Star Trek - Voyager:
The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway Part 5: Captain Jean-Luc Picard
by Mistress Nova (MF,MFF,BDSM)

Captain's Personal Log:

From the way the evening unfolded, I never imagined it would end with a
bedtime story. Mr. Kim was in service that night. I was laying face down on
my bed naked. He was straddling his body over my butt. His semi-hard penis
was resting in the cleft between my cheeks. His balls would graze my skin
with the rocking of his body as he massaged my back. I was in a confused
state of relaxation and excitement trying hard to concentrate on the
conversation I wanted to have with him.

"Are you sure that you're ready for this?" I asked between gasping and
purring under his hands.

"Yes, Mistress," he said. His voice was amused. He knew how crazy he was
making me and he was enjoying it. "I have been very curious."

"She'll be here soon," I said. He was making me so wet. "I can't take this

I wiggled my ass up off the mattress canting those wet lips at his now hard
cock. "You get in here this instant, Mister."

"Yes, Mistress," Mr. Kim whispered in my ear. He thrust into me deeply,
intensely. I was coming the moment he pushed inside. My wiggling against him
brought him over quickly. He lay heavily against me afterward. It was just as
well that it was fast. Torres was due anytime.

Mr. Kim pulled out of my tight wet box and fell to one side of me. I looked
at him through a jumble of hair and smiled.

"You've found some unknown nerve from my spine to my nether regions, haven't
you, Mister?" I asked. I caressed his face.

He smiled at me. "I'll never reveal my secrets. How else will I insure you'll
call me back."

"You have no worries there, Ensign," I replied. I managed the energy to kiss
him. We were entangled kissing when the lieutenant entered my bedroom.

"Forgive me, Mistress," she whispered. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

I gently disengaged from Kim's embrace. "You didn't, B'Elanna. Come in and
get comfortable. Mr. Kim, would you serve us all some wine?"

"Yes, Mistress," he said. Harry quickly rose from the bed and went to the
other room as Torres came further inside. She stole a look at his backside
as he passed by.

"He is quite nice, isn't he?" I said.

Torres smiled. "I had no idea." She began to undress. "I don't have an outfit
yet. I can't decide on a design. I did successfully replicate the gloves. I

She was naked save for the gloves when Mr. Kim entered. He handled the
surprise very well. I thought he'd drop the tray for looking at B'Elanna's
beautiful nipples. He managed to serve us somehow and took his glass on his
knees. His eyes were averted as we ladies settled onto my bed.

"Well, we'll have to try them out. Mr. Kim has remarkable skin and the
softest hair in certain places. If you succeeded, you will know," I said.
Harry was blushing sweetly as he drank deeply from his glass. "Look at us,
Mr. Kim."

"Yes, Mistress," he whispered as he met my eyes. In their dark, warm depths
was the adoration and desire I craved from him. I smiled. He turned to Torres
and I heard her gasp at the intensity of his gaze. I knew she was wet. We
finished our wine in silence. I watched Torres enjoying the headiness of
power over the man on his knees before her.

I rose from the bed to recline on the chaise. Mr. Kim refilled my glass.
Torres looked at me.

"We share this night, young Mistress," I said. "How do you want to proceed?"

She looked at Harry and licked her lips. She inhaled. "Get on the bed on your
back... spread eagle," she said.

"Yes, Mistress," Mr. Kim replied and complied. Torres shackled him quickly.
Then she just looked at his beautiful, fully erect form for a moment.

"Say what you think, B'Elanna," I said quietly. "Your slave needs to know."

She looked at him. "You are beautiful, Mr. Kim... And you are mine..."

"Yes, Mistress."

She reached out to touch him beginning with his hair. Torres felt the strands
of it surprised by the sensitivity of the gloves. She petted it until he
closed his eyes. She stroked his face feeling his lips for their texture and
suppleness. He opened his mouth for her and moaned. Her hands grew bolder
learning the rest of him. Mr. Kim moaned more loudly and arched to her touch.
His erection lengthened and hardened.

"You are mine, Mister," Torres said.

"Yes, Mistress... please... please..."

Torres felt every inch of him, even the soles of his feet. Mr. Kim was nearly

"Mistress... please..."

Torres heard him. She climbed back to the top of the bed and kissed him
trying to devour him. I grew wet watching them. Harry's penis was rock hard.
My body reacted to the memory of how it felt within me. I prayed she wouldn't
waste it.

She didn't. In the next instant, she straddled and mounted him. "Oh, god..."
she whispered. Her chest was heaving. Her nipples bobbed as she moved against
him. They were enjoying it, but at an impasse for full pleasure. He couldn't
reach her nipples. She couldn't reach his lips.

I rose and approached them. Torres watched me in a near trance as I straddled
Mr. Kim's head and settled myself on his mouth. Then I reached out and took
Torres by the hair. I bent her back and attacked her nipples with my mouth.
We moved like a machine lapping and lurching, sucking and grunting toward an
intense, wave-like release. I hoped the screams wouldn't be heard through the

Later, we lay in bed -- I thought -- near sleep. Torres and I bracketed Mr.
Kim. Then the questions came.

"Mistress," Torres said. "Who was your most famous conquest?"

I raised my head. "What?"

"I'm curious about just who fell under your spell," she said.

"Me too," Kim said.

"A conspiracy then," I replied with a smile. However, I was feeling generous
and well-sated. "Alright. I'll tell you a tale. You have been exceptional."

They both looked at me like sleepy children. I smiled and began.

"Once upon a time," I began drily. "It was several months after the Borg
attack. My ship was finally in line for shore leave after what felt like an

The crew went to an exotic planet like Risa. I wanted to be near something
akin to Earth. Having come so close to losing it, I really needed to feel the
planet again. There was a colony nearby that was settled by humans decades
ago. The terrain and climate was reported to be very much like New England.
Some very enterprising people had even opened Old World style inns. The
prospect of long walks in the woods and some horseback riding on strenuous
trails and real Yankee pot roast was irresistible.

I spotted him as I registered for my room. There was a common area to the
left of the lobby with a small bar and a large fireplace. He was standing
with his back to the lobby looking at the fire. I don't know why I
recognized him so quickly. It probably was his carriage. His elegantly
muscular silhouette. The strong profile and sexy bald head. He was famous
long before Wolf 359. He turned just as the porter was gathering up my
belongings. Our gazes met and I was startled to find recognition in his
eyes. He turned from me toward the bar.

"I'll take my saddle, thank you," I said to the porter. He looked up again
as I started up the stairs.

The next time I saw him was while I was eating. The restaurant was busy and
I was engrossed in my dinner, so I didn't notice him right away. The food
was heaven and I was nearly orgasmic eating it. When I glanced up to catch
a waiter, I spotted him looking at me from a corner of the common room. He
was actually amused at my enjoyment. I admit to blushing slightly before I
resumed the attack on my plate.

When I finished gorging myself, I went in the common room. The conversations
of the settlers and travelers were soothingly routine. I wanted to immerse
myself in the untroubled atmosphere and listen to the gossip. The bar was the
best place to observe everything, so I sat there. He was still in a corner.
No one approached him, and he seemed content to be alone.

The bartender took some time to get to me. By the time I was about to be
served, my observer was beside me.

"After a meal like that, I would suggest a port," he said.

"I should get a doctor," I said, but ordered the port. "How is the riding?"

"Excellent. If there were enough moonlight, I'd still be out there," he said

I tasted the port and murmured my appreciation. "I'll need to do something to
work off this indulgence."

We were both distracted by an animated discussion about a local scandal
involving a pair of sisters and a farmer from the next town. It was a rather
bawdy tale for the provincial setting and it generated a lot of mirth. It
even made my stoic companion really smile. He still seemed removed from the
scene. I didn't press for conversation. For the moment, this was all I

He remained close to me and comfortable in the closeness. We could have been
touching elbows easily, but he remained silent. I got a chance to appreciate
how attractive he was. He had strong features... a hard mouth... honest eyes.
I felt a power radiating from him that women can feel in certain men. Several
of the local women were trying to catch his attention. It was a well tamed
animal power that excited my palate as much as my meal did.

He intrigued me, but I would not breech his privacy. Somehow, he felt
fragile. I was still flattered for the recognition and determined not to
spoil the evening. I savored the port and the conversation that surrounded
us. He watched the locals and me intently. He was reading us all.

"You're tired," he said.

I nodded. "A long trip and a devastating meal. The bed looked like down."

"It is," he said. "You'll sink right in."

"And never want to emerge," I said. "But I ride with the dawn. How's

"Good, hot oatmeal and fresh fruit and the coffee...."

I looked into his mirthful gaze. "The coffee?"

"You will savor the coffee like a lost love," he smiled.

"Goodnight, sir," I said. "Sleep well."

He smiled wistfully and nodded. I left him there, but I knew he watched me

The next morning was clear and bright and brisk. I walked for nearly an hour
before going to breakfast which was everything described. I felt as sensual
and hedonistic as I would naked on a tropical island.

I looked for him, but didn't see him in the inn at all that morning. At nine,
I rounded up provisions for the day and went to find a horse.

"Ah, there you are," a stable hand said. "The gentlemen said to expect you."

"He did?"

"Yes, indeed. He picked a very fine mount for you," the man said disappearing
into a stall. He emerged with a beautiful mare with large dark eyes and an
obvious amount of spirit. She took to me as soon as I rubbed her nose. "She's
a handful, but I have a feeling the gentleman was right. You're made for each

"The gentleman is quite a judge of character," I said.

The hand helped me secure my saddle and provisions on the mare. Then I was
off. If you don't ride, I recommend it. It is exhilarating to have that much
power and speed so physically connected to your body. I nudged my mount onto
a well trod path until we had passed the settlement. Beyond the town there
were lovely meadows, rolling hills and a vaulting forest on the horizon. I
noticed the trails cut into the meadows toward the forest, but I sensed my
mount would have a more interesting route.

I eased off the bit and urged her a little. She chose the hills which went
from gentle to steep and rocky as they reached the woods. I held on and
turned her loose. We rode fast and hard up and down the steep terrain. I
lost my riding hat and my hair flew free through the crisp morning air. My
heart was pounding and I fought for breath. It was wonderful! Very much like
great sex.

When we reached the woods, the horse slowed to a canter. I couldn't really
perceive the path, but she moved through with ease. I had the feeling that
I was not alone, though I heard nothing save for my horse and the wind
through the trees. The air smelled sweet with moss and flowers. I felt

The horse went on for nearly an hour before we broke through the dense forest
to a grassy bank by a small river.

"Good show, my girl!" I said. "I can't think of a better place to rest."

"Neither can I," a voice said from behind me.

I turned to see him coming out of the woods. He wore a tweed jacket and hat,
a cable knit sweater, tan riding pants and boots. Very much the country

"I had a hard time keeping up. The trail you found is nearly impossible to
see," he said.

"I didn't find it. She did," I replied. "Thank you for choosing her for me."

"She suits you," he replied coming up alongside. "Though I hadn't figured you
for a formal riding habit."

I raised a brow. "There are too many brambles to ride naked, besides, I might
frighten the locals."

He gave me a small smile and moved more toward the river. "I seriously doubt

He dismounted near the river and removed his saddle bags from his mount. The
horse sauntered away to take a drink. I followed my companion and dismounted.
I treated my mount to a lump of sugar before setting her free to drink. He
was looking at a tricorder when I reached him.

I arched a brow at him.

"Not much about aside from the local small fauna," he replied. "There is a
structure nearby, but it appears abandoned."

I nodded and spread out a blanket. He needed to feel safe even here, I
supposed, and didn't question it. "I brought enough lunch for a small
platoon," I said. "It all looked so good."

"I brought other necessities," he said pulling out a bottle of wine. I saw
that he had reinforcement for that one.

"Expecting a party?" I asked.

He smiled without looking at me and began to open the bottle. I spread out
the food. Then lay back to enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin and inhale
the scent of the river.

I accepted the cup from him and sipped the wine. It was a real sauvingnon,
warm and fruity. I tasted it with my tongue and felt the heady fragrance in
my brain.

"It should be crystal," he said. "Or at least glass. But the vintage is
hearty enough to withstand metal."

"It's delicious," I replied. I listened to the river, to the horses contented
sounds and to the birds overhead. The day was astonishingly beautiful. "I
forget sometimes how wonderful this all can be. How rich and dense the
experience is."

"I cannot imagine you cut off from your senses," he said. His eyes considered
me intently. "I've never met anyone who truly tastes and savors everything

"I still savor, but the pleasures are more ethereal than sensory," I said.

"I've forgotten how to savor the primal, uncomplicated pleasures. The basic,
human pleasures. Can you show me, my little hedonist?" His eyes held mine. I
felt a thrill and a panic. What did he want from me? Could I give what he
needed? "Help me remember how to taste everything and allow it to give me

He picked up a piece of marinated shrimp and held it out to my mouth. I
watched his eyes as I sucked the morsel from his fingers and licked them. The
meal went slowly. He insisted on feeding me that way between potent sips of
wine. I was being seduced and barely being touched. It was driving me crazy.
I was wet and ready. I needed something hard inside me.

"This is delicious, but I crave something else. Something I haven't tasted,"
I said. I was watching his mouth.

"So do I," he replied.

He leaned forward and set his mouth against mine while his hands entangled
in my hair imprisoning me. I couldn't fight him. I was fused to him as his
tongue played with mine. A sigh escaped me as I was gently pushed back onto
the tall, cool grass. His body weighted me down. He held me close. He was
feeling my heart slamming in my chest; he was inhaling me; tasting me;
feeling me through my thick riding clothes. He awakened the Mistress, and
she was hungry.

I rolled him onto his back and straddled his abdomen.

"I hope you can handle the intensity of my appetites, sir," I said removing
my jacket. "You have stirred all of them."

I removed my vest, then shirt and bra. He reached out to touch me, but I
jumped onto my haunches then stood above him to strip off my riding pants and
boots. I was naked in the sunlight and the sweet, cool breeze. He reached up
and pulled me down beside him. I found myself stretched out spread eagle. The
grass was cool and slightly damp.

The kiss this time was rougher, subduing me. That tongue was making love to
my mouth. My mind reeled with the thought of it somewhere else.

"Don't move, little hedonist. Let me savor you," he said and I was
immobilized. It took such a long time. He licked my neck. Sucked and tongued
and nibbled my nipples. Swirled my belly-button. I caught my breath. He was
finally there deeply probing, lapping and sucking. Never had I been so wet.
The pleasure came in waves that rocked my body so forcefully, I nearly tore
free. I screamed then whimpered then pleaded for it to end or to never end.
Soon, I was staring at the sky.

I was enjoying the sun on my skin as I listened to my companion removing his

"Have you tied down the horses?" I murmured.

"Of course," he replied.

I felt his kiss again along with the warmth of his skin as he covered me and
the erotic pressure of him pushing into me. It was thick and full. He gasped
and looked at me.

"God... you're incredible," he said. He reared his head back fighting with
himself so he could move slowly within me. I wanted his kiss, but he wouldn't
come to me. He was watching me as the pressure within me began to build. His
eyes held mine as he pumped within me. My head thrashed about as it hit me
again. He watched me controlling himself to the last second before I came,
then coming with a shout and falling on top of me.

The clouds were gathering and darkening overhead.

"There is a storm coming," I said.

"I feel it on my posterior," he replied. "It's moving in fast."

He rolled off of me. The clouds were nearly black. The wind had picked up
considerably. Our horses were getting nervous.

"We won't make it back," I said.

"I know. Gather up the food and get on your horse. I'll put the clothes in
my bag," he said.

"Ride naked?"

"We'll need to keep the clothes dry. Put the boots on and move it," he said.

"Yes, sir," I said sarcastically, but I was moving fast.

We were riding just as the rain began to fall in a dramatic torrent. I
followed my companion presumably toward the structure he found earlier. The
rain nearly made me blind. Within minutes, we were soaked, but the building
was in a clearing not far away. It was a small cabin-style home with a large
porch that would suffice for the horses.

We rode right onto the porch. The long, overhanging roof kept it dry. We
tethered the animals and took off the bags.

"I'll dry them with the blankets," he shouted over the wind. "Do we have
anything to feed them?"

I nodded. Having planned to be gone all day, I was prepared. I took out the
feed and piled it near the wall of the cabin. They began to eat after being
dried. My flesh was chilled by then to the point of shaking. I went inside
the dark cabin.

From what I could see between the flashes of lightening, there was a
fireplace and a crude kitchen with a pump and a wood stove. My companion was
right behind me. He began to dry me with his beautiful sweater.

"Dry your hair. I'll light some fires," he said. In short order there was a
roaring blaze in the fireplace and the wood stove. I huddled by the hearth
while he dried himself.

"I have emergency blankets," he said. I looked up as he settled beside me.
He had thermal blankets, a compact lantern and a phaser.

"You are ever prepared, sir," I whispered. He pulled me into his arms then
wrapped the blanket around us.

"It helps me feel safe," he replied. "You make me feel something else

He made a move toward me, but I pulled back slightly. "You've been working
so hard, sir. Please, allow me."

I caught him by the shoulders and pushed him back onto the blankets in front
of the fire. I straddled his stomach with one hand on each shoulder then
attacked his open mouth giving his hands access to my nipples. He fondled me
languidly enjoying everything I was doing.

The scent of the rain lingered on his skin. I wanted to taste it all over
him. I began to lick him tasting his firm supple flesh. His breathing
quickened and deepened.

"For the most pleasure, sir, stay still," I said. "Let me..."

I sucked his nipples and lapped my way to his bellybutton. My tongue traced
the thin hairline from his navel lower. The rain was still wet on the hair
on his balls. I tasted them and inhaled their scent. My tongue roamed up the
shaft of his penis. He grew very still hardly breathing.

"Don't move, sir," I whispered.

I took him my mouth inclining my head so that he could see my eyes as I moved
up and down the length of him. The speed of my movements, the pressure of my
mouth was gauged by the intensity of his eyes. We were entranced in each
other's gaze. The passion grew slowly. I wanted it to take time to build. He
fought a long while before his neck arched back and I felt his whole being
stiffen. I closed my eyes and felt the hot liquid shoot inside my mouth. I
leaned back and looked at him smiling as I swallowed. He groaned.

"I need some wine," he said hoarsely.

I chuckled at him. "So do I, sir."

We drank in silence. He was watching me in the firelight. "You are accustomed
to men obeying you," he said.

"They enjoy obeying me," I replied.

"I'm sure," he smiled. "Let's get some rest."

The moment rest was mentioned, I felt the fatigue in my muscles from the
riding and the dampness in the air. My companion arranged a pallet for us. I
wrapped my body around his for warmth and fell asleep with my head on that
hard muscled chest.

A chill on my nose woke me. It was deep in the night. The rain had stopped.
My companion was deeply asleep, and the fires were dying. I gently left the
makeshift bed covering him. The picnic blankets were dry, so I wrapped one
around me and padded quickly about the dimly lit cabin and re-lit the fires
in the hearth and the stove. I then took the other picnic blanket and went
out onto the porch. I covered the horses with both blankets and maneuvered
the rain barrel so that they could drink.

The cabin was toasty again, but I was blue when I darted back under the
covers. I hoped the shock wouldn't kill as my flesh touch his. He didn't
wake completely. His arms wrapped around me. His hands briskly rubbed my
skin to warm it. Finally, he rolled me beneath his body and huddled me
close. His sleepy, heavy body warmed me enough that I drifted to sleep
once again.

I awoke wrapped snugly in the blankets alone. I sat up and glanced about.
The fires were stoked. The door was slightly ajar. I was unwrapping myself
when he came back inside carrying a covered tray. His sweater was tied
sideways around his waist.

"I didn't know they had room service out here," I said. "I like the sweater."

"Thank you," he replied. "Apparently the innkeepers knew we were here. I
found this on the porch along with fresh hay for the horses."

"Thoughtful and discreet," I said. "What's for breakfast?"

He sat the tray down and uncovered it. "You are insatiable, aren't you?"

"You haven't seen the half of it, sir."

We ate the fresh fruit and muffins. The coffee was heaven. My companion was
relaxed and contented. I was in the mood for riding or being ridden before
we returned to the inn. I had a sense that our time was growing short.

"We can take a long ride before heading back," he said. "I have a shuttle at
1500 hours."

"Yes, a long, hard ride would suite me very nicely," I said. He met my gaze
and shook his head.

"You couldn't possibly..."

"I could and for several hours easily," I said. "I've been pressed against
your skin all night. I dreamt about how every ridge of you feels in my mouth
and deep inside me. You will indulge me once more, sir."

"I will?"

"Of course. You cannot do anything else," I gazed at him intently. All of my
erotic focus was on him. I knew he was remembering everything. The erection
was spontaneous.

"They must beg to serve you," he whispered.

"Yes, they do," I replied. I was naked when I stood up and stretched. I
walked across the room to the saddles. I caressed his. "This really is
lovely, you know. I love the feel of real leather against the skin. I have
quite a collection, you know."

"I'm not surprised," he said with difficulty.

I straddled the saddle and settled onto it. Slowly, I went onto my knees
arching my back and canting my damp bush at him.

"What are you waiting for," I said. "Get over here."

He moved quickly and sank to his knees behind me then took me by the hair
and began to take me with three fingers making the wetness gush over his

"You want a ride, little hedonist?" he said. "I'll make sure this one isn't

He took my wetness and lubricated my ass. I gasped at the thought. He still
held me still by the hair as he worked his way inside.

"I knew it would be tight..." he groaned and pushed in to the hilt.

I sucked in air as he arched me back further to get at my nipples. He played
with me that way impaled against him. My pussy was trembling. I was near
coming with the fullness of him. God, how I wished we had a mirror!

Once finished torturing my rock hard nipples, he began to finger fuck me
while pumping in my ass. The pleasure was beyond words. It built with a
speed and steepness I had never known. The fullness of him there seemed
to reach a new center of pleasure. I came in intense pulses that made cry
out loud and press more closely toward him. I saw blinding light with the
last one and was unaware of whether he came or not.

The rest of the morning was a daze for me. The next time I could think
coherently, we were on the main road heading for the inn. When we reached
the stable, our final conversations were done and the goodbyes were said.
He stopped me just outside the inn and handed me his riding crop.

"To remember me by," he said.

"As if I could forget," I replied. "Tell me, sir, how did you know me?"

"By your work which I have long admired," he said.

"Thank you."

"Thank you," he said with a smile. "Take care, little hedonist and please,
be merciful to your followers."

"With that we parted," I said to my audience. "I went to bed for two days,
then returned to my ship."

"Did you ever meet again?" Torres asked.

"Not in that way," I replied. "Though that encounter certainly made any
subsequent meeting more interesting. Especially when those meetings were at
something dry like a scientific symposium."

My subjects stared at me.

"Aren't you sleepy?" I asked.

"Not anymore," Mr. Kim said.

"Me either," Torres said.

"I've got a saddle in my closet," I offered.

"I'll get it," Kim said.


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