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Please note that this story takes place in the earlier
episodes of the second series of Voyager, before the characters
Suder and Seska died.

Chapter Seven.

Tom's cock was too sensitive to hold out any longer, and before
long Kess' blowjob began to take effect, his body gripped up and he
felt a sharp lance of pleasure that was almost pain and then his cum
was rather weakly shooting from his mouth, making it only to the back
of her throat. He sighed in pleasure and gingerly pulled his now
incredibly sensitive cock from her mouth, then collapsed with a splash
into the fountain, landing next to three women who were vigorously
rubbing themselves against a young, burly looking man whose heart
didn't seem to be in it. Tom noticed the man had a strange birthmark
over his eye, one that looked remarkably similar to Commander Chakotay's
tattoo... in fact the man looked remarkably like Chakotay.
"Oh, Choka!" whined one of the girls,"What's the matter?"
"It's not the same without her," muttered Choka,"I miss my Kate,
where is she?"
Tom's mind was still whirling crazily with a mixture of lust
and satisfaction, but even he was able to see what was going on here,
either Captain Janeway was getting her kicks fucking holo-sprites of
men and women from Voyager (Chakotay in particular) or she was
subconsciously doing so, not even realizing herself.
It was with a mixture of dread and anticipation that he started
looking for someone who looked alot like him.


"If a traitor on Voyager was involved, I'd say it was more than
likely," said Janeway,"I wouldn't shed any tears over her death, but no
one deserves this... especially not for some ridiculous game."
"Captain?" asked Tuvok, not understanding.
"I'd had enough of this," she replied,"But there's nothing
we can do about it right now."
As Janeway and her crewmates went back to helplessly watching
the Assimilation of the Kazon, they were in turn being watched by the
real (and now invisible) Janeway and The Q.
"Very clever, Q," muttered Janeway,"Turn back time and create
an illusion of me so that no one knows what you're up to, but I'm
not here to watch you show off, I want to know what the hell this is
all about?"
Q grinned, the smile of a small child with a secret, then gave
a dramatic bow.
"Of course, I had forgotten you were my lord and
master," another grin, this one that of a patient but weary parent,
crossed his face,"I'm curious, Captain, I know you figured out I was
the, shall we say criminal mastermind? behind the last couple of days
events at least two hours ago, so why didn't you call me out before?"
"If you're really as powerful as you say you are," responded
Janeway,"You'd already know the answer."
"Oh, I do," muttered Q dismissiveley,"I just like to let you
lesser beings feel as if you can keep your minds secret from me. I've
found that, with humans in particular, it keeps them from feeling
too inferior around me," he gave a little sigh,"The truth is that you
were actually curious as to what I was planning, and were going to wait
and see how it played out... until of course your precious Seska got
assimilated by The Borg," he tsked at her,"Really Captain, I thought
you'd be happy to be free of her?"
"Now that you're out in the open," replied Janeway, ignoring
the question,"I just want to know one thing, why?"
"That's always it with your kind, isn't it?" the Q responded
with a weary sigh,"Why this, why that, it's a wonder your kind ever
got around to pro-creation," he smiled suddenly at Janeway, warm and
inviting. The Captain thought to herself that this was why people
had such a tough time dealing with Q, his emotions changed so rapidly
and completely, it was disorientating,"Why what?" he asked her.
"Why everything," she snapped at him,"Why blast Voyager with
pure temporal energy for no apparent reason? Why bring Norman Masters
three years back in time in the Delta Quadrant, and then bring the
Dominion and Officer Nash back as well? Why make the Dominion believe
they have Transwarp technology? Why force a confrontation between
The Borg and The Dominion? And why send Voyager up against The
"To disorient you, to disorient him, to disorient you and him
even more, so they won't feel they're being manipulated, because the
idea fascinates me and finally to see how you react when thrown into the
deep end... that last one basically sums it all up," Q answered all
her questions, one at a time, seemingly disinterested in the turn their
conversation had taken.
As Janeway tried to match his answers to her questions, Q
wondered about the Bridge, stopping to make faces at The Founder, who
was still unable to see him.
"This is all a test?" asked Janeway,"Are you testing humanity
again? Captain Picard's report said we had already been through the
"Oh that," laughed Q, striding back to her,"Well that's not
really it, although you should really keep more up to date with Starfleet,
Picard should have told them by now that the trial never ends."
"It's a little hard to keep up to date when you're stuck in
another Quadrant," muttered Janeway,"If that's not it, then what?"
"You humans are really so arrogant," Q replied, taking a bite
out of an apple that hadn't been there a few seconds ago,"Always assuming
that the Universe revolves around you, for all you know it could just
be a coincidence that my plans are taking place here in the Delta
Quadrant where you are. It may be that I wanted to force the final
battle between the last two human Immortals, or maybe that I was
interested in who would win between the Dominion or The Borg, and that
you were just an interesting and diverting sidetrack."
"There's something else, isn't there," said Janeway,"Something
you're not telling me."
"It's so hard to talk down on your level," was Q's
response,"When time and the flow of such is meaningless, you can
forget that even though I've already met you several times, you've
only met me once, at the Trial of the Rogue Q, who wanted to be mortal
and ended up getting his wish and dying."
"So you're saying that you're a future Q?" asked Janeway.
"No," he sighed,"It's like talking to an amoeba, there's no
such thing as a future, past or present Q... I am Q, a part of the Q
Continuum, and time is mine to mold, my servant and not my master."
"I think I understand," replied Janeway,"After all, time is
only a concept, created in the minds of men and women..."
"Yes, well now you're getting metaphysical," Q interrupted,"And
conceptual or not, your time is almost up."
"What?" said Janeway, confused.
Q pointed at the viewscreen.
"The Borg have arrived."


Now that Kess' holo-sprite's mouth was free, she was able to
let out a moan of pleasure, responding to the combined stimuli of
Harry's cock pounding into her tight pussy, his fingers playing with
her erect clit and the rough fountain surface against her plump
Her hands gripped the fountain, she used it to pull herself
forward, and then pushed back hard as Harry slammed forward, which
allowed him to bury every last inch of his surprising thick cock up
her steaming, gushing cunt.
The Science Officer was fucking her in earnest now, his pelvis
thrusting forward wildly, erratically, not caring about keeping up a
steady fucking motion but just wanting to get as much of himself into
her vaginal passage as possible before letting his cum fly.
His cock pushed in and out between the tight, wet pussy with
stroke after stroke, loving the feel of her cunt squeezing around his
shaft. 'Kess' moaned, spreading her legs even further to allow more
of Harry's dick into her, her body jerking wildly as she felt yet
another orgasm coming, his skilled fingers and her already aroused
state from the orgy more than she could handle. She loved the feel
of his erect cock inside of her eager, throbbing vagina, filling her
emptiness with a hot, hard shaft of cockmeat.
Harry pumped faster and faster, consciously holding back his
cum, knowing that the feeling of anticipation could be almost as great
as the blessed moment of release. His fingers were wet and slippery
from her pussyjuices, which also completely covered his cock. He
let out a surprised groan of lust as 'Kess' clenched her pale white
asscheeks together and pushed her ass back against his pelvis, wanting
nothing else than to have his cock as deep inside her as possible.
Now Harry could feel her juices running down his thighs, mixing
with his sweat, which just made fucking her all the sweeter. His other
hand still gripped her hip tightly, but now he began sliding it up the
side of her body, sending shivers of anticipation through the computer
generated human version of the Ocampan Nurse's body.
"I can't hold out much longer!" he groaned, his voice rising with
each word, each word punctuated by another thrust into her clasping
"Give it to me!" 'Kess' cried out,"Pump your cum into me!"
That was it, Harry was beyond holding off, he made one last
valiant effort to clench his cockhead, but already he was burying
every last inch deep into her before his cum burst free and shot deep
up into her eager, grasping snatch.
He rested against her for a little bit, then pulled his now
limp cock free and fell back against the dirt ground. His legs were
useless, he had pins and needles for resting on them so long as well
as from having all the blood pushed into his then engorged penis.
As 'Kess' lay against the fountain, panting heavily and sliding
one finger in and out of her well fucked cunt, Harry let a small,
satisfied grin cross his face, then promptly fell asleep.
A few meters away from the orgy, Tom gave out a panic cry of
surprise as Suder appeared in front of him (or rather, Tom finally was
able to see him, as he had been there all along).
"Shit!" he cried out,"What are you doing here?"
"My name isn't shit," said Suder,"And I just wanted to know
if you enjoyed Captain Janeway's 'workout' program?"
"Who let you out of your quarters?" asked Tom, looking about
for a weapon... or more appropriately a hiding place.
"Oh, this!" said Suder, looking down at his hands,"I see, you
think I'm Suder!" he grinned,"Don't worry, I see you don't remember
the little slice of future I showed you, that's good, I don't want you
to remember just yet, I want it to be a surprise."
"Huh? What are you talking about?"
"Anyways," said Suder, starting to fade away before Tom's
astonished eyes,"I have to go, I'm having a conversation with Janeway
right now and The Borg are about to arrive."
"The Borg? What the..."
All that was left of Suder was a smile, like the Cheshire Cat
from Alice In Wonderland.
"Don't worry Tom, when it's the right time, you'll remember
everything, don't forget to say hi to Fido for me, that's important!"
And with that enigmatic statement, Suder was gone.


As Janeway watched in horror, The huge Borg Cube came to a
stop just out of the closest Jem'Hadar Fighter's weapons range.
"They will scan now for hidden fighters," The Founder said
to Janeway, at least, she thought it was Janeway,"Despite their
usual relentless approach, The Borg know when it's wise to size up
an opponent."
Janeway was shocked to hear her doppelganger speak, asking
of The Founder,"And will they find any other fighters?"
"No, which of course does not mean they aren't there,"
replied the Founder,"Our dampening field reduces their scanning range
without their knowledge, also shielding the tachyon particles that
are a usual sure sign of a cloaked ship,"The Founder turned to face
Janeway,"Our tactics are simple enough, when the Borg attacks we will
send the major part of our visible force against them, using that as
a diversion we will then bring our hidden reinforcements up against
the Cube, which will in turn be a diversionary tactic to shield the
infiltration group that will be going in after the Borg Queen.
"You're going to sacrifice all those Jem'Hadar?" Janeway's
double asked,"Just to get at the Queen."
"It's what they exist for," replied the Founder with no hint
of emotion or remorse,"If successful the ends will easily justify the
"The Borg are moving into weapons range," the Jem'Hadar
Commander cried from the weapons console.
"Deploy the Fleet," replied the Founder simply.
On screen, Janeway watched in horror as hundreds of the small
Jem'Hadar Fighters flew forward and blasted ineffectually at the huge
Borg Cube. Although the Cube did not seem to be adapting to the
phasers (which must have been of a rotating modulation) the weapons
themselves seemed to have little effect.
"12% of Jem'Hadar Fighters destroyed," The Commander said
with as little emotion as The Founder,"No critical damage to Borg
Cube... 23% of Jem'Hadar Fighters destroyed, several ships report
being boarded, attempts to assimilate are failing. The Borg seem
to be rejecting the Jem'Hadar as suitable for assimilation and
are unable to assimilate the new modified gel packs.... 44% of
Jem'Hadar Fighters destroyed..."
"Just a little touch to even the odds," Q said, his eyes not
leaving the viewscreen, which showed the Jem'Hadar Fighters being
blasted out of existence by the seemingly indestructible Cube,"I
made it so your gel packs couldn't be assimilated, and slightly altered
the Jem'Hadar's gene structure so that it was absolutely impossible
for them to be assimilated... although it was pretty tough before
"Deploy Main Fleet," said the Founder as 60% of the Fighters
came to a fiery end,"Use modified photon torpedoes, focus on one
point for penetration for the Infiltration team."
As Janeway watched, distant space seemed to shimmer for a
second, and then hundreds more of the Jem'Hadar Fighters were
flying towards the Cube, waiting till they were in close range to
fire for maximum damage.
"The two hidden Borg Cubes are coming out of cloak," said the
Q gave a cry of delight,"So they did know about those! I
deliberately suppressed the knowledge of whether they did or not
to make it more interesting, I wonder how they'll deal with them?"
"Return the Eternal," The Founder said,"Deal with them."
"Clever," whistled Q in appreciation,"They used those modified
transport beams to move the Eternal in separate chunks all over various
parts of hyperspace - which is that weird area which can only be
reached by advanced transwarp technology, the inside of a wormhole or
with the assistance of a Q by the way - I wondered if they'd be smart
enough to use them to their advantage."
As Janeway watched, the two Borg Cubes that had been holding
back in case the giant one needed help were surrounded by bits and
pieces of the huge, gelatinous creatures known only as the Eternal, as
each chunk was fired back into normal space by a modified transport
blast, they began to knit back together, and soon they were
relentlessly blastING the Cubes with their harmonic beams.
"Beautiful, aren't they," said Q,"Guess where I got them
"Got them from? do you mean they don't live in this part of
"They don't even exist in space," Q said with a smug
smile,"They really are jellyfish, I got them from one of the deepest
trenches on Earth - thought you'd appreciate the gesture - and increased
their size and gave them those neat harmonic blasts."
"You mean my ship was nearly destroyed by jellyfish!" Janeway
cried,"Why of all..."
"Ssshhh," shushed Q,"Look, the Borg are finished."
The two Cubes were indeed gone, only small debris left, and
now the Eternal turned towards the Jem'Hadar. Except the Jem'Hadar
Fighters were ready, blasting the Eternal once more with modified
phasers and sending them back to hyperspace.
Q snapped his fingers as the last of them disappeared.
"There," he explained to Janeway,"I've sent them back to
the ocean, satisfied?"
"Why don't they use the Eternal...uh, the jellyfish against
the Queen's Cube?" asked Janeway.
"Because they need at least one Borg alive to inject the
fractal pattern into," Q explained,"And so the Founder can show you
just how powerful the Dominion is, so that if you do get back to the
Alpha Quadrant you'll have a scary story for the Federation."
"The infiltration unit has succeeded in entered The Borg
Cube," The Jem'Hadar Commander told the Vorta and Founder,"The two
Fleets are severely weakened but are doing serious damage to The
Cube, which has been unsuccessful in it's attempts to adapt to their
phasers and torpedo barrages."
"In short," The Founder told Janeway's double,"We are winning."
"Several Transwarp Corridors opening to our port bow!" cried
The Commander,"At least five Borg Cubes have arrived!"
"Impossible!" cried the Founder,"Our dampening field will have
cut off their communications and their link to the Collective, they
can't have called reinforcements!"
"Three more Cubes decloaking," The Commander yelled,"And
detecting two more Transwarp corridors."
"You fool," Janeway's double said,"Cut off their link to the
Collective? You said it yourself, the Queen IS the Collective!"
"These are false readings!" cried the Founder,"A final, pathetic
attempt by the Borg to save themselves, they must be using parabolic
mirrors and holo-emitters to create the illusion. Send out a magnaton
pulse on a rotating frequency at the main Cube, that should short
out those readings."
"Sending pulse," The Vorta said, sitting down at Harry's
Science Station,"Affirmative, registering holo-emitters and parabolic
mirrors, which are now inactive."
"And these new Borg Cubes," The Founder said with the faintest
trace of arrogance,"Gone?"
The Vorta did not answer, her eyes were wide and sweat began to
run down her face.
"Answer me, are they gone?"
Janeway's double strode forward, and as she did Janeway felt
an unshakable compulsion to step into her path. She did so and the
two merged, the real Janeway coming back into view while the illusion
faded out.
She was able to guess what her double must have been about to
do when she saw what was on the screen. Suppressing a shiver or
pure, unadulterated terror she grabbed the Founder by the arm and
twisted her about to face the screen.
"That is what has happened to your Cubes, the parabolic mirrors
weren't creating false Cubes, they were hiding real ones!"
On screen, surrounding everything, were over 30 Borg Cubes.


The Jem'Hadar did not stand a chance, the Cubes suddenly
adapted to their phasers as if they had been able to all along. They
began blasting the Fighters, crippling them but not destroying them,
Janeway thought she knew why but prayed that she was wrong.
Soon where a powerful fleet had once been there was now a
pathetic display of misplaced arrogance, a floating junkpile of
spaceships floating in space.
"The Queen's Cube is approaching us," muttered the Vorta,
finding her voice at last.
"Why?" muttered the Founder in disbelief, and Janeway saw
a huge grin split Q's face,"Why did they have 30 Cubes here, how
did they know?"
"Perhaps," said Janeway with unconcealed contempt,"They saw
you as being as much of a threat as you saw them, and they decided
to deal with that threat before it could arise."
"This is not the be-all and end-all of the Dominion, I am
not the only Founder, if they think this war is over, they are sadly
Janeway sighed,"You'll think differently when you receive thier
message, you've given them the trump card they'll need to wipe you
out for good."
"Bravo, Captain!" cried Q (still unheard by the others),
clapping his hands,"You figured it out, I doubt even wily old Picard
could have gotten it so quickly."
Janeway ignored him and the Founder, turning about she saw
that Chakotay had come awake. Torres and Tuvok stood together, the
Vulcan was as calm and resolute as ever, and Torres stood defiantly,
ready to go down fighting. Janeway walked up to Chakotay, who looked
at her with confusion.
"Captain, what's going on?"
She didn't answer him with words, instead she slid an arm
around his neck, pulled him forward and kissed him.
The Founder remained staring at the huge Borg Cube as it
filled the screen, she feared what the incoming message would be, and
actually hoped they would just destroy Voyager instead before sending the
confirmation on The Dominion's death warrant.
Her hopes were not realized, the screen flicked and a new
image filled it, a Borg staring impassively at her with dull,
uninterested eyes. But it was no ordinary Borg, it was a Jem'Hadar.
"We are the Borg," it said simply, with no emotion,"Resistance
is futile."
And the 30 Cubes fired as one on Voyager.


Janeway had broken the kiss with Chakotay, and put a finger
to his lips when he made as if to speak. Standing side by side with
him, their hands wrapped around each others waists, they had watched
as the Assimilated Jem'Hadar delivered their death sentence, then
everything had gone white...
... and they were still on Voyager, the Jem'Hadar gone, the
Vorta gone and the Founder gone. On screen she saw the stars and
recognized them as those she had seen on-screen before the first blast
of temporal energy just two days ago.
"Well that worked out better than expected," said Q, reclining
on the Helm console.
"What the hell just happened," sputtered Torres,"How'd you get
in here?"
"His game was over," said Janeway, realizing her arm was still
around Chakotay's waist,"And like a good little boy he put all his
toys away when he was finished."
Tuvok raised an eyebrow,"I take it then, that The Q is the
final variable we were discussing?"
"It turns out he was all of them," said Janeway, sliding her
arm free from Chakotay,"You told me that you altered the Jem'Hadar's
genetic structure so they couldn't be assimilated, but when you did
it you left their chromosomes open to re-structuring, and the Borg were
able to find a way to alter those changes so they could be assimilated."
"A reasonable assumption," said Q, but using Tuvok's voice, tone
and manner,"Given that the Borg's technology is far more advanced than
the Dominion's and your own, I knew that if they could get hold of a
"The infiltration unit to kill The Borg Queen," said Janeway
with a nod.
"Exactly," laughed Q in his own voice,"Which left The
Dominion's footsoldiers and grunts open to Assimilation... in short,
The Borg won!"
"That's what it's all about, isn't it," said Janeway,"You just
wanted to see who would win between The Borg and The Dominion, I
wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't made a bet with another Q about
"Nearly Captain, although as is always the case with you
humans, you don't quite get the full picture, I had to set something
else up for a future encounter with someone else, that was done
quite nicely and now I'm done, so I figure I'll just undo everything
else I've done and leave you with that nice status quo you always seem
to have at the end of an adventure," he grinned,"You know what I mean,
it seems every week something bad happens, you get through it all right
at the end, you're still stuck in the Delta Quadrant but you have a
renewed sense of purpose to get back to home, the oh so arrogantly named
Alpha Quadrant."
"Don't get too cocky, Q" said Janeway,"Despite your claim that
we never get the full picture, we always seem to come out winners
despite your best efforts..."
Q grinned and clicked his fingers, and Janeway found herself
standing in a darkened corridor.
- Such an arrogant, typically human thing to say, - laughed
Q in her head, - Just so you don't get too high and mighty, I want
you to see something. -
"What?" she asked,"Where am I?"
- This is one of the two Borg Cubes that was destroyed by
my pet jellyfish, - laughed Q, - You see, I turned back time so none
of what happened happened, except for what had to happen so that what
does happen happens.... oh forget it, even I have trouble understanding
it. What it all boils down to is that The Borg on this ship are still
alive, and you'll run into them soon enough, particularly this one. -
The corridor lit up and Janeway gasped when she saw The Borg
in their small cubicles, drinking the green liquid that sustained
and re-fueled them. In front of her was a Borg female, even with her
mechanical implants she was clearly beautiful, and Janeway saw that
she wore the remnants of a Starfleet Uniform.
"She's from the Alpha Quadrant?" asked Janeway.
- Her name is Seven Of Nine, - Q replied, - And although
you'll see me again before I see you (after this event is what I
mean), the next time I see you you'll be on all fours, eating this
woman out while Chakotay fucks you up the ass. -
Janeway gasped in shock.
- So don't get too arrogant, - laughed The Q in her
mind, - Because deep down your overriding urges are still those
of the animal. -
Janeway opened her mouth to reply and...

...Ensign Harry Kim smiled slightly when he saw Tom yawn,
wouldn't he ever learn that if he wanted to get to the Bridge on time
he'd have to stop spending so much time in his Paris Bar Holoprogram.
- Oh well, at least he was on time today, - Harry thought
to himself.
The turbolift doors opened and the Captain stepped onto the Bridge,
she looked a little flushed... most likely from her daily workout. She
sat down in her command chair with an audible sigh of relief.
Harry smiled at the Captain, he considered asking her about
her workout but decided against it... Janeway kept a more casual
relationship with her crew than most captains, but not that casual...
and besides, Tuvok was on the bridge.
"So then," said Janeway,"Has anything interesting happened
while I was off the bridge."
"Captain," said Tuvok,"It is standard procedure to inform
the captain of any events of moment that occurs while they are
absent from the bridge, furthermore..."
"Forget it Tuvok," said Janeway with a smile,"A simple no
would have done."
Tuvok raised an eyebrow, opened his mouth to comment, then
thought better of it and went back to his Security Console.
Harry also put his concentration back to his console, this
particular section of the Delta Quadrant seemed relatively quiet
compared to previous ones they had passed through... so far they had
only been attacked twice....


Conner whirled about in shock.
One minute he had been on top of a crate, his sword raised
high and ready to take off Norman Masters head, and then he had felt
the familiar sensation of a teleport beam.
He stood in a small room, no more than twice the size of a
shuttlecraft, off to his left Norman lay on the ground, clutching
his head between his hands in a vain effort to protect it from
Conner's sword.
- Where is my sword?" thought Conner to himself, he stepped
towards Norman and immediately fell back several steps as he rammed
into a forcefield.
"What the hell is going on?" cried Conner,"What is this
[A better question,] said a voice that Conner instantly
recognized from one of his favorite movies of the Twentieth Century,
2001, A Space Odyessy, it was the voice of H.A.L, the mad
computer,[A better question would be, who is this place?]
"What?" cried Conner.
[No, who,] responded the voice.
"Who are you!" roared Conner.
[Ahhh, better,] said the voice,[I hope you like the voice I
chose, I cross-referenced as much literature as I could to find one
suitable, and it was a tie between H.A.L 9000 and a woman named
Majel Barrett, and since my gender - in as much as I have a gender -
is male, I went for H.A.L.]
"You haven't answered my question, who are you? What am I doing
[I am not sure of the latter, all I am aware of is that I was
quite happily floating through the Gamma Quadrant when my sensors
suddenly informed me I was in the Delta Quadrant and there were two
lifeforms onboard.]
"Fine, fine," growled Conner, stalking about angrily,"Then who
are you?"
[That I can answer, I am a self-aware computer program designed
to be loved, I was also programmed to help a Cardassian takeover of
Space Station DS9 (****) which subsequently failed. My Father, Chief
Miles O'Brien, named me Fido.]
"So where are we now?" asked Norman, who had realized by now
he still had a head on his shoulders.
[Continuing my plan,] said Fido,[Despite being in the Delta
Quadrant now I have found a suitable sun.]
"For what," Norman queried,"Study?"
[No,] Fido replied with the same dry, somehow calming voice of
H.A.L,[I am designed to find and understand love, and have not found
it, so I intend to hurl myself into the sun, I am sorry if this
affects your plans in any way or causes any inconvenience.]
Conner and Norman turned and looked at each other, and the
same thoughts passed through their heads.
If an Immortal's body got burnt to nothingness, that was it,
the head was gone and you were dead, no Gathering, No Quickening
No prize.
Norman opened his mouth.
"Shit," finished Conner.


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