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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Five.

Harry started as the turbolift doors to the Bridge opened, then
relaxed when several crewmembers came in with tools, ready to get to
work on the consoles damaged in the battle with the gelatinous creatures.
The Jem'Hadar guard who had been 'helping' him shifted back to
it's military pose, watching everything that was done with a vigilant
Harry sighed, he had been unable to repair his science console,
but had decided to call it a night, get some rest before his repair
shift began.
As he stood up his console beeped, frowning he looked at the
main monitor.
"What was that noise?" barked the Jem'hadar.
Harry smiled,"I must have done something right, my console is
fully operational again."
He sat down at the console and began typing in commands, all
thought of sleep banished from his mind. The Jem'Hadar watched him
with suspicion for a few minutes, then seeing he was just running a
diagnostic, turned to keep an eye on the other crewmembers.
A few moments later Harry stood up and stretched.
"I'll see you all later," he said with a grin,"I'm going to
catch some z's!"
There was some good natured grumbling from the other
crewmembers. Harry shook his head with a wry grin and began to walk
towards the turbolift, when he suddenly bolted forwards to Tuvok's
Security Console.
"What are you doing?!" he yelled at the crewmember working
there,"You've released the Brig Forcefield!"
As he pushed his startled crewmate away he began punching in
commands, but an instant later the Jem'Hadar was pushing his aside.
"What is going on!" he yelled, his hands on the console,"The
Brig's forcefields are not.. arrrrgghhhhh!!!!!"
An energy backlash fired through his system, causing intense
pain and throwing him back several feet into the wall. His unrecognized
bio-signature had activated the Security Console's defense measures, just
as Harry had quickly programmed them to.
As the repair crew recovered from the shock, Harry took control
of the Security Console, opening the Emergency Medical Hologram channel
to SickBay.
"Doctor," he said, typing in commands as he spoke,"It's Harold
here, one of the Jem'Hadar has been injured, we need an emergency
teleport to Sickbay. Tell Kess I'm fine, and I'll see her in our
quarters in an hour."
The Doctor opened his mouth to say something, then nodded,
yelling for Kess to activate the teleporter. Then he turned back to
face Harry,"Thank you Harold, your message has been received."
Harry sighed with relief as he cut the connection, he hoped
that the Jem'Hadar would not question why he had not used his comm
badge, and that if they were indeed monitoring communications as he
believed it was only oral communications.
A second later his theory was confirmed as three new Jem'Hadar
stepped onto the Bridge, despite not being called for, and took their
places in order to better 'help' facilitate repairs.


"Obviously Harry is trying to tell us something,"
whispered Janeway to the Doctor,"Have you scanned the message, any
subliminal imaging?"
"None," he replied quietly,"Although I believe Mr Kim was...
corrupted gel packs should all be repaired within three hours," he
suddenly said in a normal tone of voice as one of the Jem'Hadar
walked by, once he was out of earshot he continued,"Mr Kim was, as they
say, 'thinking on his feet?' And did not have time for anything too
"Here," said Tuvok, sitting at the computer,"I have located
what we are looking for."
"We need to get those Jem'Hadar out of here," nodded
Janeway,"I want to see this message with a little privacy."
"I could surreptitiously drain power from the Brig's
forcefields," returned Tuvok,"At the moment I would rather have Mr
Masters wondering around free than the Jem'Hadar breathing down our
"Do it, Mr Tuvok," Janeway responded,"But make it very
surreptitious, I don't want them tracing it back to us."
Tuvok did not reply, but merely went to work, typing away at
the computer, re-routing power from several decks and taking nearly
all the compensators off-line, covering his tracks as he went.
As he finished an alarm went off and the computer spoke up.
"Warning! Brig Forcefields compromised by power drainage,
Security Forcefields now inactive!"
As it repeated the warning the Jem'Hadar rushed to the door,
leaving one behind to 'assist' the Doctor and the Engineering staff as
they worked on the corrupted gel packs.
The Doctor walked over to the Jem'Hadar, carefully concealing
the sedative needle he carried.
"Could you turn that alarm off?" he asked,"It's making it
difficult for me to concentrate."
"Turn it off yourself!" snapped the Jem'Hadar,"And get back to
"So sorry," started the Doctor, turning to move away his feet
somehow became tangled in each other and he fell backwards, the startled
Jem'Hadar reaching out to catch him... and being stabbed with the
As the hologrammatic doctor lowered the now unconscious
Jem'Hadar to the ground, Tuvok brought up the message that Harry had
risked his neck to send.
"It is a sensor log," said Tuvok,"Obviously Mr Kim was able to
get his Science Console operational, and now with enough gel packs
repaired to make it possible, made a concealed long range sensor sweep."
"What did he find?" asked Janeway,"What was so important as to
so severely injure that Jem'Hadar?" The warrior who had been blasted
by the Security Console lay - unconscious still - on an operating
table as Kess saw to his wounds.
"Interesting," said Tuvok,"There is a carefully concealed
ship lying just out of of our short range sensors perimeter, it is
unlike the Jem'Hadar Fighters, larger. As well as a full complement
of Jem'Hadar warriors, there are two unknown lifeforms."
"They could be the Vorta the Jem'Hadar Commander mentioned?"
pondered Janeway.
"A possibility, but the Jem'Hadar referred to the Vorta as a
race, rather than a rank, and the two unknown beings are of a different
"What else Tuvok? was he able to pierce the dampening field? Are
we in the Alpha Quadrant?"
Tuvok frowned,"There is a dampening field, but it is being
artificially generated by the Jem'Hadar Fighters. Mr Kim was able to
pierce it and get a look at the local astronomy... I recognize some
of them," he looked up at Janeway,"I'm afraid that we are still in the
Delta Quadrant, but somehow we have gone 5,000 Lightyears sideways of
our previous location."
Janeway allowed herself disappointment for a few seconds, then
got back to business,"Sideways?"
"Affirmative, rather them moving towards or away from the Alpha
Quadrant, we have somehow been shunted sideways, gaining no ground but
finding ourselves a little closer to the Gamma Quadrant."
"Then hope isn't entirely lost," she said,"It's possible we
could continue on to the Gamma Quadrant, then find that wormhole near
"If the Jem'Hadar are, in fact, enemies of Starfleet, then we
would find ourselves in hostile enemy territory, and that's only if
the wormhole is still active, it may have been destroyed in the
time we have been gone."
"Okay then," said Janeway,"What else Mr Tuvok? Harry could
have gone off duty, come down here and told us this, what's the
big news?"
Tuvok typed in some more commands, then frowned, seeming almost
surprised,"Mr Kim has given us a visual reference of what he discovered,
you will not like it Captain."
Janeway watched as Tuvok brought the image up on screen, when it
appeared her eyes widened slightly, then they closed and she let out a
The image Harry had caught at the very limits of the long range
sensors scanning reach was a ship, racing towards them at a leisurely
Warp 4, neither coming fast nor slow, just coming in an inexorable,
undeniable way. But it wasn't just any ship.
It was a Borg Cube.


Tom took a few seconds to register that it was Harry standing
in the doorway, even then he wasn't sure what was going on, he knew he
wasn't due back on repair shift for at least three hours.
"Tom," replied the ensign, looking about worriedly,"I don't
have time to explain, but we have to get out of here... immediately!"
"Harry, what the hell are you talking about?" Tom asked, rubbing
his still tired eyes,"My duty shift doesn't start till...."
"Come on!" snapped Harry, once again looking around,"The
Jem'Hadar patrolling this deck will be back soon."
Tom sighed,"Okay, whatever, just let me get back into my
uniform and I'll...."
"No time!" snapped Harry, grabbing Tom by the arm and pulling
him out into the corridor.
Tom was wearing a bathrobe over a white shirt and boxers, and
didn't appreciate being pulled out into the corridor, so he pulled free
and stepped back.
"Damn it, Harry!" he started,"I oughta..."
"Tom," snarled Harry and for the first time Tom realized how
scared the Ensign was, and not just frightened but on the verge of
panic,"We have to go now!"
Tom hesitated, then nodded and started after Harry as he made
his way to the turbolift. Behind him he heard rapidly approaching
footsteps, it sounded like several large someones.
"Come on!" whispered Harry harshly,"No more time."
Tom stepped into the turbolift with Harry, turning about to see
four Jem'Hadar come skidding around the corner.
"Halt!" roared the lead,"Stop that turbolift!"
The doors were already half closed, and Tom lifted one hand
and said with a smile,"Sorry, this one's taken."


Torres blinked several times, then shook her head.
"Lieutenant Torres?" asked Hogan, who had come straight back to
Engineering after his meeting with Janeway,"Is something wrong?"
"Strange," she said,"I was thinking about something that never
She smiled slightly,"Nothing Hogan, let's get back to work on
the plasma converter relays shall we?"
After a second he nodded and they got back to work.
And Torres allowed herself a troubled frown, she had been
thinking about Officer Nash's surprising athletic, muscular body, his
strong, good looking face... but she hadn't actually met him yet, how


The turbolift shook.
The Jem'Hadar commander growled an order as the lift came to
a stop, the power circuits running it had been disabled. Instantly
two of the other Jem'Hadar leaped down the tube, they grabbed the walls
with amazing ease and slid down the forty feet to where the lift
The first to reach it grabbed the emergency hatch and ripped
it open, whilst the second jammed his phaser rifle down the hatch
and fired.
The Commander waited impatiently as the two soldiers checked
the interior of the turbolift, one turned about and roared up the
"Empty, no trace of them!"
The Commander cursed, then stabbed his communicator.
"This is Commander H'elgaran to all Jem'Hadar soldiers, you are
to locate any member of the Bridge or Engineering Crew you come across
and bring them to the Bridge, this excludes those working in Engineering
now, all Jem'Hadar there are not to allow members of the Engineering
Crew to leave, that it all!"
And all over the ship the Jem'Hadar snapped to attention and
set about on their task.


"Okay," said Tom with a groan as he was forced to leave his
bathrobe behind,"Mind telling me what's going on now?"
He and Harry had stopped the Turbolift between decks, slipped
out through the escape hatch and into an automated venting system
that Harry had programmed to open and then shut securely whilst still
on the Bridge. That was why he had been so desperate to get Tom into
the Turbolift, his escape plan would not have worked without impeccable
timing, and they had pulled it off... just.
Now they were in the Jeffries Tubes, making their way towards
Janeway's Quarters where they would formulate a battle plan, he just
hoped the Captain had been able to find his hidden message warning
about the Dampening Field and the Borg.
"Sorry Tom," gasped Harry,"But as you learnt back there, timing
was of the essence."
Tom let out a short, unamused laugh, his bathrobe had had to be
left behind because a small part of it had been caught in the closing
venting duct. Now Harry was worried their whereabouts would be located
far more quickly than he had wanted.
"For starters," said Harry,"We're still in the Delta Quadrant."
Tom cursed.
"Secondly, the Jem'Hadar are lying to us, and they've got more
members of the Dominion out there with them, perhaps one of these
Tom groaned.
"And last but not least, there's a Borg Cube headed right for
Tom's eyes widened, and he didn't say anything, now he knew
why Harry had been on the edge of panic.
They slid into a junction and looked about, Tom wasn't really
sure where the best area to head next would be, but the decision was
quickly taken out of his hands.
To their left they heard shuffling and cursing, someone
coming up the Jeffries Tube, perhaps the Jem'Hadar?
Harry motioned to Tom and they moved to the right.
"If they have someone coming this way they most likely have
someone coming the other way, we'll never make it to Janeway's
"So now what?" asked Tom.
"I've got an idea," Harry said with a slight grin, and
headed down the Jeffries Tube to get back onto the deck.
A couple of minutes after they had disappeared, Norman Masters
slid out into the junction from the left Tube, looked about, then moved
down the right Jeffries Tube, passing the access point that Harry and
Tom had just slid through.


Chakotay came awake fast, but not quite fast enough. The
barrel of the phaser rifle convinced him not to roll out of his bed
like he had planned too.
The Jem'Hadar barred it's teeth, whether in a smile or a snarl
he wasn't sure.
"So, showing our true colors now, are we?"
The Jem'Hadar reversed it's rifle and slammed the butt into
Chakotay's face, knocking him right back out again.


Janeway stopped right at the entrance to her quarters, the
two Jem'Hadar on either side stood still, looking straight ahead.
Tuvok seemed unperturbed, continuing on for a couple of steps,
then, realizing his Captain was no longer at his side, turned about.
"Captain?" he asked her,"What is the matter?"
"A pain in my stomach," she said, clutching at her belly, she
looked up at the Jem'Hadar who stood 'casually' on either side of her
door,"I think I'm going to...."
Before she could finish she fell to her side, straight into the
arms of the surprised Jem'Hadar.
As the other turned about to assist his comrade, Tuvok reached
up and administered the Vulcan nerve pinch.
As the soldier dropped to the ground, the second Jem'Hadar
released Janeway, turning to grab Tuvok. But as Janeway fell she shot
out her hands and grabbed him by the waist, then slammed her head hard
into his belly, driving the air out of him. As he doubled over, Tuvok
delivered a chop to his unprotected neck and he went down, unconscious.
Janeway had slid free after headbutting the Jem'hadar, now she
pulled two hypodermics and administered one to each Jem'hadar.
"Help me move them, they're damn heavy," she said, grabbing the
creature under the armpits, Tuvok nodded and grabbed it by it's feet.
"This should buy us a little time," she said with a small smile.


"Why are we in a holosuite?" asked Tom.
"I'll show you," said Harry with a grin, looking about at the
metallic gray walls,"Computer, open Energency Medical Hologrammatic
"Channel opened."
Harry stepped into the arch of the door and smiled at the
Doctor, who looked chagrined at being disturbed.
"Mr Kim, do you mind, I'm trying to deal with these gel packs,
and there are some Jem'Hadar here who insist that if that one yo... the
Security Console injured, if he doesn't wake up in a few minutes they're
going to kill him and divide up some drug they call the white."
"Same deal as before, Doc," said Harry,"This time you do Tuvok's
job, hope you understand, I'll contact you again in four minutes."
The Doctor sighed,"I understand, goodbye Harold."
As the channel closed Tom looked at Harry with a half smile,
half frown,"Harold?"
"Just his way of letting me know he understands."
"Understands what?" asked Tom, still confused.
"I've sent him another hidden message, instructing him to make
contact with the Captain and piggyback our signal along to her, while
doing the same with her signal to us."
"So we can talk freely while anyone listening in will only
hear our messages to the Doctor."
"Exactly," laughed Harry,"And I doubt they'll be monitoring
The EMH Channel anyway, I don't think they know the Doctor is a
As Harry typed in more instructions, he gave his usual running
explanation of what he was doing. It sometimes seemed to Tom that Harry
was explaining for the benefit of same kind of unseen audience somewhere.
"Now I'm patching in through a backdoor in my science console,
hopefully I can get the internal sensors to warn us if any Jem'Hadar are
coming this way."
"But how will that help?" asked Tom,"How can we hide from them."
Harry grinned, enjoying having all the answers,"Computer, if
Jem'Hadar reach range of proximity scanners, create a holographic
image of this suite, but empty, with no sign of us in it... also, if
they're carrying tricorders, create a holographic image over them
giving false readings of empty rooms."
A second later the computer replied, but not in the way Harry
had expected.
"Unable to comply, security access required."
Harry's eyes widened, and he looked over at Tom, who shrugged,
as surprised to hear this as the Ensign was.
"Under whose authority?" asked Harry.
"Security Officer Russell Nash of Starfleet Security, ranking
Officer of this Vessel."
"What about Captain Janeway?" asked Tom.
"Prisoner Norman Masters has escaped and is shielding himself
from internal sensors, Officer Nash is now the ranking Officer."
"Great," muttered Harry,"I wonder how the hell Masters got out?"
"He's an Immortal," replied Tom,"I guess you pick up a few tricks
over the centuries."
"Warning," broke in the computer,"Three Jem'Hadar approaching
holosuite three."
Harry began typing madly, Tom looked over his shoulder.
"What are you doing?" he asked,"I thought the holosuites were
"The Computer has cut off access to all the holoprograms, but
not to all the files. I'm trying to access the list of the most
recently used holoprograms, with any luck I might be able to activate
"Jem'Hadar are approaching Holosuite three," the Computer
"Got it, it's Captain Janeway's workout program... it'll have
to do."
He activated the program and suddenly the two men found
themselves standing in an old cabin.
"I thought this was a workout program?" asked Tom.
"Maybe it's an outdoors survival course or something," Harry
replied,"Now let's go, we have to find someplace to hide."
They ran out of the cabin and into something completely


"I am waiting for him to contact me, Captain," The Doctor was
saying,"But so far I have received no message."
"Keep an eye out, Doctor," Janeway sighed,"Hopefully he'll
make contact soon."
As she broke the connection she turned to face Tuvok.
"We can't stay here, it's only a matter of time before someone
tries to check in or replace those two Jem'Hadar guards we knocked
"I can modify my tricorder to patch into the EMH Channel," Tuvok
replied,"But the signal will be patchy at best."
"It'll have to do, we need to try and take control of the ship
As Tuvok typed in the commands on his tricorder, Janeway glanced
longingly at the bed... she had so badly wanted to get at least a little
sleep... it seemed that wouldn't happen anytime soon.
"I am ready Captain," said Tuvok.
Janeway nodded and walked towards the doors, but before she even
got there they opened and several Jem'Hadar rushed in. The first grabbed
for the Captain and found himself being hip-tossed almost effortlessly,
but he was a trained soldier and was able to duck his head into a roll.
As he landed he was already moving onto his feet again, but then Tuvok
grabbed him by the neck, he stiffened and then collapsed.
The other three were not as reckless, they held phaser rifles
pointed right at the Captain and her Security Officer.
"Captain Janeway," growled the lead,"You will come with us or
we will not hesitate to incinerate your bodies."
Janeway stood defiant for a few seconds, then nodded, knowing
there was nothing else she could do.
As she and Tuvok were led out of her quarters, the lead
Jem'Hadar snorted in disgust at the prostrate bodies of the three
Jem'Hadar who had been taken out by Janeway and Tuvok. He pointed
his phaser and fired three times, disintegrating their bodies.
A few minutes later Janeway found herself once more on the
Bridge, most of the repair crew had been removed and the place was
filled with fifteen Jem'Hadar, plus a woman who looked much like
DS9's Security Chief - Odo - Was she one of the infamous Founders?
"Captain Janeway, it is a pleasure," said the Founder.
"Believe me," replied Janeway smartly,"The pleasure is all
Several of the Jem'Hadar gasped and moved forward as if to
strike the Captain, but the Founder raised one hand and they all
froze as one, then stepped back into place.
"Captain, I am truly sorry it came to this, we had hoped
to get our business done without your realizing what was happening,
then leave... we were even considering bringing you back to the
Alpha Quadrant... we still are."
"I know why you're here," replied Janeway,"And it's hardly
to bring Norman Masters to justice, in fact I wouldn't be surprised
if you hadn't made up the whole Federation/Dominion Treaty."
The Founder nodded,"You are an insightful woman, Captain, we
did indeed lie when we told you we were part of a joint operation to
bring Mr Masters to justice... although believe me he is sorely in
need of rehabilitation... there is no Treaty between the Federation and
ourselves, simply because we don't need one, the Dominion can survive
well enough on it's own, throughout our existence we have easily
dealt with all threats to our safety when they have arisen."
"Only there's one threat you can't just sit around and wait
to 'arise', is there?" Janeway replied,"If you've come to attempt
what I think you're here to attempt, then you are mad."
"Hardly mad, Captain," replied the Founder smoothly,"We have
come to defeat a threat to our existence, just as we dealt with the
Romulans and Cardassians... just as we are even now dealing with
the Klingons and the Federation back in the Alpha Quadrant," she
paused for a minute,"We are here to annihilate the Borg."

End Chapter Five of Seven.


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