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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Six.

"Didn't you say this was a workout program?" Tom asked once
more of a dumbfounded Harry.
"Ummm.... uhhh, yeah," Harry replied,"But this... I didn't
expect this."
In front of them, in a large courtyard with a fountain set
firmly in the middle, a large, rather energetic orgy was going on.
Neither of the two Starfleet Officer's noted Suder sitting
on the roof of the cabin behind them, he was watching the orgy
with a critical eye, perhaps comparing it to others he had seen
and been in.
In mats on the cobbled ground, against walls, in the fountain,
and even bent over the fountain were close to thirty people making
- No, scratch that, - thought Harry, - There's no lovemaking
here, this is hardcore animal sex. -
Tom's eyes were wide in shock, this was what the Captain was
doing when she 'worked out' five days out of seven. She was in here
getting the fuck of a lifetime?
"Look Harry, it's not just men and women, it's women and women."
Harry nodded as Tom pointed, there were indeed more women then
men, and they were making love to each other as eagerly as they did
to the males.
"Do you think the Captain is bi-sexual?" asked Tom.
"I think we shouldn't be in here, invading her privacy," returned
Harry,"Computer, where are the Jem'Hadar?"
"In holo-suite three," replied the computer,"Exactly 2.7 meters
from your location."
Of course 2.7 meters away was in the actually holosuite, with the
program on, the computer shielded people from each others view by
shifting light about them and projecting an image of what they should
be seeing instead. As people walked about the holo-suites the computer
would subtley change the flow or grain of the floor, or perhaps put
a wall or door in place to keep them from bumping into each other, so
while the Jem'Hadar were only a couple of meters away, within the
program they were over fifteen meters away inside the cabin.
"Hey, a couple more fuck sticks for us!" laughed one of the
women and suddenly they were being grabbed by laughing, sweaty women
eager for their cocks.
"Tom! What do we do?" cried Harry.
- Geez, do I really have to tell you? - Tom thought, then
cried out as they were pulling of his clothes,"Go with it, when the
Jem'Hadar come through they won't be able to tell us apart from the
holo-sprites.... I hope."
And despite Harry's initial attempts to stop the women, he
quickly capitulated.


"You see Captain," the Founder was saying,"We discovered
that the Borg are incapable of assimilating your gel packs, but we
were unable to get hold of any as they had been an experimental
prototype used only in your vessel. We immediately began searching
for any remains of your ship in the Badlands, but came instead across
mysterious tachyon particle residue. We were able to ascertain
that you had somehow been pulled into the Delta Quadrant, where we
knew from confidential files at Starfleet Headquarters that the
Borg came from."
- How did they get into confidential files at Starfleet
Headquarters? - wondered Janeway, - My God, have they infiltrated that
far? -
"We discovered that a Starfleet Security Officer had gone
rogue in the Badlands, obsessed with finding another human called
Norman Masters. We tracked this man down and discovered that he too,
had discovered tachyon residue and come to the conclusion that this
Masters had also been pulled into the Delta Quadrant. Of course he
refused to help us, even when we told him we had transwarp technology
that could get him there in hours what would take years normally. When
we attempted torture we discovered he was an Immortal, and also that he
was somehow able to detect Founders when they were near him, no matter
what they were disguised as." (***)
As she had been speaking, an unconscious Chakotay had been
dragged onto the Bridge along with a struggling, cursing Torres. They
joined Tuvok behind the Captain, Chakotay being dropped unceremoniously
into his command chair.
The Founder continued,"Nevertheless our nearly limitless
resources allowed us to capture him and subject him to a different
kind of torture - a series of mind games designed to rattle him and
make his mind more susceptible to our conditioning. He now truly
believes that he is part of the joint-operation to bring Masters to
justice, and that Masters allowed the Cardassians to destroy DS9 and
nearly wipe out an entire Bajoran settlement.
"We prepared our fleet and used our transwarp engines to bring
us here to the Delta Quadrant, where we discovered you in battle with
an alien race that Officer Nash identified as the Eternal. He somehow
knew they were a collection of... 'cleaners'... for want of a better word,
who went about the Universe destroying free floating debris. He didn't
know how he knew that, but told us how to modify our phasers to defeat
them... he also did not know how he knew this, undoubtedly due to damage
from our mental domination of him. It took time to make the modifications,
and we feared you would be destroyed, but you did remarkably well, holding
them off for quite some time."
- And nearly destroying Voyager in the process, - Janeway
thought, - Those damn... jellyfish!... nearly had us. -
"Now we have an uncorrupted gel pack," the Founder said,"And
are already reproducing them in great numbers. We are confident our
fleet will be outfitted with them by the time the Borg Cube arrives,
and we will have a surprise waiting for them."
Having delivered her speech, the Founder moved away and began
talking to another alien being who had made her way to the ship while
she talked, one of the Vorta perhaps?
"Captain," whispered Tuvok,"You have no doubt noted there
are several flaws in her story, not least of which is the explanation
for the pure temporal energy flashes we encountered, or how Masters
came to be in the Delta Quadrant in the first place."
"Not to mention this crap about Transwarp Drive," Torres added
into her other ear,"If they've had Transwarp capabilities for so long
why haven't they... 'dealt with us' yet? Why have we never encountered
"I'm beginning to get an idea," Janeway said,"Mr Tuvok, I think
I've discovered that other variable we were discussing."
"Understood, Captain," replied Tuvok,"Does this help us?"
"On the contrary," replied Janeway,"If it's what I think it is,
we're in very big trouble."


The blonde woman that had grabbed Harry looked alot like Kess
he realized, coincidence? Perhaps
She kissed him forcefully at first, but a few seconds later
he found himself sinking into it. It was the most incredible kiss he
had ever experienced and it was in a holoprogram!
He opened his eyes and saw with shock that the Jem'Hadar were
standing a few meters from him, watching the orgy dispassionately. He
quickly lowered his eyes and cupped the blonde's (Kess?) buttocks,
pressing his steadily hardening cock against her belly.
She broke the kiss and smiled at him,"Hey, about time!"
He quickly buried his face in the crook of her neck, hiding his
face from the Jem'Hadar, hoping they would think he was another
She giggled happily, and then pushed him away.
"Huh?" he said, genuinely sorry that she had broken their
embrace. The blonde (Kess, she looked just like Kess!) licked her lips
with a hungry, lust-fulled look.
"What are you...?" Harry started, and then she was down on her
knees, leaning forward and taking the full length of his cock into her
mouth. Harry stared in shock as she began to slowly deepthroat him,
rolling her eyes up to look at him in a manner that was incredibly
She sucked happily on his cock, he stood straight up, his back
slightly arched and his head dropped back. He had completely forgotten
about the Jem'Hadar. She was running her tongue up and down the underside
of his dick as her lips slid over and around his shaft.
After a couple more minutes of this delightful distraction, she
removed her mouth from around his cock and grinned devilishly at him.
"What...?" he started to question once more.
"Trust me," she whispered, grabbing his cock with one hand and
giving a couple of strokes. Then she released him and sat down on her
beautiful ass, spreading her legs as far as she could and laying down on
her back.
"Come on baby," she laughed,"Fuck me."
And even if the Jem'Hadar hadn't been there to be fooled, Harry
would have done it.


Officer Russell 'Conner MacLeod' Nash stepped into Cargobay 1
with confident, steady strides. His face gave away no indication of any
nervousness or fear.
"I know you're in here," he cried out, his voice echoing back at
him,"I can sense you as easily as you can sense me."
No response.
"I left the Brig for less than half a minute," he called,"And when
I come back the forcefields are down and you've disappeared... I don't
know how you did it, but I must admit I was impressed."
Still no response.
"I know that you feared the Gathering because you were the weakest
of the Immortals, your wounds healed slower than everyone else and you
had less physical strength... but how did you resist the call? How?"
After a few seconds, the response finally came. Norman walked
out from behind a crate on top of a large pile, he held a titanium bar
in one hand.
"Because I knew the signs," Norman shouted,"I won't tell you
how, but I knew the Gathering was coming. I organized with an old
colleague of mine to leave Earth on the maiden flight of the
re-manned Enterprise after Captain Pike was nearly killed, when the
Gathering called to us I nearly went mad, trying to find ways to
get back to Earth... but I had managed to get a station on an old
dilithium mining planet, where no starships visited for at least
six months. After four months the desire to return to Earth had almost
faded completely, and since then it has only been a dull ache I barely
feel anymore," he paused and his eyes glared feverishly at Conner,"Don't
you see, for nearly a century I have been able to suppress the call of
The Gathering... we don't need to fight, we could both go our separate
ways and live forever!"
Conner smiled, a hard, bitter and humorless smile,"You don't
get it, do you? I grew tired of this Immortal life nearly six hundred
years ago, After I lost my first wife I have longed for The Gathering
to come... because I pray that the prize will be what I most
want... mortality."
Norman sighed slightly, then nodded.
"Okay, let's go then."
And Conner started forward, his sword drawn from his ever
present trenchcoat and ready.


Tom's girl looked alot like someone he knew, but he really
wasn't overly concerned about that... he was more interested in fucking
her as hard and fast as he could.
Tom lay on his back, whilst the woman straddled him and lowered
her tight pussy down on his rock-hard shaft. Her breasts seemed
incredibly familiar, her skin was neither brown nor white, but seemed
a light, pale bronze, much like Torres... Torres! That was who she
looked like, Torres but human, as she had been when captured by the
Vidian's. Then the thought was gone from his head as she lowered her
body down and her beautiful pussy spread around his cock.
"Yeeahhh," he groaned, forgetting all about the Jem'Hadar as
he felt the delicious sensation of her tight pussy giving way as his
cock found it's way deeper and deeper into her.
The human looking Torres grinned down at him, cupping her own
beautiful breasts in her hands and sliding her fingers over her
nipples,"Ooohh, yeah, your cock is so big," she moaned,"Your dick feels
so good."
- Man! - Thought Tom with a laugh, - I gotta workout more
often! -
That's what he thought, but the only sound he could make were
moans of pleasure as she rode him. As her hands slid down and began
to grind her thumbs around her clitoris, he reached up and began
kneading her breasts.
She slowly gyrated her hips, making small circles and letting
her cunt move his cock about even as she raised and lowered her pussy
around his shaft.
Tom was raising his hips up, meeting her own as she came to the
end of each circle. He felt like they were as one, his cock joined
perfectly with her cunt, thier hot bodies moving against each other
in perfect time.
Her cunt was fantastic, and he excitedly began speeding up his
fucking hips as he felt himself already approaching orgasm. All about
him were the sounds of climaxes and moans of pleasure as the various
men and women fucked about them, this background noise just added
to the already incredibly erotic sensations running through his body
and he knew he could hold out no longer.
"Do it! Do it!" he groaned happily as he felt her scrunch her
juicy pussy down hard against his hips, allowing his cock to push as
deeply into her as it could. He desperately held back his orgasm as
long as he could, feeling the pressure build up and the pleasure matching
"Come on," she moaned,"Let's cum together!"
That was it, he could no longer hold on and he felt his
cum explode out, shooting deeply into her tightly clasping pussy as
she came as well, her cunt grabbing his cock tightly and milking every
last drop of cum out of him.
As her orgasm slowly wound down, her face contorted in pleasure,
the Torres look-alike dropped forward, her tits crushing against his
After a few seconds of deep breathing, his hands moved up and
cupped her beautiful, firm asscheeks, sliding about on her toned
ass as he let his body calm down after that incredible fuck.
"You were..." she started, and then she was hauled off him with
a yelp, his slowly deflating cock being pulled free from her cunt.
"Hey!" cried Tom, and then he was also hauled to his feet,
finding himself face to face with one of the Jem'HaDar.
"You," growled the creature,"Are Tom Paris?"
Tom closed his eyes with a sigh, and then his eyes snapped open
with shock as he heard the other Jem'HaDar speak.
"No, he is a holographic duplicate, part of this program," he
said,"The real Paris and Kim must have set this up and then left," he
growled in disgust at Tom,"Leave this thing, let us go!"
As he stalked out through the computer door that opened at his
request, Tom looked over where he thought Harry was, perhaps to question
him about how they had been confused for computer sprites... but Harry
was busy. He had a blonde woman bent over the fountain and was fucking
her for all he was worth.
Tom began to get up, and then a new woman, this one looking like
a cute young ensign grabbed him by the shoulders and began rubbing her
breasts against his back.
"Hey," he said with a grin,"Mine is not to reason why."
As he turned to the young woman, he still had not noticed
Suder, standing on the roof of the cabin and watching the orgy with
a smug, self-satisfied grin.


"The Cube is approaching faster now, and the Fleet is not yet
completely outfitted with the gel packs," said one of the Jem'Hadar.
"Do not worry," replied the Founder, sounding bored,"I disguised
myself as a traitor earlier on and made contact with a group of warlike
aliens in this sector, they'll provide an appropriate distraction."
"Captain," whispered Tuvok,"I have found yet another hole in
the Founder's story, mass production of the gel packs, modified as they
will have to be to match Dominion technology, would not be possible
within the short amount of time... yet I believe the Founder thinks
it is telling the truth."
"Consider also that everyone seems to think that the Stardate
is three years later than it really is... I don't think we're
timetravelling, yet Masters claimed it is impossible for his kind to
do so," Janeway said, she cast a worried glance down at the still
unconscious Chakotay, whom Torres was checking for injuries,"Still, if
I'm right, this final variable will fill all the holes."
"Commander," cried one Jem'Hadar,"Several of the alien ships
are approaching the 'ambush' point, directly in the path of the Borg
"Excellent," said the Founder,"They should slow down the Borg
long enough for us to complete our preparations."
"There is more than one Borg Cube in the universe!" cried
Janeway,"What do you hope to accomplish by destroying this one?"
"You underestimate us, Captain," replied the Founder,"This is
no ordinary Borg Cube, this is the Cube containing the Borg's leader,
The Borg Queen."
"That is illogical," replied Tuvok,"The Borg are a collective
intelligence, they have no... 'Queen.'"
"Oh but they do," replied the Founder,"Thier Queen IS The Borg,
the mind that holds all the Borg units together as one, if we destroy
her we will cause mass confusion and infighting among the Borg.
Eventually The Borg Queen's mind, which cannot be destroyed physically as
she IS The Collective will find a new body and pull the Borg all together
again... but they will be weaker, and susceptible to us injecting an
unsolvable fractal pattern into their collective consciousness that will
bring them grinding to a halt," she actually smiled, a chilling,
emotionless grin,"The Borg will be no more."
"The aliens have encountered the Borg Cube," announced the
Jem'Hadar,"Neither the Borg nor the Aliens seem to have detected
our probe."
"On screen," replied the Founder,"Watch this Captain, and see
why you should be thankful we are putting an end to this abomination."
On the viewscreen the unfamiliar stars and the Jem'Hadar
Fighters were replaced by a chilling sight. Three Kazon ships were
desperately blasting at a huge Borg Cube, larger than any that Janeway
had ever seen.
"That's not a normal Cube," whispered Janeway,"It's gigantic."
"Agreed," said Tuvok,"And it would appear it has already
adapted it's Shields to the Kazon Ships... Captain, did you hear what
the Founder said about a traitor?"
"Yes, it seems you were right Mr Tuvok, those strange readings
we were getting were coming from an internal communicator, we do have
a traitor onboard."
They went back to watching the images onscreen, the Kazon Ships
were all but crippled now, and Janeway could well imagine what was
happening on board... the Borg would have boarded and would be paralyzing
the Kazon before assimilating them into the Collective.
"Do you think Seska is onboard?" asked Torres, who had stopped
tending to Chakotay and was now watching the battle.
"If a traitor on Voyager was involved, I'd say it was more than
likely," said Janeway,"I wouldn't shed any tears over her death, but no
one deserves this... especially not for some ridiculous game."
"Captain?" asked Tuvok, not understanding.
"I'd had enough of this," she replied, she stepped forward
suddenly, momentarily surprising the Jem'HaDar who had been standing
guard over them. As he stepped forward to grab her she yelled out.
"Okay, enough of this, I don't know why you're doing this, but
enough is enough! Come out and explain yourself!"
She realized that all around her everyone had frozen, not just in
surprise, but physically and mentally frozen. She turned around and
looked up at Harry's Science Console, which a man dressed in Starfleet
Uniform was lying on. He sat up and smiled at her, swinging his
legs over the console and dropping gracefully to the ground.
"Why Captain," said the Q with a grin,"I thought you'd never


Tom stepped into the fountain, a thrill rushing through his thighs
up to his crotch as the cold water made contact with his flesh. Getting
down onto his knees he grinned cheerfully at Kess (he had stopped thinking
of her as a holo-sprite with an uncanny resemblance to the Ocampan) as he
gripped his cock in hand. After cumming he had expected to be exhausted,
but seeing her getting fucked hard over the fountain had quickly raised
his flagpole once more.
Harry was gripping her curved hips as he slammed his own forward
again and again, his pelvis making sharp slapping noises as his cock pushed
into her incredibly tight pussy. Slidig one hand of her hip and over her
beautiful milky white asscheeks, he slid his hand down past her light
blonde pussy hair and began to caress her sensitive, pink flesh, which
grew moister with arousal.
'Kess' moaned in pleasure, turned on not just by the cock
slamming into her pussy, or the hand sliding over her clit, or even Tom's
cock which was now pushing it's way past her lips but by the way the
hard stone of the fountain felt as her plump tits rubbed against the
hard, grainy surface.
Harry's head was thrown back, his eyes closed in ecstasy as he
plunged in and out of her deliciously tight, gripping cunt, his fingers
were beginning to get coated in the warm, glistening pussy juice that
was leaking out from her pussylips over his cock, helping to lubricate
it and make the passage that much easier.
Tom had delighted in rubbing his cock across Kess' eager lips
before sliding the full length of his shaft into her warm and all too
willing mouth. She groaned happily around the cock which was still
slick from 'Torres' cunt. His cock filled her mouth completely and
she had to breath through her nose, but if this bothered her she gave
no sign, her moist, pink lips eagerly closing down and caressing his
thick meat lovingly as the Pilot pushed inch after inch of his fuckpole
deeper and deeper into her warm throat before pulling it back so only
the head remained inside. His hands gripped her head on each side
and their eyes were locked together, sharing in each others pleasure
and feeling more because of it.

End Chapter Six of Seven.

(***) - The reason why is explained a little more in
my original DS9 story - Immortal Voyagers - available upon request
from - dimitri_r[email protected]


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