ST - Voyager: The Beginning Of A Long Journey Part 3 - Voyager Her Own Ship
by CTsotsoras ([email protected]) (M/F)

Few years later: Planetia Utopia docks

Kathryn Janeway stood in transporter room one waiting for Admiral Paris.

When he materilazied she smiled at him and he smiled back.

It was many years since she was whore on his ship and even if their roads put
some distance between them he monitored her career. Now they meet again in
her knew ship <>.

Well it was not <> ship yet. She had to let him fuck her to get it. He
smiled as he though her surprise when she will see his new enlarged cock.

"Well Kathrin do you like it?"

"Yes! Its beautiful!"

"Like you! You get beautiful every day that pass through you!"

"Admiral...I know why you talk with compliments! You did enlarge it again!"

"You are very smart slut! You never let someone to fool you!"

"That's why I have this rank!"

"Now you're joking! The whole Admirality and whole the Captains fucked you to
get yout rank!"

"Okay okay! Enough with the games! Lets get serious! I want that ship!"

"And I want your ass!"

"Okay! But not dry! I don't know how big you are now!"

"Okay! Where?"

"On the Bridge! In the chair of the Captain!"

They go to the bridge and locked the doors. They stripped and Kathryn opened
her eyes wide as she look at his crotch. His Cock was one feet long and thick
as his arm!

Did she really wanted the ship? She was not so sure anymore.

< have to fuck anybody! I WILL BE IN COMMAND!>>

She fell in her knees and stared to stroke him and suck his head. She took
care to lubricate him as good as possible and then she kneeled in <>

He spit in her ass and use his fingers to make her loose. He liked it dry but
he knew also that with the size he had now that it was possible only with
Orion girls or Klingon women.

He put his cockhead in her sphincter and pushed slowly forward.

Kathryn screamed and hope that the ship was well soundproof.

He push one inch after the other enjoing the tight feeling he had felt as a
young boy when he first fuck a girls ass!

Size WAS relevant after all.

His balls slapped her pussy lips and he groaned as he was all in at least! He
pulled out slowly and it was Kathryn's turn to moan.

A bit of pain a bit of pleasure and a lot of relief as she felt it pulling

He pushed and pulled few times slowly and felt that she was ready. And if not
he did'n care! She will take a ship in exchange for a fuck!

Kathryn new that now there was no way out and bit her lip. Her nails in the
soft leather of the chair. <> chair!

He started to pump in her ass faster and faster. Every thrust harder then the
last. He started speaking dirty to her and Kathryn new he was close.

His dirty words turned her on and when he uploeded his cum in her bowls she
orgasmed too!

She fell face first in the chair and smiled satisfated. He felt over her and
stroke her sweat wet hair.

"Congratulations Captain. Nice ship YOU have."

"Thank you Admiral."

He pull out and a loud <> was heared as his cockhead came out.

He looked down. He was always impressed when the asshole stayed open for few
second before the muscles closed again!

Kathryn turn around and licked him clean.

She was excaust.

"I think I'll find my way to transporter. I don't think you could walk so


"Oh something else. I want you to do fast and save his ass!"

She smiled and nodded okay. He walk away and she sat in her chair. Cum
dripping from her ass to the leather. She scooped it up with her hand and
licked away.

She looked around her bridge and she could not wait to fly to outer space.

"Computer! Who is in Sickbay?"

"No life sings in Sickbay."

"Computer lock Sickbay. Lokal transport! Beam me to the Sickbay."

The light surround and moments later she was in sickbay she climed a biobed
and lay with her belly down.

"Computer EMH activate!"

"Report the ..."

The Holo-doc stopped talking and watched the naked spread legged woman laying
in the biobed.

"Doc! I am Kathryn Janeway. The Captain of the ship. I had some <>
with my anus. Will you please heal me?"

"Why me? Where is the Doctor of the ship?"

"Not there! Its a new ship!"

"I see!"

He took a medical tricorder and started to scan her anus.

"The tricoder register saliva from two individuals, human sperm and muscle
damage. I assumed you had anal sex with an artificial enlarged penis without
the right lubricant and muscle relaxator?"

"Doc! Just do your job!"

Sudenly the lights turned off.

"Computer report!"


"Shit! What the..... aaaaarrrghhhh!"

A power failure caused the computer to malfunction. The readings from the
tricoder ware transfered not in Kathryn's medical data but in holodocs

He was now nude with a huge cock and he was ramming it in Kathryn's ass! The
pain was incredible! He took a hypospray and inject something into her
buttocks. The pain was gone! Only the pleasure of the penetration leaved
behind. Kathryn moaned in ecstasy and start to rub her breasts and her clit!

When she came she deactivated the Doc and took the dermal regenerator and do
the best she could.

She beamed back to the bridge and she was back in uniform when they called
her from the docks.

Her crew was there!

She thanked silently her good luck not to be found naked fucking with someone
and thanked her friend Doctor Beverly Crusher for the list she gave her.

With that list Kathryn was able to choose the best hung men and aliens around
and few gorgeous girls.

She didn't care if they wore redhair. She like every color. She liked to play
by her rules!

The only thing missing was Tuvok. He was in a secret mission trying to
infiltrate the Maquis.

If they hurt him! She will cut their balls off! And make them eat them!

She looked at her first officer and smiled.


She made herself comfortable and ordered her helmsman, actually a young
beautiful woman, to take <> out of the dock.

"Set course to Earth! When we arrive go to orbit over New Zealand and call

"Yes Captain!"

"Commander! In my room! I have to talk with you!"

"Yes Captain."

He followed her with a huge bulge in his pants. He was sure this will be the
best time off his carreer before he got his own ship and his own redhair

They undressed and she seat with wide spread legs in the couch.

He kneeled between her legs and took a deep breath enjoing the smell of her
wet pussy. Then he kissed soft skin of her inner tights and go upward to
the center of her womanhood. He kissed and licked softly making her moan
in pleasure. Kathryn wrapped her slender legs around his head and push him
closer to her pussy. She grab her breasts and pinced her hard nipples.

He kneaded her butt and slowly put his middle finger inside her ass. She
moaned loudly and came!

She opened her legs and ordered him to fuck her and he obeyed.

He entered her with long powerfull thrust and they both moaned and groaned
loud. He was good, so good that she came again.

When she felt that he was ready to came too he pushed him out and kneeled in
front of him. She took his dick in her hands and jerk him off until he came.
His sperm splashed all over her face and hair and she used his cock as a
pincel to equally apply it.

She continued to lick and suck on him. She wanted him hard again because she
wanted to be assfucked by that beautiful dick.

Suddenly the communication system was activated.

"Bridge to the Captain! We are in orbit Ma'am!"

"Captain here I'll be there in a minute, over! Quick! Put your clothes back

"Yes! I'll go first out!"


The Commander walked out first and he looked over the other males on the
bridge with a winning smile in his face. He taped in his pocket. Inside
Janeway took a wet towel from the replicator and cleened her face and
tights. When she look around for her clothes she find out that her thong
was missing.

She smiled and let him keep it to remebmer her.

She walked out and ordered the young Ensign Kim to open a channel to the
Federation Jail Director.

Kim was a young very prommising Asian Ensign.

<> Kathryn thought and looked at his crotch and the huge
bulge there. He was new and could not hide his arousal about the things he
knew that happened behind the closed doors to Captain's room.

"Channel open Captain."

"Thank you Ensign! I am Captain Kathryn Janeway from Voyager."

"I am the director of this establishment. How can I help you Captain?"

"I have orders to talk to one off your prisoners."

"From who?"

"Admiral Paris!"

"And to who want to talk?"

"Tom Paris."

"I see! You are welcomed Captain."

"Thank you."

The transmission was over and she go to the transporter room to be beamed in
the jail.

When she was there she asked to talk to Tom Paris but this time the director
played tough.

She smiled and fell to her knees. She knew how to break tough nuts.

She kneeled and unzipped his pants pulling them around his ankles. She
stroked his cock and licked it hard. When it was hard she took it in her
mouth and sucked while her tongue swirled around it.

Very soon he came and she swallow all his sperm. She continued to suck until
he came again and she swallowed all again.

Then he let her go and see Tom Paris.

He was very mad. Mad about his father, the Federation and the Starfleet. He
hated the way the people were abandoned to the Cardassians.

And he didn't want to cooperate.

Kathryn new that even a fuck will not be enough this time. She had to make
him think.

"You know what is going to happen to you? They will fuck you up your ass!"

"I don't care! I will not help you!"

"Don't help me! Help yourself! Why are you risking your ass in here when you
can have a better chance?"

He turn around to answer and he saw her with the upper part of her uniform
open and her still firm breasts pointing at him.

"What the..."

"Are you sure that you want a cock in your ass and not these in your hands?"



He thought. For months they tried to fuck him and he was tired of fighting.
The alternative was very attractive. And the people sold to the Cardassians
will not de in better place if he stayed in jail.

"May I?"

"Yes naturally!"

He took her breasts in his hand and felt the warm flesh. Suddenly she pushed
him away and covered her breasts. A guard was coming near. Tom was sad.


"Okay okay!"

She smiled and hit her comm badge to inform the jail director. Ten minutes
later Tom Paris was on Voyager.

She walked to the bridge and took her place then she ordered course to Deep
Space Nine for last checks and supplies before breaking out to the Badlands.


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