Star Trek - Voyager: The Massage (f/f)
by Brutus

"Seven," Captain Janeway called out as she ran down the corridor, "Hold the

"Of course Captain." Seven replied in her monotone. "Are you going to your

Janeway nodded and leaned up against the wall of the turbolift with a sigh.
"I've been looking at power expenditure paradigms for hours and I need some
down time." The weary captain rubbed her neck and added, "I'm tense and sore
from staring at Tuvoc's unending reports."

"Tom Paris enjoys massages to relax. Would you like me to give you one, he
tells me i'm good at it."

Janeway groaned as Seven kneaded her shoulders with her strong hands. "He's

The door opened and Seven asked. "I am also off duty would you like me to
continue in your quarters?"

Janeway didn't like needing anyone for anything but it felt so good. "If
you're not too busy I would appreciate it."

"I am off duty so I am not busy."

The captain led the former Borg drone to her quarters and waved her inside.
She walked over to her replicator and said.," Would you like anything Seven?"

Seven clasped her hands behind her back and responded, "I require nothing."

"Well i require red wine and computer leave the alcohol in the damn thing."
Janeway reached into the replicator and pulled out the glass of wine and
sipped it.

"Tom Paris says a massage is more effective if you are touching bare skin."

Janeway snorted a laugh, "That does sound like Mr. Paris." She unzipped her
uniform and stepped out of her boots. She shrugged off her Star Fleet gear
and took another sip of her wine dressed in her turtle-neck undershirt and
satin panties. She looked at Seven who was looking at her but stood there
like a statue. Janeway shrugged and pulled her undershirt up over her head.
She stretched with a soft moan and stood there in just her panties and a
futuristic looking brassiere.

"Work your magic Seven." Janeway said with a sigh and another sip of wine.

Seven rubbed the captain's neck and shoulders slowly but deeply. Her thumbs
dug into the captain's smooth, pale skin as she worked her way down between
her shoulder blades.

"Oh, that does feel good." Janeway groaned, closing her eyes.

Seven massaged her commander and said, "Why don't you lay down on your bed
Captain. It will allow me more leverage and you to relax even further."

Janeway laid face down on her bed. "Are you still having the nightmares

Seven's ministrations stopped for a few seconds and then she replied, "The
bad dreams ceased after the doctor gave me a new medication."

"That's great, " Janeway murmured about the dreams and Seven's now
deep-tissue massage. She stiffened as she felt Seven's hands under her
gel-like brassiere but offered no resistance when she pulled it up over her
arms. Goosebumps erected up and down Janeway's body as Seven's fingertips
brushed the sides of her breasts. She felt Seven's elbows rub in small
circles in the small of her back and then her eyes opened in surprise when
she realized she felt the warm skin of Seven's elbows against her sensitized
skin. She looked back over her shoulder and asked, "Seven?", when she saw
the former drone had pulled her skin tight uniform down to her waist.

"Yes, Captain?" Seven asked in response as she ran her hands up and down
Janeway's bare back.

Janeway gawked at Seven's naked torso. She had known Seven had a great body
but the tight costume she wore pinned down her breasts and now Janeway saw
her huge, perfectly round tits as they really were. "Did Mr. Paris also tell
you that his massage would be more enjoyable if you were naked too?"

"Tom Paris says skin to skin contact is the whole point of a massage. If my
lack of clothing makes you uncomfortable I will cover back up." Seven

Janeway put her head back down with a chuckle. "Uncomfortable no, not
really. Inadequate would be a better word."

"You, inadequate? You are the most capable member of this crew." Seven said
matter of factly as her fingers rubbed down the captain's spine.

"It's good to know you have confidence in me but I was speaking of my body in
comparison to yours. Your figure is amazing Seven." Janeway explained. She
was still enjoying the massage a great deal but was surprised to realize she
was aroused. She laughed again and said, "If I looked like that a tight
uniform might not be enough, I might just go around naked all the time."

"I have never considered that." Seven said.

Janeway felt her massage stop and heard some rustling noises. She looked
back over her shoulder just in time to see a fully nude Seven step out of
her uniform. Before she could overcome her shock and say something, Seven
climbed back on top of her and continued the massage.

"I know my form is pleasing to the males of the crew. Do you like looking at
me too captain?" After a moment she said, "You're the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen." She felt the weight of Seven on her as she had straddled
her captain's thighs and thought how long it had been since she'd had a
lover. She realized that the mirror on her nightstand allowed her a view of
Seven's reflection. She watched the gorgeous woman on top of her massage her
and found her attention drawn to Seven's large breasts bouncing and swinging
as she kneaded and stroked her.

"Have you and Mr. Paris become close? I still think that would help you
rediscover your humanity as much as anything else."

"Tom Paris is a friend although he seems to feel it would be strengthen our
bond were we to have sex."

"And how do you feel about that?"

Seven used her elbows again on the captain's lower back eliciting a moan from
her superior. "I don't require sex with Tom Paris."

"Do you have sexual feelings at all Seven?" Janeway asked huskily.

"I am not sure. My experiences with sex are very limited. I have kissed
Tom Paris and Harry Kim but that is the extent of my so-called sex life."

"Did those kisses make you feel or think anything?" Janeway asked,
emphasizing the word feel as Seven shifted her weight and Janeway felt the
warmth of Seven's crotch against her thigh.

"It was strange but was not unpleasant." Seven replied almost mechanically.

Janeway snorted a throaty laugh and said, "I'm not sure Tom or Harry would be
too thrilled with that description."

Seven rubbed her thumbs in circles down Janeway's back. "Captain Janeway, I
have come to think of you as my friend and my mentor. Like I said I have
noticed that many of the men on Voyager stare and exhibit odd behavior around
me. Tom Paris has told me I am beautiful but I never paid much attention to
his flattery. I do, however, hold your thoughts and words in the highest
regard. You say I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen but all
this does is confuse me."

Captain Janeway attempted to roll over and Seven lifted herself off of her
to allow her to face her. "That was not my attention. I meant it as a
compliment Seven."

Seven raised an eyebrow and nodded, "I know you did but as you know I am
still a novice when it comes to human emotions. You make me feel like I am
wasting my gifts but I don't know what I should be doing to make use of
myself. Show me Captain."

Janeway was surprised at the offer but then thought it probably made sense
that since she was the one Seven trusted the most. "Seven, I didn't mean
that we should be intimate."

She looked confused and a little hurt. "But I thought its what you wanted."

"I want you to develop a bond with someone who you can bring down all the
walls you've put up to shield yourself from your emotions."

Seven looked at her captain and said, "I have that bond with you. I may not
be experienced at matters of the heart but I know the signs of arousal and
you exhibit all of them."

Janeway actually blushed slightly and said, "You're perceptive as ever Seven
and my reaction to you surprised me too."

"I feel odd but kind of good too. Like when Neelix makes that spicy dish
of his and I smell it and my mouth waters in anticipation." She looked right
into Janeway's eyes and added, "Only it is not my mouth that is watering."

"Are you comparing me to a bowl of Neelix's chili?" Janeway asked with a
smirk even though she felt the same thing happening between her legs.

Seven leaned forward and kissed her. She pulled back and asked, "Did I do it
well captain?"

A flustered Janeway nodded. There was a female roommate at Starfleet Academy
that she had been with but she dismissed it as experimentation and
loneliness. She hadn't had sex with any other women since then and hadn't
ever really even thought about it either. "We can't do this Seven, " she
said without much conviction.

"Captain, your pupils are dilated, your breathing is rapid, your pulse has
quickened and your nipples are erect. I am experiencing similar phenomenon.
Are these not the signs of arousal?"

Voyager's leader gazed at Seven's body and saw her fit, shapely form was also
ready for lovemaking.

Seven leaned forward and kissed her again. "We share an intimacy already. I
have always admired your mind, your intelligence and your authority." The
former Borg now let her eyes drop down Janeway's body. "I am drawn to you
Captain Janeway."

Captain Janeway traced the tip of her tongue over her lips where Seven had
kissed her. She slowly reached out and put her hand on Seven's shoulder.
She let her fingers trail down Seven's arm and said, "Your skin is flawless.
I don't want to take advantage of you."

Seven looked down and watched Janeway's hand stroking her arm. "I want you
to show me what my body is for captain." She kissed Janeway again, this time
lingering much longer. "Do not resist me for we both want this."

Janeway raised an eyebrow and grinned after she returned Seven's kiss. "I
think my resistance was futile."

Seven smirked slightly. "I get it Captain Janeway."

"You're going to get it." Janeway threatened playfully as her hand slid off
of Seven's arm and onto one of her globe-sized breasts. She decided to give
in to her lust. "And call me Kathryn when we're naked."

Seven of nine gasped softly as Janeway pulled on her hardened nipple. She
arched her back, trying to give her as much of her breast as possible to

"My god Seven, the holodeck couldn't create a more perfect woman than you."
She raised her other hand to Seven's other breast. She lifted them in her
hands and then pushed them together. "I don't think your breasts and mine
should even be called by the same name."

"I wouldn't have thought a powerful and confident woman like you would have
such insecurities," Seven said. She looked at the captain and added, "I find
your body very beautiful Kathryn Janeway."

"Using first names denotes intimacy Seven and we're about to get as intimate
as two people can get. She leaned in close to Seven's face and kissed her
lips. The former Borg returned the kiss enthusiastically if a little
clumsily. "Open your mouth Seven."

She did and her eyes widened as Kathryn slid her tongue into her mouth.
"Thwis ith Frenth kitthing correct?"

Janeway pulled back and said, "Yes and don't talk while you're doing it."

Seven nodded and opened her mouth wide open, "Please continue Kathryn."

Kathryn stifled a laugh in her throat and obliged Seven. She didn't know why
she found Seven's robotic innocence so sexy but she couldn't deny that she
did. She ran her tongue all around Seven's mouth and filled her hands with
Seven's breasts.

Seven leaned her head forward to try to continue kisssing the captain but
Janeway's head dropped down to her chest. Seven inhaled sharply as Kathryn
clamped her mouth down on one of her nipples. Janeway's mouth moved back and
forth between nipples as if trying to decide which one was her favorite. She
couldn't pick one so she pushed Seven's tits together and stuffed both
nipples into her mouth.

Seven breathed heavily and said, "I never knew the secondary function of the
breast, pleasure, was like this."

"You like it do you?" Janeway asked with a smirk. Her hands moved up and
down over Seven's firm stomach. "Would you like to try it?" Janeway asked
getting up on her knees higher so that her breasts were right in front of
Seven's face.

Seven kissed both nipples and then tried to imitate what she had felt the
captain do to her. "Am I pleasing you captain?"

Janeway ran her hands through Seven's hair and groaned her approval. She
decided Seven could call her whatever she wanted and complimented, "First
rate job Seven. Are you ready for your next lesson?"

Seven replied, "Mmmm hmmm," as she pulled and sucked at Janeways breasts.

She reluctantly pushed Seven's head away from her breasts and said, "Stand

Seven immediatley complied and stood in front of her.

Janeway slid her hands over Seven's flat stomach and then sent one hand down
between her legs. "No hair Seven?" she asked as she ran her fingertips over
the soft folds of skin.

"I remove all body hair save for that on my head."

"I like it. So smooth." Janeway commented and then said, "Turn around for

Seven did as she was told without hesitation and faced away from her. She
felt pleasure from wherever Janeway touched her.

"Oh god you're amazing," Janeway panted rubbing Seven's behind. She bent
over slightly as took some of her rear end into her mouth. She sucked, bit
gently and then kissed it. She chuckled in her throat and said, "Usually the
crew kisses the captain's ass."

Seven raised an eyebrow at the loud smacking noises of her superior's lips
and tongue on her butt. "You seem to be quite good at it."

Janeway reached up and pushed down on Seven's lower back with one hand.
Seven understood what she wanted and bent over at the waist with her ass in
the captain's face. She kissed her way down between Seven's full cheeks and
licked the skin between her vagina and asshole. Janeway looked up over a
mound of Seven's butt cheek to see Seven looking at her with a slightly
overwhelmed expression on her face. She licked the inside tops of Seven's
thighs and then looked up at Seven's pink pussy. A surge of desire coursed
through her and she satisfied it by penetrating her with a stab of her

"Ohhh!" Seven exclaimed, every muscle in her body tensing.

"Relax," Janeway said, and then she eagerly put her tongue back inside of
Seven. She held one of Seven's butt cheeks in each hand and felt them
unclench. She swirled her tongue all around the warm walls of Seven as the
former Borg's pussy lubricated itself.

"That... is extraordinary," Seven commented in amazement.

"You'd better lay down on the bed for this." Janeway ordered and Seven did
as she was told. She smiled and said, "Now for the exclamation point." She
moved up between Seven's legs and ran the tip of her tongue up from Seven's
vagina to find her erect clitoris. She located it and gave the firm nub a
lick. She circled it with her tongue and then clamped her whole mouth down
over it.

Seven grunted out a string of exhalations and, "Mmmm's". She began to pant
like an overheated dog and declared, "Captain, something is wrong. I feel
like i'm going to explode!"

Janeway let out a throaty laugh and said, "It's called an orgasm Seven."

Seven gripped the bedspread in her fists and lifted her hips up to grind her
crotch into Janeway's face.

Kathryn sucked directly on Seven's clit and slid two fingers into her pussy.
She sucked hard on her clitoris and fucked her furiously with now three

"Caaaptaaiin Kaaathryn Jaaaneway!" Seven cried out in a mixture of terror
and ecstasy.

Janeway moaned her approval and excitement as she felt Seven's pussy
squeezing and releasing her tongue. She gave Seven's pussy a slow kiss and
then moved up to her face.

"I think you were right Captain," Seven said after a moment to regain her
composure, "I have been wasting my body." She shook her head and asked, "Are
all women's bodies capable of such... pleasures?"

"If they open themselves to it yes. Although no woman has ever illicited
such passion in me. I've never felt lust like I feel for you in a man or a

Seven cupped one of Janeway's breast in her hand, "Lust but not love?"

Janeway rolled her eyes and said, "I just found out I'm...what? Bisexual?"
She looked down at the naked Seven laying under her and said, "I don't know
if I'm ready to admit I love a woman even if it is true."

Seven smiled and raised her head up and kissed Janeway. "I want to touch you
like you touched me."

Janeway nodded as Seven slid her hand down to stroke the captain's pussy
through her panties. "I want that too."

Seven pulled the panties down over Janeway's feet and then reached out and
touched her pussy. She leaned over and kissed Kathryn's pussy and then said,
"Your pubic hair tickles my face but I like it."

Janeway ran her fingers through Seven's hair as she lapped at her pussy. She
kissed her way up the soft folds of Janeway's labia and Janeway reached down
to expose her clitoris to the inexperinced Seven. "Not so hard Seven,"
Janeway instructed as Seven held her clit in her teeth. Seven lessened her
intensity and began sucking on her clit.

Captain Janeway wrapped her legs around Seven's head as she breathed hard.
"Put a finger in my ass Seven."

Seven obliged and the captain quickly came with a lot of grunting. "Did
you have an orgasm Captain?"

"I did, thank you very much." Janeway replied. "You did very well."

Seven gave a rare smile and asked, "Can I give you another orgasm?"

She laughed and pulled Seven up next to her on the bed. She wrapped her arms
around Seven and said, "You do give a great massage Seven."

Seven enjoyed being cradled in Janeways arms as they drifted off to sleep.



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