This story contains graphic depictions of sexual intercourse
between two women. If you are under eighteen, easily offended,
homophobic, pea brained, or otherwise hung up, seek out thy
entertainment elsewhere cause this just ain't your bag.

"The Rest Is Silence" by The Reverend

The silence was deafening.

Seven of Nine gazed out the window in the quarters given to her by
the captain of this starship... the one called Voyager. The captain
said it was a Federation ship, as if that meant something. The
captain said it like it should mean something... like it should mean
something to her... a Borg... Seven of Nine.

The silence was deafening.

This place... this Federation starship Voyager... frightened her. She
was used to a million voices inside her head, reassuring her and
comforting her. She had been a part of a collective... she had been
Seven of Nine. There had been others then... always there had been
others. For as long as she could remember there had been others.
Now she was alone.

The silence was deafening.

It threatened to overwhelm her. The quiet pressed against her,
heavy and ominous. It enveloped her, filling her with a sense of
dread. She felt constricted, trapped. Her entire being quested for
the feel of other minds touching hers, to once again be a part of a
single consciousness working as one for the common good.... to be
a part of the collective... to hear the voices once again.

A sound broke the silence.

Seven of Nine felt a surge of panic. She had heard this sound before
yet she could not identify it. Something told her that it meant
something important... somebody wanted something from her.
When she was a part of the collective there would have been no
uncertainty... no confusion. She longed to hear the voices in her
head telling her what to do, longed for the voices to bring order to
the chaos that surrounded her.

The sound came again. Something told her to call out.

"Yes?" Seven of Nine cried.

The doors to her quarters slid to open to allow a solitary figure to
enter. Seven of Nine knew this person. Janeway.... Kathryn
Janeway, captain of this Federation starship Voyager. She felt at
ease with this person... this woman. There was something about the
way she smiled that reassured her... like the voices of the collective.
Calming, soothing.

"I'm not disturbing you, am I?" Kathryn asked.

Seven of Nine nodded. "Or course not, Captain. Why would you
think you were disturbing me?

Kathryn took a measured step closer. "Well, you didn't answer your
door chime right away. I thought you might want to be alone."

"Alone?" Seven of Nine gasped. "That is that last thing I want to

"Oh, " the captain said. "Well, I just finished my shift on the bridge
and I thought I'd come by and see how you were doing."

Seven of Nine smiled... she didn't know why, exactly. Everyone on
board seemed to do it. She didn't quite understand the purpose of a
smile, but there was something in the captain's tone of voice that
made her lips curl upwards without her knowing it. "That was very
thoughtful of you, Captain."

"You're getting settled in okay?" Janeway asked. "Finding
everything you need?"

The one time Borg nodded. "Yes... everyone has be very helpful.
Especially Ensign Kim. He has been more than eager to help me get
acquainted with my new surroundings."

"I'll bet he has, " Janeway smirked. "I see you've been to the ship's
store. That outfit looks good on you."

Seven of Nine considered that and was suddenly aware of Kathryn's
eyes roving her body. She was also aware of how nice it felt to have
the captain look at her that way... not as good as it would have
been to be a part of the collective again, but still nice.

"Thank you, Captain, " Seven of Nine said. She fell silent for a
moment... more silence... always silence. It made her quake with
fear... she felt disconnected, lost. She began to tremble slightly.

"Are you alright?" Janeway asked.

Seven of Nine frowned uneasily. "I- I don't... "

"Do you want me to call sickbay?"

"No, " Seven of Nine said. "No... please... It's just so difficult... the
silence is unbearable. On the Borg ship, we were many... yet we
were one... a chorus of voices... and now... they're... all... gone."
She began to tremble and shake violently. In that moment it all
came crashing down around her... she was alone... there would be
no more voices... no more collective. And then she felt arms
around her, strong and reassuring. A torrent of emotions stirred
within her, things she hadn't felt since the voices told her she would
be assimilated.

"It's alright, " Janeway whispered. "It's going to be alright. I'll take
care of you. I promise I'll take care of you."

Seven of Nine gazed into Kathryn's eyes, suddenly warmed by the
look that she found there. It made her flesh tingle... not the way a
nanoprobe made her tingle when her body needed to be repaired...
but even better. It made her legs feel like rubber and it made her
insides churn. A flicker of a memory from a life she thought had
long since been forgotten danced across her mind, telling her that
she should press her lips to Kathryn's mouth. Before she could
decide whether or not this was a prudent course of action Kathryn
did it for her. The sensation of the captain's lips touching hers sent
sparks through her body, ravaging her with an intense heat the likes
of which she had never known. The heat started on her lips then
somehow found its way between her legs. It was the most amazing
feeling and she never wanted it to end... but it did. It ended with the
captain abruptly pulling herself away.

"Oh, God, " Janeway gasped.

"Did I do something wrong?" Seven of Nine asked.

"Not you.... me!" Janeway exclaimed. "I didn't come here to seduce
you. I... I'm the captain. I should know better. For me -for anyone-
to take advantage of you in your condition is inexcusable. Please
forgive me. I... I think I should go."

"No!" Seven of Nine gasped. "No... please, Captain. I want you to
stay. I really want you to stay."

Janeway frowned. "I don't think that's such a good id- "

Seven of Nine silenced her with a kiss, devouring the other
woman's mouth with her own, opening her mouth slightly to
welcome Kathryn's tongue so she could tease it with her own. She
suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to feel this woman's naked flesh
against her's. She couldn't explain it. She was confused and
disoriented, yet despite the chaos she knew she desperately wanted
Kathryn to be close to her. Seven of Nine leaned in, forcing
Kathryn's mouth to open even wider under her's. The kiss
deepened, mouths opened wide in acceptance of this foray into
lovemaking, tongue swirled around and tongue, and it was only the
need to breathe that forced them apart a few minutes later. Both
women struggled to calm their labored breathing.

"Now will you stay, Captain?" Seven of Nine whispered.

"Kathryn, " Janeway corrected. "I want you to call me Kathryn."

"Kathryn, " Seven of Nine amended.

"Yes, " Kathryn smiled. "That's much better." Seven of Nine once
again felt herself in the captain's arms, her mind reeling as capable
hands roamed her body, squeezing her buttocks, massaging her
breasts. Kathryn took her by the hand and led to the bedroom
where they took great delight in undressing each other. When at
long last the two women stood there naked, both took a moment to
admire the other with widened eyes. Neither of them was
disappointed by what they saw. When they fell into bed, Kathryn
quickly took the initiative. She bathed her new lover in kisses,
working her way up and down her lithe body, sucking her breasts,
tonguing her nipples, slowly but surely working her way toward the
searing heat that burned between the other woman's thighs.
"Uuuggghh, " Seven of Nine moaned, rolling her head from side to
side as Kathryn wildly licked her sex. Seven of Nine mewed with
pleasure, gasping and sighing with every gentle push of the other
woman's tongue against her clit. After only a few minutes her body
began to jerk violently, thrashing about as wave upon wave of
orgasm passed through her and onto Kathryn's face.

When it came time for her to pleasure Kathryn, Seven of Nine was
more than eager to begin. She kissed her lovely captain all over,
teasing her cute little bottom and tonguing the puckered opening
between her butt cheeks. Kathryn squirmed with delight and Seven
of Nine, encouraged by the sounds her efforts were producing,
continued on her thorough exploration of Kathryn's body using her
hands and lips and tongue and teeth, groping and kissing and tasting
and nibbling every part of her captain turned lover. She devoured
Kathryn's breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers until they
were hard... and then she sucked on them, nibbling on them lightly
until Kathryn cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. Seven of
Nine then set her sights on the furry red bush of hair between
Kathryn's legs. She quickly inserted two fingers into the slick tunnel
and was rewarded by a sharp intake of air from her lover. Seven of
Nine thrust her fingers in and out, bending down to suck on the
other woman's clit while maintaining the rhythm her fingers had
taken up. Kathryn writhed on the bed, mussing the sheets, making
low sounds in the back her throat as Seven of Nine continued the
relentless attack on her sex until the once assimilated Borg fingered
her to one glorious orgasm after another. At one point Seven of
Nine brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean, which
only stimulated her appetite for Kathryn's musk. She immediately
buried her face between Kathryn's legs, slurping up every last drop
of Kathryn's essence until Kathryn begged her to stop. Even then
she kept licking her lover's sex, unaffected by the other's demands.
After several more cries for abatement, Kathryn resigned herself to
the inevitable defeat... resistance was futile and all she could do was
lie there and surf wave after wave of orgasm until Seven of Nine
got her fill.

After what seemed like hours, Seven of Nine finally stopped her
oral assault on Kathryn's now tender womanhood, though it was
more from exhaustion than sated desire. She crawled into Kathryn's
arms and stayed there, comforted by the feel of the other woman's
body next to hers. Kathryn was asleep in minutes, and once again
Seven of Nine was left with silence. But wrapped in Kathryn's
embrace, she decided that silence might not be so bad after all.


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