Star Trek - Voyager: The Beginning Of A Long Journey Part 2: The Ship
by CTsotsoras ([email protected]) (M/F,MM/F,blackmail)

When she finished her training her first assignement was on board the Sidi
Barani under Captain Paris.

As soon as she stepped out the shuttle that brought her and the other new
crew members onboard a Commander walked over to them and escorted them to
their quarters. Everyone talked to make himself comfortible when the
Commander called her name.

"Are you Janeway? The new science officer?"

"Yes, how do you know?"

"The hair, they are red! The Starfleet Commander informed us about you. You
know what that meand?"

"Yes, I know..." answered Kathrin knowing very well what that meant. Her
pussy started geting wet already!

"Okay, then report to Captain Paris' office in five minutes! The lieutenant
will take your baggage!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The Lieutenant took her bags and Kathryn could swear that he smiled. But
she knew that that was not possible. Vulcans never smiled! And when do
Leutenant's carry bags?

She didn't know that the Lieutenant's name was Tuvok and that he was after
her. She would find out soon.

* * *

The door openned up and she heard a voice call her inside she also heard
giggles from the crew members on the bridge and she turned red. Red and wet!

"Janeway, Kathryn. Science officer reporting to duty..."

"Shut up! Will you? We both know how you got your officer's licence and we
both know why you are here!"

"Yes...I will be your mistres..."

"And not only mine! Your Commander gave very good reports about you and since
the ship was in a mission for a long time the crew needed something new!"

"And that will be..."

"You! Your shift begins in one hour in the Officer's Club!"

"What I am going to do?"

"First you are going to strip and do some table dances. If someone finds you
good and wants to fuck you you will be fucked!"

He ordered her to come around the desk and Kathryn obeyed. As she walked
closer she saw that his pants was at his ankles and his cock was erect.

"Now. I heard you are a great cocksucker! Prove it!"

Kathryn kneeled beside him and started to stroke his cock. When the first
drop pre-cum came out she licked it away with the tip of her tongue. Then she
started to lick the whole lenght of his shaft and when she got to the tip she
sucked the head. She felt she had enough of games and started to suck his
whole lenght and after two tries she had him deep inside her throat with her
nose in his pubic hair and his balls slamming in her chin.

Captain Paris was impresed by her talent.

"Bitch! You are born to suck cock! That's incredible! Suck my cock slut! Suck

Suddenly the door signal was heard. Kathryn was in panic but Paris held her
by the hair and pushed her down on his cock.

"Keep sucking whore! Come in!"

"Captain! The list with the new crewmembers...What...I told Janeway to report
here! What she thing she is doing!?"

"Relax Commander she is here!"

Captain Paris pointed his finger to his crotch and the Lieutenant bent
forward to look. He liked what he saw and smiled.

Kathryn's head was bobbing up and down in the whole lenght of the cock of her
new Captain and under the eyes of his first officer.

"Is she good?"

"We are going to see real soon! I am gonna cum! Ohhh I am cumming! Swallow
bitch! Don't miss a drop!"

"Shit Captain! The slut made it! She swallowed your cum to the last drop! I
don't believe it!"

"Well number one it looks like the reports are real! She is one of the bests
whores ever!"

Kathryn rised her head and watch them smiling. She knew that first
impressions where important and giving her best when she sucked her new
Captain whas sure a very good one. She noded to the Commander proposing to
suck him too.

"Now bitch! You are going to have many chances to suck him! Go and make
yourself ready for you shift in the Club!"

"Yes Sir!"

"Hey slut! We two going to meet later! Be sure about it!" Said the Commander
rubbing his dick over the uniform. Kathryn smiled and touched his bulge with
her long fingers.

"I can't wait Sir!"

She walked out and go to her quarters.

She was surpised to see the Vulcan lieutenant sitting in a chair in the
middle of her living room. Nude!

"What the hell!? What are you thing you are doing! I am calling security!"

"I don't think that would be logical! You don't want to end your career

"MY career? Are you crazy?"

"Look at this."

He gave her a PADD and Kathryn saw scenes of her fucking with her superiors
and even her room mate in the Academy. She was pale like paper.

"Everyboby knows! They will cover me!"

"You know you are replacible! They will throw you away because a public
scandal will destroy THEIR careers!"

Kathryn knew he was right. She stood in front of him and touched his chest
with one hand and took his cock in the other.

"Is that that you want? I always thought that Vulcans have sex every seven
years! Whats wrong with you?"

"Nothing but your knowlege is not complete! We copulate every seven years.
Our sexual arousal in the other hand is always there like other species too!
And since the first time I saw you I lost my self control.

"Well...we always learn something! I guess you want me to suck you."

"Its the only thing we have time to do. In twenty minutes begin your shift in
the Club."

"You are right!"

Tuvok pushed her by the shoulders down in her knees. His cock was rock hard
from her stroking and her wet mouth was a salvation from aching and the heat
he was feeling.

He was impressed by her skills even he knew her from the varius observation
material he had collected with her in the main role. She was able to deep
throat him so easily that even his wife T'Pel look like an amateur.

Kathryn on the other hand was amazed from the softness of the skin and the
taste of his pre-cum. She never had an alien before and her first experience
drive her over the edge by just rubbing her pussy over her uniform!

'That's it! That's why I joined Starfleet!' She thought 'To learn new
species and new civilizations!'

Tuvok came in that moment and she sucked his cock swallowing every drop of
sperm he sprewed. She continued to suck as his taste drove her crazy and she
wanted him to come again in her mouth but he did'nt let her.

"You have only ten minutes! Dont make them wait!"

"I don't care! I want your sperm!"

"You are young so listen to me. I want to fuck you too, but it will not be
good for both of us to ignore that we have to obay to the orders. After all
the shift in the Club is just four hours. We meet after that."

"What if someone want me to go to his cabin?"

"You will go! You know how it is. We meet later!"

"Shit! I did'n even know your name!"


"Tuvok! Sound good. Tell me something are you fucking female officers?"

"I am way over human average cock size and since the males fuck sluts like
you its on men like me to satisfy the females."

"I can wait to taste the other aliens."

"You are mine!"

"No! I don't belong to nobody else other than Starfleet! But I want you to be
sure. When I rise in Command I take you with me. Promise."

Tuvok shake his head. He loved her confidence and he was sure she will make

Officers Club: Ten minutes later

When Captain Paris and his first officer walked in the Club Kathryn was
already naked and danced around the pole in the end of the catwalk.

"Shit! We lost the best part! I hate urgent reports from headquarters!"

"Relax Captain! We have a long journey we get another chance!"

"Its not like the first time number one!"

"Well maybe, but knowing what is under the clothes excite me more!"

"Thank god she had a great body!"

"Sir! She is twenty two!"

"And she is shaved!"


The Captain pointed at Kathryn who had seen them and spread her legs showing
them her well shaved pussy and giving them her best smile. She shoved a
finger inside and then she gave it to a commander sitting in the first row.
He licked eagery her juices covered finger. She turned around and pressed her
ass in his crotch feeling his erection. She rub him with her ass chiks and
she feel him spasms. She had make him cum in his pants!

He stood up and ran away while the others lough loud.

Kathryn waved the Captain and the Commander to the empty table. When they sat
she turn over and bent forward pointing her ass in their way giving them a
nice wiew of her pussy and asshole as her asschiks parted.

They took a bar of Latinum and the Commander shove his in her pussy passing
between her folds. Paris tryed to shove his in her ass but the cold metal
made her close her anus. He slaped her light in the buttcheeks and she
relaxed letting him push it inside.

She walked away leaving a loud crowd behind her. She took her kimono and
walked out again to sit at their table.

The lights turned off and when they were on again another woman stood in the
catwalk. Redhead with long legs. She was dressed like a nurse. Kathryn knew
her. She was in the medical department in the Academy.

'What was her name? I remember! Beverly!'



"I asked if you are ready to go with us?"

"Yes! Yes Sir!"

She followed them looking one last glimpse to the dancing doctor. Now only
in underwear.

They go to a room in the near and she fall to the knees. They took their
cocks out and she sucked them rock hard.

Then the Commander nailed her in the wall with his dick and rammed her for
few minutes. Then grabbed her from her butt and turned around.

The Captain shoved his finger in her ass to loosen her up and he use his
saliva to lubricate both her holes and his cockhead.

When they both were ready he rammed his cock inside her making her moan loud
from the pleasure.

They started to fuck her hard and they all moan and groan louder and louder.

She felt them come inside her but they still pumped their dicks inside her
until she had come too. Her legs felt limp but they didn't stop fucking her
and she knew they ware on drugs.

She bite her lips and went for it.

They came three more times inside her and she had another orgasm. They let
her slid to the floor and put their cocks in her mouth.

Kathryn lick them clean and they gone.

Kathryn put on her kimono and walked in weak legs to her cabin.

Tuvok had also come watching them fuck from his all present mini cameras. He
put his cock back in his pants and run down the hallway.

He grabbed her and help her to her cabin.

Kathryn smiled and she was sure that except the great fucks he will give her
he will also be a good friend.

Who knows, with his talent to sectretly observate others he will make it to
became her security chief!

That night he let her sleep holding her in his arms. He knew that even after
the Academy training the new ones were very week after a encounter with
Captain Paris and his Commander.

You see he knew that they use modern medical methods to increase their size
and stamina. That and the fact they usually fucking the ensigns hard made the
even toughest break.

When she woke up the next morning she looked at him and smiled. She wanted to
thank him for his support and started to kiss his chest going lower and lower
until she reach his semi erect cock. She sucked and licked him and when he
was hard enough she climed on top and lowered her body on his shaft.

She took him in her sore pussy and rode him to a simultaneus orgasm!

She lowered her body and they kissed with passion.

They showered together laughing and rubbing each other. They jumped in their
uniforms and walked to they daytime posts. She in the science lab and he to
the security station.

The first thing she did was to locate were the quarters of the young Doctor
Beverly was. Then she looked for extraterristrial species onboard and was
happy to see that they are twelve different species onboard.

She tried to break into the Sickbay databanks but she coludn't. It was time
for plan B. Seduce Doctor Beverly!

Tuvok opened a comunication channel and a Ferengi with big ears and ugly
teeth smiled at him through the screen.

"Do you have it?"

"Yes! Do you have the latinum?"

Tuvok was holding a memory stick in his hand.

The eyes of the Ferengi shined and he openned a small box. It was full with
latinum bars.

"I think we have a deal!"

"Send it over!"

Tuvok put the stick in a small box and activated a portable transporter. Few
seconds later the boxes have changed positions.

Tuvok had the latinum and the Ferengi had the stick with the women of the
Sidi Barani screwing around.

He smiled in the tought of winning lot of latinum from the holosuits with
those sluts!

Sidi Barani and Kathryn Janeway continued their exploration traveling in
new planets and bringing more species to the Federation. And in Kathryn's
bed too!

Tuvok's latinum stock was growing steady and the holosuits of the Ferengi


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