Star Trek - Voyager: The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway
Part 8: The Games (MF,MMF,BDSM)
by Mistress Nova

Captain's Personal Log:

Perhaps my subjects had become addicted to the high drama we faced. That
was the only reason I could think of that they would seek it when we found
blissful moments of peace. Of course, I had good reasons for bliss. I was
sated and still tingling from an earlier assault from the most impudent of
my circle.

Chakotay, I am certain, took great pleasure in leaving me naked on the
floor of my quarters in a near swoon to take his post. I couldn't say
that I minded. The addle-headed schoolgirl in me adored the romantic,
man-of-few-words-hero that barged into my quarters an hour before with
that hungry look in his eyes.

My book and my teacup were scattered. My clothing was torn away as he
attacked my mouth with his. He slowed down as he always did to caress my
body and play with my hair. He toyed with my nipples. He encouraged my
wetness with three impudent fingers. Silently, he let me know with his
eyes and his touch and his mouth that he appreciated me as much as he
lusted for me. I was dazed when he kissed me again. It was long and deep.

Then he was pushing inside me. The bastard didn't even take off his uniform
completely. I didn't care. He was kissing me and fucking me. All was right
with the universe.

"I'll see you when my shift ends," he said quietly as he corrected his
clothing. "Stay just this way... wet and ready for me."

"You forget yourself, Mister," I said.

"Do I?" Chakotay asked. He pushed his fingers inside me. I swallowed the
moan. "You're still throbbing, Kathryn. You're right on the edge now, aren't

I was moaning out loud. "Please... inside, damn you."

He watched me writhe under his touch as I came in violent waves. "You'll be
waiting for me. You'll be ready."

I threw something at him as he left, but I wasn't angry. I enjoyed the
diversion and was glad at the lull in our journey.

I decided that when we get home, I would write a paper on the idiocy of
looking for excitement from the captain's chair.

I was contemplating that in my quarters. I was dressed again. Part of it was
stubbornness. Part of it was the perverse pleasure I got in being stripped by
him. I was thinking about that and how much real fruit I would eat in my bed
at home when I was summoned.

"Kim to Janeway."

His voice had an edge to it. That put me on immediate alert.

"Janeway here."

"Permission to come speak to you, Captain," he said. "It's important."

I sighed. "Can't Mr. Chakotay handle this?"

"No, Captain," he replied. The tone in his voice -- it wasn't business.

"Permission granted."

Moments later, he was sitting in front of me solemn faced.

"What it is, Mr. Kim?"

"It's about my service," he said. I caught my breath. Had he come that far
with Torres that he wanted to be released? Could I really bear letting him

"Tell me, Harry. You can tell me anything."

"I feel that I've failed you and Mistress Torres," he said. "I can't keep
this inside anymore."

"What do you mean, my First One? Your service has been extraordinary." I was
very puzzled. There were places that I could auction him off to the highest
bidder and the price would be well worth it.

"Neither of you will lash me," he said. "Everyone else is lashed now and
then. Paris goes on and on about the punishment he can take and how much you
enjoy his surrender."

"He has no right to compare his service to yours," I said instantly angry.

"Don't blame him. I know Torres enjoys the practice, but she doesn't do that
to me," he said sadly. "I am not satisfying all of your needs. That's why you
send for him more than me."

I was about to tell him what nonsense he was speaking, when another was
calling me.

"Paris to Janeway."

I sighed. "Janeway."

"I need to see you, Captain."

Kim tensed up.

"It will have to wait Lieutenant," I replied. "I am occupied at the moment."

"I know Kim is there and I'm not taking a whipping for his whining," he said.

"You're courting one now, Mister," I said harshly.

"Let him come, Mistress. I'm not hiding anything," Kim said.

I realized that testosterone had taken over. It was time for a glass of wine
or maybe two.

I handed Kim a glass and advised him to drink it and relax. I absently
fingered his hair though I was getting madder by the second at both of them.

When Paris stalked in, I handed him a glass and had him sit across the room.
I watched them both in silence for a while.

"For you information, Lieutenant," I began. "Mr. Kim was not blaming you for
anything. So, now I'm curious as to why you would assume such a thing."

Paris didn't answer me. He concentrated on his glass.

"Harry? Answer me."

"We've talked about the differences in our service."

"Talked about it?" I asked. "You did more than that or you wouldn't be so
forlorn. You two have been fighting."

They were silent. I hoped that they realized the peril they were both in.
"How dare you. Have you forgotten whose decisions really mean anything in
our circle?"

They didn't reply.

"Somebody had better start talking."

"He gets more time with you, Mistress," Kim said. "You can't deny that. Your
sessions are more intense with him."

"By whose standards?" I asked. "Each of you are different. My pleasure with
each of you cannot be quantified and measured. You are both valuable to me."

"I want the lash, Mistress," Kim said.

"He wants to lock me out from you completely," Paris said. "He's never been
comfortable with me being your slave."

"That wouldn't work," I said. "The Lieutenant has qualities that I enjoy that
don't involve flaying him raw. You are both for me to keep or not based on my
needs and yours as individuals. This is moot, gentlemen."

"No," Kim said.

"No?" I asked. "What do you want, Harry?"

"I want to have what he has with you."

"He wants me gone, Mistress!"

"Enough!" I said. "Enough..."

I had another glass of wine and looked at them. I wanted to beat them both
senseless. But that wouldn't solve anything. Sometimes between men, these
tensions arise. If I allowed them to work it about between them, I would
have to live with the circumstances. There was another way. I didn't want
to do it, but there was no choice.

"You will meet me at Holodeck One in two hours. I will see just how resolved
you really are."

* * *

This was one of my favorite holoprograms. Of course, it couldn't compare to
the real place, but it would do nicely. I sat on a throne-like chair made of
ornately carved wood wearing my Outfit and fingering my riding crop. I was
bracketed by a muscular pair of specimens with blonde hair and beautiful
tans. They were collared but not tethered at that moment. At the real club,
they would have been naked, but since I could never really think of them as
real, they wore black loin cloths.

The rest of the room was an arena. Two whipping posts were in the center of
the ring. Three strong chains hung from each post. Two of the chains ended
in a shackle. The third had a leather collar. The rest of the program had
different rooms with varying levels of punishment and pleasures.

When Kim and Paris entered, they looked startled. The decor of the room
seemed to dissipate any tensions between them. I motioned them toward the
center of the room.

"Take off your clothes. Every stitch," I said quietly. They weren't pleased
at the presence of the male attendants, but they complied.

I turned my attention to my servers. "Collar and shackle them to the posts.
I suggest you relax, gentleman. The servers are infinitely strong and
obedient without question."

Neither man struggled. Both were looking at me trying to read my face. I said
nothing until the servers returned to my side.

Finally, I rose and approached them.

"When I would choose a slave back home, I would bring him or her to this
place first for training," I said. "It is an old place on Earth that has
trained pleasure slaves for hundreds of years.

"I would not have had you until weeks of intense training was completed." I
was standing between them looking at their beautiful young bodies. "Perhaps,
all this contention between you is my fault. I couldn't wait that long..."

I touched Mr. Kim's chest with both palms and slowly moved them over his
skin. I touched his lips longingly.

"I had watched you for so long. Watched your mouth. Watched your hands. When
you consented, I couldn't stop myself..."

I turned his body to caress his back and rub his buttox. I let my fingers
trace his crease lingering at his anus for a frightening second as I thought
about pushing inside, then I moved on.

"Your skin is beautiful. It's supple and smooth. It's taste and scent is

Kim was struggling for calm. I left him and went to Paris.

"You should have endured many weeks of testing. You haven't been completely
broken down, pet. But I couldn't stop myself from touching you and tasting

I licked his chest then moved my tongue to his navel.

"Remember how much I wanted to taste you, Paris? You have a clean,
salty taste," I whispered. "I'd know how your cock tastes in the dark,

Paris swallowed hard.

"I rushed you both through training. It was my error. If you consent, I will
now complete it," I said. "But before you consent, you must know that I will
show no mercy. I cannot show mercy."

"What will happen if we fail?" Kim asked. "Will we lose you?"

"That may be best, dear ones," I replied easily though my heart was stuck
in my throat. "I cannot be the cause of grief. I am here for fantasy and
pleasure and fulfillment."

"I don't want to lose the Mistress," Kim said.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "There is another who will show you all that you
can handle."

"I know. But how can I go to her when I have failed in your eyes? She is
yours, Mistress," he replied. "Besides, I don't want to lose you. I need the
Mistress. I consent."

Paris looked into my eyes and saw the challenge there.

"You know my mind, Mistress. Nothing has changed. I will not give you up. I
will not be replaced," he said. "I consent."

"Attendants! These are postulants. They are raw and undisciplined yet not
completely unindoctrinated," I said. "Level three training for this one."

I indicated Paris.

"This one, Mr. Kim, is most compliant, but has not been under the lash. Level
one with discretion. He is strong willed and strong physically. He may be
advanced according to his tolerance.

I turned to my subjects. "Don't jade yourself into thinking you're safe. The
holodeck safeties are off. The Doctor is unaware of what is happening here.
You are mine, gentlemen."

The attendants picked up their equipment. After a moment or two of thought,
I rose and went back to them.

"I'm going to gag you," I said. Paris reacted strongly. He glared at me.

"Don't fight this, Tom," I said. "You'll find it easier to break down if you
aren't fighting the sounds you'll need to make."

"Please, Mistress...."

"I once told you the price of what you desired from me, pet," I whispered.
"The walls must come down."

I petted his silky face and put the soft leather gag on him myself. I kissed
his cheek.

"Begin level three," I said.

The first blows fell in quick secession. I went over to Kim who was staring
at Paris with a mix of terror and fascination.

"Eyes forward," I said. I gagged him as well. I put my lips near his ear.
"I still don't know why you sought this. But we will find out."

"Begin level one," I said quietly.

Kim was startled by the crack of the whip. His legs almost buckled when the
blow landed. He straightened up quickly then squeezed his eyes shut. I was
torn. I hadn't wanted this for him, and still had my doubts. However, as I
had thought, his skin flushed beautifully under the thrashing.

Each took about twenty lashes. The attendant whipping Kim did increase the
last five to level two. Both men were sagging against their posts. Their
chests were heaving. I rose with their collars and leashes in hand.

"Release them from the posts," I said. I put a collar on each of them and
removed their gags. I gave Paris' leash to one of the attendants.

"Take him to the baths for healing and rest. He is to wait there," I said.

Paris looked more aghast at that idea than he did at the gag.

"No, he won't be bathing you," I said. "I'm not that annoyed with you yet."

He stumbled away with the attendant. I ordered the other one to leave and
called for the Mistress' suite. Suddenly Kim and I were in a large, airy
room with a huge bed against one wall. Off the main bedroom was a huge
bathroom in soft colors with a sunken tub.

"On your knees," I said quietly. I healed the worst of his welts and the
broken skin. He sighed.

"What have you learned?" I asked.

He smiled a small smile. "It really is a whipping... a flogging."

"What else would it be?"

"I don't know... more erotic, less painful," he said. "I couldn't imagine
Tom volunteering for real punishment."

"What do you think now?"

"That he has a thick hide?"

I yanked his leash pulling his head forward until his cheek rested against
the carpet.

"You've been around him too long, Harry," I said. I whacked his ass with my
left hand hard a half dozen times. He inhaled sharply. Then he moaned as I
caressed the reddened area. "You're beautiful like this, Mister."

I left him on the floor to retrieve my huge pillows and a proper dildo.

"Look at me, Harry, but don't get up," I said. "I can't take you yet. But I
can continue your punishment."

I pulled off my Outfit impatiently and cocked my legs open so he'd have a
good view. Then I pleasured myself as his face grew redder. After my orgasm
faded, I picked up the leash and pulled him into the warm scented waters of
my bath.

"Get a sponge and bathe me," I said.

I relaxed under his hands. I almost purred. He knew my body so well.

"Tell me why you want to do this?" I murmured.

"I want to please you in every way, Mistress," he said. "Anything for you."

I found myself believing him, but I resisted. It was more than likely the
warm water and his strong hands.

"After the bath, put on your clothes and retrieve the Lieutenant. We continue
tomorrow at the same time," I said. "If you still want the training."

"Anything for you, Mistress."

"Fine. I have an appointment at the end of the next bridge shift."

* * *

I was just outside of my quarters when he caught up with me. I was pulled
inside. My back was against the wall of my quarters next to the door.
Chakotay was pressed against me. I tried to speak.

"Half lights," he whispered. "I just need enough to see your eyes. Why aren't
you naked and waiting for me?"

"I have a ship to run, bastard," I replied. I was arching against him. "You
need to be whipped, Mister."

He bit my neck briefly sucking the skin. "I think you like me ripping the
clothes off you. Freeing your flesh for my touch."

I inhaled sharply to retort, but his mouth was covering mine. That gorgeous
tongue was teasing mine into responding. He kissed me for a long time slowly
feeling my body through my clothes. My skin was on fire. I couldn't stand the
weight of the material on it any longer.

"You want to be naked for me," Chakotay whispered. I wouldn't admit it, but
I didn't have to. He knew by the way I moved against him. He obliged quickly.
He stripped me as quickly and as impatiently as I felt. Then, I was whisked
high in his arms and carried to my bed.

I was being kissed when I was deposited on my mattress. Chakotay pulled my
hair free of its twist then pushed me back onto the pillows. He watched me as
he took his own clothes off.

"I can't stand not working with you," he said as he lowered himself onto me.
"Even if we don't touch, I need to see those eyes."

He sucked at my lower lip. Kissed my eyelids. Ran his tongue along my
cheekbones. Finally, the kiss moved to my mouth. I sometimes thought I was
losing my mind. I couldn't stand ten minutes without his mouth possessing
mine. But this was the best kind of kiss: naked, body to body. His erection
pushed against me. My nipples were pressed against his chest. I could feel
his skin. I could feel the pulse of his heart next to mine.

He was in no hurry this time. We kissed for long moments before his hands
began to roam over my heated skin. I wanted him in me right then.

"No, Kathryn. I have to..." he murmured. "I need to..."

His mouth was covering my left nipple sucking hard as his fingers toyed with
the right one. This was worse than the whippings. I was being seduced into
letting my walls fall for him once more. I didn't care.

Soon we were in a sixty-nine. I was glad to have something to concentrate on.
I was so close to losing my mind entirely. I sucked his thick cock so hard
my cheeks were getting sore. He loved it. He moaned loudly and delved more
deeply into me. I felt him stiffening. I sucked harder as the rumble grew
inside me. He shot inside my mouth just as I stopped climaxing.

Later, I was watching Chakotay eat soup in my bed while I had some red wine.
He was frowning slightly trying to answer a question I had put to him.

"I haven't noticed the boys squabbling," he replied. "And I haven't heard
anything either."

"It's just so odd, especially from Kim. He gets along with everyone," I said.
"In fact, he's Paris' closest friend."

"I always thought it was kind of you to keep them as a set," Chakotay said.

"You know I can warm up that holodeck program for you," I said.

He looked at me warmly. "Sometimes, when you're yielding so beautifully, I
forget that you enjoy whipping the hell out of your subjects. Maybe that's

"I beg your pardon?"

"You've been easy on Paris since his little adventure. You've never lashed
Kim. You rarely whip Torres... or if you do, you haven't invited me," he said
with a smile. "Maybe they're trying to give you something you enjoy."

"Anything for you," I said half to myself.

"Excuse me?"

I smiled at him then kissed him on the cheek. "You may have something, my
insightful Commander," I said. "Those darlings may be doing just that."

Chakotay put the bowl aside, then took my glass and put it aside. He pulled
me under the covers with him and ordered the lights off.

"Whatever your hatching for them can wait," he said. "Let's get some rest."

I quieted and closed my eyes. It was rare that we got to sleep the night in
the same bed. I wanted to savor it.

* * *

Before I acted on my suspicions, I wanted to get confirmation. I didn't want
to take action on inaccurate information. Before I went to breakfast, I
requested a brief meeting with Torres in her quarters. Time was short, so I
cut to the chase.

"What are Mr. Paris and Mr. Kim up to? Tell me the truth, now, B'Elanna," I
said in my most Mistress of tones.

She sighed. Then she sat down.

"I showed them the holoprogram for The Club on Earth," she said. "They
realized how much you were holding back with them. They wanted to give you
what you're used to having from your slaves at home."

I smiled at her. Then caressed her cheek. "With all you know, there is still
a lot my subjects don't understand about your service. But I think you are
all adorable for doing this."

I kissed her gently, then went to take my post.

* * *

At the appointed hour, Paris and Kim arrived and stripped in my presence then
knelt. I was not wearing The Outfit. I was wearing a silk robe as I sat on my
throne. The room was lit by torchlight and my attendants were not present.

"My sweet boys," I said. "You are as brave as you are delectable. However, I
cannot allow you to make this sacrifice."

"I know what you're trying to do and it isn't necessary. Service to the
Mistress must be customized for the individual and the circumstances," I
said quietly. "I could never be dissatisfied with either of you. You are
a constant delight to me."

"How did you know?" Tom asked.

"I figured it out, pet," I replied. "But not to worry, we will have our
session tonight. Stand and face each other."

They complied. I walked over to them with a small jar in my hands. I took out
some of the lubricant and stroked Mr. Kim's erection with it. Then, I kissed

I turned to Paris as I leaned on Kim. "I couldn't decide who to have first,
so I decided to have you both. Help me up Tom."

I always admired how Paris could spring into action even while still
confused. He lifted me up high so I could wrap my legs around his waist.
Then he impaled me on his erection. I held onto his neck.

"Mr. Kim, take your position at the rear."

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Mr. Kim, I swear you're developing quite a smart... ahhhh."

The admonishment had to wait. I was stunned with the fullness of them. I
arched back to rest my head on Kim's shoulder. They held me still and began
to move inside me. Kim kissed me while Paris played with my nipples with his
one free hand.

They were so hard and so excited. It was incredibly intense.

"My, god, Mistress," he said. He may have wanted to say more, but I didn't
hear it. I was hearing a howling noise as my body rocked between them. Paris
covered my screams with his mouth. I felt Kim stiffen with his ejaculation
first. Then Paris. I was exhausted, a limp rag doll between them. Somehow,
I called for the Mistress' chambers and told them to get in the tub with me.

"Well, I've never minded being wrong less than I do today," Paris said.

"Me either," Kim agreed.

I sighed resting against the wall of the tub. "Can we now go back to normal,
such that it is?"

"Suits me," Kim said. "But I wouldn't mind that one addition to the routine."

"I'll second that," Paris replied. "Just one thing though. Why did he get the
back door? Will I ever get there?"

I stared at him for a moment. "I could call back one of the attendants for

"No, no. I'm willing to wait," Paris said.

"Get a sponge and wash my back, Tom, before I change my mind," I said.

"Yes, Mistress."

Mr. Kim went to work as well. I hoped that the rest of our lull would go back
to being blissfully dull and routine.


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