Note Of What Has Gone Before: Falsely accused of espionage, Lt. Paris and
Ensign Kim were sentenced to life imprisonment on a penal asteroid. After
Paris was severely injured in a knife fight, Kim had to risk his own life
to protect his shipmate until rescue was at hand.

Star Trek - Voyager: The Secret Logs Of Mistress Janeway
Part 11 - Discoveries (MFF,BDSM)
by Mistress Nova

Captain's Personal Log:

"Do you still want your three guesses, Mister?" I demanded with another
arching blow.

Paris let his head drop. He was breathing heavily; fighting for control. He
was strung up in the center of my bedroom. His arms were shackled over his
head. His feet were anchored to the floor. The sharply defined muscles
tempted my touch. He was incredibly erect. But I resisted. He had been
courting punishment for weeks. Lately, he seemed to crave it. As his
Mistress, I had to oblige.

Tom's back was already red and welted. He had held out for longer than he
ever had before.

"Answer me, Tom," I whispered in his ear.

He inhaled sharply.

"Yes, Mistress," he said. "I want them. I want to think of you as a teenager
lusting for her first conquest. My, god, you must have been..."

I let the whip fall again. "Must have been?" I demanded.

Tom fought for breath. "You are incredible, Mistress."

I walked around to face him. Tom's face was nearly scarlet. I traced his lips
with the butt of the whip. Then I made him suck on it for a time.

"You were saying, Mister?"

"The Mistress must have driven men crazy with her natural sensuality and her
innocence," he said quietly. His eyes were lowered.

"And a few women as well," I said standing close to him. My lips were
millimeters from his.

He sighed a ragged sigh. "No doubt, Mistress."

Paris was perplexing me. It seemed he wanted to be beaten to a bloody pulp.
I couldn't do that without knowing why. Besides, my arm was tired and there
were other ways to torture him. Ways that would wring answers from him. I
released his bonds.

"On your knees, Mister," I said. "Keep still and keep those eyes down or this
session is over."

"Yes, Mistress," he whispered. "Please, don't send me away."

I sat on my bed. "Come, heal him," I said to the slave in my living room.
Mister Paris' eyes darted from side to side, but he didn't move.

"Do you want the blindfold?" I asked.

"No, Mistress," he replied. Tom was absolutely still as Mister Kim healed his

"Finish that and get me my wine," I said. Kim nodded. I had forbidden him
from talking. My glass was deposited in my hand. I grabbed the soft leather
collar I now required him to wear and pulled him to sit behind me.

"Stay still," I said to Kim. "Settle yourself, and lower you eyes."

He complied. The masculine tension in that room was beginning to make me
dizzy. Kim was very highly charged knowing who was there. Paris, I was sure,
knew Harry was in the room. His breathing, despite the rest, was still

"Look at us, Tom," I said.

He complied swallowing hard at the sight of us.

"Look at him, Harry."

Harry raised his eyes to meet Tom's. "Now look at me," I said.

They complied.

"Are you mine?" I asked.

"Yes, Mistress," they replied.

"You trust me?" I asked.

"Yes," they said.

"I can't let you go on the way you have, dear ones," I said. "The tension
is driving me to distraction. I am the only one allowed to distract on this

I grabbed Mr. Kim by the collar and pulled him toward me. I licked his parted
lips, then I kissed him deeply. He looked like he wanted to be kissed. I
wasn't sure by whom, but I didn't care. His mouth was too tempting.

When I was certain that his attention was on me alone, I released him. "Back
against the headboard, and be still. Mr. Paris, at the foot of the bed."

I settled myself beside Kim and looked at Paris intensely.

"You are still mine, Mister Paris?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Why? Have you not had from me all you desire?" I said. I was afraid to ask,
but I had to know.

"No, Mistress," he said. He was struggling with words.

"Speak," I said.

"I want to know the Mistress more intimately," he said.

"Any more intimately, you should go to the Doctor," I said.

"I want to know all that makes you what you are, Mistress," he said.

I reached out and stroked his hair. "No one knows that, my pet."

"I want to," he said.

"That would take a life time," I replied wistfully. "But then, isn't that
what we have?"

I looked at him. Then, I looked at Mr. Kim whose eyes were cast down.

"Come here, Mr. Paris. Let's change places. I need to see you both."

I settled them next to each other. Both were naked and still very erect.
They kept their gazes on me, but heat radiated between them. I thought I
might swoon from the testosterone. I would have to make my point succinctly
so someone could provide me with release.

"I will tell you a story of my training with my Mistress," I said. "We have
come through enough for me to trust you with such a tale. Besides, this story
will help you both right now."

Their eyes were riveted upon me. They relaxed enough that hey were touching
at the shoulder.

"I was a fledgling mistress under the instruction of Mistress Tonia Barrows
at a place that was the image of the one on the Holodeck," I said. "I was
also a cadet at Starfleet."

Two sets of eyebrows raised to two hairlines.

"There was a female cadet with whom I was paired in molecular biology. She
was everything that I was not: vivacious, effervescent, saucy... all those
terms for a woman who could ignite a room with her charm," I said.

"Begging the Mistress' pardon, but you do not go unnoticed when you enter a
room," Paris said.

"I can't take my eyes off you," Kim said.

"Very kind of you, but I do not ignite. I'm more of a smolder," I replied.
"At any rate, this young woman and I worked many hours together going over
our labs. I spent more time with her than any person I wasn't related to up
to that point.

"This eventually became a problem for me. I didn't realize it at first, but
what I was experiencing was an intense infatuation. She was everything I
wasn't, yet she was my closest friend. We worked together as equals. She
helped me persuade instructors to our point of view. I was accustomed to
taking on everything in my path, she taught me how to ingratiate and charm."

My subjects looked at each other in recognition. They relaxed a little bit
more. I was pleased that they were aware enough of their friendship's nuances
to see the similarities. They also completed each other and they knew it.
This meant that I would be able to have sex sooner rather than later.

"Why would this friendship be a problem?" Kim asked. He looked at me with
tortured dark eyes. I fought to hold onto my train of thought. The urge to
drive him to distraction was overwhelming me. Then there was Tom's hairy,
muscular calf pressed against mine. I really wanted to run my tongue along
the inside of his leg until I reached his crotch. I concentrated hard on
what I wanted to say and managed to re-focus.

"The training from my Mistress had heightened my senses. You understand this,
my pets," I said. "I was aware of the color of her skin, the sheen of her
hair, her scent, her touch."

I paused sipping my wine for a moment. "Her physical beauty combined with her
formidable presence made it very difficult to be alone with her after a time.
Yet, I was so accustomed to being with her, talking with her, I couldn't stay

"So, you were just as miserable being with her," Tom said quietly. "Because
you can't envision a day without him -- her."

"Yes," I replied. "I needed to be with her. It didn't matter how confused I
felt. Then, weeks after this began, I was on a semester break and went to my

"It was good to be back. I spent my days in my Outfit or in sensuous, sheer
garments. My skin was bare for the warm sun and the brisk sea breezes. It was
hedonism," I said wistfully. I could almost feel it all again. "My Mistress,
Barrows, knew I that was troubled instantly."

"Tell us about your Mistress, please," Tom said.

"No. You want to hear of my training," I said. "That you shall never hear.
But the lady... was still beautiful and vibrant in her seventies. She could
still wield a bull whip when she chose, but mostly she controlled through
sheer force of will.

"Once she asked me why I was so distracted, I had to tell her."

I sipped my wine again. Thinking of my Mistress still had a powerful effect
on me all those years later. At the time of this tale, I was no longer
required to kneel before her. I was a well trained Mistress at that point,
but I was still compelled to sit at her feet. I would always be the student
for her. Even now, were she alive, I would feel the same way.

Power radiated from Mistress Barrows. Her aura would wash over me arousing
without words or touch. I would settle at her right side and gaze up at her
while she spoke or quietly watch her as she conducted her sessions.

The day in question, my attention was divided. The session only mildly
interested me. My thoughts were still in San Francisco with my friend. Even
while she conducted a masterful two hours, I felt her disapproval.

"Once everyone left, the Mistress ordered me to tell her what was troubling
me," I said. "She listened with her customary serenity to the pitiful
rantings about my infatuation. I felt like an idiot as soon as the words left
my mouth. The Mistress was looking at me like I was a befuddled child. Then
she smiled at me like she was remembering something very sweet from a long
time ago."

I paused again remembering that incredible smile. Even in distant memory, it
could lift my spirits.

"What did she say, Mistress?" Kim asked. His stare was intense to the point
of desperation. There was a tension in his voice that Tom reacted to as well.

"Darling, she said to me, the life of hedonism isn't constantly sexual. How
can one savor what becomes routine? There are relationships that may not ever
cross that threshold.

"What about these feelings, I asked. She asked me what about them? Don't you
enjoy them? Doesn't her presence enhance you life? Doesn't her voice soothe
you and delight you?

"I admitted that this was all true. Beyond that, I needed her laughter, her
wit and her counsel," I said. "The Mistress told me to enjoy all these things
my friend brought to my life -- even the arousal. If there was no indication
that the physical attraction was mutual, release your pent up passion on your
slaves. They would all appreciate it."

"And did this help you, Mistress?" Paris asked.

"Not at first, but the session afterward did. As always, the Mistress was
right. My slave was very grateful," I said.

"But what if you are the slave?" Kim asked.

"Put your passion in serving me, dear ones, if that is what you choose," I
replied. "Have you talked about any of this with each other?"

Paris shook his head and gave Kim a hard stare. "It's not like I haven't
tried. When we get past talking about the nightmares, all I get is 'I don't
want to talk about it'."

I touched Harry under the chin and lifted his face until he was looking at
me. "Talk to him, Harry. Your silence is causing him pain."

"I know. I know. I'm sorry," he said. "It's just that the prison was bad
enough without having to face all these feelings."

"Tell him, Harry, not me."

"Tom, I don't know what I feel. I know that we're gotten so close because of
what happened that I reacted to you in a way that I never expected. I don't
know if I want it."

"I understand, Harry. I thought I'd done something to push you away," Tom
said. "But I knew we should talk about it. That'll make the nightmares go
away faster."

"I've been confused," Harry said. "When I wake up from those dreams, I want
to call you. I need to be with you, but I don't know what that really means."

"It means you need to be comforted, Harry," I said. "You need the only person
on Voyager who really knows how you feel. Tom is the only one who can make
you believe that you're safe just as you are the only one that can do that
for him."

"I'm still only sleeping through the night when I exhaust myself," Tom said.

"By working 18 hours or antagonizing me into flaying him," I said. "I've
enjoyed it, but my arms are getting tired. It's time you healed each other."

Harry smiled a little. He sat up to better face Tom. I eased off the bed and
sat on my chaise.

"I'll call you when I need to," Harry said. "I won't shut you out."

"Any time you need to, Harry."

"You do the same."

Tom reached out to pull Harry into an embrace. He hesitated for just a
moment, then melted into it. They held each other closely. Harry was near
tears. So was I. Tom stroked his hair; he pressed his lips against Harry's

I was moved by their bravery. I was also aroused beyond reason, but I didn't
intrude as Paris talked to Kim in hushed tones. Kim's eyes were closed. He
held Tom's upper arm. Their legs were intertwined. I realized that I was
exhausted by their intensity and by the strenuous session I had with Tom. As
they quieted, I drifted off to sleep as well.

* * *

A touch on my cheek awakened me. The boys were kneeling beside me with eyes
cast down. I sat up and tried to focus.

"Have I missed anything?" I asked.

"No, Mistress," Harry said.

"We know you'd want to watch," Tom said.

"Damn right," I said softly.

"We want to serve," Harry said. "We want to please you."

"It will take you both to satisfy me tonight," I said. "Mr. Kim, draw the
bath. Mr. Paris, remove my clothes."

"Yes, Mistress!" They said. Kim scurried off. Paris began to pull the leather
from my body.

"Our Mistress is as wise as she is beautiful," he whispered. "Thank you."

"I'm here for you all," I said.

"I adore you," he whispered with eyes that were far too serious.

"Silence. Take me to my bath," I replied. I wrapped my arms around his
neck. He lifted me into his arms. I enjoyed being pressed against his hairy
muscular chest.

He lowered me into my tub which had been enlarged by the ever handy Chakotay
to fit more than one. The water was perfectly heated and wonderfully scented.

"Get in with me," I said to them. Kim sat in front of me Paris was behind me.
We began to soap each other. I was concentrating on caressing Kim's gorgeous
abs with the thought of next massaging his nuts when Paris caught me around
the waist.

I was lifted for a second then impaled on his stiff cock. The breath left my
body; I arched back and my head rested on his shoulder.

"Forgive me, Mistress," Tom said. "I couldn't wait any longer. That rear end
of yours is too tempting."

"You'll pay," I gasped.

"I know," he groaned. "Harry..."

Kim moved over to me. He kissed me holding me by the hair. The kisses were
endlessly varied; slow and gentle to hard and deep while Paris pumped
relentlessly inside me. I was aware of how they still held each other with
one hand to keep balance, and, I had no doubt, some connection. I was
overwhelmed by them taking me so forcefully. They would both pay, I thought
as the first wave of orgasms hit me. I held onto Kim's shoulders as I bore
down on Tom's cock moaning -- no, screaming into his mouth.

Paris pumped harder. I was jolted with wave after wave until I saw stars. I
felt him stiffen as I was reaching the breaking point. He growled clutching
me closer as he came. I was winded by his embrace.

For moments afterward, I worked to catch my breath. Kim alternated between
kissing me and caressing my body. Paris held me against him breathing heavily
into my ear. I reached down for a handful of thick suds and hit Paris in the
face with them. Kim laughed and was hit with a face full of suds himself by
Paris. A short but intense suds battle ensued. My bathroom was a wreck and
we had to get into the shower to really clean up.

"Before either of you leave here, that mess will be cleaned up," I said later
in bed. I wasn't sure that either of them was listening. Paris was kissing me
and tugging on my nipples. Kim was teasing on my clit with his tongue and his

I vowed to gain control of them tomorrow. At that point, delirium was setting
in. They knew it. I was beyond thought or control. Next, I was on my knees
not knowing how I got there sucking on Tom's cock. Kim had my hips firmly in
his hands as he slamming into me. I was so grateful for this pent up passion,
despite the havoc in discipline this was causing. I started to come just
before Kim. Tom came watching Kim. My orgasm intensified to the point that my
brain turned to mush.

The next thing I remembered was being awakened by a jolt beside me. I was
lying against Paris' back with one arm around his waist. The disturbance came
from behind me. Kim was awake. His muted cry woke Paris instantly. In the
heavy fog over my mind, I felt myself being turned toward Kim.

"Harry, it's alright," Tom said. "Turn on your back."

I was gently placed onto Kim's chest. Paris hovered over us. I felt him touch
Kim's face.

"We're here, Harry," He said quietly. "We're really here. Think, think hard.
You're not hurting. You're not hungry. You can feel her against you. She's no
dream. I'm here. We're safe."

I felt Harry tighten his arm around me. He stroked my hair. He pressed his
nose into it and inhaled. His heartbeat slowed. "I'm alright, Tom. I am."

"Tell me, Harry."

"It's the same as always. I saw you dying, and there was nothing I could do,"
he said.

"You were alone with them," Tom said.


"I've dreamt of you leaving me and me leaving you," he said. "Either way, I
wake up screaming. But we are here."

Harry reached up and touched Tom's face. For a second I wondered if I was in
the way. But then I felt Kim hands on my skin again slowly caressing me.

"She feels so good," he whispered. "Sometimes I can't believe she allows me
to touch her at all."

"Tell me about it," Tom whispered. One of his hands was in my hair. The other
was resting on my butt. "She is incredible."

Kim's hands were growing more aggressive. I sighed audibly. "Mistress," he
said. "I think we've got some of that pent up passion to handle."

Without opening my eyes, I tilted my head back offering my lips to the first
who would claim them. It was Kim kissing me with his own brand of sweet
intensity. Paris was finger fucking me. I felt an urgency in them. This was
going to be explosive. Paris began to lubricate my ass. I moaned in

"Harry, take her," Tom said hoarsely.

Kim tuned onto his side so that we were facing each other, looped my right
leg over his waist then entered me without breaking the kiss. I felt Paris
gently working his way in through my anus. His face rested on my hair. I
could hear him breathing in my ear.

"Dear God," he moaned when he was completely inside.

"Amen," I thought. We were all primed enough that it didn't take long. I fell
asleep instantly afterward thinking that this should convince Kim that he
hadn't imagined all of us.

* * *

The alarm was insistent in waking me. My bones felt leaden, but I dragged
myself into a sitting position. I was alone in bed. That was about to annoy
me, but then I noticed that Paris and Kim were kneeling nearby.

"Speak," I said.

"We've cleaned up your quarters, including the bathroom and prepared a fresh
uniform for you."

"Oh?" I asked. I managed to get out of the bed and make an inspection. The
place was neater than when I cleaned it. I walked back.

"Did everything except whip yourselves for your impertinence," I commented.

Kim remained expressionless. I caught a smirk on Paris' face.

"You may get dressed and go. We will follow the usual rotation from now on,"
I said.

"Permission to speak," Tom asked.

"Granted, but be careful," I said. "I'm too tired to thrash you."

"Yes, Mistress," Paris said. "Was your friend real or a sage story?"

I smiled. "She is real."

"Who is she?" Kim asked.

"No one you'd know. My old friend went into the sciences, and is now a
married woman with nearly grown children," I said. "But there is someone
you've met who reminded me strongly of her. Strongly enough to make me
pursue the fantasy. But that is a tale for another day."

"Please, Mistress," Paris said. "At least tell us who she is."

I smiled a wicked smile. "Her name was Jadzia Dax."

I left them to deal with their erections while I got ready for my shift.


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