it for all of us?"
In response the Kazon grinned and pointed, indicating a
mirror which four other Kazon men were grouped about, huge smiles
on their faces.
He walked over to the mirror and looked in, with a shock he
realized it was a two way mirror looking into the Maj's quarters.
Through the mirror they could see Maj Kala going at it with
Seska, fucking the Cardassian woman as hard as he could.
He had Seska's up against the wall, her ass kept slamming
back against the wall as he thrust harder and harder into her tightly
clasping pussy.
Seska squealed in a mixture of defiance and pleasure as she
took the fucking he was giving her. Her legs were wrapped around his
back just above his ass, she squeezed tightly, baring her teeth and
growling at him.
This was the way Kala liked it, the Kazon were a male dominated
race, and when they fucked their women they loved nothing more than
to give her a good hard fucking, making her cum before he would was
the ultimate sign of his dominance.
- I could make this idiot cum in a second, - Seska thought to
herself, - But if this is what he wants, fine. -
What Kala did have going for him was a very large cock, and
right now it was slamming in and out of her tight, wet pussy.
"Arrh!" she moaned as he grabbed her by the back of the neck,
arched her neck and pressed his mouth against her throat, giving
her a rough, unexpected hickey.
One of his arms was wrapped about her waist, while the other
roughly squeezed one of her breasts.
The Maj was fucking her harder and faster, putting on a show
of pure control and dominance for not only himself and Seska, but for
the other Kazon men he knew were watching. He had had it installed
soon after Seska had joined them when he realized that some of the
men were beginning to consider her the Maj in all but name. He had
made his first Officer pretend to be the one who had installed it so
that the men would think they were watching him dominate Seska but
unaware of them. It also served the purpose of bringing Seska down to
size in the eyes of the men, she was nothing but particularly useful
fuckmeat, after all.
He was making harder and faster pelvic thrusts, his cock burying
to the hilt in her gushing snatch, then pulling nearly free before
slamming back into her cunt. There bodies were coming together with
an audible slap as Seska approached orgasm and she fucked him back (but
not enough to make him cum before her, she was careful of that),
grinding her body against him.
"YES, YOU'RE FUCKING ME!!!" she screamed as he continued
slamming into her, he growled animalistically, his teeth bared in a
ferocious grin as he saw the glazed look of lust and pleasure on
Seska's face. He laughed as that look became one of panic on her
face when he pulled his cock free.
He twisted her about and bent her over, pressing her face into
the ground, he grabbed her by the hips and then he was ramming back
into her cunt. She eagerly began ramming her beautiful ass back against
his pelvis, meeting him at the halfway point of his thrusts, getting
maximum penetration. His cock was cramming fully into her eager,
juicy cunt, and her body was beginning to jerk and shudder as she
approached orgasm.
"CUM! CUM IN ME, YOU BASTARD!!!" she screamed at him, knowing
how he would react.
"You first," he laughed, reveling in his sexual domination of
the Cardassian woman.
His hips were slapping against her beautiful ass, his arms
helping her move backwards and forwards with each stroke, and he
knew she would cum soon. Her tits would be rubbing against the floor
and causing even more pleasure to flood through her system.
"AHHH!!! I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!!!" Seska squealed,"I'M GOING
TO CUM!!!!" she smashed her ass back as far as she could, burying his
dick as deep into her slit as she could, and then she was cumming, her
cunt gripping down around his cock and her juices exploded over her
cock and down his thighs and the backs of her legs.
"AT LAST!" he roared, hunching over her and cramming as much of
his cock into her cunt as he could... and then shooting stream after
stream of cum deep into her pussy.
He pulled loose from her and let her drop to the ground, then
he walked away with no sign of fatigue. One he had stepped into the
next room of his quarters, which held the shower, he collapsed to the
floor and wiped his arm across his forehead.
"Shit," he muttered,"It gets harder to hold out everytime!"


Fifteen minutes later, a fully dressed Seska stepped out of
Maj Kala's headquarters. The Kazon whose job was to monitor the
communications between the ship and Voyager's traitor was waiting
for her.
"Enjoy the show?" she asked him with a little grin.
"The others were very impressed," he responded with a
slight sneer,"I know from... experience, that you could have done
a lot better."
She ran her fingers up his chest,"Tonight?"
"If it's possible, but I have to talk with you about something
else right now... that human from Voyager really wants to speak to you
again, and this time I don't think he'll take no for an answer."


Torres stood at the Engineering Console, watching her crew
go about the tedious task of getting the Warp Engines up and running.
"Have you got that information Harry?" she asked the Ensign,
whose face was on the monitor,"I think I'm going to stay on here
and help get the Warpcore back online."
Harry hesitated for a second, then nodded.
- Damn, - she thought, - The rumors are getting around about
the way I acted with Norman. What the hell was I thinking? -
That was just the problem, she hadn't been thinking... it
was like her vagina had suddenly taken control of her body from her
- Now I know what it's like to be a man, - the Half Klingon
thought with a wry smile.


"I'm running a diagnostic now, Captain," Harry said,"But it's
like I said, there's no reason why the Long Range Scanners shouldn't
be working."
"Keep working on it, Mr Kim," Janeway responded,"We know the
source of the problem is with the burst of temporal energy, we just
don't know how to fix it."
Chakotay stepped onto the Bridge, he was carrying a small
object in his hand.
"Commander," asked Tuvok,"I assume you have a valid reason to
be carrying one of our reserve gel packs?"
"I think I've solved the problem," said Chakotay with a
grin,"Harry, can you check the molecular structure of this gel pack
against one of the ones we're currently using with the scanner array?"
Harry took the gel pack from Chakotay and typed in some
commands at his Science Console.
"Okay Commander, I'm running a comparison test between the two
now, they should be identical... wait a minute, that's odd?"
"What is it Mr Kim?" asked Janeway.
"The gel pack we are currently using, several of it's molecular
bonds have been severed."
"And the power flow has been disrupted..." started Janeway.
"... shutting down long range scanners while the short range
ones remained active," finished Chakotay,"Hogan from Engineering
noticed it when he was making a routine replacement of a gel pack."
"So," said Harry,"If we replace the corrupted gel packs
with our reserves, we should be able to run our long range
"Just a minute, Ensign," Janeway replied,"If this is causing
the problems in the Warp Engines as well, then we'll have to be
selective in our replacements."
"We can take back-up systems offline and run at warp two
with our scanners range slightly shortened," said Chakotay,"And
given time we can repair the corrupted packs."
"Do it," said Janeway, Harry instantly began making a scan
of the ship, looking for the corrupted packs,"And what is it that
caused this breakdown in the first place?"
"One assumption is that the temporal field somehow regressed
the molecular bonds, breaking the long chain polymers," said Tuvok
dryly,"Anything else would be too coincidental to be logical."
Janeway just smiled, excited at the prospect that within
a couple of hours they might find themselves in the Alpha Quadrant.


Norman smiled at O'Halloran.
They stood in the turbolift, having just visited the
hydroponics lab. Now Norman was at his most charming.
"I'd like to see Engineering," he said,"Can we go there
"I'm afraid not," replied O'Halloran, who was a very large
man,"I've been instructed to keep you from Lt. Torres."
"Ahhh, of course... where to next then?"
"We could visit the holodecks," replied O'Halloran,"I
have several workout programs you might find interesting."
"Hmmm, maybe you could show me my quarters instead?"
"Sure thing, we just..."
The turbolift doors suddenly opened and Torres stepped
in, carrying five gel packs. Her eyes instantly widened as she saw
"Lt," said O'Halloran,"You can't..."
And then he was cut off as Norman swung the side of his
hand directly into the Security Man's neck. The big man's eyes
bugged out comically, and then Norman had him by his red hair and
smashed the back of his head into the turbolift wall.
"What... what'd you do that for?" gasped Torres as O'Halloran
slumped to the floor, but her eyes had already moved from the
unconscious Security Man's body to Norman's face, and her eyes were
getting a glazed, vacant look.
"I... I sensed he was going to separate us," muttered
Norman, staring at his hand in wonder,"It just... happened."
"Oh hell," she moaned,"Why do I feel like this?"
"Fuck it," replied Norman,"I haven't done it in ages...
I've got to have you!"
And Torres could only nod eagerly.
They closed the turbobay doors and he took a step towards
her, but she held up her hand.
"Not here, it's too public... I'll take you to my office in
If her Consort genes had not been weakened by her Klingon
Heritage they would have been fucking right there and then, but as
it was they were both able to resist the bonded pheromone's call... at
least for now.
The turbolift got to Engineering and Torres walked briskly
out, throwing the gel packs to a startled Hogan.
"Get these installed," she said,"I'm going to show Mr Masters
some of the Warp Schematics."
"Ah, sure thing Lt," he said,"The circuits are responding by
the way, the Warp Engines will be online in five minutes if all goes
according to plan."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," she muttered, leading Norman into
her office.


"Long Range sensors are coming back online, Captain," said
Harry,"The scan range is weaker than before, but that's to be
expected in our powered down state."
"Just tell me what's out there, Mr Kim" Janeway responded with
a grin,"We await with baited breath."
Tuvok raised an eyebrow, taking it literally as usual.
"Looking now," Harry said, as always giving a running
commentary of what he was doing,"Picking up the nearest suns, looking
for landmarks or a sign of Voyager's passage... nothing, I don't
recognize this system... maybe the Computer will have better luck?"
Janeway nodded, a little disappointed that Harry hadn't cried
out,'there's DS9' or something like that. Which was ridiculous of
course, if they had been sitting in visual range of DS9 or any other
Deep Space Station they would have been hailed by now, after all, long
range communications were still operational.
"Computer, what is our location?" she asked.
"Location unknown, insufficient data, star systems do not
match with any known in memory."
"Well that's impossible," muttered Chakotay,"It should at
least be able to tell us what Quadrant we are in."
"That is incorrect, Commander," responded Tuvok,"Given that
the Universe is infinite, and time is also infinite, we could be
anywhere at any time... not within any of the mapped boundaries
we are aware of."
"Captain, something is coming up on the scanners," said
Harry,"But it makes no sense."
"What is it, Mr Kim?" questioned the Captain in concern.
"Our scanners are registering several lifeforms approaching
us at warp 5."
"Lifeforms? At Warp 5?"
"That's what the scanners say," Harry nodded,"Four lifeforms,
each roughly the size of Voyager. The lead one is the largest and
it's emitting some kind of focused harmonic beam which is destroying
everything in its path... asteroids, meteors and the like."
"A harmonic beam?" asked Tuvok,"That is improbable as sound
cannot travel in the vacuum of space."
"More detailed readings are coming in now," was Harry's
reply,"It's some form of gelatinous lifeform, it seems to be able
to control it's molecular form. Everytime something gets in it's
way it sends out a 'tube' of it's skin that connects the object to
it's body, then it sends the harmonic beam through the tube and
destroys the obstacle."
"Then I think," commanded Janeway,"That Alpha, Delta or
whatever Quadrant it is, it's a good idea to get out of here."


Even as the door 'whooshed' shut, Torres was pulling her
tight uniform pants down around her ankles. Stepping out of them
she went to remove her panties when Norman stepped up to her and
stopped her.
"Wha..?" she started, and then he was grabbing them by the
waistband and pulling. There was a low, ripping noise and the
tiny black material was flung to the ground, leaving her bottomless.
His hand slid down between her legs and squeezed slightly,
she gave a moan as one of his fingers slid into her already
dripping pussy.
Her pussy hair was trimmed lightly, shaven around her cuntlips
and the point where her mound joined her thighs. He was relieved,
he'd fucked a couple of Klingon women before, and while it had
been... exhilarating... he had been a little disappointed to see
their pussies were unshaven... she was obviously more human than
His fingers, skilled from hundreds of years of practice, slid
over B'Elannna's clit and between her cuntlips easily.
"We shouldn't...." she gasped,"Someone might come in...."
"So," replied Norman with a grin, the knuckle of his thumb
pressing against her erect clit while his long, nimble fingers slid in
and out of her dripping pussy,"What do you care?"
"I'm on duty," she moaned, a languorous smile washing over her
face as he continued to masturbate her,"I shouldn't be doing this..."
"You're the Chief Engineer," whispered Norman into her ear
before nibbling on it gently with his teeth,"Just tell them you were
delegating responsibility."
She bit back a giggle, then let out a gasp of pleasure as her
body approached orgasm - he was so good!
His free hand grabbed her uniform top and pulled it up, as much
as the sight of her naked legs and neatly trimmed pussy turned him on, he
wanted to see those beautiful, plump looking tits of hers. SHe let her
head fall back and the sensations overwhelmed her.
"Ahhh....ahhh......yeahhh," she started, and then Janeway's
voice was all around her.
"Janeway to Engineering, are the Warp Engines repaired yet?"
She looked around in shock as Norman pulled away, his mouth
releasing one brown breast and his hands pulling out of her hot pussy.
She realized that the voice was coming over her comms badge and
breathed a sigh of relief.
Grabbing the tight Uniform pants she pulled them on over her
long, shapely legs and perfectly formed, light brown colored asscheeks,
and rushed back out into Engineering.
"Janeway to Engineering, come in Engineering!" came Janeway's
voice, sounding irritated.
Several of the Engineers looked at her with little smiles, she
growled at them and tapped her comm badge.
"Torres here Captain," she said,"Warp Engines are repaired
but I'd like half an hour to run some tests...."
"No time," replied Janeway,"We have several lifeforms on an
intercept course towards us, we need Warp Engines now!"
"Sorry Captain, did you say lifeforms?"
"No time to explain now, just bring the Engines back online."


Several feet away Norman typed in the code to locked the door
and collapsed into the chair, sweating badly.
"No, it can't be...." he gasped,"There's no way he could have
followed me here."
He pulled himself up onto rubbery legs and crossed to one of
the consoles, typing in the commands he prayed he wouldn't see what he
thought he was going to see.
An image of what the Viewscreen on the Bridge was showing
appeared, he stared at it in terror for a few seconds, then he slowly
stumbled back to the seat like an old man, then collapsed back into it.
It was true, it was them - The Eternal - and that could only
mean one thing.
"Conner," gasped Norman, and his hand unconsciously rose to his
neck, as if fearing that he would soon lose it.


"Okay, B'Elanna" muttered Janeway,"Anytime soon."
As if hearing her, Torres' voice came over the commlines.
"Captain, Warp Engines are back online... but may I remind
you that without proper testing I can't guarantee...."
"Noted Lt," interrupted Janeway,"Mr Paris, I don't care where
we go as long as it's away from those things... and fast!"
"Reversing course," replied Paris,"Warp 6."
Janeway's eyes widened... and then everything went white...

...and then everything went back to normal.
Janeway blinked several times in surprise, then whirled about
to face Harry's Science Station.
"What's happened, Mr Kim?"
Harry opened and closed his mouth several times, confused,
then he checked his monitors.
"We've lost Warp Capabilities," he cried,"Long Range Sensors
remain active, impulse engines fine... everything is unaffected except
Warp Engines."
"Dammit," spat Janeway, tapping her comm-badge,"Janeway to
Engineering, grab all the gel packs we used to repair the Long Range
Scanners and get those Warp Engines back online."
There was a pause, and then Torres voice came back, she
sounded fatigued, exhausted,"Captain, we were running on barebones as
it was... we've lost our Warp Engines until those corrupted packs can
be repaired."
Janeway's eyes closed for a second as if in defeat, then she
raised her head and glared fiercely at Tom, startling the dejected pilot
with the fire in her eyes.
"Mr Paris, those lifeforms are destroying everything in their
Tom looked at Janeway as if in expectation of something, then
he shook his head and nodded.
"Then let's get out of their way," the Captain said,"We don't
need to outrun them... just get out of their way."
Tom suddenly smiled, getting her meaning.
"Maximum impulse," he said, turning about and typing in the
commands at helm,"As far from their path as we can."
"Captain," remarked Tuvok as Tom began piloting Voyager away
from the lifeforms,"It would be illogical to assume that the temporal
burst just happened to occur as we were about to escape from the
gelatinous lifeforms."
"I've been thinking about that," said Janeway,"Is it possible
that the Caretakers' mate has instigated the temporal bursts just to
bring us to these... 'things'?"
"As far as we know, the Caretaker's race is capable of modifying
tachyon bursts... but pure time? We have yet to encounter a race capable
of creating pure fields of temporal energy."
"Captain," said Harry, barely audible,"The gelatinous lifeforms
are closing in, we're out of their direct path and it looks like they're
going to move past us."
Janeway turned and looked at the Viewscreen, she had seen the
creatures on the long range scanners... but now they were looking at
them up close and personal.
"They look like... well, they look like giant jellyfish, like
in the ocean depths of Earth," Janeway said.
Tuvok nodded,"Indeed, they bear striking similarities."
"Oh no..." gasped Harry,"They're changing their bearing,
heading straight towards us."
"Full power to the Shields," cried Janeway,"Tuvok, do we have
any defense against a focused harmonic beam?"
"We will need to discover the frequency of the beam before
we can create any countermeasures."
"And the only way to do that?" asked Chakotay.
"Allow Voyager to be hit."
"Not much of an option," said Janeway,"Very well then, Mr Tuvok,
if they attack us, respond with maximum force."
The Vulcan nodded, preparing for the battle to come.


When the temporal burst hit, for everyone else there was only
a second of pure whiteness and then things returned to normal.
Not for Tom Paris.
Tom found himself standing in a darkened corridor, it took him
only a few seconds to recognize it as the corridor to his Quarters.
"Computer?" he asked,"What am I doing here."
There was no answer.
He tapped his comm badge,"Paris to Captain Janeway, come in?"
"Paris to Commander Chakotay, come in?"
"Paris to Tuvok?"
He was expecting nothing... what he got was a very surprising
"Nobody's home, Lieutenant," a voice said from behind him, he
whirled about and found himself facing the man he least wanted to be
anywhere near.
"Suder?" he gasped.
The madman smiled,"Not quite Suder, not yet at least," he said
with a giggle,"Suder as you know him is dead."
- Oh no, he's completely gone over the edge... Tuvok said he
was making progress. -
"Tuvok made excellent progress," Suder said with a laugh and
Tom's eyes widened.
"You read my mind?"
"You don't get it... Suder is dead, he died saving the Voyager
from a Kazon takeover. I'm not Suder."
"Look," snapped Tom with a grimace,"What the hell is going on,
one minute we're about to take off from some giant jellyfish... the
next I'm having a conversation with a madman who insists he's dead."
"Aahhh yes, The Eternal... you'll have some fun with them."
Tom was about to ask how Suder knew the name of the
gelatinous lifeforms when the mad Betazed began walking towards Tom's
"Hey! Where are you going?"
"Come, come," laughed Suder,"You'll get a kick out of this."
Tom hesitated for a few seconds, then walked after him.


The doors to his quarters opened and he walked into a shocking
On the floor of his quarters, an extremely attractive blond
woman lay naked. Her legs were spread wide and inbetween them bobbed
the head of another naked woman... and it only took him a few
seconds to realize it was Captain Janeway!
"What the hell?"
"Quiet, quiet," laughed Suder,"The best part is coming."
All of a sudden, right next to where Tom stood, Chakotay
appeared, also naked.
"What the hell?" started Tom, but Suder motioned for him
to be quiet.
Janeway was on all fours, her beautiful, smooth ass pointed
in the air as she ate the blond girl out. The blond was gripping
Janeway's head, pushing it down deep into her pussy as she ground her
hips up into the Captain's face. Tom couldn't take his eyes off
Janeway's ass, he'd known the Captain was well toned - she was always
using her workout holo-program - but seeing her now she looked
Chakotay seemed to think so to, his cock was steadily rising
as he watched his Captain eat out the beautiful woman.
"Seven Of Nine," said Suder,"Every male on Voyager wants her,
and so do most of the women... she came here to fuck you for some
reason, I bet Harry must hate you."
"Seven of Nine What kind of name is that?"
"Shhh," grinned Suder,"Just watch."
And Tom did watch, with perverse fascination he watched.
"Oral stimulation has... ah! indeed created... ooh! the
desired results... hooh!" gasped Seven of Nine, her legs jerking
slightly as Janeway slid her tongue in and out of the former Borg
female's cunt. The Captain was rubbing her nose into her lovers
clit, stimulating the female's lovebutton and driving her crazy with
Chakotay got down onto his knees and placed on hand on
Janeway's buttocks. She stopped for a second, then wiggled her ass
slightly, indicating her acceptance. The Commander smiled and
slid his free hand between her legs, his fingers sliding into her
wet pussy. He stroked his fingers in and out, getting them nice and
lubricated for what he had planned. Then he grabbed his cock in hand
and positioned it at the entrance to Janeway's cunt.
She seemed to go apeshit, her entire body shook as if she was
cumming already, and then she was burying her face as deep into
Seven of Nine's cunt as she could, her tongue plunging as deep as it
could go.
Seven of Nine gave a squeal of excitement and slid her hands
up her waist, squeezing her tits together and then running her fingers
through her hair.
Chakotay was now gripping Janeway's hips, he arched his back
and then he was pushing his hips forward, spreading her cuntlips and
plunging into her.
"Mpphhggllll!" moaned the Captain into Seven Of Nine's
"Damn right," chuckled Chakotay, sliding his cock out of her
cunt and then pushing it back in, his balls slapping against her
"You think this is good," laughed Suder,"Wait'll you see
Tom was watching this all in shock, and growing arousal.
Chakotay's finger was sliding up Janeway's crack, and pressing
against her butthole. The Captain was eagerly pushing her hips
back, her ass pressing against Chakotay's hips as he tried to cram
every inch of his cock into her slit. She froze in shock when his
finger managed to push into her asshole, her anus stretching as his
finger made it's way into her sphincter, and then she was relaxing
her body to make it easier for him to slide his digits into her
She continued eating out the beautiful Seven of Nine, as
Chakotay fucked her harder and harder, sliding two fingers now as
fast as he could in and out of her ass.
"Okay, that's enough" yelled Tom, his rage coming more from
his embarassment that this scene was giving him a hardon,"Who are you?
Some kind of telepath planting images in my head? Do I have a virus
that's making me have dreams like this or what?"
"You just don't get it, do you?" laughed Suder,"This is
actually happening, just not now."
"Look, look!" the Betazed laughed,"He's going to do it, just
like I told her he would!"
Tom watched with wide eyes as Chakotay pulled his dick free
from Janeway's gushing snatch, lifted his knees slightly and
positioned his cock at her now slightly stretched anus.
"No way! This can't be happening!" Tom cried, but he made
no move to look away or run... he just stared on in horrified

End Chapter Two of Seven.


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