Note Of What Has Gone Before: Commander Chakotay has just been rescued after
having been held prisoner by the Kazon and tormented by Seska, his former
lover and Maquis compatriot.

Star Trek - Voyager: The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway
Part 6 - What The Doctor Knew (MF,BDSM,oral)
by Mistress Nova

Captain's Personal Log -- of sorts:

This entry will have many voices because it took several points of view for
me to figure out what happened over those few strange days that ended in a
most unique treaty between myself and a holoprogram.

The first one to lose his senses entirely was Commander Chakotay. I have to
give him the most leeway of the group. He had been through a singularly
personal level of stress with our last encounter with the Kazon. I had tried
to shield him, but I knew he felt the keenness of it just the same. For weeks
afterward, he would not come to me. I ached to comfort him, but he shut down
within himself. I couldn't reach him.

Then one night, I was taking a long, hot shower, the sort where one just
stands under the warm jets and lets the water wash every bit of tension away.
Who know how long I was there. I was exhausted when I emerged from the foggy
bathroom. I found him standing in my quarters waiting for me.

He was not naked or kneeling. He was staring at me rigid in his stance. I
knew that he knew I was to be alone. He knew my schedule as well as I. We
wouldn't be interrupted in what ever he intended. I involuntarily clutched
my towel closer to me and swallowed deeply. His eyes seared my damp skin.
There was so much fury in him -- at women, maybe even at me. I wasn't sure.
I met his eyes as he came toward me.

Chakotay ripped the towel away from me and threw it aside. He reached for
me. Something primal made me fight him. Chakotay was determined and I was
overwhelmed. He held me with my arms behind my back. I was pressed close
to his body but continued to look at him. He seemed to be trying to figure
out what to do next. Then he got the most wicked glint in his eyes. I began
to struggle again.

Before I knew it, I was bent across his knee with my wrists held firmly at
the small of my back. I felt his hand impact against my bottom stinging and
heating my flesh. It was involuntary. I grew wetter with each slap. The
passion was growing within me.

Then, I was on all fours. Chakotay had a hand in my hair and was thrusting
deep within my wetness. He was brutal. He was delicious. I came over and
over before utterly collapsing on the floor under him.

He left me there. When I recovered and sat up, I found him kneeling nearby
eyes averted and hands behind his back.

"Why?" I demanded. He didn't need to take me that way. I wanted to go to him,
but he hadn't allowed it.

He didn't answer. I stumbled and went to my Equipment and took out a whip.

"Why, Mister," I said again with more of an edge and cracked it.

"I needed," he said then trailed off.

I went to him. I stood before him and tilted his chin up to look at me.

"I needed," he said with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. God, how she had
tortured him. My heart broke, and I dropped the whip. I sunk to my knees
kissing him deeply and lost myself in his taste and his feel. Chakotay
lifted me from the floor and carried me to my bed. I managed to get him
flat on his back and shackle him to the bed. It was the first time I ever
did that. He looked startled, then wary. He searched my face for my intent.
Would I hurt him, he wondered with dark intense eyes. I settled beside him.

"Do you know why she tortures you?" I asked him gently.

Chakotay looked perplexed. "No... Mistress."

"Because she lost you and still wants you," I replied. "So she will make you
suffer for that unfulfilled desire. She will cause you anguish every waking
moment of your life if she can, because of her anguish in wanting you."

Chakotay looked doubtful.

"How modest you are, Commander," I said. I touched his hair. "Do you know how
often I want to pet you like this on the Bridge. Your hair is so tempting.
And your eyes. She misses how intensely black they turn just before you kiss
and how luminous they are when you are sated. Your eyes make me feel
incredibly beautiful. Do you think her current lover can do that?"

He shook his head. His eyes were locked dreamily on mine. I felt every muscle
relax against me.

"And your mouth, Commander. Your mouth is extraordinary. I come just kissing
you sometimes. Everywhere you kiss me is sheer joy. I dream of your kiss. How
do you think she feels knowing she will never have it again?"

I lowered my mouth to his and allowed him to capture it. Lord, how that man
could kiss! My arms collapsed and I fell against his chest helpless for a
long moment. I backed away from him and busied myself with touching his skin.

"Chakotay," I said breathlessly. "To not have your strength, your intensity,
your tenderness would be torture for me. I would be willing to do anything to
keep it. I know how she feels about losing it. She will destroy you if you
allow it. Please, do not allow it."

He looked at me in wonder. "You would do anything to keep me, Mistress?

I knew what he was asking. He needed to hear the truth. "Yes, I would. But I
beg you, do not ask. I belong to the crew. I am not permitted to choose or be
chosen. You know what that would mean."

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. "That you are willing is enough... for
now. Thank you."

He seemed better to me. The sadness had ebbed from his eyes and was replaced
by something more provocative.

"Release me, Mistress," he said. "Permit me to make love to you properly...
as you deserve."

I unshackled him and was immediately submerged in the pleasure of his kiss.

Meanwhile, my other subjects were having problems.

* * *

This is Lieutenant Tom Paris. I feel a little weird doing this, but seeing
how the Mistress wants the truth and has that whip trained on me, I suppose
I'll proceed. Geesh, what I won't do for a good blow job... OUCH!! Sorry,
Mistress. But I'm starting at the point where the Doctor got involved. I
really don't want to talk about what happened before. You can get that from

Okay, after the incident, I had to wait for hours until Kes left Sickbay. I
guess it was around 0200 before I got the nerve to sneak in there. By then,
I could hardly walk. When the Doctor appeared, I was half lying across an
exam table.

"Let me make this as simple as possible," I said. "I have some splinters in
the region around my anus and I need them removed. I do not need questions,
I just need them removed."

"How intriguing," the Doctor said. "Well, remove your uniform and I'll call
for assistance."

"Why? It's a simple enough procedure," I said.

"I don't try to navigate the ship, please do not tell me how to run my
Sickbay," he said.

"I don't want anyone else here. Especially not Kes," I said. I was beginning
to wonder if I should just leave. Mistress Janeway must have run into this
before. Maybe she could help.

"Very well. Let me examine the affected area," he said in that smug voice.
I dropped my pants and bent over painfully. I heard the sounds of the

"This isn't too bad. The pain is so keen because this area of the body is
not meant for certain recreational activity," he said. In short order, I was
anesthetized. I felt several tugs on my swollen skin then a cool foam.

"All finished," the Doctor said. "You should, of course abstain from any
unusual activities for the next week to allow time to heal."

"Great. Thanks a heap," I said. I was suddenly very tired.

"There's just one more thing, Lieutenant."


"You show evidence of multiple beatings that look to be ritual in nature,"
he said.


"Tonight's little adventure shows that whoever you are involved with does not
know how to handle this sort of relationship."

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"Don't I?" he said. "S&M and B&D are ancient sexual practices. I am well
versed in them. In untrained hands, the lifestyle can be harmful both
physically and emotionally."

"This is none of your business, Doctor."

"But it is, Lieutenant," he replied. "Whatever effects the health and welfare
of the crew is my business. I want to talk to the one you are involved with
in this practice. Perhaps I can be of some help."

I got a good laugh at that. Then I remembered that he wasn't programmed for

"No way," I said.

"I have to insist," he said.

"Not a chance."

"Then I'll have to report this to the Captain."

I paused at that. I would have to tell her what happened anyway. She would
have to deal with the Doctor now in any event. Let him do it.

"Go ahead," I said. "And thanks for the treatment."

* * *

Darling Mr. Paris looked at me with such expectation. The honesty had been
difficult for him, but seeing how I was certain he had caused the whole
problem, I could hardly reward him with any kind of attention. I released
him from the shackles.

"Get dressed and get out," I said tersely.


"You heard me, Mister," I replied. "Until I find out everything that led to
this, you will not receive the attentions of the Mistress."

He left looking angry and uncertain. I didn't care.

"Janeway to Torres."


"Please come to my quarters."

"On my way, Captain."

She arrived in sort order and quickly undressed then assumed the position.

"What happened with Paris?" I said.

She blushed. "He found out about me somehow. I don't know who told..."

"Probably no one," I said. "Mr. Paris has taken to monitoring my guests from
time to time, especially when he feels neglected."

"Well, he kept after me," she said. "He kept saying that there was no way I
could handle him as a Mistress..."

"Until you accepted the challenge," I said with a sigh. "B'Elanna, you must
control the when and where. By goading you, he had the upper hand before the
session began. You had something to prove to your slave. That should never

"I know now," she said bitterly. "The goading didn't stop during the session
and I got angry..."

"And lost control... but splinters?"

"I shoved the first thing up him I could find," she replied. "It happened to
be wooden."

I was tempted to laugh. The lieutenant deserved the punishment he courted.
But I had to reassure my fledgling. She was full of consternation.

"Darling, B'Elanna, don't look so upset. All is not lost. Mr. Paris is
hotter than ever for sessions, and you have learned a valuable lesson about
restraint which will enhance your experiences."

"But what will we do about him," she said angrily. "How do we punish him
without giving him pleasure or killing him."

"I have many ways," I replied. "We will convene with him tomorrow. Right now,
I have the Doctor to deal with."

She looked up at me with confusion. "You will not punish me?"

"To what end, my dear? I cannot make you feel worse than you do now," I said.
"But I can make you feel better."

Her eyes shimmered at me. I held out my hand for her. She took it and we went
to my bed.

Torres' tongue met mine when I kissed her deeply. She groaned into my mouth
and arched toward my hands. We kissed until neither of us could stand it
anymore. I licked her slender neck down to her collar bone then began to suck
on one of her hard nipples. She whimpered in pleasure, but continued to buck
against me.

"I know what you want," I whispered positioning myself between her legs. I
spread her illusive lips apart in that thick, dark bush and began to lick
them. She was wet before I began. I felt her body quiver as she started to
come. I lapped at the wetness savoring her taste then I gently pulled and
sucked her clit with my mouth.

Torres began to moan loudly and thrash her head about in ecstasy. She cried
out my name then seemed to sob with the rolling orgasm. Then she floated
gently down to reality. I covered her sleepy body. I steadied myself and
dressed. There was still the Doctor to face.

* * *

The Doctor was there working in his lab when I arrived. Thankfully, he was

"You needed to discuss something with me, Doctor?" I said. I was hoping that
there would be someway to not reveal anything. However, I needed to hear what
he really thought first.

He handed me a file. "This is the record of Lieutenant Paris' last visit.
You can see from the data that he has suffered extensive injuries from ritual
beatings. Then, there is the unfortunate splinter incident."

"Are the injuries life threatening?" I asked.

"No," he admitted. "The beatings were carefully administered. It's the last
incident that concerns me. Whoever, Mr. Paris is involved with now is either
a novice or has lost control of herself?"


The Doctor looked annoyed. "We are dealing with a dominatrix, Captain. A
Master would have used a more animate object to assault the lieutenant. A
woman would..."

"I understand, Doctor," I said. "I'll speak to him and get to the bottom of
it... so to speak."

"I'm afraid that won't be sufficient," the Doctor said. "I'll need to monitor
this situation myself. As Chief Medical Officer, I have to know the nature
and extent of any risky practices of the crew."

"But Doctor, this is a very private matter," I said. "I can't think of a
matter more private."

"Be that as it may. This sort of relationship could impact the physical
and emotional well being of the individual crewman and that is under my

"I see."

"Then, you will notify me when you find out who the parties are..."

I inhaled. "That won't be necessary. I am one of the parties. The novice is

I could have sworn he was speechless for a moment.

"There is nothing in your records that would indicate such a proclivity," he
said. He was actually annoyed.

"I haven't received discipline in a number of years, Doctor," I replied. "I
give it."

His eyebrow raised.

"The ritual beatings were my work. I'm afraid Torres allowed Paris to
antagonize her."

"Not very wise."

"I concur. And it is a situation that I will rectify."

"I need assurance."

I glared at him. "And how can I give you that?"

"Allow me to monitor the sessions. They would not make the official logs
unless there was a serious injury," he said. "You have my guarantee of

"I'd better," I replied. "Or Torres and I will determine how to program you
for pain and you will find out exactly how dangerous I can be."

"Yes, Captain."

"You may begin to monitor at 2000 hours tomorrow. And you may only monitor
actual sessions. My private life is still my own." I said. "And you may not

"Yes, Captain."

With that I left.

I was accustomed to having an audience now and then. There is always an
element of performance inherent in the sessions. I wasn't sure about how
Torres or Paris would feel. I decided that there was no reason to tell
them for the moment.

* * *

This is Torres. Despite my Mistresses assurances of earlier that day, I was
feeling very insecure about my novitiate. I felt I failed her in some way. I
took refuge in Neelix's questionable coffee and the low buzz about the Mess
Hall. I hadn't even noticed when Kim sat across from me.

"Harry... I didn't see you... I'm not good company right now," I said.

"I know," he replied. "I'm not here for company." He lowered his voice too
barely audible. "I'm here to serve."

I was startled. "Did... did she send you to me?""

"No," he replied quietly. I was touched. His eyes were averted and he was
blushing. "I knew that another had caused you problems you did not deserve.
I know you need service."

"Why are you offering this?"

"I don't want to lose... I enjoy service to you. I was afraid you'd be
discouraged by his behavior," Kim replied. "He has even discouraged her."

"He has?"

"He pushes away anything that helps him feel good eventually," Kim replied.

"Or tries to," I said. "She will not allow it."

"He does not deserve her attentions at times. He doesn't deserve yours," Kim
said. "Forgive my boldness."


"Let me..." He whispered and finally looked into my eyes for an instant. I
felt like I was hit by a flame thrower.

"In ten minutes, Mister," I replied.

He nodded.

I was in my Outfit when he arrived. Or part of it anyway. I had on the thigh
high boots and the corset, each item laced on the outside. I didn't bother
with the panties and bra. I was too wet and ready to prolong the game.

As soon as Harry stripped, I shackled him to my bed and began to kiss him.
His mouth fused to mine. I wrapped my fingers in his thick hair and held on
as our tongues danced together. His kiss melted me. I wondered how long he
had thought of doing this. It had the feel of something long anticipated.
Then I couldn't stand it anymore.

I tore free of his lips to assault his body with my tongue. I tasted his
skin slowly and thoroughly. The first time I had been too excited to notice
texture or taste or reaction. This time I memorized him. I couldn't stop
myself when I reached his cock. I tongued it meaning only to prime it for
me, but then I wanted more of his reaction. So, I sucked it and kissed it
and fondled it until he was writhing and groaning beneath me. Finally, I
made him come in my mouth and felt somehow victorious.

"Release me, Mistress," he said quietly. I had wound myself around him to
doze for a time. The request barely registered at first.

"Let me pleasure you this time, Mistress," he said. "Please..."

I lazily tripped the release switch and found myself again engulfed in his
kiss. This time I was wrapped in his arms as well. Lord, he enjoyed kissing
me and he was good at it. He swept me away with his intensity and his
gentleness. Mr. Kim didn't feel the need to over power me physically, but
he over powered me just the same.

I moaned in his mouth as he thrust into me. Then, as I wrapped my legs
around his waist, he released my lips to attack my nipples with the same
intensity while he pumped inside of me. I felt it building quickly and
surrendered to it letting it take me away. I came seconds before he did
and lasted moments longer as it rolled powerfully within my core.

He held me like delicate china afterwards. It made me want to cry for some

"Thank you, Mistress." he whispered.

"You are mine," I whispered. "Stay the night."

"Yes, Mistress... it would be my privilege and my pleasure," he replied.

We fell asleep.

* * *

Mistress Janeway here. When Mr. Paris arrived at the appointed hour, I
shackled him standing as soon as he finished undressing. Then I blindfolded

"You have been very naughty, my most disobedient slave," I said walking very
close to his alert body. "The punishment will be most severe, my sweet boy.
More than your mind can comprehend."

Then, I gagged him. He resisted me. His whole body was a knot of tension.

"Don't be afraid, my fair skinned one," I said. "I shall not raise the lash
to you tonight. This is a different kind of punishment."

He didn't relax completely. I could feel his confusion. Torres entered my
quarters then. Paris could hear her undressing in the outer room. His head
tilted with listening.

I was startled by her serene smile as she came to kneel before me.

"My dear, you are radiant," I said. "What have you been up to?"

"I didn't do anything really," she replied. "Mr. Kim came to me last night
to serve."

I nodded. "He is a dear one, isn't he," I said. "His thoughtfulness astounds
even me. But, alas, we have another matter at hand tonight."

I held out my hand and helped her to her feet.

"I feel too good for discipline, Mistress," she said with a wicked smile.
"Let me service you tonight."

"What about Mr. Paris?" I said.

"Let's leave him where he is," she said. "He needs to learn restraint."

"I put myself in your hands," I said. It wasn't exactly according to script
but I liked the prospect. There was the added benefit that Mr. Paris was
getting hard and more and more frustrated.

She began to remove my Outfit making sure that there was a lot of sound as
each piece was dropped. I made sure I sighed and moaned softly as the boots
were removed. Then I laid down on my bed faced down.

"I want to do everything that he did for me... well almost everything," she
said. I laughed. "First, he massaged my scalp."

"Proceed," I said with my characteristic purr. Paris was rock hard.

I felt her fingers in my hair gently manipulating my scalp. I sighed
sincerely that time. Every ounce of tension fled my body.

"How do you keep all this hair so soft," Torres said half to herself. She
moved to the back of my neck then down my spine. It was wonderful and I made
my appreciation very audible to my reluctant guest. The massage ended after
a luxurious amount of time.

Torres rolled me on my back and began to massage my inner thighs. She was
gazing intently at my crotch.

Mistress... I want to do what you do for me," she said. "I think I'm ready."

"Swing around so I can do you, too," I said. I heard Mr. Paris struggle
against his shackles. Torres and I tongued and sucked and lapped at each
other making sure that every pant and groan and slurp was heard. Her mouth
was eager and tenacious. She mimicked the way I would swirl her clit with
my tongue the gently tug at it with my lips. Her enthusiasm and knowing
that both Paris and the Doctor were listening made me come in strong waves.
I moaned in earnest against her bush while she quivered and wet my face
with her sweet dampness. We collapsed on each other.

When I finally looked over at Paris he was red faced and straining against
the restraints.

"Be still, Mr. Paris," I said harshly. "I will not have you cut your wrists.
Relax... if you can."

I petted his face then removed the gag and then the blindfold. He was
frustrated, but didn't look angry. He looked resigned.

"You get the point?" I asked.

"What makes you so sure I'd put up with this anymore?" he asked.

I looked at his still granite stiff cock. "You won't be able to stay away,
and you know it."

Paris swallowed hard then looked me in the eyes then lowered them. "What
happens now, Mistress?"

"Do you still wish to serve me?" I asked.

"Yes, Mistress."

I looked at Torres who rose and walked over to Paris.

"Do you wish to serve me?" she asked.

He didn't raise his read. "Yes, Mistress."

"If you are sincere, you may get to someday," she said and turned away.

I released his shackles and stepped back taking my whip in hand. "You may
relieve yourself then you may leave us."

I joined Torres on the bed and watched Mr. Paris angrily jerk off. He
couldn't take his eyes off of us. Then he stormed out.

Torres and I laughed.

* * *

This is The Emergency Medical Holographic Program. The... er... Mistress
expressed a desire for me to add my thoughts to this log. Apparently, part
of the titillation factor for her is to have records of her... exploits...
for review later. Fascinating.

At any rate, I found the first session I monitored was very provocative and
has stimulated my interest in studying this rather creative side of humanoid
sexuality. What is especially notable is that as mistresses, these females
don't exhibit the usual doubt about the true feelings of their subjects. They
have control and confidence over what will transpire.

I must report that I am more assured that no one is in imminent danger, but
I will continue monitoring. I even find that I am looking forward to the next
session... for research purposes, of course.

* * *

It was indeed a strange few days. At one point I was hoping for some sort of
emergency to shake everyone back to where they were. But that was not to be.
Things had changed and were changing between us all.

I was alone for a few nights after disciplining Paris. I needed the solitude,
and my subjects wanted to play amongst themselves. I was with my books and my
tea. Then my bell chimed.

Chakotay entered at my summons. He stared at me softly for a long time. Then
he sat across from me. He seemed unusually reluctant to speak.

"You cannot choose or be chosen," he said. "I will never ask that, but I ask
for my own time."

"I don't understand," I replied. "You have time with me."

He shook his head. "I have time with the Mistress. I enjoyed it more than I
ever thought I could. But I want time with Kathryn."

I was startled. I was scared. Chakotay moved to sit beside me on the sofa.
I rose and walked across the room needing distance.

"Do you know what your asking?" I asked. "I'll have no barriers. I'll have
no where to be alone and..."



"I don't want to move in with you. I'll take whatever time you feel
comfortable with giving," he said softly. He was walking towards me then.
"One day a week... one hour a month... it would be enough. Don't you want
to be truly vulnerable with someone once in a while? Don't you want to be

He kissed my palms then my wrists. He placed my hands on either side of his
face as his mouth covered mine. My heart raced so fast and hard that it
almost hurt. My arms slipped around his neck. I was being lifted into his
arms. I swore again that he could read my mind. I wanted his strength for a
long while, but I hadn't known how to halt the game with him.

"You never were my slave, were you?" I whispered against his neck.

"I'm probably more your slave than any of them," he replied softly.


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